Bowie Burns Up

When Joey made it to his brother's front doorstep, Bowie was in the middle of talking with his financial advisor about whether he could claim his new Beemer as a company car on this year's taxes. He switched his phone to conference and wandered to the door still talking.

"Bowie, you've gotta let me in fast. A big hungry wolf is after me," cried Joey.

Bowie looked over Joey's shoulder, not immediately seeing a wolf. He let Joey in locking the door after him. "Trevor, I've got a bit of a family emergency," he spoke at the telephone, "Make an appointment with my secretary for us to meet and do lunch. We'll catch some swill at that little bar down the way from Chez Gymnasium."

Bowie then sat his brother down, brought out a couple of dark German lagers and had him tell the whole story. When he learned that Joey was going to need a place to stay, he hesitated, thinking how Joey would be likely to bring down the overall value of the property. Nevertheless, this was his brother and he did love him. He just wondered if he should put plastic coverings over his leather upholstered furniture.

At that moment Chief Moonbeam came knocking at the door. By then the wolf had well and truly punctured the body of the lemming while trying to catch up with Joey. So it lay limp in his mouth with blood dribbling from his teeth and lips onto his white shirt.

Looking out the window certainly gave Bowie a shock as well. He dashed to his power corner where he kept his desk with the fax, computer, photocopier, electric pencil sharpener, espresso machine, massage chair and commander phone system to make a call to the police. Tripping on the octopoid tangle of electrical wires he started a fire which swiftly spread throughout the house. The house went up in a ball of flames. All it took was a surprised exhale from Chief Moonbeam's nostrils for the whole thing to collapse into a heap of ashes. Nevertheless, Joey and Bowie managed to escape making their way to Zoe's house.


Copyright May 1996 Katherine Phelps