Notes on Making Change

Katherine Phelps

  • You are an important part of all that is.
  • You are a small part of all that is.
  • It is not up to you to save the world.
  • It is up to you to do what you can, where you are.
  • The world had issues before you were born. It will continue to have issues after you die.
  • You may or may not see the results of your efforts for positive change in this lifetime. Have faith and keep up the good work.
  • All causes you support must at heart be about compassion: whether it's for people, plants, animals, etc. If it is about rightness, you have lost your way.
  • Balance and compassion are more important than purity of purpose.
  • Be kind to yourself. Be kind to your supporters. Be kind to your opposition.
  • Always remember that the people who may now be opposing you are as human as you are.
  • You are much better off making and recruiting friends, than creating foes.
  • Sometimes your support of a cause will bring about the loss of friends and family in your life. You are allowed to be yourself. They are allowed to be themselves. Grieve their parting, leave a light on for their possible return, create a family of friends.
  • Live the life you want to see in the world. Be the person you want humanity to aspire to.
  • The means do not justify the ends. All we ever have are means.
  • Change is not delivered to a people by a great leader. A great leader is only possible when a people choose to take responsibility for their destiny.
  • Do not make an idol of leaders. If we want our children and grand-children to live in a better world, we must all know the wisdom of our minds, the compassion of our hearts, and learn to take responsible action on our own.
  • Cultivate empathy. Learn to live in peace.
  • It is essential we learn how to create intelligent communities of caring people.
  • It is essential we learn how to cooperate and support one another.
  • Broaden your mind and open your heart to see that your causes are not about you alone. Allow others to share these causes.
  • When you go forth to bring light to the world, make sure you always have close friends to help lighten your spirit.
  • Be prepared to forgive your enemies.

2012 June 05

Holding 4th

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