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$1 billion solar project planned on former Starfire coal mine in Eastern Kentucky
12,000 Km On The Weirdest Electric Vehicles Yet!!
1300 recycled electric vehicle batteries used for biggest grid-scale storage system of its kind
5 incredible craters that will make you fall in love with the grandeur of our Solar System
5 tips for getting off gas at home – for a cleaner, cheaper, healthier all-electric future
A green roof or rooftop solar? You can combine them in a biosolar roof, boosting both biodiversity and power output
A New Battery Intended to Power Passenger Airplanes and EVs, Explained
A post-servo highway? How electric vehicles are changing the Australian roadscape
A pristine chunk of space rock found within hours of hitting Earth can tell us about the birth of the Solar System
A Reality Check About Solar Panel Waste and the Effects on Human Health
A tenth of all electricity is lost in the grid. Superconducting cables can help
'A waste of taxpayer’s money' | German passenger group slams hydrogen trains as a distraction from need to electrify
All-electric homes are better for your hip pocket and the planet. Here’s how governments can help us get off gas
An activist group is spreading misinformation to stop solar projects in rural America
An El Niño looms over Australia’s stressed electricity system – and we must plan for the worst
An EV charger every 50 miles: Here’s the plan to keep them running
Ancient Pompeii site installs 'invisible' solar panels that look like Roman terracotta tiles
Are electric cars really better for the environment?
Australia at risk of electricity supply shortages as renewable projects lag behind coal plant closures
Australia finally has an electric vehicle strategy. How does it stack up?
Australia needs much more solar and wind power, but where are the best sites? We mapped them all
Australian electric vehicle buyer’s guide for 2023 – the best and worst
Australian solar giants win “Nobel for engineering” for delivering low cost solar to the world
The Australian solar tech that may have found a low cost solution to deep storage
Australia’s adoption of electric vehicles has been maddeningly slow, but we’re well placed to catch up fast
Australia’s biggest agri-solar and battery storage project wins planning approval
Australia’s biggest electric bus depot offers solar and battery blueprint for future
Australia’s biggest vehicle-to-grid charging station opened to back up wind and solar
Australia’s first-ever electric passenger car is a forgotten pioneer
Batteries are the environmental Achilles heel of electric vehicles – unless we repair, reuse and recycle them
Batteries on wheels: EVs can deliver huge amount of low cost storage for wind and solar
Battery-Electric Fishing Vessel Marks A Sea Change For Small Commercial Fishers
Belgian company unveils bendable, lightweight, and wafer-thin solar panels
The BEST Used Electric Cars To Buy Right Now!
Biden-Harris Administration Launches $7 Billion Solar for All Grant Competition to Fund Residential Solar Programs that Lower Energy Costs for Families and Advance Environmental Justice Through Investing in America Agenda
Big electric trucks on the roads could be a long haul
Burning Biomass for Electricity is Worse Than Coal
Businesses rush to install electric vehicle charging to keep tourists coming back
The BYD Seagull And The Promise Of The EV Revolution
BYD to launch electric hatchbacks with new Sodium-ion batteries
CAKE's Sinje Gottwald completes the first unassisted African continent crossing on an electric motorcycle
California Shows an Electric-Car Uprising Headed for the US
California to require half of all heavy trucks sales to be electric by 2035
Canada, Volkswagen to invest more than C$20 billion in EV battery gigafactory
Chart: Solar installations set to break global, US records in 2023
China Electric Car Market Report For October — Hot & Getting Hotter
China on course to hit wind and solar power target five years ahead of time
China Reaches Peak Gasoline in Milestone for Electric Vehicles
China's first desert-based solar and wind energy farm goes online
China's gasoline demand peak nears as EV boom hastens transition
Chinese Electric Cars Are Here To Stay. Here's Why
Chinese monks get electricity for the first time, thanks to solar
Chinese Monks Get Electricity for the First Time Thanks to Solar
Citroën Oli: The Most Revolutionary EV In The World
Climate Action Game Changers: The Solar Story
Climate change: China sets stage for more of its transport to run on solar energy
Climate change: Couple set for Pole-to-Pole electric car challenge
Climate change will affect solar power and grid stability across Australia – here’s how
Coal closures, battery storage, solar generation: The energy transition is everywhere
College Students Made the World’s Fastest Solar-Powered EV. It Just Went 621 Miles on a Single Charge.
Cooking (and heating) without gas: what are the impacts of shifting to all-electric homes?
Could The Whole World Be Powered by Rooftop Solar?
Could This Mobile, Solar-Powered Livestock Barn Reshape the Corn Belt?
Could this self-driving EV charging robot be a game changer?
CSIRO says Australia can – and must – build its own silicon and solar cell supply chain
DB Schenker Finland takes delivery of 68-ton Volvo electric truck
‘Dead’ Electric Car Batteries Find a Second Life Powering Cities
Dead EV batteries turn to gold with US incentives
Dear Electric Vehicle Owners: You Don’t Need That Giant Battery
Debunking Mr Bean’s electric tropes: EVs are far better for the planet than ICE vehicles
Debunking The Biggest MYTHS About EVs
Denver Bets on Rental Cars to Boost EV Adoption
Despairing about climate change? These 4 charts on the unstoppable growth of solar may change your mind
Driving the energy transition, EVs are simply better for the environment
E-fuels cannot save Europe from Chinese electric vehicles
Electric big rigs are going farther and charging faster
Electric cars are the new solar: people will underestimate how quickly they will take off
Electric Cars Pass a Crucial Tipping Point in 23 Countries
Electric cars to power South Australian homes in new trial
Electric Lawn Mowers WITH SOLAR PANELS!
Electric planes sound like a fantasy but they may be the future for short-haul in Australia
Electric two-wheelers are creating a buzz in Asia
Electric ute conversion targets resources sector in $1b deal to displace diesel
Electric utes can now power the weekend – and the work week
Electric vehicle fires are very rare. The risk for petrol and diesel vehicles is at least 20 times higher
Electric vehicle sales in Australia overtake petrol-driven cars in medium category for first time
Electric Vehicles Keep Defying Almost Everyone’s Predictions
Electricity bills unreadable for thousands of Australians amid a cost-of-living crisis
Electricity from thin air: an enzyme from bacteria can extract energy from hydrogen in the atmosphere
Electricity generated by burning native Australian timber no longer classified as renewable energy
Electricity Market Report Update: Outlook for 2023 and 2024
Electricity prices are rising again. Here’s how to ensure renters can cash-in on rooftop solar
Electrifying commercial delivery vehicles is the fastest way to decarbonise, report finds
Electrifying offshore platforms targets a tiny fraction of the oil industry’s emissions
Ending Nigeria’s fuel subsidy pushes a shift to solar. Without a climate plan, progress is at risk
The Energy Department’s fusion breakthrough: It’s not really about generating electricity
Energy providers and renewable technology companies developing 'novel' electric car charging prototypes for the bush
EU blindsided by ‘spectacular’ solar rollout
EU fossil fuel burning for electricity fell to lowest on record in 2023, data shows
Europe hits roadblocks in the race to switch to electric cars
European Electricity Review 2023
EV advocates frustrated as vehicle emissions can kicked down the road again
The EV revolution is here. It’s happening on two wheels.
Every household will go on a journey of electrification. We can make that easier, or harder
‘Everyone wants a piece’: Are electric vehicles Australia’s opportunity of a lifetime?
EVs Enhanced To Offer 16 Blade LFP Battery Packs For Nissan Leaf
EVs Take 55% Of The German Auto Market In December!
Exposed: The smear tactics against wind and solar
Factcheck: 21 misleading myths about electric vehicles
Falling Lithium Prices Are Making Electric Cars More Affordable
The first generation of solar panels will wear out. A recycling industry is taking shape
Floating PV reduces water evaporation in Brazilian reservoir by 60%
Floating solar farms: what are they and can they help us reach net zero?
Floating solar panels could completely power thousands of cities
Floating Solar Panels Turn Old Industrial Sites Into Green Energy Goldmines
France to require all large parking lots to be covered by solar panels
Gas can’t compete with wind, solar and storage, even in world’s biggest market
Giga-scale desert region solar plants may have positive climate impact
Here’s what Europe’s largest floating solar farm is going to look like
Household solar and storage: It’s time to rethink the energy system
How closely monitoring households’ energy data can unleash their solar outputs and (possibly) make them more money
How did China come to dominate the world of electric cars?
How far to the next electric vehicle charging station – and will I be able to use it? Here’s how to create a reliable network
How one country set aside nearly $500M for electric vehicle subsidies, but not for cars
How Solar Panel Waste Is Paving the Way to a More Sustainable Future
How the UK transformed its electricity supply in just a decade
How the world's first electric Porsche ended up in Melbourne via Pennsylvania
I bought my mom a Chevy Bolt EV – Here’s how it went
If the first solar entrepreneur hadn't been kidnapped, would fossil fuels have dominated the 20th century?
In a First, Wind and Solar Generated More Power Than Coal in U.S.
In Norway, the Electric Vehicle Future Has Already Arrived
In the Race to Electrification, the Humble Bus Is in the Lead
India is Fighting Heatwaves With Solar Cycle Tracks
Installing solar-powered refrigerators in developing countries is an effective way to reduce hunger and slow climate change
Ireland: Wind generation exceeds demand for electricity for the first time ever
Is it worth investing in a battery for your rooftop solar? Here’s what buyers need to know (but often can’t find out)
Is The Inflation Reduction Act Enough To Fuel US Made Electric Vehicles?!
It’s not an ‘electric bike craze.’ You’re looking at the future of transportation
The Japanese Electric Sports Car You’ve Never Heard Of
Japan's Suzuki to invest $35 bln through 2030 in EVs
“Key turning point:” Express freight giant makes biggest order for electric trucks in Australia
Labor’s electric vehicle policy drives Australia forward – but not far
Labor’s electric vehicle strategy promises new fuel efficiency standard and battery recycling
Labor’s EV strategy ‘hamstrung’ by delayed fuel efficiency standard, advocates say
Legislation mandating rooftop solar panels passes Legislature
Let buyers jump the queue for electric cars by importing them directly
LG kicks off colossal ramp-up of US factories for EV and grid batteries
Liebreich: The Next Half-Trillion-Dollar Market – Electrification of Heat
The Life-Changing, Solar-Charged Power of ‘Regenerative Travel’
LightSail 2 spacecraft ends its solar-sailing mission in a blaze of glory
‘Limitless’ energy: how floating solar panels near the equator could power future population hotspots
Living and working from an all-electric VW ID Buzz
Macquarie solar breakthrough gives Aussie researchers unexpected recycling win
Made in Australia? The electric vehicle revolution gives us a chance to revive an industry
Many First Nations communities swelter without power. Why isn’t there solar on every rooftop?
Meet Australia's 'MONSTER' EV! And other tales from 'Down Under'.
Mercedes — Last ICE Platform 2023, Midsize EV Sedan 2024
Mercedes says electric car market is ‘brutal’ for manufacturers
MIT Unveils a Megawatt Motor for Electric Aircraft
Motorists in California could soon be paid to convert old cars to electric
Mudcrab makes history: how a home-made electric car broke world records under water
New battery recycling rules could be a game-changer in the EU’s search for EV minerals
New Belconnen apartment block to add EV charger to every car space in Canberra-first
New electric cars for under $45,000? They’re finally coming to Australia – but the battle isn’t over
“New era:” SunDrive wins funds to scale up Australia made solar cell production
New Wind and Solar Are Cheaper Than the Costs to Operate All But One Coal-Fired Power Plant in the United States
Nissan's Secret CHEAP Electric Car
No more hydrogen trains | Rail company that launched world's first H2 line last year opts for all-electric future
Norway’s largest electric truck is a 66t monster that will cut out 156 tons of CO2 annually
Oceans of Energy gets Bureau Veritas’ nod of approval for offshore floating solar system
One Big Thing I Learned About The Industry By Helping Start An EV Conversion Business
One Climate Action that Really Matters: Buy an EV
“Our hands are tied:” Australian councils call for tough fuel standards to drive EVs
Our Solar System is filled with asteroids that are particularly hard to destroy, new study finds
Over 25 GW of solar is actively being constructed in the U.S.
Perovskite: new type of solar technology paves the way for abundant, cheap and printable cells
Petrol and diesel cars 20 times more likely to catch fire than EVs
Plant power: Scientists generate electricity from a shrub in renewables breakthrough
#PMJTour Mr Blue Sky (Electric Light Orchestra) Allison Young | Tivoli, Copenhagen, Denmark 15/05/23
The Portlanders Going Electric
Post-Covid, post-bankruptcy Hertz is all-in on electric, with big implications for the EV, auto and rideshare market
Quiet and Efficient – New Propeller Advance Paves Way for Electric Planes
RedSands and Roev to make Australia’s first fully electric 4WD camper
Renewables will be world’s top electricity source within three years, IEA data reveals
Report Finds Investments in U.S. Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Reach $120 Billion, Create 143,000 New Jobs
Research finds dogs are more relaxed in electric vehicles (EVs)
Researchers make a solid-state EV battery breakthrough
Researchers make surprising discovery about lifespan of EV batteries: ‘That was a shock’
Rewiring Australia founder Saul Griffith is a man on a mission to electrify the nation, one suburb at a time
Roof Not Suitable For Solar? Here's The Solution!
Rooftop solar poised to become Australia's biggest power source amid coal's demise
Rooftop solar smashes records, sends coal and demand to new lows as it reshapes the grid
Russia is using drones to target Ukrainian electricity and erode morale
Sales of electric vehicles in the US are accelerating
Scientists Developing Floating Solar Farms That Can Withstand Rough Oceans
Shining example? Solar power boosts struggling Tunisian school
Small, Electric, Traffic Beating Vehicles For Every Occasion!
Solar and Wind Are Growing Faster Than Fledgling Nuclear and LNG Once Did
Solar Built on Trash Offers Solution to Renewable Energy’s Space Problem
Solar Farms Out at Sea Are Clean Energy’s Next Breakthrough
Solar glass manufacturing breakthrough could slash costs, says ClearVue
Solar, Hope, Cosy, and Functional
Solar module prices are falling, with no end in sight
Solar panel technology is set to be turbo-charged – but first, a few big roadblocks have to be cleared
Solar panels above orchards lower temperature, help conserve water
Solar panels could be a lifesaver for public housing tenants grappling with Australia’s soaring energy costs
Solar Panels Floating in Reservoirs? We’ll Drink to That
Solar Philippines to break ground on world’s ‘largest’ solar farm this year
Solar power and a composting toilet: what it takes to live off the grid in regional Australia
Solar power can cut living costs, but it’s not an option for many people – they need better support
Solar power five times more popular than fossil fuels: survey
Solar power investment to exceed oil for first time, says IEA chief
Solar set to overtake other energy sources by 2027
Solarge Debuts Lightweight Fully Recyclable Solar Panels
The South is building the most vibrant EV and battery hub in the US
“States haven’t delivered:” Report finds just 0.2 pct of Australia’s buses are electric
Storing Electricity On The Grid Is Part Of Climate Short List
Street-racing in Nissan Leaf, EV enthusiast pushes Texans to go electric
Stunning New Species of Tarantula Shimmers Like an Electric-Blue Jewel
Surging renewable energy sees record supply to Australia’s electricity grid
Surprise! Electric cars are already making California healthier
Swiss satellite antennas make a comeback as solar powerhouses
Tesla and EV Expert Sandy Munro: Solid State Batteries are "Kiss of Death" for Gas Cars
Tesla: what 2023 holds for the electric vehicle company and why it might be time for Musk to go
They sense electric fields, tolerate snow and have ‘mating trains’: 4 reasons echidnas really are remarkable
This 95-year-old Perth driver wants older motorists to go electric
This Chinese EV Shows Why Western Brands Are In Trouble...
This Futuristic Electric Boat Is Transforming Cities!
This GIANT Electric Semi Can Swap Out Its Batteries!
This Is The World’s CHEAPEST Solar Powered Car
THIS is Where We Should Be Placing Solar Panels!
This new robot cleans solar panels without using any water
The Tiny Electric Car “Designed For Women”…
The Tiny Electric Car Made By A Scooter Company!
Toyota faces disaster unless new CEO performs miracle pivot to electric vehicles
Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger utes to go electric as pricing revealed for mass EV conversions
US Electric Car Sales Increased 65% In 2022
Using electric water heaters to store renewable energy could do the work of 2 million home batteries – and save us billions
Victims of the green energy boom? The Indonesians facing eviction over a China-backed plan to turn their island into a solar panel ‘ecocity’
Volkswagen EV Sales Growing 50% In 2023
Volkswagen Had A Great 2022: 26% More EVs, More Than 15,000 Rapid Charging Stations
Volkswagen introduces ID 2all affordable EV concept with nearly 300 miles range
Volvo Trucks Is Making Great Progress On Electric Truck Sales, But Isn’t Letting Safety Slide
Want an easy $400 a year? Ditch the gas heater in your home for an electric split system
We need 100 million new electric machines, and we’ve got 17 budgets to get it right
We need a lot more electricians if we’re going to electrify everything
We need to decarbonise our electricity supply, and quickly – Alan Finkel shows how green energy can be a reality, and bring economic benefits
We Throw Away A Lot of Energy Which Is Why Electrifying Everything Matter
What the TRUCK?! Electric Vehicles Are Getting Bigger and Bigger!
When it comes to renewable energy, why go solo when you can go community solar?
Why electric vehicles won’t be enough to rein in transport emissions any time soon
Why Indonesia wants Australia’s help to supply the world with electric vehicles and batteries
Why it’s time to get over your EV range anxiety
Why Norway — the poster child for electric cars — is having second thoughts
Why running out of battery in an electric car gave me hope for the future
Why the electric vehicle battery race needs a recycling revolution
Whyalla vet launches city's first EV charging station in bid to cut harmful fumes that affect pets
Wind and solar energy saved Texans $11 billion in 2022
Wind and solar overtake fossil generation in the EU
Wind and solar supply two thirds of South Australia grid in week it was cut off from NEM
Win-win: how solar farms can double as havens for our wildlife
World-first flexible export limits are coming to rooftop solar. Here's how they work
World’s electricity supply close to ‘peak emissions’ due to growth of wind and solar
Wuling Hongguang Mini EV Now Available For Just $2,838 Plus $28/Month For The Battery Plan
Zion National Park’s shuttle buses are ditching the propane and going electric
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