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Plays and discussions about
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Those Rights We Share
Insight into the UN Declaration of Human Rights

08 January 2017
1:30-4:30pm The Owl and Cat Theatre
34 Swan Street, Richmond
A day of interaction with those rights that belong to all of us as laid out in the UN Declaration Human Rights. Gain insight into a tool for peace and justice in the world. Use those insights to write plays and stories about what these rights mean. Use them to protect and promote the welfare of all humanity.
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The Absurdity of Christmas!

11 December 2016
2:30-4:00pm The Owl and Cat Theatre
34 Swan Street, Richmond
Short plays to do with Christmas charities, consumerism, "the war on Christmas", family relations, and more primarily from a humorous slant.
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The second Sunday of each month at the Owl and Cat Theatre will be dedicated to putting on plays, having discussions, and holding workshops about the prosocial and life-affirming.

Play submissions, actor auditions, & director positions contact:

Katherine Phelps <>

Glass Wings Productions Friends Institute Owl and Cat Theatre


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Top photograph, "Aurora and Sunset", by photographer Frank Olsen Licensed under CC BY SA