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Submitting plays and performances

We are looking for creative artists, deep thinkers, and compassion activists to join us for a year of exploration.

The second Sunday of each month at the Owl and Cat Theatre will be dedicated to putting on plays, having discussions, and holding workshops about the prosocial and life-affirming.

We need a diversity of approaches: confronting, tender, humorous, informative, challenging, and inspiring. Keep it as real and nuanced as possible: stereotypical bad and good guys are unlikely to make it.

If this sort of theatre excites you and you want to be involved, contact us! If you have a 5-20 minute play that suits one of our monthly themes, check our schedule and get it in before the deadline! If you have poetry, stories, songs, interpretive dance, standup comedy, improvisations, short lectures etc that suit our theme, you can also check the schedule and contact us about inclusion before the deadline!

2017 Themes

Poverty What is poverty like? What is causing it? What can be done short term? What could be done long term?
Extinction Why are we experiencing extinctions? Who is bringing about extinctions and why? Who are working to stop extinction? What is it like for those living beings who are facing extinction?
Fear What does fear do to us? How is fear being used and by whom? How can we overcome fear? (No horror)
Democracy When does democracy work? When doesn't it work? How do people make decisions when voting? Where are we lacking democracy? How does democracy impact our relationships with our families, friends, and coworkers?
Kindness How is kindness a relevant force? What does kindness look like? How can we encourage more kindness?
Share Who shares and why? When is something genuinely sharing and when is it manipulation or exploitation? How would sharing more change our lives?


Katherine Phelps <>

Glass Wings Productions Friends Institute Owl and Cat Theatre


2016 Katherine Phelps
Top photograph, "Aurora and Sunset", by photographer Frank Olsen Licensed under CC BY SA