Microphone & Speakers

These are pieces of ordinary audio gear which are, nevertheless, needed as part of the production process. I have found it best to begin with quality equipment with which to create and check sound. Going through various software processes, sound quality can deteriorate. So, it is important to start with as clean, clear sound as possible. I could not necessarily afford top of the range in my own microphone and speakers, but I did go to the trouble of getting top of the mid-range in these items. In fact my Sound Barrier A330X speakers were originally intended for a car. My microphone is uni-directional to ensure little environmental noise interferes with whatever I am recording, usually voice.

Of course even though for production purposes I needed quality, I also use cheap speakers to test what the sound will be like for people on the low end of things. These can come free with a sound card or be built into the monitor. What sounds spectacular on good speakers, may sound awful and incomprehensible on the cheaper speakers without some alterations.