Our Productions

Glass Wings produces both live and recorded performances on a diversity of media. We have put together a number of our own shows and helped in various capacities with other people's shows. Here is a selection of our productions from recent years.

  • Coexist
    A festival of short plays about social justice and the environment.
  • Coexist Aurora
  • Heard of Elephants
    Musical about elephant conservation.
  • Watchful elephants
  • Sandbox Land
    Variety for the whole family!
  • Tzup Wulf and Katherine Phelps
  • A Bunch of Pirates: A Transdimensional Adventure
    Captain Hilly Harbuckle and her crew sail across the transdimensional universe in search of adventure!
  • Bunch of Pirates
  • WizAz: Magic Rocks!
    Harry Potter style Australian wizards Liam and Xander form indie rock band WizAz! A night of singing, dancing, and...Godzilla!
  • WizAz: Magic Rocks with Rod Fletcher and Morgan Phillips
  • Pop Mashup: Happy Birthday Doctor
    The Doctor teams up with Hermione Granger to defeat Tard the Grumpy Cat.
  • Pop Mashup: Happy Birthday Doctor with Melinda King and Ruben Francis
  • Strange Blessings
    Every year the little town of Blessington holds a variety show where its quirky citizens strut their stuff. This is our 2010 Melbourne International Comedy Festival show.
  • Strange Blessings
  • Time Titties
    Three women, the most powerful technology on the planet, and a mission—to party down across time and space. This is our pitch promo reel for a new television series.
  • Time Titties ensemble


Katherine Phelps
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Melbourne, Australia

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