The Three Peggies

Katherine Phelps April 1999

Our Annual Tea

The annual tea began after "The Three Peggies" graduated from university. They weren't all named Peggy. They normally went by Peg, Peggy and Margaret (who never took the diminutive form of her name). However, since they were inseparable, even sharing a flat at one point, they became known as the Peggies. The annual tea was established as a way to make sure they stayed in contact regardless of where life took them.

This year Margaret arranged for them to meet in the tea rooms at the Windsor Hotel. They came all dressed in hats and gloves, as if they had just come from "Ladies' Day" at the Flemington Race Course. At the table were their milky teas and plates filled with cakes and hors d'oeuvres taken from a three tiered silver tray.

Peggy held in front of her on the table an issue of New Idea. The magazine was opened on Brad Pitt in the section about the world's ten most hunkiest men.

"Isn't he spectacular," said Peggy, "If only men were like in the movies."

"I always thought yours was," said Margaret, "You and Peter Howling were an item since secondary school and voted handsomest couple." She deftly poured more tea in everyone's cups, which served to show off her sparkling gem bracelet.

"I'm not certain what went wrong. We never fought, then one day he just left. I may be in my late twenties, but I've kept my figure. I don't have a single grey hair. I've even read every article about keeping a man happy in bed. Men are just bastards."

Peg and Margaret raised their eyebrows at each other. Peggy was the same age as they, and they knew they weren't in their late twenties, but let it pass.

"As I've always said," said Margaret, "Men are only useful as providers. Marry rich, then at least if you separate, you get half."

"Of course we're still not sure what you married for," giggled Peggy directing her comment at Peg, "I get the feeling it was out of pity. Oh well, I guess he'll never leave you that way."

"Ah, that's not fair. You don't know my Will," answered Peg.

Peggy Hammond
Margaret Trotter
Peg Sweeney

The Three Peggies
Copyright © 1999 Katherine Phelps
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