‘Kafkaesque’ true stories of ordinary people: inside the first days of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China

Thu, 21 Apr 2022 05:55:31 +1000

Andrew Pam <xanni [at] glasswings.com.au>

Andrew Pam

"Review: Deadly Quiet City: Stories from Wuhan, Covid Ground Zero – Murong
Xuecun (Hardie Grant Books)

We have lived through two tumultuous years as the COVID-19 pandemic has swept
through Australia. Our Prime Minister Scott Morrison took the lead, for
domestic political purposes, in calling for an investigation into the origins
of the virus in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

In January 2021, China finally agreed to let an international team of experts
led by the World Health Organization into Wuhan to investigate. The findings of
the team were inconclusive, because the Chinese authorities were not very
cooperative and refused to approve a follow-up investigation.

People who are curious to know why China is so resistant to outside
investigation should read this book."

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