Har Gobind Khorana: The chemist who cracked DNA’s code and made the first artificial gene was born into poverty 100 years ago in an Indian village

Tue, 26 Apr 2022 05:30:19 +1000

Andrew Pam <xanni [at] glasswings.com.au>

Andrew Pam

"2022 marks the 100th birthday of Nobel Prize winning chemist Har Gobind
Khorana – or so we think. The exact date of his birth is not known, because
Khorana was born in poverty in a British Indian class that rarely recorded such
dates. As a child, he had to beg a neighbor for a glowing ember so his mother
could light their daily cooking fire. He was 6 before he owned his first

Khorana emerged from this background to receive a Nobel Prize in 1968 for
deciphering the genetic code that translates DNA sequences into the protein
molecules that carry out the functions of living cells.

I am writing a biography of Khorana with the hope that his story will inspire
young scientists from every background to pursue their dreams of exploration
and discovery."

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