Employers are hiding a secret about strict return-to-office mandates—they’re probably bluffing about how many days they want you back

Mon, 25 Mar 2024 05:57:17 +1100

Andrew Pam <xanni [at] glasswings.com.au>

Andrew Pam

"White-collar workers are getting used to recognizing the signs that remote
work is dying—and lately, it’s coming in the form of CEO memos demanding a
return to the office.

Major businesses from beauty retailer L’Oreal to banks like Deutsche and
Goldman Sachs are beginning to reign in years of pandemic-era workplace
flexibility, and based on the rhetoric, they appear to mean business this time.

But hidden within those ominous memos is a big secret, and the clue to
unraveling it comes from a quick look at many companies’ post-pandemic office

Via Kenny Chaffin, who wrote "Just the thought and that image make me want to
throw up!!!"

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