Modern Adventure


You appear in a building overlooking the ocean. One wall is made entirely of glass, so that you can see the rolling of waves and the breaching of humpback whales in the distance. The other walls have select pieces of contemporary art embellishing them. In the middle of the room is a table upon which sits a vase filled with irises. Several lit buttons on the tabletop attract your eye. You press one. In a few sparkling moments a handsome gentleman appears. He motions to the panorama outside the window and says, "The Age of Adventure has not ended, now it simply begins from within."


The Age of the Essay
by Paul Graham

Utterly cool musings upon the genuine nature of the essay.

by Katherine Phelps

How one person began a journey toward nurturing more peace in the world.


Odysseus, She
by Katherine Phelps

This will take some reading! A full-on hypernovel that turns Homer's Odyssey upside down and shakes it up a bit for fun. Odysseus is a woman in this version, travelling in a modern mythic world.


Christmas 2003
by Katherine Phelps

A reverie about the quality of Christmas in Australia 2003.

The Kolna Conflict
by Julie Peters

Explore the connections between a utopian and a distopian society, what it means to the people living in these societies, and what it means to us today. Thought provoking stuff.

by Edwina Breitzke

A story about a Buddhist pilgrimage, and a literary meditation. Pay attention to the interactive landscape. This story links together in unique ways and bears going through more than once.

by Shane Taylor

Shane Taylor's investigation into family relations makes brilliant use of hyper-narration.

24 hours with someone you know
by Philippa Burne

Philippa Burne is an up and coming Australian author who is making her debut here as a writer of hyperfiction.

Eileen and the Black Horse of Cormar
by Dina McCall

Though written in Australia this story recalls the days of yore in Ireland.

Popper's Disease
by Charles Johnson

We are very honoured to be carrying a story by Charles Johnson, winner of the 1990 American National Book Award, the PEN/Faulkner Award and a Guggenheim fellow. His writing is not only vivid and exciting, it shows a real depth of personal wisdom.

a time beyond logic;
by Robert Bettelheim

Emotionally charged science fiction.


Koffee, Kafes & Kulture
by Stephen Grimwade

Enjoy a taste of coffee history and Melbourne coffee culture.

Being In It Together
by Katherine Phelps

A wish list set forth to help anyone who wants to create fair and inclusive stories that reflect a true 21st century mentality.

Tools of the Digital Storyteller
by Katherine Phelps

Observations on the Life of Artists
by Katherine Phelps

My attempt to de-mythology the artistic lifestyle.

Death Camp Horror Still Haunts Visitors
by Liesha Northover

A thoughtful travelogue by an Australian visitor to Auschwitz.

For the Love of Music
by Sue Hornsby

A personal essay by a musician who loves music more than status.


Excerpts from From The Fool To The World
by Timothy Hamilton

These are select poems Hamilton created to evoke the character of each card of the major arcana in a tarot deck. His insights are inspiring.

Untitled (impossible)
by Adam Ford

Yes, the author left this poem untitled, but we had to give it a title for linking and storage. Explore a little surrealism. Does our imagination create what we experience?

Love or Indigestion
by Adam Ford

A gastronomic poem of romantic dimensions

Untitled (rent)
by Adam Ford

Do you know where the line between mere sentience ends and sapience begins? This poem deals with the consequences of such recognition.

by Adam Ford

A poem about the peculiar doings of facial hair.

by Alicia Sometimes

This poem has me wondering at just how Mother Nature's mind works.

Cats In Space
by Alicia Sometimes

This poem has me wondering at just how Alicia Sometimes' mind works.

Penguins Ad Infinitum
by Alicia Sometimes

Now I'm really concerned.

by Hester Hamilton

Yay! More poetry and a Haiku at that.

Serene Smile
by Rabbit

Our first poem! Let this be encouragment to other versifiers.

Visual Art

Gallery KJP

Some early efforts at illustration. Here colour, humour, and the natural world meet.

E. M. Christensen

Paintings by a well known Melbourne artist.

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