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5 reasons kids still need to learn handwriting (no, AI has not made it redundant)
A Bunch Of Authors Sue OpenAI Claiming Copyright Infringement, Because They Don’t Understand Copyright
A dire forecast: Scientists used AI to find planet could cross critical warming threshold sooner than expected
A New Rule of Education for the Age of AI
Adam Conover: A.I. is B.S.
Ageism, sexism, classism and more: 7 examples of bias in AI-generated images
AI and the American Smile
AI and the Doctor Dolittle challenge
AI and the future of work: 5 experts on what ChatGPT, DALL-E and other AI tools mean for artists and knowledge workers
AI Art Generators and the Online Image Market
AI Art Is Eating The World, And We Need To Discuss Its Wonders And Dangers
AI Article Generator Falls for World of Warcraft 'Glorbo' Prank
AI can fool voice recognition used to verify identity by Centrelink and Australian tax office
AI Chatbots Have Been Used to Create Dozens of News Content Farms
AI design could "bring back the beauty and aesthetics of the classical era" says Tim Fu
AI does not exist but it will ruin everything anyway
The AI Doomers’ Playbook
AI from a legal perspective
The A.I. has learned how to tell you a celebrity's net worth
AI has potential to revolutionise health care – but we must first confront the risk of algorithmic bias
AI Homework
AI is killing the old web, and the new web struggles to be born
AI isn’t close to becoming sentient – the real danger lies in how easily we’re prone to anthropomorphize it
A.I. just makes the old problems worse
The AI music company shitting up your streams
AI scam calls imitating familiar voices are a growing problem – here’s how they work
AI systems have learned how to deceive humans. What does that mean for our future?
AI to Aid Democracy
AI tools are generating convincing misinformation. Engaging with them means being on high alert
AI was asked to create images of Black African docs treating white kids. How'd it go?
AI will increase inequality and raise tough questions about humanity, economists warn
AI Will Never Fit Into A Licensing Regime
A.I. Will Not Displace Everyone, Everywhere, All at Once. It Will Rapidly Transform the Labor Market, Exacerbating Inequality, Insecurity, and Poverty.
AI-generated fiction is flooding literary magazines — but not fooling anyone
AI’s Victories in Go Inspire Better Human Game Playing
An A.I. Translation Tool Can Help Save Dying Languages. But at What Cost?
An Iowa school district is using AI to ban books
Anthony Fauci on Australia’s COVID response, AI and the next pandemic
As uni goes back, here’s how teachers and students can use ChatGPT to save time and improve learning
Authors are resisting AI with petitions and lawsuits. But they have an advantage: we read to form relationships with writers
Authors Guild, Jealous Of Other Terrible Author Lawsuits Against AI, Decides To Join In The Party
Bard, Bing and Baidu: how big tech’s AI race will transform search – and all of computing
The best books on Artificial Intelligence recommended by ChatGPT
Building Human Intelligence at Scale, to Save the Next Generation from ChatGPT
Burned-out parents seek help from a new ally: ChatGPT
Can we still handle the truth? Journalism, ‘alternative facts’ and the rise of AI
Can you trust your ears? AI voice scams rattle US
Challenge Accepted: High-speed AI Drone Overtakes World-Champion Drone Racers
The ChatGPT chatbot is blowing people away with its writing skills. An expert explains why it’s so impressive
ChatGPT Has Already Decreased My Income Security, and Likely Yours Too
ChatGPT, how did you get here? It was a long journey through open source AI
ChatGPT Is a Blurry JPEG of the Web
ChatGPT is a data privacy nightmare. If you’ve ever posted online, you ought to be concerned
ChatGPT is confronting, but humans have always adapted to new technology – ask the Mesopotamians, who invented writing
ChatGPT is going to change education, not destroy it
ChatGPT is great – you’re just using it wrong
ChatGPT is making up fake Guardian articles. Here’s how we’re responding
ChatGPT is 'so wildly incorrect' that an Australian whistleblower is suing it for defamation
ChatGPT on the subject of four-digit numbers
ChatGPT threatens language diversity. More needs to be done to protect our differences in the age of AI
ChatGPT use shows that the grant-application system is broken
ChatGPT’s Dirty Secret: It’s Powered by "Grunts" Making $15 Per Hour
Climate Change is a Bigger Existential Threat Than AI
Computer-written scripts and deepfake actors: what’s at the heart of the Hollywood strikes against generative AI
The Copyright Industry Is About To Discover That There Are Hundreds Of Thousands Of Songs Generated By AI Already Available, Already Popular
Could ‘algorithmic destruction’ solve AI’s copyright issues?
Crochet enthusiasts asked ChatGPT for patterns. The results are ‘cursed’
Crypto collapse? Get in loser, we’re pivoting to AI
The dawn of AI has come, and its implications for education couldn’t be more significant
Deepfakes will attack our most precious memories. Are we ready?
Democracies face ‘truth decay’ as AI blurs fact and fiction, warns head of Australia’s military
Developers Created AI to Generate Police Sketches. Experts Are Horrified
Do we need a new law for AI? Sure – but first we could try enforcing the laws we already have
Don’t fret about students using ChatGPT to cheat – AI is a bigger threat to educational equality
Don't replace your people with ChatGPT or other AI services
Dumbing down or wising up: how will generative AI change the way we think?
Everyone’s having a field day with ChatGPT – but nobody knows how it actually works
Everything Made By an AI Is In the Public Domain
Fight Fire With — AI? Artificial Intelligence Tackles Wildfires
First wearable heart ultrasound is powered by an AI brain
The First Year of AI College Ends in Ruin
Five Worlds of AI (a joint post with Boaz Barak)
The folly of making art with text-to-image generative AI
Funky AI-generated spiraling medieval village captivates social media
G/O Media Execs Full Speed Ahead On Injecting Half-Cooked ‘AI’ Into A Very Broken US Media
G/O Media Gives Another Crash Course On Perils Of Replacing Human Journalists With Half-Baked ‘AI’
Google’s RT-2 AI model brings us one step closer to WALL-E
GPT4All: Running an Open-source ChatGPT Clone on Your Laptop
Gödel, Escher, Bach, and AI
Hackers red-teaming A.I. are ‘breaking stuff left and right,’ but don’t expect quick fixes from DefCon: ‘There are no good guardrails’
Here's how the data we feed AI determines the results
The hidden cost of the AI boom: social and environmental exploitation
Holograms and AI can bring performers back from the dead – but will the fans keep buying it?
Homeland Security Uses AI Tool to Analyze Social Media of U.S. Citizens and Refugees
How About Using AI To Determine Whether Or Not Something Is Creative Enough To Get Copyright Protection
How AI Could Save (Not Destroy) Education | Sal Khan | TED
How AI could take over elections – and undermine democracy
How AI is helping airlines mitigate the climate impact of contrails
How I Broke Into a Bank Account With an AI-Generated Voice
How Scientists Are Using AI to Talk to Animals
How should a robot explore the Moon? A simple question shows the limits of current AI systems
Humans Are Biased. Generative AI Is Even Worse
I Asked ChatGPT to Create Comics, Then I Drew Them.
I tried the Replika AI companion and can see why users are falling hard. The app raises serious ethical questions
If you’re not using ChatGPT for your writing, you’re probably making a mistake
In A World Where AI Art Is Cheap And Easy To Generate, Do We Still Need Copyright?
India's religious chatbots condone violence using the voice of god
Indigenous knowledges informing ‘machine learning’ could prevent stolen art and other culturally unsafe AI practices
Intel unveils real-time deepfake detector, claims 96% accuracy rate
Irish Times apologises for hoax AI article about women’s use of fake tan
Is ChatGPT Getting Dumber?
Is there a way to pay content creators whose work is used to train AI? Yes, but it’s not foolproof
It’s Good That AI Tech Bros Are Thinking About What Could Go Wrong In The Distant Future, But Why Don’t They Talk About What’s Already Gone Wrong Today?
Kickstarter: Introducing Our AI Policy
Love it or Leave it? Study Shows How People Perceive AI-created Content
Making AI Less "Thirsty": Uncovering and Addressing the Secret Water Footprint of AI Models
Memristors Run AI Tasks at 1/800th Power
NASA Turns to AI to Design Mission Hardware
New AI Makes Amazing DeepFakes In a Blink of an Eye!
No, AI probably won’t kill us all – and there’s more to this fear campaign than meets the eye
Not everything we call AI is actually ‘artificial intelligence’. Here’s what you need to know
OpenAI Wants To Help You Figure Out If Text Was Written By OpenAI; But What Happens When It’s Wrong?
Our Inability To Recognize That Remixing Art Is Transformative Is Now Leading To Today’s AI/Copyright Mess
Overwhelmed By All The Generative AI Headlines? This Guide Is For You
The Patent Troll Lobby Set Up An AI-Powered Comment Creator To Support Its Bad Patent Policy
Photos from the field: spying on Antarctic moss using drones, MossCam, smart sensors and AI
Pivot to AI: Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain
‘Please do not assume the worst of us’: students know AI is here to stay and want unis to teach them how to use it
The problem isn’t AI, it’s requiring us to work to live
Prompt engineering: is being an AI ‘whisperer’ the job of the future or a short-lived fad?
Publishing A Book Means No Longer Having Control Over How Others Feel About It, Or How They’re Inspired By It. And That Includes AI.
Robot recruiters: can bias be banished from AI hiring?
Scams, deepfake porn and romance bots: advanced AI is exciting, but incredibly dangerous in criminals’ hands
Shaping the Future with Sawalni: The Dawn of Moroccan AI
Signapse: Breaking Barriers with our AI Sign Language Translator
Silicon Valley Starts Hiring Poets To Fix Shitty Writing By Undercooked “AI”
Sorry, No, AI Girlfriends Are Not Destroying The Birthrate Or Killing Medicare & Social Security
Spotting plastic waste from space and counting the fish in the seas: here’s how AI can help protect the oceans
Stop Rushing To Copyright As A Tool To ‘Solve’ The Problems Of AI
Supervised AI isn’t
‘There is no standard’: investigation finds AI algorithms objectify women’s bodies
This new data poisoning tool lets artists fight back against generative AI
Two authors are suing OpenAI for training ChatGPT with their books. Could they win?
UM Research: AI Tests Into Top 1% for Original Creative Thinking
The US just issued the world’s strongest action yet on regulating AI. Here’s what to expect
Use ‘Upscaler’ to Enhance Low-Res Images with AI on Linux
Viral Instagram photographer has a confession: His photos are AI-generated
Virtual influencers: meet the AI-generated figures posing as your new online friends – as they try to sell you stuff
We come to bury ChatGPT, not to praise it.
Welcome To The A.I. Arms Race
What is ‘AI alignment’? Silicon Valley’s favourite way to think about AI safety misses the real issues
What Kind of Mind Does ChatGPT Have?
What OpenAI Really Wants
Whispers of A.I.’s Modular Future
Why AI detectors think the US Constitution was written by AI
Why ChatGPT should be considered a malevolent AI – and be destroyed
Why every Fortune 500 business needs a chief AI officer
Why open-source generative AI models are an ethical way forward for science
Why Sexual Harassment With AI Deepfakes Is About To Get Much Worse
Why Silicon Valley’s biggest AI developers are hiring poets
Will A.I. become the new McKinsey?
Will AI decide if you get your next job? Without legal regulation, you may never even know
Will AI kill our creativity? It could – if we don’t start to value and protect the traits that make us human
Will AI tech like ChatGPT improve inclusion for people with communication disability?
WormGPT – The Generative AI Tool Cybercriminals Are Using to Launch Business Email Compromise Attacks
Worried about AI? You might have AI-nxiety – here’s how to cope
Yes, AI could help us fix the productivity slump – but it can’t fix everything
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