Glass Wings Blog: Time

It’s time to end Western Australia’s $4 billion-per-year GST bonus
The 150 Greatest Science Fiction Movies of All Time
3D Gaussian Splatting for Real-Time Radiance Field Rendering
3D-printed fish fillet ‘created for the first time’
75% of Software Engineers Faced Retaliation Last Time They Reported Wrongdoing
A Palestinian author’s award ceremony has been cancelled at Frankfurt Book Fair. This sends the wrong signals at the wrong time
A Pristine, 1,200-Acre Texas Preserve Will Open to the Public for the First Time This Week
A Year Ago Today Was the First Time Russia Threatened To Kill Me
The animals and plants that only exist in captivity – and why time is running out to restore them to the wild
Antarctica’s heart of ice has skipped a beat. Time to take our medicine
As uni goes back, here’s how teachers and students can use ChatGPT to save time and improve learning
Asylum seekers in Greece ‘facing two great injustices of our time’
At chocolate time, we’ve discovered what the brands that score best on child labour and the environment have in common
Australian unis could not function without casual staff: it is time to treat them as ‘real’ employees
Baby beaver born in London for first time in 400 years
Banking the Most Valuable Currency: Time
Before the colonists came, we burned small and burned often to avoid big fires. It’s time to relearn cultural burning
Black rhino populations are starting to thrive in Zimbabwe for the first time in decades, experts say
British wind power overtakes gas for the first time in Q1 2023 - report
Carol Ferrone on the dedication to historical accuracy in "Back In Time For The Corner Shop" and what happens behind the scenes
‘Catastrophic’: bird flu reaches Antarctic for the first time
Changing Lives and Livelihoods in Tanzania, One Electricity Connection at a Time
China on course to hit wind and solar power target five years ahead of time
Chinese monks get electricity for the first time, thanks to solar
Chinese Monks Get Electricity for the First Time Thanks to Solar
COP28 deal confirms what Australia already knows: coal is out of vogue and out of time
Decision time: did habitual liar Boris Johnson tell some lies? It’s going to be tense
Denver experimented with giving people $1,000 a month. It reduced homelessness and increased full-time employment, a study found.
The EG.5 COVID variant is spiking in the U.S. Is it time to mask up?
EIA Says 40 Percent of US Electricity Is Now Emission-Free for the First Time
Electric vehicle sales in Australia overtake petrol-driven cars in medium category for first time
EPA posts databases of pesticide harm to people, pets and wildlife for first time in agency history
Expensive dental care worsens inequality. Is it time for a Medicare-style ‘Denticare’ scheme?
Family of Discworld illustrator seek wealthy patron to conserve legacy of ‘one of the great artists of our time’
For 1st time, Indonesia government recognizes ancestral forests in Aceh — but only some
‘Forever chemicals’ have made their way to farms. For now, levels in your food are low – but there’s no time to waste
Friday essay: matrilineal societies exist around the world – it’s time to look beyond the patriarchy
Generating Life on the Baja Peninsula, One Mangrove at a Time
Google Promises Unlimited Cloud Storage; Then Cancels Plan; Then Tells Journalist His Life’s Work Will Be Deleted Without Enough Time To Transfer The Data
Greenhouse gas emissions are at an all-time high and Earth is warming faster than ever – report
Has the cyberattack on DP World put Australia’s trade at risk? Probably not … this time
In September we went past 1.5 degrees. In November, we tipped over 2 degrees for the first time. What’s going on?
In Time for Endangered Species Act’s Golden Anniversary, a Golden Flower is Recovered
Indigenous Ryukyuans say it’s time for US military to leave
Intelligence Community Feels It Might Be Time To Start Stuffing Surveillance Gear Into People’s Pants
Intimate and immense: remembering Kaija Saariaho, one of the greatest composers of our time
Ireland: Wind generation exceeds demand for electricity for the first time ever
Is it finally time to ban junk food advertising? A new bill could improve kids’ health
Is it time to reconsider the idea of ‘the banality of evil’?
Is linking time in the office to career success the best way to get us back to work?
It is time to draw down carbon dioxide but shut down moves to play God with the climate
It’s 4 years since the first COVID case in Australia. Here’s how our pandemic experiences have changed over time
It's Time: Scientists Urge The World to Declare a New Epoch on The Moon
It’s time to rethink the climate emergency narrative
It’s time we learned to love the dark
It’s time we stopped exploiting interns and paid them for the hours worked
JetZero’s Next-Gen Aircraft Could Change How We Fly for the First Time in Decades
The Kimba nuclear waste plan bites the dust. Here’s what went wrong and how to do better next time
Life expectancy goes backwards for the first time in 30 years
‘Like Guantánamo’: the children locked in solitary for weeks at a time in Queensland youth prison
Meet the Vietnamese Grandmother Fighting Misinformation One YouTube Video at a Time
Moldova is trying to join the EU, but it will have a hard time breaking away from Russia’s orbit
No time for vaccine complacency as COVID and flu cases soar
‘No time to waste’: getting Australian homes off gas crucial for meeting net zero targets, report says
Older women are doing remarkable things – it’s time for the putdowns to end
Our child protection system is clearly broken. Is it time to abolish it for a better model?
Our tropical fruits are vulnerable to climate change. Can we make them resilient in time?
Parental leave: offer dads proper benefits and they will take time off to care for their children
Passive vaping – time we see it like secondhand smoke and stand up for the right to clean air
Patents were meant to reward inventions. It’s time to talk about how they might not
People who work from home all the time ‘cut emissions by 54%’ against those in office
Plastic rocks, plutonium, and chicken bones: the markers we’re laying down in deep time
The race to defuse an oil ‘time bomb’ disaster threatening the Red Sea
Radiooooo - The Musical Time Machine
Real-time environmental surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 aerosols
Reform delay causes dental decay. It’s time for a national deal to fund dental care
Rewiring Australia founder Saul Griffith is a man on a mission to electrify the nation, one suburb at a time
The rise of Yevgeny Prigozhin: how a one-time food caterer became Vladimir Putin’s biggest threat
The road is long and time is short, but Australia’s pace towards net zero is quickening
Rohingya Refugees Capture the Reality of Their Lives One Photo at a Time
Saving Brazil’s golden monkey, one green corridor at a time
The Scramble for Africa looks different this time
Solar power investment to exceed oil for first time, says IEA chief
South Korea court recognises same-sex couple rights for first time
Starfield is the latest game to be boycotted by conservatives. This time because of pronouns
Streamer In Japan Gets 2 Years Jail Time For Uploading Let’s Plays, Anime Spoilers
Taylor Swift’s ‘Time’ Cover Is Breaking Far-Right Brains
The Thieves of Time
Time after time, tragedies like the Titan disaster occur because leaders ignore red flags
Time Enough At Last
Two Technologies That Were Way Ahead of Their Time
Virgin Galactic successfully flies tourists to space for first time
Watch: Chipotle's New Kitchen Robot Can Peel and Core 25lbs of Avocados In Half the Time It Takes a Human
‘Watching extinction in real time’: conservationists losing hope for Australia’s swift parrot if logging continues
We are poised to pass 1.5°C of global warming – world leaders offer 4 ways to manage this dangerous time
We landed a camera on Venus before seeing parts of our own oceans – it’s time to ramp up observations closer to home
We’re in a new COVID wave. What can we expect this time?
We're Sick of Getting Sick All The Time. Clean The Air.
Whale of a time: pod of 30 orcas bring killer moves to a California bay
Whale-watching guidelines don’t include boat noise. It’s time they did
Why it’s time to get over your EV range anxiety
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