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The 60-Year-Old Scientific Screwup That Helped Covid Kill
A Dictionary of Science Fiction Runs From Afrofuturism to Zero-G
About 500,000 Australian species are undiscovered – and scientists are on a 25-year mission to finish the job
America’s Star Teenage Scientist Is Catalyzing Generational Change
Angela Merkel’s career shows why we need more scientists in politics
Artificial refuges are a popular stopgap for habitat destruction, but the science isn’t up to scratch
Beautiful Science: Picturing Data, Inspiring Insight
Big oil’s ‘wokewashing’ is the new climate science denialism
Box seat: scientists solve the mystery of why wombats have cube-shaped poo
Cacophony of human noise is hurting all marine life, scientists warn
Can Arctic Animals Keep Up With Climate Change? Scientists are Trying to Find Out
Climate change deniers are over attacking the science. Now they attack the solutions.
Climate emergency not slowed by COVID-19 pandemic and planet's 'vital signs' worsening, scientists say
Climate scientists: concept of net zero is a dangerous trap
COVID has reached Antarctica. Scientists are extremely concerned for its wildlife
Diagnosing Earth: the science behind the IPCC’s upcoming climate report
‘Don’t Look Up’: Hollywood’s primer on climate denial illustrates 5 myths that fuel rejection of science
The English language dominates global conservation science – which leaves 1 in 3 research papers virtually ignored
Excel autocorrect errors still plague genetic research, raising concerns over scientific rigour
Fantasy & Science Fiction giveaway
From Chicago to Uganda, scientists track the wildlife diseases that could infect humans—or spark the next pandemic
The Great American Science Heist
Heroes, villains … biology: 3 reasons comic books are great science teachers
How making a film exploring Indigenous stories of the night sky enriched my perspective as a scientist
Huge New Wave Is the COVID Nightmare Scientists Feared Most
Hundreds of Australian lizard species are barely known to science. Many may face extinction
If I fits I sits: A citizen science investigation into illusory contour susceptibility in domestic cats (Felis silvestris catus)
I’m a climate scientist. "Don’t Look Up" captures the madness I see every day
In a time of COVID and climate change, social sciences are vital, but they’re on university chopping blocks
It’s now or never: Scientists warn time of reckoning has come for the planet
Lynnwood’s Greg Bear, stalwart of modern science fiction, starts writing his life story
Militaries plunder science fiction for technology ideas, but turn a blind eye to the genre’s social commentary
National Gallery of Victoria displays 3D-printed artificial reefs, showcasing fusion of art and science
Next time you see a butterfly, treasure the memory: scientists raise alarm on these 26 species
No, Science Clearly Shows That COVID-19 Wasn’t Leaked From A Wuhan Lab
Politicians are failing to deliver climate justice. Lawyers and scientists could do it in court
Reduce methane or face climate catastrophe, scientists warn
Science Fictions
The scientific genius who eschewed fame: remembering Thomas Harriot, 400 years on
Scientists call for a moratorium on climate change research until governments take real action
These animals went extinct in the wild. Scientists brought them back
Utopia Science Fiction
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