Glass Wings Blog: China

A Chinese vlogger shared videos of war-torn Ukraine. He's been labeled a national traitor
A chunk of Chinese satellite almost hit the International Space Station. They dodged it – but the space junk problem is getting worse
A Coming-Out Guide Aims to Promote Acceptance Among Gay Chinese
Academic freedom is paramount for universities. They can do more to protect it from China’s interference
Amnesty International to shut Asia headquarters in Hong Kong
As the Beijing Winter Olympics countdown begins, calls to boycott the ‘Genocide Games’ grow
Australian Prime Minister, After Registering For A WeChat Account Using Unnamed Chinese Citizen, Finds His Account Sold To Someone Else
Beijing court dismisses landmark #MeToo case as authorities censor discussion
Beijing using its financial muscle to target Uyghurs living abroad – report
British diplomat uses social media to draw attention to removal of Chinese mosque minarets
Can China use the Beijing Olympics to ‘sportwash’ its abuses against the Uyghurs? Only if the world remains silent
Can China win back global opinion before the Winter Olympics? Does it even want to?
The cat is back: Wild Amur tigers rebound in China, thanks to govt policies
China Completely Disappears Famed Online Influencer For (Accidentally) Referencing Tiananmen Square, Causing Lots Of People To Try To Figure Out Why
China Finalizes Hong Kong Police State By Installing Man Who Led Crackdown On Protests As Its Next Leader
China is financing infrastructure projects around the world – many could harm nature and Indigenous communities
China is gunning for supremacy in the global green hydrogen race. Will it shatter Australia’s dreams?
China launches large-scale ‘seawater rice’ transplanting to boost output
China played dirty to get Huawei’s 'princess' back — too dirty even to tell its own people
China puts total fishing ban on ailing Yellow River’s upper reaches
China’s COVID crisis and the dilemma facing its leaders, by experts who have monitored it since the Wuhan outbreak
China’s demand for seaborne coal is set to drop fast and far. Australia should take note.
China’s most chaotic social network survived Beijing’s censors — until now
China's Regulatory War On Its Gaming Industry Racks Up 14k Casualties
Chinese Government Dragnet Now Folding In American Social Media Platforms To Silence Dissent
Chinese Government Is Building A Surveillance System That Will Target, Track Foreign Journalists, Students
Chinese Internet Companies Are Censoring People Who Write Or Speak Tibetan Or Uyghur, Lending A Hand To China's Cultural Genocides
The Communist Party claims to have brought prosperity and equality to China. Here’s the real impact of its rule
Crossing the Red Line: Behind China’s Takeover of Hong Kong
Details Leak On Apple's Secret $275 Billion Deal With The Chinese Government
DOJ Charges Defendants With Harassing and Spying On Chinese Americans for Beijing
Explainer: what was the Chinese laser attack about and why does it matter?
Five Journalists and Pop Star Denise Ho Arrested in Hong Kong for Sedition
Hong Kong few select powerful new ‘patriots only’ committee
Hong Kong Government Arrests Four Members Of Pro-Democracy Hong Kong Alliance, Shuts Down Its Online Presence
Hong Kong to scour old films for subversive themes under new censorship law
Hong Kong's last pro-democracy paper sells out final edition
How China Uses Western Influencers As Pawns In Its Propaganda War
How China’s high speed rail KILLED the short haul flight
Illegal overfishing by Chinese trawlers leaves Sierra Leone locals ‘starving’
In the fight against climate change, China is doing more than you think, but still not enough
‘Kafkaesque’ true stories of ordinary people: inside the first days of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China
Louisa Lim’s ‘outstanding’ portrait of a dispossessed, defiant Hong Kong is the activist journalism we need
‘Mountain’ of electronic waste from this year alone will weigh as much as Great Wall of China, experts warn
Operation Fox Hunt: How China Exports Repression Using a Network of Spies Hidden in Plain Sight
Pillar of Shame: Hong Kong's Tiananmen Square statue removed
The Quad has a strategy to counter China and Russia: be a force for global good without ideological warfare
Russia-Ukraine war: In Chinese media, the US is the villain
Tiananmen: Hong Kong students hide tiny “democracy goddesses” on campus
Two Hong Kong universities remove Tiananmen artworks after Pillar of Shame dismantled
'Utterly Shameful': Uyghurs' Frustration Grows Over Lack Of International Action Against China
Why the Winter Olympics are so vital to the Chinese Communist Party’s legitimacy
Wikipedia bans seven Chinese users amid concerns of 'infiltration, physical harm'
WIPO Blocks Wikimedia Chapters As Observers, Because China Is Mad That There’s A Taiwanese Wikimedia Chapter
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