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1 in 4 households struggle to pay power bills. Here are 5 ways to tackle hidden energy poverty
100 years of radio in Africa: from propaganda to people’s power
3,800-km Cable Offers Glimpse of a Global Power Grid
A California lake has enough lithium to power 375 million EVs
A Christian Crowdfunding Site Has a White-Power Problem
A green roof or rooftop solar? You can combine them in a biosolar roof, boosting both biodiversity and power output
A major blackout left 500,000 Victorian homes without power – but it shows our energy system is resilient
A New Battery Intended to Power Passenger Airplanes and EVs, Explained
A new era: Coal usage and emissions in the global power sector to peak in 2023
A Power Grid Long Enough to Reach the Sun Is Key to the Climate Fight
A successful energy transition depends on managing when people use power. So how do we make demand more flexible?
About 6m across US at risk of extreme weather as over 700,000 without power
Aemo warns coal-fired power plants could drop off before replacements are ready
As Australia’s net zero transition threatens to stall, rooftop solar could help provide the power we need
Australia can no longer afford to ignore Russia’s expanding naval power in the Pacific
Australia urgently needs a grid upgrade – but the march of new power lines faces a bush revolt
Australia’s female First Nations rappers turn pain into power
Austria, Denmark, Lithuania: Which EU countries have committed to decarbonise power by 2035?
Base Load Solar Power Beamed WIRELESSLY From SPACE?! 🤯
Biden Unlocks Wind Power In Gulf Of Mexico
Biden uses executive power to create a New Deal-style American Climate Corps
Big batteries to shore up power in 20 Victorian tourist towns
Brazil set to widen lead as cleanest major power sector
British wind power overtakes gas for the first time in Q1 2023 - report
China on course to hit wind and solar power target five years ahead of time
China rights activist goes on trial for ‘inciting subversion of state power’
The ‘Civic Soft Power’ of Public Places
Clean-up of Indian coal-fired power plants ‘could have saved 720,000 lives’
Climate change: China's green power surge offers hope on warming
Climate change will affect solar power and grid stability across Australia – here’s how
Coal use at U.S. power plants continues downward spiral; full impact on mines to be felt in 2024
The Coalition wants nuclear power. Could it work – or would it be an economic and logistical disaster?
Community batteries are popular – but we have to make sure they actually help share power
Companies turn obsolete satellite antennas in Swiss Alps into highly efficient power sources: 'Ideal as solar energy systems'
Corruption in South Africa: former CEO’s explosive book exposes how state power utility was destroyed
Couple hand building hemp house in Victoria in pursuit of tranquillity and cheaper power bills
Court Rulings Give States New Power to Protect Groundwater
Driving a greener future: how your electric car could help power your neighbourhood
Dutton wants a ‘mature debate’ about nuclear power. By the time we’ve had one, new plants will be too late to replace coal
Exclusive: India amends power policy draft to halt new coal-fired capacity
Exercise bike inspired by Ukraine war provides backup power during emergencies
Four ways AI is making the power grid faster and more resilient
Giant batteries drain economics of gas power plants
‘Gigantic’ power of meat industry blocking green alternatives, study finds
Global corporate power is ‘out of control’, but reports of democracy’s death are greatly exaggerated
Green power: young environmentalists look to shake up Panama’s politics
Half of the world is past a peak in fossil power
Here’s what happens to workers when coal-fired power plants close. It isn’t good
Hollywood is the single best example of mature labor power in America
How Erdogan held onto power in Turkey, and what this means for the country’s future
How one device could help transform our power grid
How Ukraine’s Power Grid Survived So Many Russian Bombings
Iceland will tunnel into a volcano to tap into virtually unlimited geothermal power
In a First, Wind and Solar Generated More Power Than Coal in U.S.
In a US first, fossil fuel power plant workers will be retrained for offshore wind
In Kyrgyzstan, creeping authoritarianism rubs up against proud tradition of people power
It’s time to give Australian courts the power to break up big firms that behave badly
Japan succeeds in soft landing on the moon, but its lander has a power problem
Kenya at 60: how the British used street names to show colonial power
Landlords should reveal homes’ energy efficiency to help Australia’s renters cut power bills, advocates say
The Life-Changing, Solar-Charged Power of ‘Regenerative Travel’
‘Limitless’ energy: how floating solar panels near the equator could power future population hotspots
Many First Nations communities swelter without power. Why isn’t there solar on every rooftop?
Mixue on the march: ice cream serves soft power for China in Southeast Asia
The new car batteries that could power the electric vehicle revolution
New research shows renewables are more profitable than nuclear power
Nuclear power in Australia is a really bad idea. The ban ensures that is all it is
Nuclear power too expensive and slow to be part of Australia’s plans to reach net zero, study finds
Political power in Australia is still overwhelmingly male. But beneath the despair, there’s reason for hope
Pollution from coal power plants contributes to far more deaths than scientists realized, study shows
The Power of Cozy Management Simulation Games
The Power of Sharing Patients’ Life Stories With Caregivers
Push to weatherproof Australia’s electricity grid as 77,000 still without power in Victoria
Putin has no successor, no living rivals and no retirement plan – why his eventual death will set off a vicious power struggle
Queensland woman uses electric car to run her son’s dialysis machine during power cut
Renewable energy deployment surge puts global power system on track for the IEA’s ambitious net-zero pathway
Renewable power on course to shatter more records as countries around the world speed up deployment
Replacing Australia’s retiring coal power stations with small nuclear reactors could cost $387bn, analysis suggests
The rise of African prophets: the unchecked power of the leaders of Pentecostal churches
Rural Kenyans power West’s AI revolution. Now they want more
Russia’s next election is likely to put Putin in power for longer than anyone since Peter the Great
Single-bladed floating wind turbine promises half the cost, more power
Solar energy could power all health facilities in poorer countries and save lives, experts say
Solar power and a composting toilet: what it takes to live off the grid in regional Australia
Solar power five times more popular than fossil fuels: survey
Solar power investment to exceed oil for first time, says IEA chief
Solar power: Printed flexible solar achieves efficiency record
‘Stay safe’ – Vale Mary-Louise McLaws, a champion for the power of clear science communication
Stripping Russia’s veto power on the Security Council is all but impossible. Perhaps we should expect less from the UN instead
Supermarkets, airlines and power companies are charging ‘exploitative’ prices despite reaping record profits
Tambacounda: The power interconnection project that is transforming an entire region
‘This too shall pass.’ World-first study proves the power of mental health recovery stories
Tripling renewable power capacity by 2030 is vital to keep the 1.5°C goal within reach
Uruguay’s green power revolution: rapid shift to wind shows the world how it’s done
What ancient farmers can really teach us about adapting to climate change – and how political power influences success or failure
What happens after a nuclear power station is closed?
Wind power awards and wildlife photography: Positive environmental stories from 2024
Wind Power’s Explosive Growth Is Blowing Past Green Energy Goals
World record: Wind turbine generates enough energy in a day to power 170,000 homes
The Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant is a ‘dirty bomb’ waiting to happen – a nuclear expert explains
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