Glass Wings Blog: First

An oral history of #hugops: How tech’s first responders built a culture of empathy
ANA Unveils ‘World’s First’ Hands-Free Lavatory Doors
Australia confirms extinction of 13 more species, including first reptile since colonisation
Australia’s first solar panel recycling plant swings into action
The bee population is dying. Researchers have created the first global map of the species to save them
Bridging America’s divides requires a willingness to work together without becoming friends first
‘Dingoes were here first’: the landowners who say letting ‘wild dogs’ live pays dividends
Eliminating most homelessness is achievable. It starts with prevention and ‘housing first’
England's first wild beavers for 400 years allowed to live on River Otter
ESA partners with startup to launch first debris removal mission in 2025
Estonia’s first female prime minister vows to tackle climate crisis
Famous first words: how celebrities made their way on to children's bookshelves
The First New Vacuum Tube Computer Design For Well Over Half A Century
The Forgotten Life of Einstein's First Wife
Hidden women of history: Ennigaldi-Nanna, curator of the world’s first museum
Hidden women of history: Hélisenne de Crenne, the first French novelist to tell her own story
Hot Tub (the first track on our album!!!) - Pomplamoose
Humpback whales have been spotted ‘bubble-net feeding’ for the first time in Australia (and we have it on camera)
It’s oh so quiet: silent whale watching on Iceland’s first electric boat tour
Lego launches first LGBTQ set
Meet the Kenguru, the world’s first EV made specifically for wheelchair users
The other big event happening in the first week of November
She flew from Australia to England for a first date
So a helicopter flew on Mars for the first time. A space physicist explains why that’s such a big deal
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