Glass Wings Blog: People

A B.C. research project gave homeless people $7,500 each — the results were 'beautifully surprising'
Anti-Racism Resources for White People - the Australian Edit
Attacks on the People’s Press
Australian Aboriginal people were baking bread and farming grain 20,000 years before Egypt
Budget blowouts: offshore processing costs $1.2bn for fewer than 300 people
Connecting people, projects and protocols to build a decentralized web
Copyright As Censorship: WSJ Identifies Hundreds Of Bogus News Takedowns; People Blame Google Rather Than Copyright
Copyright Gets In The Way Of Chef Andres' 'Recipes For The People'; Because The DMCA Takedown System Is Still Broken
Does reading fiction make us better people?
Endangered sea turtle rebounding thanks to COVID-19 and indigenous peoples
For 50 Years, Tech Companies Have Tried to Increase Diversity by Fixing People Instead of the System
German City Installs Sleep Pods for People Experiencing Homelessness
Germany is beginning a universal-basic-income trial with people getting $1,400 a month for 3 years
GPS Only Exists Because Of Two People: Albert Einstein And Gladys West
Have Australians in India been abandoned because people of colour are seen as ‘less’ Australian?
Heatwaves may mean Sydney is too hot for people to live in 'within decades'
Incitement to violence is rarely explicit – here are some techniques people use to breed hate
India Is What Happens When Rich People Do Nothing
It Pays to Be Kind. People Live Longer in Societies That Share More Across Generations
It’s like a Little Free Library, but there’s art inside. People are flocking to it, tiny art in hand.
Japan Has A Train Station Just So People Can Enjoy The Beautiful Scenery
Netflix’s big bet on foreign content and international viewers could upend the global mediascape – and change how people see the world
New Research Shows the Major Benefits of Giving Money to People Experiencing Homelessness
No, people aren’t unemployed because they’re lazy. We should stop teaching children myths about work
Power makes people 'more likely to lie, to cheat, to swear' at work, experts say
States housed 40,000 people for the COVID emergency. Now rough sleeper numbers are back on the up
Study Shows Fossil Fuel Pollution Killed 8.7 Million People in 2018—Almost One-Fifth of Global Deaths
This Europe Day we send a message of solidarity and friendship to British people
UN global climate poll: ‘The people’s voice is clear – they want action’
Unemployment support will be slashed by $300 this week. This won’t help people find work
Vancouver Gave Homeless People $5,800. It Changed Their Lives.
Victoria just gave 2 billion litres of water back to Indigenous people. Here’s what that means for the rest of Australia
Why people still starve in an age of abundance
Why telling stories could be a more powerful way of convincing some people to take a COVID vaccine than just the facts
With UBI, won't people just watch TV and play video games?
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