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A Bug in Early Creative Commons Licenses Has Enabled a New Breed of Superpredator
A new $2 coin features the introduced honeybee. Is this really the species we should celebrate?
A New Marine Protected Area to Protect Biodiversity and Coral Habitat Around Saint Martin’s Island in Bangladesh
AI’s influence on human decision-making: new CSIRO research
Alcohol marketing has crossed borders and entered the metaverse – how do we regulate the new digital risk?
An international treaty to curb plastic pollution risks being watered down — New Zealand needs to take a stand
Analysis of 5,500 apartment developments reveals your new home may not be as energy efficient as you think
Artificial light may become a new weapon in the fight to control malaria
As the world surges ahead on electric vehicle policy, the Morrison government’s new strategy leaves Australia idling in the garage
Australia is undermining the Paris Agreement, no matter what Morrison says – we need new laws to stop this
BBC reveals new archive that allows access to 200,000 programmes – and early editions of Radio Times
Big oil’s ‘wokewashing’ is the new climate science denialism
Caring for Country means tackling the climate crisis with Indigenous leadership: 3 things the new government must do
Climate change triggering global collapse in insect numbers: stressed farmland shows 63% decline – new research
CORBEVAX, a new patent-free COVID-19 vaccine, could be a pandemic game changer globally
Cory Wong's new Great British Bass Off comedy skit is a must-watch for bass players
Countries that are more compassionate towards refugees have lower levels of violence – new research
COVID: WHO recommends two new treatments – here’s how they work
Cuba boosts marine protected coverage with new area spanning reefs to mangroves
‘Dancing ghosts’: a new, deeper scan of the sky throws up surprises for astronomers
Dinosaur food and Hiroshima bomb survivors: maidenhair trees are ‘living fossils’ and your new favourite plant
Disease-causing parasites can hitch a ride on plastics and potentially spread through the sea, new research suggests
Dos Rios Ranch, California's first new state park in 13 years, is just outside of the Bay Area
Each Antarctic tourist effectively melts 83 tonnes of snow – new research
Electric Cars Are Cheaper to Own in New Jersey Than California
Even mild COVID can cause brain shrinkage and affect mental function, new study shows
Everyone was very excited to see the government’s new climate change plan!
Fact-checking can actually harm trust in media: new research
The First New Vacuum Tube Computer Design For Well Over Half A Century
For a New Generation of Fish Farmers, the Ocean is Becoming Obsolete
‘Friends for life’: how living with locals helped refugees feel at home in a new country
From dispossession to massacres, the Yoo-rrook Justice Commission sets a new standard for truth-telling
From wolf to chihuahua: new research reveals where the dingo sits on the evolutionary timeline of dogs
Google releases new open-source security software program: Scorecards
The Great Australian Dream? New homes in planned estates may not be built to withstand heatwaves
Greater One-Horned Rhino Population Reaches New High
Halsey’s record label won’t release a new song until it goes viral on TikTok. Is this the future of the music industry?
Happy New Year 2022!
Hong Kong few select powerful new ‘patriots only’ committee
Hong Kong to scour old films for subversive themes under new censorship law
How do planets form? A ‘baby Jupiter’ hundreds of light-years away offers new clues
How London’s new Elizabeth line has created a sanctuary for birds
Huge New Wave Is the COVID Nightmare Scientists Feared Most
Human rights declined during the COVID-19 pandemic, in countries from Angola to the US to New Zealand
‘I don’t think the police would do much’: new research shows racism during COVID is rarely reported
‘I simply haven’t got it in me to do it again’: imagining a new heart for flood-stricken Lismore
Idling is the new smoking: Health experts call for anti-idling zones for ICE cars
Intersex children in New Zealand are routinely undergoing unnecessary surgery – that needs to change
Into the ocean twilight zone: how new technology is revealing the secrets of an under-researched undersea world
Is Old Music Killing New Music?
'It spares no one': New study reveals frightening Covid side-effect
Kawasaki unveils a bizarre ridable robot goat instead of a new electric motorcycle
L.A.’s New Reflective Streets Bounce Heat Back into Space
‘Let’s rip it off her head’: new research shows Islamophobia continues at disturbing levels in Australia
Life’s Preference for Symmetry Is Like ‘A New Law of Nature’
Mass starvation, extinctions, disasters: the new IPCC report’s grim predictions, and why adaptation efforts are falling behind
Meet Corsica's New Mammal Species, The 'Cat-Fox,' Which Has Been Terrorizing Shepherds
Meet the kiwi who's spent over 30 years reforesting a corner of New Zealand
Meet Willow, the Bidens' new, very presidential-looking cat
Morrison government finally accepts deal with New Zealand to resettle refugees
Morrison’s ‘new deal’ for a return to post-COVID normal is not the deal most Australians want
My Little Pony: A New Generation | Official Trailer | Netflix
New analysis reveals global distribution of toxic pollution and climate change
New concept to see older women living together to avoid homelessness, loneliness
New German leader proposes a ‘climate club’ of leading economies that would punish free riders like Australia
New IPCC report shows Australia is at real risk from climate change, with impacts worsening, future risks high, and wide-ranging adaptation needed
New IPCC Report Shows We Can Still Ensure a 'Livable Future' if We Act Now
New Marine Protected Area Isla Ají Safeguards Important Coastal Ecosystems
New report a ‘stark indictment’ of rich nations’ climate failure
New research shows planting trees and shrubs brings woodland birds back to farms, from superb fairy wrens to spotted pardalotes
New Research Shows Social Media Doesn't Turn People Into Assholes (They Already Were), And Everyone's Wrong About Echo Chambers
New study casts doubt on ethanol's climate benefits
New Zealand halves public transport fares as petrol prices soar amid Russia-Ukraine war
New Zealand has lost thousands of hectares of wetlands in past decades, study shows
New Zealand is about to commit copyright theft – the real kind
New Zealand unveils plan to tackle climate crisis by adapting cities to survive rising seas
No Smoking — Ever? New Zealand’s Plan to Stub Out Cigarettes
Offshore wind will come to Australian waters – as long as we pave the way for this new industry
Op-Ed: On the climate crisis, delay has become the new form of denial
Our iconic giant clams face new threats from warmer waters and acidic oceans – let’s buy them time
Pay ‘with a smile or a wave’: why Mastercard’s new face recognition payment system raises concerns
Plastic trash in the ocean is a global problem, and the US is the top source – a new report urges action
The remarkable new hotel built above the ruins of ancient Antioch
The rush to renewable energy means a new mining boom. But first, Australia needs to make some tough choices
Scientists Discover New Rainbow-Colored Fish Species in the Maldives
Shipping emissions must fall by a third by 2030 and reach zero before 2050 – new research
Six new species of miniature frog have been discovered in Mexico
Smart Asian women are the new targets of CCP global online repression
Solar panels set to be mandatory on all new buildings under EU plan
Stinky seaweed is clogging Caribbean beaches – but a New Zealand solution could turn it into green power and fertiliser
“Strange New Worlds” Pissing Off Conservatives? GOOD!
Tapping mineral wealth in mining waste could offset damage from new green economy mines
Tasmania’s forests are burning more as climate change dries them out. Our old tools can’t fight these new fires
There's a new call in Australia to ban petrol car sales. How do we compare to the rest of the world?
There’s a new tactic for exposing you to radical content online: the ‘slow red-pill’
This building can be flat-packed like an Ikea bookshelf and moved to a new location
This French Pianist Has Been Playing For 102 Years And Just Released A New Album
This mosquito species from Papua New Guinea was lost for 90 years – until a photographer snapped a picture of it in Australia
Thousands of new virus transmissions from bats projected due to climate change, scientists forecast
To make our wardrobes sustainable, we must cut how many new clothes we buy by 75%
Too many new coal-fired plants planned for 1.5C climate goal, report concludes
UN offers new solutions to limit global warming
The UN’s New Climate Change Report Should Make You Mad as Hell
We know heatwaves kill animals. But new research shows the survivors don’t get off scot-free
Why New Caledonia’s final independence vote could lead to instability and tarnish France’s image in the region
Will things be better for LGBTIQ+ people under Labor? Here’s what the new government has promised
Witchcraft and fascism collide in Jane Rawson’s imaginative new novel
With COVID cases still in the thousands, why are some so keen to ditch the things that kept New Zealand safe?
Without a better plan, New Zealand risks sleepwalking into a biodiversity extinction crisis
The world doesn’t care about swings in marginal seats. Climate action must spearhead a new Australian foreign policy
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