Glass Wings Blog: Australia

400,000 women over 45 are at risk of homelessness in Australia
A major report excoriated Australia’s environment laws. Sussan Ley’s response is confused and risky
A majority of Australians would welcome a universal basic income, survey finds
A new normal? Instead Australia looks like it could return to 'business as usual' after the pandemic
'A real bad precedent': Australia criticised for Antarctica airport plan
Almost 3 billion animals affected by Australian bushfires, report shows
Anti-Racism Resources for White People - the Australian Edit
Australia confirms extinction of 13 more species, including first reptile since colonisation
Australia Fires: Rescue dog Bear saves scores of koalas
Australia has coped fairly well with the pandemic. With climate change? It’s a different story
Australia has invented Shazam for spiders
Australia set to welcome JAXA’s Hayabusa2
Australia spends more propping up fossil fuels than it does on the Army
Australia sweltered through its 4th-hottest year in 2020
Australia the only developed nation on world list of deforestation hotspots
Australia Triumphs Definitively In Long-Running Battle With Big Tobacco Over Plain Packs For Cigarettes
Australian Aboriginal people were baking bread and farming grain 20,000 years before Egypt
Australian Firefighters Pose With Adorable Rescued Animals for Sizzling Wildlife Charity Calendar
Australian Government Proposes Stripping Internet Users Of Their Anonymity
Australian Government sued by 23-year-old Melbourne student over financial risks of climate change
Australia's delivery deaths: the riders who never made it and the families left behind
Australia’s first solar panel recycling plant swings into action
Australia’s marine (un)protected areas: government zoning bias has left marine life in peril since 2012
Australia’s most senior former public servants and scientists reveal their anger about climate policy failure
Australia's stalled migrant boom derails golden economic run
The Best Summary Of Australia's News Link Tax / 'Bargaining Code'
‘Biodegradable’ plastic will soon be banned in Australia. That’s a big win for the environment
The Bizarre Reaction To Facebook's Decision To Get Out Of The News Business In Australia
Bushfires in a wet year have Australia's scientists looking to climate change
Could a universal basic income work in Australia?
EV policy and Australia's "Future Fuels Strategy"
Even after the rains, Australia’s environment scores a 3 out of 10. These regions are struggling the most
‘Existential threat to our survival’: see the 19 Australian ecosystems already collapsing
Facebook versus Australia: the government hands Facebook a free pass
Fire and flood: 'Whole areas of Australia will be uninsurable'
Forget JobSeeker. In our post-COVID economy, Australia needs a ‘liveable income guarantee’ instead
Friday essay: Sex, power and anger — a history of feminist protests in Australia
Giant rainbow road commemorates the legalisation of same-sex marriage in Australia
Green steel industry could secure jobs future for Australia's coalmining heartland
Have Australians in India been abandoned because people of colour are seen as ‘less’ Australian?
Hayabusa2 re-entry capsule to land in South Australia
How a catastrophic global pandemic has given Australia a new lens on New Zealand
How Chinese courtyard housing can help older Australian women avoid homelessness
How identical twins Paula and Bridgette Powers save Australia's seabirds with 'Twinnies magic'
How the QAnon conspiracy theory is tearing family and friends apart in Australia
‘I can’t breathe!’ Australia must look in the mirror to see our own deaths in custody
If you love Australia, climate change should scare the hell out of you
'If you make China the enemy, China will be the enemy': Beijing's fresh threat to Australia
Inside Australia’s Secret Rich List
Is Sky News shifting Australian politics to the right? Not yet, but there is cause for alarm
'It looks like snow': how Australia plans to fix the 'horrifying' blight of expanded polystyrene
It’s not too late for Australia to forestall a dystopian future that alternates between Mad Max and Waterworld
‘Like hunting for unicorns’: Australians on the search for adequate, affordable mental healthcare
'Massive' coral reef taller than the Empire State Building discovered in Australia
Matt Canavan says Australia doesn’t subsidise the fossil fuel industry, an expert says it does
Meet 5 of Australia’s tiniest mammals, who tread a tightrope between life and death every night
More than 30 countries condemn Australia at UN over high rates of child incarceration
Murdoch Seeks Takeover of Australia’s Online Market
Net zero: what if Australia misses the moment on climate action?
New research reveals how Australia and other nations play politics with World Heritage sites
No, Australia is not the US. Our shocking racial injustice is all our own
‘Not defensible, not debatable’: Charlotte Wood makes impassioned plea for Australian writers
The outlook for older women in Australia is dire – but no one seems to care
Renewable energy stimulus can create three times as many Australian jobs as fossil fuels
Research reveals shocking detail on how Australia’s environmental scientists are being silenced
Seriously ugly: here’s how Australia will look if the world heats by 3°C this century
“Shameful”: Victoria follows South Australia and imposes electric car road tax
Six game-changing EVs we hope will come to Australia
Sky News Australia is increasingly pushing conspiracy theories to a global audience online
The spread of coronavirus in Australia is not the fault of individuals but a result of neoliberalism
State of the climate: five big issues from the report that will affect every Australian
These Aussie teens have launched a landmark climate case against the government. Win or lose, it’ll make a difference
To fix Australia’s environment laws, wildlife experts call for these 4 changes — all are crucial
Today, Australia’s Kyoto climate targets end and our Paris cop-out begins. That’s nothing to be proud of, Mr Taylor
Uighur family freed after three years, and reunited in Australia
Unstoppable eating machines: why Australian farmers are renting out goats for weed control
The US jumps on board the electric vehicle revolution, leaving Australia in the dust
US-inspired rightwing extremism an 'insidious' threat to Australia, study finds
Victoria just gave 2 billion litres of water back to Indigenous people. Here’s what that means for the rest of Australia
Wake up, Mr Morrison: Australia’s slack climate effort leaves our children 10 times more work to do
We found methane-eating bacteria living in a common Australian tree. It could be a game changer for curbing greenhouse gases
Wetlands have saved Australia $27 billion in storm damage over the past five decades
What’s behind China’s bullying of Australia? It sees a soft target — and an essential one
Why is the Australian Christian Lobby waging a culture war over LGBTQ issues?
With no work in lockdown, tour operators helped find coral bleaching on Western Australia’s remote reefs
The year everything got cancelled: how the arts in Australia suffered (but survived) in 2020
You’ve probably heard of the Green New Deal in the US — is it time for one in Australia?
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