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The $1 billion Great Barrier Reef funding is nonsensical. Australians, and their natural wonder, deserve so much better
1 in 3 young adults is lonely – and it affects their mental health
1 in 5 deaths caused by fossil fuel emissions
1 in 5 fossil fuel projects overshoot their original estimations for emissions. Why are there such significant errors?
The 1 percent are parasites: Debunking the lies about free enterprise, trickle-down, capitalism and celebrity entrepreneurs
1 year and 700 lives lost, but Indian protestors have succeeded in repealing anti-farming laws
1,000 True Fans
1-click Award
The 1.5℃ global warming limit is not impossible – but without political action it soon will be
1.6 Billion Disposable Masks Entered Our Oceans in 2020
1.7 million foxes, 300 million native animals killed every year: now we know the damage foxes wreak
10 Amazing Artists In Ukraine You Can Support Right Now
10 Animals That Are No Longer On the Endangered Species List
The 10 Best Conservation And Environment Books Of 2016
10 Best Indie RPG Games for Linux in 2022
10 books about residential schools to read with your kids
10 cleaning mistakes you’re probably making at home
10 Cutest Baby Animals of the Desert
10 Dragon Sweets For Everyone Missing Game Of Thrones
10 Egg-Shaped Tech Gadgets
[Bulk] 10 Egg-Shaped Tech Gadgets
10 Great Novels That Aren't About What You Heard They Were About
10 interesting things about ecosystems
10 Little Known Relatives of Famous Animals
10 Mind-Blowing Dollar Tree DIYs You Have To See To Believe - And Even Then It's Iffy
10 More Female Superheroes who Deserve a Movie
The 10 most beautiful ceilings in the world
10 Movie Mistakes So Perfect They Were Left In
10 of Europe’s most scenic train journeys
The 10 Punniest Cosplays Of Dragon Con 2016
10 Real-Life Animal Husbandry Techniques That Alien Zoos Will Use On Us
10 Really Weird Crow Facts
10 Rules For Making A Modern Transgender Superhero
10 SFF Books Written by Women of Color That Will Change Your Worldview Completely
10 Signs You're a Crazy Cat Person!
10 Things I Didn’t Know About Steve Jobs
10 things you want to know about human nature if you’re fighting climate change
10 Timeless Gadgets
10 virtual tours of spectacular buildings around the world
10 Ways To Alter Your Brain
10 Wedding Cakes For Book Lovers
The 10 Weirdest And Most Wonderful Libraries In The World
10 years of Opportunity: Celebrating the rover’s role on Mars and Earth
10+ Animals That Look Like They’re About To Drop The Hottest Albums Of The Year
10+ Hilarious Entries To The 2017 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
10+ Incredible Before & After Street Art Transformations That’ll Make You Say Wow
10+ Rare Animal Babies You’ve Probably Never Seen Before
10+ Simple But Clever Charts And Infographics By Stephen Wildish
10+ Times People Accidentally Googled The Wrong Thing, And The Results Were Hilarious
10+ Unbelievable Balloon Animals By Japanese Artist Masayoshi Matsumoto
10,000 Hours With Claude Shannon: How A Genius Thinks, Works, and Lives
10,000 wax cylinders digitized and free to download
10,000th message!
The 100 best photographs ever taken without photoshop
The 100 Best Science Photos of 2019
100 Best Sitcoms of All Time
The 100 Best, Worst, and Strangest Sherlock Holmes Portrayals of All-Time, Ranked
The 100 Jokes That Shaped Modern Comedy
100 most remembered toys of the past
100 ways to slightly improve your life without really trying
100 Year Old Self-Playing Violin - "The Eighth Wonder Of the World"
100 years ago, this man discovered an exquisite parrot thought to be extinct. What came next is a tragedy we must not repeat
100 years of Big Content fearing technology—in its own words
100% Electric Ferry Crossing | Fully Charged 4k
100+ Makers eco-hack the future with open-source prototypes for a fossil-free, zero waste society
The 100-year capitalist experiment that keeps Appalachia poor, sick, and stuck on coal
100-Year-Old Theatre Converted Into Stunning Bookstore
1000 People of Dance
The 101 Dumbest Moments in Business 2004
10th anniversary of the Guerilla Open Access Manifesto
The 10th annual Interactive Fiction competition
The 11 Greatest Science Fiction-Themed Bands
11 Neon Cakes For Our Inner 90s Kids
11 of the Most Unusual Elevators
11 Situations You Take for Granted Every Day That Prove the World Is Cissexist
11 steps to a better brain
11 Ways White America Avoids Taking Responsibility for its Racism
11,000 Signatures Wasn’t Enough to Keep Eric Lundgren Out of Prison
The 11-Year Quest to Create Disappearing Colored Bubbles
1150 Free Online Courses from Top Universities
116 years of stop-motion animation in 3 minutes
12 Amazing Staircases Around the World
12 Coolest Steampunk Gadgets
12 Cutest Finger Drawings
The $12 Gongkai Phone
12 Letters That Didn’t Make the Alphabet
12 Penguin Portraits Show Off Big Personalities
12 Questions on Game Design
12 Things I Noticed While Reading Every Short Story Published in 2014–15 — Electric Literature
12 Trump Attacks on the Environment Since the Election
128,000 Dominoes Were Arranged In A Pattern. The Chain Reaction That Follows Is Mind Boggling
The 13 Greatest Science Fiction Comedies Of All Time
13 Ingenious Treehouses That Go Out on a Limb
13 Space Photos To Remind You The Universe Is Incredible
13 things that do not make sense
13 Virtual Train Rides From Around the World That You Can Experience Right Now (Video)
The 13 Webbiest Papercraft on the Internet
Fwd: 13,000 satellites
13.3 inch Android e-reader
138 LINCOLN ROAD Croydon For Sale
14 Cats Whose Favorite Pillow Happens To Be A Dog
14 Fascinating Color Photographs of Germany in the Late 19th Century
14 MPs turn up to discuss UN report on 14 million people living in poverty
14 Years Later, "Piracy is Progressive Taxation" still rings true
14% of world’s coral lost in less than a decade, study shows
15 ancient civilizations you’ve never heard of
15 Award-Winning Photos From The Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013
15 incredible images from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition
The 15 Most Peaceful Countries in the World
15 Natural Wonders
15 Pieces of Funny and Sarcastic Street Art by Mobstr
15 Popular Movie Poster Cliches
15 recent sci-fi books that forever shaped the genre
15 Sci-Fi Books That Don't Take Place In A Bleak Dystopian Reality
15 things I learnt about Islam and British values being a gay boy living opposite a mosque.
15 Wonderfully Weird Kids' Halloween Costumes To Renew Your Faith In Humanity
15+ Reasons Why You Should Visit Japan
15,000 scientists give catastrophic warning about the fate of the world in new ‘letter to humanity’
The 15th Japanese Film Festival
16 Authentic Portraits Of Native Americans Posing In Traditional Regalia
16 Fun Facts That Will Warp Your Sense of Time
16 Gingerbread Houses to Feed Your Inner Nerd
16 Things We Learned After a Day at 'Weird Al' Yankovic's House
16-Year-Old Reveals America's Real Dress-Code Problem
16th Century Bookwheels, the E-Readers of the Renaissance, Get Brought to Life by 21st Century Designers
17 Years After Being Convicted of a Grisly Murder in Vegas, Kirstin Lobato Sees Her Charges Dismissed
18 Scientists On What They Actually Think About Climate Change
18,000 Years Ago, The 'Zealandia Switch' Decimated Earth's Glaciers. Has It Returned?
The 1860s Bar
19 Amazing Caterpillar Transformations
19 Jobseekers For Every Job: The Unemployed Elephant in the Room
19 Wholesome Comics About A Mage Who’s All About Friendship
19-year-old girl hugs her father with two arms for the first time after being given bionic limb
1918: Court Refuses to Fine Woman in Man’s Attire
1939 All Over Again
1958 FACOM 128B Japanese Relay Computer, still working!
1968 Article "Spock: Teenage Outcast"
The 1968 sci-fi that spookily predicted today
1970s Pachimon Postcards
19th Annual "Xmas Price Index"


2,100 fursuits in one photo!
2,500 Museums You Can Now Visit Virtually
2.7 million medical calls breached in Sweden, and it's pure comedy
20 Amazing True Facts About Introverts and Extroverts
20 animated gifs that explain how things work
The 20 best science images of the year?
20 Geeky Christmas Decorations
20 new species found, and lost wildlife rediscovered, in the Bolivian Andes
20 things we could do right now to prevent the wave of natural disasters, poverty, and pollution to come
20 Times Tumblr Users Reported Back From the Real World
20 tools and apps for digital journalists
20 underwater photos that illuminate creatures dwelling in the dark depths
20 years of orange cones: The history of VLC
20% of scientific papers on genes contain gene name conversion errors caused by Excel
20+ Breathtaking Photos Of Animal Migration
20+ Of The Most Famous Cats On The Internet
20+ Unusual Animal Friendships That Are Absolutely Adorable
20,000th post!
20-foot dinosaur made from balloons by airigami
The 200 Greatest Adventure Novels of All Time
The 200-year-old painting that puts Europe's fear of migrants to shame
2004 Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race photos
2004 Ig Nobel prize awards
2004 Year-End Google Zeitgeist
2005 Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest Results
2005 Ig Nobel Prizes
the 2005 International Submarine Races
2005 Star Wars Fan Film Awards
2006 Brisbane trip photos
2006 Ig Nobel Prize Winners
2007 Darwin Awards
2007 Ig Nobel Awards
2007 US trip photos - final
2008 Ig Nobel Prize Winners
2008 Interactive Fiction Competition winners
The 2009 AAAS/Science Dance Contest
?: The 2009 AAAS/Science Dance Contest
2009 Ig Nobel Prize Winners
2010 Bulwer-Lytton Contest results
2010 Ig Nobel Prize Winners
2011 Bulwer-Lytton Contest results
2011 Ig Nobel Prize Winners
2012 Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest winners
2012 Ig Nobel prize winners
2012 Melbourne International Animation Festival
The 2013 Ig Nobel Prize Winners
2013 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest
The 2015 Holiday Fantasy Bundle
2016 AICP Sponsor Reel - Dir Cut
The 2016 Ig Nobel Prize Winners
2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year
The 2017 comedy wildlife photography awards
The 2017 Ig Nobel Prize Winners
2017 Nikon Macro Photo Contest Winners Show The World Like You’ve Never Seen Before
2019 Hugo Award Finalists Announced
The 2019 Ig Nobel Prize Winners
2019 Winners of the Bulwer Lytton Fiction Contest
2020 Ig Nobel Awards celebrate the not-so-serious side of science
The 2021 Ig Nobel Prize Winners
2021 was one of the hottest years on record – and it could also be the coldest we’ll ever see again
2021 Was the Year Cargo Shipping Pivoted Green
The 2022 Oregon Legislature: Significant Victories for Forests, Waters, and Wildlife; Disappointment on Climate
2022 Whitley wildlife conservation award winners announced
2040 review
21 amazing things cities are doing to fight the climate crisis
21 Delicious Geometric Food Gradients by Artist Adam Hillman
21 kids sued the government over climate change. A federal court dismissed the case.
The 21 Most Touching Interspecies Friendships You Never Thought Possible
21 Things That Made the World a Better Place in 2021
21 Unexpectedly Clever Tattoos That Will Actually Make You Laugh
The 21st Century’s Horsemen of the Apocalypse: The Big Four Deep Drivers of Destabilization
22 Boops That Changed The World In 2013
22 Musicals In 12 Minutes w/ Lin Manuel Miranda & Emily Blunt
23 Moments
23 Unbelievable Places
25 Awesome Furniture Design Ideas For Cat Lovers
The 25 Best Feel-Good Not Always Right Stories Of 2020!
The 25 Greatest Science Fiction Tropes, Ranked
25 indie games that should be on your radar
25 Mind-Twisting Optical Illusion Paintings By Rob Gonsalves
25 myths and bad arguments about climate change
25 sources of free public domain books
25 Years Ago I Coined the Phrase “Triple Bottom Line.” Here’s Why It’s Time to Rethink It.
25 Years of Linux — so far
25% of wild bee species have gone missing since the 1990s, study finds
259 LGBTQ characters in cartoons that bust the myth that kids can't handle inclusion
28 Months Later
2D Animated Short Film "JOHANNE"- Fantastic Adventure Animation by Anna-Ester Volozh
2nd gig


3 Animals That Are Smarter Than You Thought
3 exciting ways to cut shipping’s ridiculously big carbon footprint
3 New Kinds of Open Source: DNA, Journalism, Shoes
3 orthopaedic surgeries that might be doing patients (and their pockets) more harm than good
3 reasons people with power are more likely to make bad decisions
3 Things to Keep Me From Rolling My Eyes at Your White Privilege
3 Things You Can Do to Help Avoid Climate Disaster
3 ways the Albanese government can turn Australia into a renewable energy superpower – without leaving anyone behind
3 ways ‘algorithmic management’ makes work more stressful and less satisfying
3,000 mourners pay final respects to cat stationmaster Tama
3-D Technologies Help The Blind Experience Art More Fully
The 3-ladder system of social class in the U.S.
The "3.5% rule": How a small minority can change the world
3.93-Feet: Omar The Maine Coon Cat Might Be World's Longest Cat
30 Captivating Ceilings That Would Be An Honor To Lie Under
30 Days Of Sexism
The 30 Greatest Animal Photobombs Of 2013
30 of the Most Amazing University Museums
30 Photographs of the Most Beautiful Places in the World
30 Sloth Problems Illustrated By Japanese Artist Keigo
30 Things You Should Know About “Weird Al” Yankovic’s ‘Dare to Be Stupid’
30 Women Share The Times They Were Completely Ignored In Favor Of Men, Despite Being Clients
30-Second Bunnies Theatre
300 Cats, Yes. Craziness, No.
30–50 feral hogs? Why Twitter memes are more positive (and much faster) than you might think
32- and 64-bit ARM Open Hardware Boards
34 Lost Cities Forgotten by Time
35 Amazing Examples Of Long Exposure Photography
35 Great Visualizations
350 years of the Royal Society go online
35m Mythbusters interview at RSA conference 2009
36 Crazy Fashion and Runway Trends
36 year-old DESTROYS 29-year-old millennial who “ripped” 25-year-old Yelp employee who got fired after complaining about her salary
360in360: a couple’s 360-day journey to encapsulate Australia’s natural beauty
37 silent film plots
37 Surreal Photo Manipulations By Zulkarnain Ismail That Challenge Logic
37 Times When One Tiny Grammar Or Spelling Fail Ruined EVERYTHING
38 Bizarre and Hilarious Pictures Show How Funny Victorian Life Was
The $3bn bargain: how China dominates Pacific mining, logging and fishing
3D chalk art by Chris Carlson
3D fractals: The "Mandelbulb"
3D Hypertext and Project Xanadu
3D Printed Extreme Reduction Gearing Device Offers Exponential Force of 1 by 11 Million
3D Printed Record
3D printer and costume
3D video mapping projection brings buildings alive
3D-printed math and science sculptures
3rd Annual C-U Edible Book Festival
3rd Annual Pretend to Be a Time Traveller Day


4 assumptions about gender that distort how we think about climate change (and 3 ways to do better)
4 out of 5 parents support teaching gender and sexuality diversity in Australian schools
4 Things That Struck Me After Visiting Political Spaces in 14 US Cities
4 things to know about Moldova and Transnistria – and why Russia’s war may spread beyond Ukraine to reach them soon
4 ways to get people to care about the ocean
4 ways we can change our behaviour to adapt to the climate crisis
4-Billion-Pixel Panorama From Curiosity Rover Brings Mars to Your Computer Screen
40 Photographs By Steve McCurry That Explore The Relationship Between Humans And Animals
40 Times People Saw Hilarious Puns And Just Had To Share Them
40 Years of Weird: Al Yankovic’s Biggest Moments
40% of world’s plant species at risk of extinction
40+ Ideas to Inspire Your Project of Earth
€400 monthly payment to be given to households who take in Ukrainian refugees
400,000 women over 45 are at risk of homelessness in Australia
40th birthday party invitation!
40th birthday party NEW DATE AND TIME
42 Geeky Resolutions You'll Actually Want To Keep
42nd birthday party invitation!
45 places you can download tens of thousands books, plays and other literary texts completely legally for free
4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump
4K? (yes) Drones? (yes): BBC brings out big guns for Planet Earth II


5 Absurdly Brutal Ways America Still Abuses Native People
5 Australian COVID experts on receiving abuse and trolling amid the pandemic
5 Brainwashing Tricks That Work No Matter How Smart You Are
5 Common Misconceptions People Have About Furries
5 Economists Redefining… Everything. Oh Yes, And They’re Women
5 good news stories about climate change
5 major heatwaves in 30 years have turned the Great Barrier Reef into a bleached checkerboard
5 maps that show why free public transport benefits the affluent most
5 must-read books about Russia and Ukraine: our expert picks
5 of the best home-grown games to play this summer
The 5 psychological barriers to climate action
5 Reasons Conspiracy Theories Are Destroying the World
The 5 Reasons To Keep Daylight Saving Time Have No Science To Back Them Up
5 reasons why the Morrison government needs a net-zero target, not just a flimsy plan
5 Scientific Reasons Your Idea of Happiness Is Wrong
5 Shockingly Outdated Problems Gay People Still Face Today
5 Stupid Habits You Develop Growing Up in a Broken Home
5 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Verbal Abuse
5 things the media does to manufacture outrage
5 things we learned about the environment at Davos 2018
5 things you might not know about forests – but should
The 5 top robots of 2006
5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Things About Ayah Bdeir
50 animated shorts from the national film board of Canada
The 50 beautiful Australian plants at greatest risk of extinction — and how to save them
The 50 Best Animated Films Of The 21st Century So Far
50 Books Every Child Should Read
50 Brilliant Science Fiction Movies That Everyone Should See At Least Once
The 50 Cards Project
50 countries vow to protect 30% of land and sea by 2030
50 Lies Programmers Believe
50 of my favourite pics from the Australian International Airshow
50 Of The Most Evil Packaging Designs We’ve Ever Seen (New Pics)
50 Of The Most Majestic Libraries In The World
50 websites you'll wonder how you lived without
50 years after The Lucky Country, Australia’s sustainability challenge remains
50 years ago today the word “hypertext” was introduced
50 years of Moog, the analog synth that still beats 1s and 0s
50 Years of Stupid Grammar
50 years of tax cuts for the rich failed to trickle down, economics study says
50 Years of Text Games
50 years since Mike Oldfield began writing Tubular Bells: the pioneering album that changed the sound of music
500 Free Programming Books up for grabs on GitHub
500-Plus Doctors Sign Open Letter Urging Dutton To ‘Show Compassion’ To Refugees
51-Foot-Long Fire-Breathing Dragon Is Declared the World’s Largest Walking Robot
52 Animals
"555 KUBIK: How it Would be, if a House Was Dreaming"
56 Geeks Project
5D фильм, На всех парах! (Steam Speed, 5D)
5th Annual System Administrator Appreciation Day


6 Amazing Acts of Resistance You Weren’t Taught About in US History Class
6 Anti-Trans Arguments That Sound Historically Familiar
6 Badass Unsung Heroes From History's Darkest Hours
6 books about the climate crisis that offer hope
6 Civil Rights Movement Myths You Learned In History Class
6 Princess Books for Parents Who Really, Really Hate Princesses
6 steps towards remaking the homelessness system so it works for young people
6 things I learned from riding in a Google Self-driving Car
6 things parents and policy-makers need to know about children and the internet
6 Things Paul Ryan Doesn’t Understand About Poverty (But I Didn’t, Either)
6 Ways Police Have Used Sex To Infiltrate And Disrupt Protest Groups
6-week-old caracal kittens venture outside with mom
6-year-old finds rare fossil
60 Second Adventures in Thought
60 years after it first gazed at the skies, the Parkes dish is still making breakthroughs
60 years and 14 Doctors: how Doctor Who has changed with the times – and Ncuti Gatwa’s casting is the natural next step
60% of Australians want to keep Australia Day on January 26, but those under 35 disagree
The 60-Year-Old Scientific Screwup That Helped Covid Kill
600 Free eBooks for iPad, Kindle & Other Devices
66 (Old) Movie Dance Scenes Mashup (Mark Ronson-Uptown Funk ft.Bruno Mars)
The 66 Most Stunning Science Pictures Of 2013


7 cool little open source projects that stood out in 2016
7 functionalities the scholarly literature should have
7 Powerful Harry Potter Scenes That Did Not Make It To The Movies Finally Come To Life Thanks To This Illustrator
7 reasons Australia is the lucky country when it comes to snakes
7 Reasons We're Quietly Letting Racists Win
7 rings - Drum TAO (Ariana Grande) Japanese Drums "太鼓" feat. KIMIKA
7 sci-fi stories that imagine a better world
7 Things You Missed If You Didn't Read Wired's Big Story On How The NSA Is Killing The Internet
7 ways towns and cities are turning from grey to green
7 worst international aid ideas
7.5 hour video from front of Bergen-to-Oslo train
700 Years of Persian Manuscripts Now Digitized and Available Online
The 79-year-old King of Norway just gave the most powerful speech about sexuality and religion


8 non-code ways to contribute to open source
8 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World
8 Super Chill Maker Youtube Channels That Are Completely Addicting
8 Things Not to Say to People Who Are Estranged from a Parent
8 Things You Should Know About Two Spirit People
8 years after the Rana Plaza tragedy, Bangladesh’s garment workers are still bottom of the pile
8-bit Dr Horrible (part 1)
The 80 happiest songs of the 1980s
800bhp electric car from Keio University
8088 MPH: We Break All Your Emulators
’80s kids rejoice: There’s a new prequel series to “The Dark Crystal”
80s Synth Medley (3 guys, 6 keyboards)
850 meters
86 Viral Images From 2014 That Were Totally Fake
8th Grader Writes Brilliant, Hilarious Star Wars Algebra Problem


9 in 10 LGBTQ+ students say they hear homophobic language at school, and 1 in 3 hear it almost every day
9 popular online courses that are gone forever… and how you can still find them
9 Social Panics That Gripped the Nation, Were Totally False, and Did Horrible Lasting Damage
9 Ways We Can Make Social Justice Movements Less Elitist and More Accessible
90% of Table Salt Is Contaminated With Microplastics
90% of the top Christian Facebook pages were run by Eastern European troll farms
The 90-SECOND NEWBERY Film Festival
92-year-old World War Two veteran flies Spitfire again
93% of Paint Splatters are Valid Perl Programs
93-Year Old Man Wins a Storytelling Contest With a Hilarious Story About His Valentines in 1933
93-Year-Old Grandma & Her Grandson Dress-Up In Ridiculous Outfits, And People Love It (30 Pics)
96-Year-Old Navajo Grandmother Goes Viral on TikTok for Her Beadwork
98% of emperor penguin colonies could be extinct by 2100 as ice melts – can Endangered Species Act protection save them?
99 Good News Stories You Probably Didn’t Hear About in 2021


A "process" matter that is actually life-or-death for the U.S.... and the U.K.
A #NatureNow message from Greta Thunberg.
A $4 desalination system provides continuous clean drinking water for a family
A 1,300-Year-Old Egyptian Book Of Spells Has Been Deciphered
A 10% Switch To Reusables Could Cut Ocean Plastic Waste By 50%: WEF Report
A 1986 bulletin board system has brought the old Web back to life in 2017
A 2004 Live Performance of ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ Captured in Brilliant High Definition Video
A 21st-century government must care for our nature and our future
A 224 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Featuring 43 Different Cat Shaped Pieces That Need to Be Herded Together
A 25-Year-Old Bet Comes Due: Has Tech Destroyed Society?
A 250-mile protest run: the fight to save Navajo land and US national parks
A 4-Day Workweek? A Test Run Shows a Surprising Result
A B.C. research project gave homeless people $7,500 each — the results were 'beautifully surprising'
A Bad Mashup - Pomplamoose
A ball that inverts and changes color when it is midair, and the scientific literature that explains it
A Basic Income Is Smarter Than a Minimum Wage
A Bat Rescue Organization Posted These 40 Pics Of Bats Being Cute To Show How Harmless They Actually Are
A Beautiful Juvenile Elephant Gleefully Splashes Around In the Pool With His Mighty Trunk
A Beautiful Pair of Human-Sized Pneumatic Articulating Feather Wings
A belief in meritocracy is not only false: it’s bad for you
A Better Way to Say Sorry
A Bicycle Is an Anti-Poverty Machine
A billion animals have been caught in Australia’s fires. Some may go extinct.
A Billionaire-Funded Website With Ties to the Far Right Is Trying to “Cancel” University Professors
A BIT ABOUT WORDS - Julian Burnside
A Bit O' Aussie Humour
A Bit Rich
A blizzard of “sustainability” labels
A blog full of gorgeous hand-drawn animation
A Bolivian Monastery Adopted A Dog And Named Him Friar Mustache
'A Breath of Fresh Air': Offshore Wind Power Could Produce More Electricity Than World Uses
A bridge made of grass
A Bridge Will Help Humans and Lions Coexist in Los Angeles
A brief account of Australia’s offshore detention regime
Fwd: A brief depiction of much time in history
A Brief History of Bullying Women to Have Babies
A brief history of the European future
A Brief History of the Idea That Everyone Should Get Free Cash for Life
A Brilliant Cello Mashup of Beethoven’s ‘Fifth Symphony’ and Led Zeppelin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’
A Brooklyn Jester Had an Enduring Comic Brew That Was True
A Bug in Early Creative Commons Licenses Has Enabled a New Breed of Superpredator
A Bullingdon in reverse: how working-class student club is taking on elitism
A Bunch of Pirates: A Transdimensional Adventure
A burnt-out health workforce impacts patient care
A Call for Cooperation Against Fake News
"A Call to Action Against Slavery"—We're About to See the Largest Prison Strikes in US History
A car that winks, laughs and cries
A Career Retrospective—10 years working in tech
A Cautionary Tale
A century-old double standard: like Labor leaders before him, Albanese is being told he can’t manage money
A chaotic Brexit is part of Trump’s grand plan for Europe
A Chat with Mark Oakley
A chill coffeeshop game where you play therapist to vampires, cat girls, and succubi
A Chinese vlogger shared videos of war-torn Ukraine. He's been labeled a national traitor
Fwd: a chorus of body sounds effect an African storm....
A chunk of Chinese satellite almost hit the International Space Station. They dodged it – but the space junk problem is getting worse
A circular food system can withstand crises like COVID-19 — and provide delicious meals
A Class Act
A climate of despair
A climate scientist on India and Pakistan’s horror heatwave, and the surprising consequences of better air quality
A Collaborative Project in City Planning for Urban Biodiversity in Japan
A Colorful Illustrated Wall Chart Capturing the Hilarious History of Monty Python in Chronological Order
A Coming-Out Guide Aims to Promote Acceptance Among Gay Chinese
A commentary on Sci-hub
A Conversation with Ece Temelkuran on How to Lose a Country, in 7 Steps.
A Conversation with John Cleese
A Conversation With My 12-year Old Self
A conversation with Terry Pratchett, author of The Carpet People
A copyright troll took down one of our favorite Tumblrs. Here's why it could happen to you.
A couple things
A court case against migrant activists in Italy offers a reminder – not all refugees are welcome in Europe
A Cover of the Song ’99 Red Balloons’ Played With Red Balloons
A crane lifting a crane lifting a crane
A Crazy Illustration Of How Fast A Lava Flow Can Move
A Crime by Any Name
A Crocheted Wearable Mermaid Tail Towel That Cleverly Transforms Into Its Own Transport Bag
A Cup of Coffee
Fwd: A Cup of Coffee
A Curved Wall of Glass That Flickers as the Wind Blows
A cut-and-paste attack on electric vehicle batteries and renewables is spanning the globe. But is it right?
A cute couple
“A damn stupid thing to do”—the origins of C
A damning review of e-cigarettes shows vaping leads to smoking, the opposite of what supporters claim
A Dandypunk
A day in the life of (almost) every vending machine in the world
A Day of Speaking Truth to Power: Visiting the ODNI
A Dazzling Series of Photos Captures the Soft Glow of Firefly Mating Season in Japan
A Death Sentence for the Bengal Tiger?
A deep dive into the wormhole of sci-fi invention
A Delightful Animated Music Video for ‘Monkey Rag’ by The Asylum Street Spankers
A Designer's Portfolio, 16th Century-Style
A Desirable-Future Haiku
A destructive legacy: Trump bids for final hack at environmental protections
A detailed explanation of a black man's experience in the US
A dictator's son runs for Philippines president in a bid to revive his family's power
A Dictionary of Science Fiction Runs From Afrofuturism to Zero-G
A Dilapidated Bank Turned Stunning Cultural Center Opens in Chicago’s South Side
A dossier of lies and falsehoods: How Scott Morrison manipulates the truth
A drag queen's final tribute to the grandmother who loved and accepted him
A Dream Deferred
A Dutch City Is Experimenting With Giving Away A Basic Income Of $1,000 A Month
A eulogy for RadioShack, the panicked and half-dead retail empire
A Fair(y) Use Tale
A Fairer Distribution of Wealth
A Fascinating Compilation of 1929 Sound Interview Footage With the Oldest People in the United States
A Fascinating Way to Put a Stop to the School-to-Prison Pipeline for Black Children
A Few Crucial Instances of Grace
A few months ago, science gave this rare lizard a name – and it may already be headed for extinction
A Few Questions About the Culture: An Interview with Iain Banks
A Fire Story
A flourishing ecology and a healthy economy? Henry David Thoreau thought you couldn’t have one without the other
A Forgotten War on Women
A Four Planet System in Orbit, Directly Imaged and Remarkable
A Fox Tale Short Film
A Gallery Of Dogs And Cats Wearing Bow Ties
A game where you catch lightning bugs until the sun comes up
A genius explains
A Gentlemen’s Guide To Rape Culture
A German Couple Winds Up on U.S. No-Fly List
A German Guy Wants to Give You a Bunch of Money for Nothing
A Girl Dressed As a Stargate
A Girl Scout wrote to companies with a heartfelt request. As a result, they cut down on millions of plastic straws.
A Glass Wings Artist Becomes A Hero!!!!
A Golf Ball Takes Weeks to Move Through the World’s Slowest Rube Goldberg Machine
A Gorgeous Orchestral Cover of the Doctor Who Theme With Vocals Supplied by a German Choir
a great melbourne graffiti artist
a great way to keep track of craft markets around victoria
A great, low-tech hack for teaching high-tech skills
A Green New Deal
A Green New Deal is fiscally responsible. Climate inaction is not
A Green School in the Heart of Urban Paris
A Group of Asian Small-Clawed Otters Playing a Keyboard at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo
A Growing Baby Elephant Adorably Disrupts the Home of the Generous Woman Who Took Her In
A guaranteed basic income could end poverty, so why isn’t it happening?
A guest post from Brad Willis: Wheaton’s Law Revisited
A Handbill of Tiananmen
A Hard Deadline: We Must Stop Building New Carbon Infrastructure by 2018
A Heartfelt 1990s R&B Cover of Disney’s ‘Gummi Bears’ Cartoon Series Theme Song
A Hilarious History of Music According to Spike Jones
A History of Computer Communications: 1968-1988
A history of global living conditions in 5 charts
A History of Global Warming, In Just 35 Seconds
A history of the Amiga, part 8: The demo scene
A howling good time: Wolves celebrate Christmas with a bacon-draped tree at Wolf Park
A huge Atlantic ocean current is slowing down. If it collapses, La Niña could become the norm for Australia
A Huge Climate Change Movement Led By Teenage Girls Is Sweeping Europe. And It’s Coming To The US Next.
A Huge Collection of Embroidered Temari Spheres by an 88-Year-Old Grandmother
A journey through a land of extreme poverty: welcome to America
A Journey To China’s Largest Ghost City
A journey to the Disappointment Islands
A krill aquarium, climate research, and geopolitics: how Australia’s $800 million Antarctic funding will be spent
A Kurdish Family in Syria, Feeling Betrayed by the U.S., Tries to Survive a Turkish Bombing
A Lavishly Illuminated Medieval Bestiary Goes Online
A leading Holocaust historian just seriously compared the US to Nazi Germany
A lesson about bullying
A Lesson in the Compassion of Islam
A Letter to JK Rowling
A letter to Steven Pinker (and Bill Gates, for that matter) about global poverty
A Levitating Wireless Speaker in the Shape of a Storm Cloud
A Libre Graphics Meeting showcase summary
A Linguist Explains the Rules of Summoning Benedict Cumberbatch
A litany of losses: a new project maps our abandoned arts events of 2020
A Little Gray Bengal Cat Gleefully Rolls Around in a Blue Plastic Pool Filled With Multi-Colored Balls
A little guide to working with online communities
A little humour may help with climate change gloom
A Little Something to Brighten Your Day
A Little Tolkien Book
A look at LyX 2.1
A look in the game design of choose-your-own-adventure books
A love letter to @anagramatron
A love letter to a fatcaller
A love letter to the Internet of old
A Lushly Melodic Version of the Classic a-ha Song ‘Take on Me’ as Performed by a Chamber Ensemble
A major new climate report slams the door on wishful thinking
A Major Oil Pipeline Project Strikes Deep at the Heart of Africa
A major report excoriated Australia’s environment laws. Sussan Ley’s response is confused and risky
A major scorecard gives the health of Australia’s environment less than 1 out of 10
A Major UN Climate Change Report Was Just Approved by Nearly 200 Nations
A majority of Australians would welcome a universal basic income, survey finds
A Man Plays the ‘Main Title’ From the ‘Star Wars’ Symphonic Suite on a Wurlitzer Pipe Organ
A man raped me, another tried to. They were not animals. They were men.
'A masterpiece': Norwich council houses win Stirling architecture prize
'A matter of life and death' - Sue Gardner on public broadcasting
A Medley of Daft Punk Songs Played on Two Acoustic Guitars
A mesh network spontaneously erupts in the US and helps connect Puerto Rico
Fwd: A message for you? from Me? 5 minutes of you time to MAKE your day
A message from Paul Rugg
A Message From the Future With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
A message to my doomed colleagues in the American media
A microlight flight around Australia to highlight endangered migratory shorebirds' plight
A Modern Teenager Interprets Classic Art
A Modest Proposal: Universal Online Media Payment Syndication
A moonlit tribute to a moon landing icon
A More Accurate Galaxy Song
A More Resilient Species
'A Most Remarkable Creature' Introduces The Little-Known, Charismatic Caracara
a mother's imagination
A museum let a group of penguins wander its empty rooms, and they couldn't take their eyes off the paintings
A must see video from the TED talks
A nation of slaves
A new "Muppisode" with the WWE
A new $2 coin features the introduced honeybee. Is this really the species we should celebrate?
A new 'Sesame Street' show in Arabic aims to help refugee children
A new abnormal: It is still 2 minutes to midnight
A New Animated Web Series About Copying And Copyright
A new book ranks the top 100 solutions to climate change. The results are surprising.
A new design for the periodic table
A New Digital Currency Whose Value Is Based on Your Reputation
A new flagship coal plant failed spectacularly – but it won’t be the last time
A New Home for Homeless Christians
A new link between fear, imitation, and antisocial behavior in children
A New Marine Protected Area to Protect Biodiversity and Coral Habitat Around Saint Martin’s Island in Bangladesh
A new normal? Instead Australia looks like it could return to 'business as usual' after the pandemic
A New Number Format: The Unum
A New Plan for Keeping NASA's Oldest Explorers Going
A new replication crisis: Research that is less likely to be true is cited more
A new RoboCup league is born
A new survey explains one big reason there are so few women in technology
A new year’s publishing resolution
A Night at the Garden
A Nobel Prize winner in economics just backed basic income
A Note On a Jackass Getting Booted From Twitter
A Novelist and His Brother Sell Out Carnegie Hall
A Nursery School in Tottori that Connects Children to Nature
A painting removed led to color steps all over Turkey
A Pandemic is a Great Time to Stop Ignoring Unpaid Care Work
A Parable of (All-American) Violence
A Paradise Built in Hell
A Parody of ‘Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope’ Imagining the 1977 Space Opera Film as a Disney Musical
A People’s History of the Third Reich
A Pickpocket’s Tale
A Pipeline Fight and America’s Dark Past
A Pixel Artist Renounces Pixel Art
A political proposal
A pool was filled with 250,000 ping pong balls for one wild party
A Pop Culture Primer on Parts of Speech
A Public Service Announcement
A Quest for the Secret Origins of Lost Video-Game Levels
A quick guide to The Free Network
A radical proposal to keep your personal data safe
A radical way to cut emissions – ration everyone’s flights
A Ranking of 1980s Fantasy That Would Please Crom Himself!
A rare discovery: we found the sugar glider is actually three species, but one is disappearing fast
A Rational Fear: how to protest correctly in Victoria - video
'A real bad precedent': Australia criticised for Antarctica airport plan
A Real Stand-up Guy
A real-life archer faster than Legolas?
A Real-Life ‘Queen’s Gambit’—the Brazilian Maid Who Became a Chess Champ
A REALLY Friendly Baby Whale Shark
A report claims koalas are ‘functionally extinct’ – but what does that mean?
A retirement home turned its residents into movie stars for a wonderful calendar
a revolution in europe
A river personified
A robot is killing weeds by zapping them with electricity
A Russian Farmer Found This Strange Kitten In His Barn… And It Turned Out To Be So Much More.
A Ryanair Flight Carrying An Opposition Journalist Is Forced To Land In Belarus
‘A safe haven’: how Dungeons & Dragons is slaying social anxiety
A Sci-Fi Writer Returns to Earth: ‘The Real Story Is the One Facing Us’
A Scientist Who Resisted Trump Administration Censorship of Climate Report Just Lost Her Job
A Scuttlebutt Love Story
A Secret Library, Digitally Excavated
A sequel to ‘The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot’ has entered production, according to Paul McGann.
A series of patent lawsuits is challenging the history of malware detection
A serious problem the news industry does not talk about
‘A shambolic mess’: the only example Australia is giving the world now is how not to manage Covid
A SHAUN THE SHEEP: THE MOVIE: FARMAGEDDON - Official Trailer 2 - From Aardman Animations
A Shocking 99% of Us Are Now Breathing Unhealthy Air, WHO Warns
A Shoggoth on the Roof
A Short History of Game Panics
A short history of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy – an indelible reminder of unceded sovereignty
A Short Lesson in Perspective
A short sf story
A Show What I Directed
A shrinking Public Domain hurts open education
A siege. A bomb. 48 dogs. And the black commune that would not surrender
A Small Field Guide
A Small Herd of Female Elephants Work Together to Rescue a Tiny Calf From a High Sided Waterhole
A Sneak Peek at the First Cyborg Olympics
A Sprawl of Ghost Homes in Aging Tokyo Suburbs
A Stanford student won $15,000 for an invention that helps autistic kids pick up emotion
A Star Trek-like space exploration miniatures game design
A Stevie Wonder and Herbie Hancock Mashup by Pomplamoose
A stich in time: world famous lace makers get grant to keep their skills safe for years to come
A Story About Low-Key Policing and Corduroy
A Striking Photo of a Very Rare Black Serval Cat
A Student Has Created A Gripping And NSFW Photo Series With Trump’s Quotes About Women
A Study of Movement (The Evolution of Dance) -puppetry final
A Subversive Bull: Robert Lawson and The Story of Ferdinand
A successful COP26 is essential for Earth’s future. Here’s what needs to go right
A Sunday of PIRATES!
A Supercut of Buster Keaton’s Most Amazing Stunts–and Keaton’s 5 Rules of Comic Storytelling
A surfing CAT!!!
A Survey of Some of the Best Science Fiction Ever Published (Thanks to Judy-Lynn Del Rey)
‘A tale of decay’: the Houses of Parliament are falling down
A tale of two breastfeeding pictures
A Tale of Two Twins
A Talk Between Women
A Tea Song for Halloween
A Technical Follow-Up: How We Built the World’s Prettiest Auto-Generated Transit Maps
A thin blue line: how Facebook deals with controversial content
A Thought Provoking Fable About the Consequences of Delaying Creative Solutions to Horrible Problems
A Tour of Space Disco
A Tour of the Future We Still Don't Have
A Tour of the World’s Largest Collection of Synthesizers
A Toy With a Story
A transforming home
A trip to North Korea
A Tropical Octav3 Animation
A True Story Of 'Copyright Piracy': Why The Verve Will Only Start Getting Royalties Now For Bittersweet Symphony
A Typology of Dumplings
A Ukrainian dance troupe in the U.S. fights disinformation, one high kick at a time
A Uniquely Beautiful Cover of ‘Africa’ by Toto Performed on a Traditional Japanese Koto
A university is offering scholarships for you to do absolutely nothing
A useful, critical taxonomy of decentralization, beyond blockchains
A Valuable Reputation
A Vast Web of Vengeance
A Vending Machine for Crows
A very English theft: how the countryside was taken from the public, using profits from slavery
A village in Kenya is quietly disproving the biggest myth about basic income
A virtual day with 750 pinball and arcade games, no quarters needed
A visit to Epic Nerd Camp
A Visual Guide To Creative Commons Licensing
A Visual History of Typewriter Art from 1893 to Today
A Visual Reminder That Everyone on the Internet Is an Actual Person
A Visual Tour of 35 Literary Bars and Cafés from Around the World
A visual tour of the United States’ biggest video arcade
A Visually Impressive Cover of the ‘Sesame Street’ Song ‘I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon’ Made With Toys
A Voice for Humanity, Independent Journalism and Activism | FairPlanet
A voice for Nature
A Volcanic Eruption Photographed Against the Backdrop of the Milky Way, Moon, and a Streaking Meteor
A Warning From Europe: The Worst Is Yet to Come
A warrior for Indigenous women and girls
A Whale of a Win
A Whistleblower's Horror Story
A winner is me!
A wizard fox riding a dinosaur.
A Woman Moves Like a Parrot While Wearing an Incredibly Realistic Costume of Her Own Design
A woman took a picture of three Irish men in Times Square. It took Twitter only an hour to track the lads down.
[A wonderful set of videos for those of you curious about the visual world!] Don't miss video: Hunting The Hidden Dimension with Benoit Mandelbrot (Nova/PBS)
A wood automata submarine bustling with busy animals
A World Most Strange and Beautiful: Five Stunning New UNESCO Sites
A Yale psychologist's simple thought experiment temporarily turned conservatives into liberals
A year after Myanmar’s coup, the military still lacks control and the country is sliding into an intractable civil war
A year of hunger: how the Russia-Ukraine war is worsening climate-linked food shortages
A Young Mad Scientist's First Alphabet Blocks
A Young Muslim Apologizes to Rushdie
A Young Rescued Bat Makes Adorable Happy Noises While Getting His Head Rubbed by His Caretaker
A Young Rescued Bat Makes Adorable Happy Noises While Getting His Head Scratched by His Caretaker
‘A zombie party’: the deepening crisis of conservatism
A Zoo in Japan is Using Stuffed Animal Capybaras to Maintain Social Distancing
A ‘rewilding revolution’: How 9 million trees reforested England
A1 Revisited: The Seattle Times’ coverage of the 1942 removal of 227 Bainbridge residents left a harmful legacy
Abandoned House in the Woods Taken Over by Wild Animals
Abandoned Walmart is Now America’s Largest Library
The Abbott government’s war on transparency
Abbott's obstruction of gay marriage is a defence of privilege and the power of shame
Abby Wambach, Remarks as Delivered
ABC Open best pictures from the week 2018-03-16
ABC Open Pic of the Week
ABC Open Pic of the Year
ABC Open: Your best pictures from around Australia in 2018
The ABC’s budget hasn’t been restored – it’s still facing $1.2 billion in accumulated losses over a decade
The ABC’s plan to axe its librarians will damage its journalism. Here’s why
ABDUCTION | Chris & Jack
Ableism is not "bad words." It's violence.
Aboriginal art on a car? How an Indigenous artist and an adventurer met in the 1930 wet season in Kakadu
Aboriginal housing demolished in Western Australia without notice
Aboriginal people – how to misunderstand their science
Abortion is no longer a crime in Australia. So why is it still so hard to access?
Abortion right guaranteed by Roe will be replaced by state power if the Supreme Court adopts the leaked Alito opinion
About 500,000 Australian species are undiscovered – and scientists are on a 25-year mission to finish the job
About Apologies
About Opinions
About the SPCA of Wake County’s “Take a Chance on Me”
About those kill-switched Ukrainian tractors
About Those Lights
Absolutely Anything filming completed
'Absurd' bail conditions prevent Extinction Rebellion protesters 'going near' other members
Abuse Of Power: Laws Should Be Designed As If The People We Distrust The Most Are In Power
Abuse of Turning Nut Screw Driven
Academic Consensus Growing: Phones And Social Media Aren't Damaging Your Kids
Academic freedom is paramount for universities. They can do more to protect it from China’s interference
Academic Men Explain Things to Me
Academic papers should be free
Accepting anecdotes more readily than climate science is wilful ignorance
Accidental Guests of the Midwest Fur Fest ~ Hyatt Regency O’Hare, Rosemont, IL
Accidental history—remastering the campy teen horror game Congress famously hated
Accidental therapists: For insect detectives, the trickiest cases involve the bugs that aren’t really there
Accuratizing Software Estimation
Achievements of the Coalition Government
Acid oceans are shrinking plankton, fuelling faster climate change
Acquiring a Poly 1: A dedicated school computer from New Zealand
Across Canada, Scaremongering Becomes ‘Caremongering’ as Citizens Help Each Other In Challenging Times
Across Three Continents: A Tale of Tumblr, Copyright, and Excellent Posters
Act of Love
Acting on climate change can get us out of recession. There are no excuses left
Action Expresses Priorities
Activists cheer victory in landmark Dutch climate case
Actor Benedict Cumberbatch Performs a Brilliantly Dramatic Reading of ‘I’m a Little Teapot’ For Charity
Actors are reciting pop songs like Shakespeare and the results are incredible
The Actress by Heather Sherman
ACTROID Reception Robot
Actual greenhouse gas volumes exceed official reports
the actual working sinking ship
Re:the actual working sinking ship
Ada Lovelace Day
Adam Bandt on Genuine Satire - brilliant speech
Adam Savage Looks Back on the Animations His Father Created for ‘Sesame Street’
Adam Savage Sings "I Will Survive" as Gollum
Adam Savage Tours the Jim Henson Exhibition!
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Totoro Costume!
Adam Smith to Richard Spencer: Why Libertarians turn to the Alt-Right
Adapt, move, or die: repeated coral bleaching leaves wildlife on the Great Barrier Reef with few options
Adaptation isn’t enough. We’ve got to throw everything at the climate crisis
Addressing housing affordability, German style
Adelaide bound
Adelaide Spiders (was Re: Fwd: From DVICE:Hyper-cute puppies, live on puppycam, show the Internet at its best
The Adelphi Charter on Creativity, Innovation and Intellectual Property
Adobe Announces Plan To Essentially Steal Money From Venezuelans Because It 'Has To' Due To US Sanctions
Adobe Crossword
Adobe Flash’s Gaming Legacy — Thousands upon Thousands of Titles — and My Efforts To Save It
Adobe Warns Users Someone Else Might Sue Them For Using Old Versions Of Photoshop
Adopt A Word
Adorable and Amazine Robots
The adorable Christmas advert made by a small Welsh shop that could rival the likes of John Lewis
Adorable Doggy Animation
Adorable Foster Animals Visit San Antonio Zoo | NowThis
Adorable Itsy Bitsy Houses
The adorable love story behind Wikipedia’s ‘high five’ photos
Adorable Paper Art
Adorable Photos Documenting the Friendship Between a Girl and Her Cat
Adorable Photos of Children Fighting Off Monsters in Their Bedrooms
Adorable Red Fox Ecstatically Wags Her Tail While Getting A Really Good Belly Rub
Adorable Robots
Adorable Zoo Animals In Hipster Clothing
Adorable! Leopard & Cub Crossing The Sabie River
Adrian Steirn
Adult Content Policies: A Textbook Case of Private Censorship
Adult Swim - Choir
Advanced Scarf Techniques
The Advantage of Being a Little Underemployed
The Adventure Sci-FI Bundle
Adventures in Electronic Music
The Adventures of Business Cat
Adventures With Post Offices
Advertising Cannot Maintain the Internet. Here’s the “Secret Sauce” Solution.
Advocates make case for more electric vehicle charging stations in outback Australia
Fwd: aerial photos
Aerial Prague
The aesthetics of science fiction spaceship design
Africa and the French language are growing together in global importance
Africa by Toto on Musical Tesla Coils
Africa can prevent Ethiopia from going down Rwanda’s path: here’s how
African Artist and Japanese Designer Create Stunning Kimonos By Mixing Cultures
African Elephant Population Declines By 30 Percent
African Nations Rife With Illegitimate Collection Societies: Nigeria Files Criminal Complaint Against COSON
Africa’s large aquatic animals are being hunted and traded: we assessed the scale
Africa’s Wikipedia Editors Are Changing How the World Sees Their Continent
After 2,500 Studies, It's Time to Declare Animal Sentience Proven
After 40 Years of Government Inaction on Climate, Have We Finally Turned a Corner?
After a deadly month for domestic violence, the message doesn’t appear to be getting through
'After All, It's Our Money': Global Climate Campaigners Call for Public Banks to Fund Just Recovery and Green Transition
After Being Wounded With Poison Arrows, Desperate Elephant Runs To Humans For Help
After buying health company Vectura, tobacco giant Philip Morris will profit from treating the illnesses its products create
After Dark in CSS
After Discovering a 120-Year-Old Time Capsule, Photographer Develops Two Cyanotypes of Cats
After Elections, Strangers Left Messages On New York’s Subway Walls To Remind Us All That We Will Be Okay
After Extinction Rebellion, Australian politicians are on notice – change is coming
After neoliberalism: how Corbyn and Labour can win the next general election
After the Ever Given: what the ship wedged in the Suez Canal means for global trade
After the floods comes underinsurance: we need a better plan
After the floods, the distressing but necessary case for managed retreat
After Uluru: Australia's Politics of Contempt Threatens the Soul of the Nation
After urging land reform I now know the brute power of our billionaire press
After Years Of Deforestation, China's Forests Are Starting To Return
The afterlife of broken art
Against Advertising: The new and improved argument
Against Bargaining
Against Cozy Catastrophies
The Age of Constitutional Coups by Paul Street
The age of entitlement: how wealth breeds narcissism
Agent to the Stars -- An Online Novel
AGL’s coal implosion shows what a disorderly transition to clean energy looks like
Agnes Chow: Hong Kong activist hailed as the 'real Mulan'
Agricultural productivity, sex education and gender equity: 5 times soap operas enabled social change
Agriculture Department buries studies showing dangers of climate change
Agriculture Is Killing Way More Bees Than We Realized, Huge Study Reveals
Ahhhh! Panda Cubs
AI and the future of humanity
The AI Cargo Cult: The Myth of a Superhuman AI
AI Isn’t a Crystal Ball, But It Might Be a Mirror
AI Plant and Animal Identification Helps Us All Be Citizen Scientists
AI SpaceFactory Wins NASA's 3D-Printed Extraterrestrial Habitats Challenge
aibo returns
Aiding and Abetzing
Air hygiene: how re-thinking air quality will help protect us from this and the next pandemic
‘Air is cleaner than before the Industrial Revolution’: a best case scenario for the climate in 2050
Air New Zealand Parodies ‘Men in Black’ and Its Title Rap Track in a Musical Flight Safety Video
Air pollution is much worse than we thought
Air quality near busy Australian roads up to 10 times worse than official figures
Air-legal, all-electric “flying car” announced in the US
Airbnb’s racism problem is much bigger than a few racist hosts.
Airbnb’s Ukraine moment is a reminder of what the sharing economy can be
Airline software super-bug: Flight loads miscalculated because women using 'Miss' were treated as children
Airport parking garage becomes drive-through art gallery
Airport staff takes boy's lost 'Hobbes' on epic adventure (photos)
Airship Dreams, Part 1
airwindows: in mix, no-one can hear your screen
‘AI’ is being used to profile people from their head vibrations – but is there enough evidence to support it?
AI’s influence on human decision-making: new CSIRO research
Akademy: Freedom and the internet
Akinori Goto at Spiral Independent Creators Festival 2016
Akiyoshi's illusion pages
Al Jaffee, the Longest Working Cartoonist in History, Shows How He Invented the Iconic “Folds-Ins” for Mad Magazine
Alan Kohler: Scott Morrison, the Murdochs and the crime of the century
Alan Lomax's Massive Archive Goes Online
Alan Tudge: Keeping The Humane Out Of The Human Services Portfolio
Alan Turing gets royal pardon for 'gross indecency' – 61 years after he poisoned himself
ALARM / HD Short Animation
Alarm calls decode prairie dog language
Alarm over discovery of hundreds of Chinese fishing vessels near Galápagos Islands
Alaska's Indigenous tribes 'livid', turn to hunting as salmon stocks dwindle on Yukon River
Alaskan towns at risk from rising seas sound alarm as Trump pulls federal help
Albanese wants to ‘change the way’ we do politics in Australia. Here are 4 ways to do it
The Alchemist's Letter
Alcohol marketing has crossed borders and entered the metaverse – how do we regulate the new digital risk?
Aldi, Brewdog Brand War Ends In The Best Possible Way: Collaboration
Alex Chinneck
Alex The Grey Parrot, Colleague of Irene Pepperberg, Dead at 31
Alexander Armstrong and Kevin Eldon star in new Danger Mouse
Alexander McCall Smith on writing Botswana and HIV
Alexander Robotnick - Problèmes D'Amour (Dub Version)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says ‘we should be excited about automation’
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, video games, and the new online town square
Alfred Deakin Innovation Lectures
Algae aviation biofuel
Algorithms can decide your marks, your work prospects and your financial security. How do you know they’re fair?
Alice's Tea Party in Shinjuku, Tokyo
Alien species are moving across oceans faster: climate change will accelerate this
Alien vs. Pooh
Alive animal bots, Fun mini-bots
All 14 Weird Al Yankovic Album Covers as a Whiteboard Video
All About That Base (Star Wars Parody - Meghan Trainor's All About That Bass)
All Cats Go to Heaven
All Creatures Great and Small at 50: why these stories about a country vet still charm today
All fossil-fuel vehicles will vanish in 8 years in twin ‘death spiral’ for big oil and big autos, says study that’s shocking the industries
All hail the Anthropocene, the end of Holocene thinking
All In Together, A Wild West Steampunk Music Video by Professor Elemental
All plastic waste could become new, high-quality plastic through advanced steam cracking
All rise and no fall: how Civilization reinforces a dangerous myth
All Skulls On: Teaching Intersectionality through Halo
All the Ads in This London Tube Station Were Just Replaced with Cat Photos
All the Lovins to Ghibli
All the Real (Geek) Girls
All the ways recycling is broken—and how to fix them
‘All these people with lived experience are not being heard’: what family violence survivors want policy makers to know
All Together Now: Developmental and ethical considerations for biologically uplifting nonhuman animals
All your memes are belong to us
All-girls robotics team from Ghana wins World Robofest Championship in the U.S.
All-Star Dad Builds Incredible Basement Arcade With His Son
Allegro from Mozart's "Salzburg Symphony", K.136
Alliance Rising: The Hinder Stars I
Allianz raises the bar with the adoption of ambitious oil and gas exit policy
Almost 3 billion animals affected by Australian bushfires, report shows
Almost 60 coral species around Lizard Island are ‘missing’ – and a Great Barrier Reef extinction crisis could be next
Almost all the snow at the Winter Olympics will be fake
Almost half of thermal coal firms set to defy climate pledge – report
(Almost) Every Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Comic Book Adaptation in the Works
Alpaca Needle Felted Steampunk Panserbjorne Armored Ice Bear
The Alpine Country Going All-You-Can-Ride
The alt-right is obsessed with 'leftist pedophiles' and it's putting people's lives in danger
The 'Alt-Right' Has Created Alt-Christianity
The alternative limb project
Alton Sterling, Eric Garner and the double standard of the side hustle
Always #LikeAGirl
Always Coming Home: The Pleasures and Challenges of Writing Fictional Food
Alyssa Scott
Am I pretty or ugly? Exploring an unfortunate YouTube phenomenon
Amanda Palmer And The Art Of Asking
Amanda Palmer on Internet hatred and bullying
Amanda Palmer: agony aunt – your problems answered
Amanda Palmer: Playing the Hitler Card
Amateur Broken Hill astronomer wins Astronomical Society of Australia award
Amateur Photographer Captures Intimate Photos Of Foxes Living In One Of The World's Remotest Regions
Amateur Time Hackers Play With Atomic Clocks at Home
Amazing animated shorts by Cerberus
Fwd: Amazing art made from trashed pencils
Amazing art made from trashed pencils
Amazing Camera Calls
Amazing children's writing centres
Amazing Chinese Ad...With Extra Cat
Amazing collaborative art project
Fwd: Amazing Dancing Dog!
amazing flight video...
Amazing German Designed Cat Climbing Furniture
Amazing Glass Art
Fwd: Amazing Insect Images By Igor Iwanowicz (60 pics)
Amazing jellyfish
The Amazing Latte Art of Kazuki Yamamoto
Amazing matchstick models
Amazing My Little Pony sculptures
Amazing Paper Art
Amazing Photorealistic Fantasy Worlds
Amazing pixel art from Taiwan
Amazing Places Around the World
Amazing Scifi Crossover
Amazing Space Travel Story
Amazing Stories Year Two - Once More Dear Friends
The Amazing Story of Kentucky's Horseback Librarians (10 Photos)
Amazing Technology Invented By MIT
amazingly fun photo shopped images
Amazon and the Perils of Non-Disclosure
Amazon Indians use Google Earth, GPS to protect rainforest home
Amazon indigenous community restores giant freshwater fish and thrives
Amazon Is Thriving Thanks to Taxpayer Dollars
Amazon Isn’t Killing Writing, The Market Is
Amazon near tipping point of switching from rainforest to savannah – study
Amazon Rainforest Nearing Tipping Point Faster Than Predicted, Scientists Warn
Amazon rainforest now emitting more CO2 than it absorbs
Amazon: regrowing forests have offset less than 10% of carbon emissions from deforestation
Ambient Chaos
America First? To the World, It’s Eighth
“America floats between modernity & collapse”: What Japan can teach the U.S. about averting disaster
America going maskless is nothing to celebrate
America has an addiction to punishment.
America Is a Sham
America is Dead
America Is Exceptional—in All the Wrong Ways
America is Regressing into a Developing Nation for Most People
America Manifesto
America's Class System Across The Life Cycle
America, The Defensive: Wars, Terrorism And Thirty Years Of Perpetual 'States Of Emergencies'
American and Arab uprisings converge
The American empire is crumbling
The American Empire Is the Sick Man of the 21st Century
American exceptionalism: the poison that cannot protect its children from violent death
The American polity is cracked, and might collapse. Canada must prepare
Americans Are Missing a Key Stratum of Modern Knowledge
Americans Don’t Understand How Bad Climate Change Is Or What They Can Do About It
Americans have no idea how much water they’re using
Americans Watch Australian Kid’s TV For The First Time
America’s Epidemic of Unkindness
America’s failure in Afghanistan, explained by one village
America’s Got Talent Finalist Dog Sets Guinness World Record For Most Tricks Performed in a Minute
America’s inequality crisis is about so much more than money: The ugly realities that elude our politicians
America’s Next Civil War
America’s Star Teenage Scientist Is Catalyzing Generational Change
America’s top CEOs say they are no longer putting shareholders before everyone else
Amica's World: How a Giant Bird Came Into Our Heart and Home
Amid the 20th anniversary of open source, Tim O’Reilly warns that platform companies built on open-source software have lost their way
Amnesty International to shut Asia headquarters in Hong Kong
Among Ripples: Shallow Waters - Restore the World
Among the Bone Eaters
Amsterdam Is Embracing a Radical New Economic Theory to Help Save the Environment. Could It Also Replace Capitalism?
Amsterdam Is Home to a Houseboat Full of Cats—and You Can Pet Them All
Amsterdam to embrace 'doughnut' model to mend post-coronavirus economy
Amsterdam’s Instant Fix for Getting Rid of Junk Mail
Amusing art games
Amusing hard drive enclosure
Amusing Tarot Decks
Amy’s Kitchen, a case-study in the problems with consumerism
An & Ria's first flight - the full film
An 800,000-plus jobs gap between ‘welfare to work’ and reality
An Aging Movie Monster Looks Back On His Career in This Poignant Short
An Alaskan village is falling into the sea. Washington is looking the other way.
An All-Electric Plane Takes To The Skies
An alternative measure to GDP is proof that the global economy isn’t what it seems
An amazing gay couple just opened a group home for queer youth
An American expat explains the Adam Goodes controversy and Australia's problem with racism
An American story
‘An American Tradition’: Lessons from a year covering conspiracy theories
An analogy for "catcalling" (street harrassment)
an ancient greek computer...
An Architect Who Mixes Water and Nature to Build Resilience
An archivist’s night at the movies, part IV: Science fiction edition
An Asperger Dictionary of Everyday Expressions
An Astounding PMJ Video Debut – Virtuoso Gunhild Carling is a “One-Woman PMJ!”
An asynchronous Internet in GNOME
An ATM for books
An Axe for the Frozen Sea
An electric jolt salvages valuable metals from waste
An Elegant Kinetic Sculpture by Derek Hugger that Mimics the Flight of a Hummingbird
An Elephant’s Personhood on Trial
AN EMBUGGERANCE - a message from Pterry
An Emerging Paradigm: Ethno-Religious Nationalism in an Age of Anxiety
An Engineering Argument for Basic Income
An Engineer’s Guide to the Docuverse
An exciting new idea in Basic Income
An existential discussion: What is the probability of nuclear war?
An Experiment in Digital Self Publishing
an expert
An exploration of the basis for patient complaints about the oldness of magazines in practice waiting rooms: cohort study
An Iceberg Flipped Over, and Its Underside Is Breathtaking
An Illuminating Subject
An Illustrated Book of Bad Agruments
An Illustrated Book of Loaded Language
An Illustrated Periodic Table Showing How Chemical Elements Interact With Our Everyday Lives
An Important but Rarely Discussed Lesson of the Stanford Prison Experiment
‘An important victory’: Native American tribes reclaim a redwood forest
An impromptu drive-through at a Sikh temple to feed neighbors now helps thousands daily
An Incredible and Complex Triple Spiral Designed Using 15,000 Dominoes Topples Beautifully
An Incredible Glow-in-the-Dark, Dancing Bug Finger Puppet That Can Pick Things Up and Throw Them
‘An indescribable moment’: Indigenous nation in US has right to lands in Canada, court rules
An Inside View On The Purpose And Implications Of The Torture Report
An insider's guide to Tourette's syndrome
An insider’s story of the global attack on climate science
An inspiring quote told in pony fanart
An international treaty to curb plastic pollution risks being watered down — New Zealand needs to take a stand
An Introduction to Unconditional Basic Income For All
An investment in clean indoor air would do more than help us fight COVID – it would help us concentrate, with lasting benefits
An online collection of high-res scans of M.C. Escher’s prints
An Open Letter from a Black Man to His White Family in a Moment of Violence
An open letter on fluoride, science and kindness
An Open Letter on Identity Politics, to and from the Left
An Open Letter to Google/YouTube From a Disappointed Disciple
An open letter to the Prime Minister on the climate crisis, from 154 scientists
An Open Letter to the Reddit Community
An open source search engine that will help you learn pretty much anything
An optimistic future
An Oral History of "Trading Places"
An oral history of #hugops: How tech’s first responders built a culture of empathy
An oral history of Babylon 5: The beloved TV novel that showed a different way to tell sci-fi
An Oral History of Trump’s Bigotry
An ultra-cheap electric car conversion kit is FINALLY here!
An ‘Electrifying’ Economist’s Guide to the Recovery
ANA Unveils ‘World’s First’ Hands-Free Lavatory Doors
analog audio tape cassette nostalgia
Analog Books Go From Strength To Strength: Helped, Not Hindered, By The Digital World
Analysis of 5,500 apartment developments reveals your new home may not be as energy efficient as you think
Analysis of the Original Adventure game, with cave photos
Analysis: Loss is victory for far-right in France’s election
Anatol Knotek
Anatomy of a Disinformation Empire: Investigating NaturalNews
Anatomy of Japanese folk monsters
Anatomy texts should show sex as a spectrum to include intersex people
Ancestor of all animals identified in Australian fossils
Ancestral Homeland Returned to Rappahannock Tribe After More Than 350 Years
Ancien and the Magic Tablet - "Daydream Believer" Trailer
Ancient California redwood grove damaged by selfie-seeking visitors to get $3.5 million rescue plan
Ancient Egyptian Stories Will Be Published in English for the First Time
and for those of you that love Australia and couldn't be there in Sydney...
…And I Show You How Deep The Rabbit Hole Goes
And If He Sees His Shadow…
And Then Advertising Got Weird: What Is Oddvertising?
Andres Amador Arts
Andrew Fentem: electronic entertainment devices
Andrew Odlyzko: Recent Papers on Technology and Financial Manias
Android actress takes to stage
Angela Merkel’s career shows why we need more scientists in politics
Anglican disunity on same-sex marriage threatens to tear the church apart
The Angry God of ARPU
Animal Antics
'Animal Architecture,' an awesome new photo book about the structures critters create
The animal art of Susan Herbert (1945-2014)
Animal crossing: world’s biggest wildlife bridge comes to California highway
The Animal Discoveries of 2012
Animal Illustration
Animal Illustrations
Animal master-burglars: Cockatoos 'pick' puzzle box locks (w/ Video)
Animal news
Animal news: births and deaths
Animal Song
Animal tragic: New Zealand zoos strive to entertain lonely inhabitants amid lockdown
Animal Trainers Gone Wild
Animal Updates: Elephants, Whales and Crows
Animals and Humans: A False Divide?
Animals and plants reclaim Scotland's abandoned spaces: photo essay
Animals are now legally recognised as 'sentient' beings in New Zealand
Animals Behave Like People Sometimes
Animals from 60 different species are best pals at this Arkansas critter refuge (photos)
Animals interrupting wildlife photographers.
Animals Laugh Too: UCLA Study Finds Laughter in 65 Species, from Rats to Cows
Animals on Google Street View
Animals requesting help from humans
Animals Sitting on Capybaras
The Animals That Went Extinct in 2017
Animals to be formally recognised as sentient beings in UK law
Animals Wearing Slippers
Animals Welcome at FAU
Animals Who Came To Say ‘Hi’, And Melted Everyone’s Hearts
The Animated Adventures Of Doctor Who
Animated credits
Animated Factoids
Animated fractal curves
Animated GIF art by Mr. Div
Animated video shows staggering wealth inequality
Anime and video game theme hotel in San Francisco
Anime Legend Satoshi Kon's Finest Work Will Stream for Free Soon
Animeyed (Self-Portraits)
Anita Sarkeesian interview: 'The word "troll" feels too childish. This is abuse'
Anki, Jibo, and Kuri: What We Can Learn from Social Robots That Didn't Make It
Anna Chojnicka: Bruising bananas to create elaborate works of art
Anna the Red's Bento Factory
Annella - Love Music
Annie Lennox to become Chancellor of Glasgow Caledonian University
Annotated Fairy Tales
Announcing delivery robots from Starship Technologies
Announcing GitHub Sponsors: a new way to contribute to open source
Announcing the 2014 Campbellian Anthology
Announcing The Journal of Open Source Software
Announcing The Public Domain Game Jam: Gaming Like It's 1923
Announcing the Winners of the 2014 A+ Awards
Announcing the Winners of the 2021 Covering Climate Now Journalism Awards
Announcing The Winners Of The 2nd Annual Public Domain Game Jam!
Announcing The Winners Of The 3rd Annual Public Domain Game Jam!
Announcing The Winners Of The 4th Annual Public Domain Game Jam!
Announcing: The Public Domain Song Anthology
Annoying backgrounds
Annoying Trends In Modern Web Design
Another 19th Century Moral Panic: Theater
Another Batch Of Baggage Handlers Accused Of Stealing From Luggage; Because Airport 'Security' Isn't
Another Benefit To EVs: No Dead Weights Added To The Car
another cool bike!!
Another downloadable SF novel: Star Dragon
Another Italian town is selling houses for one euro
Another mass bleaching event is devastating the Great Barrier Reef. What will it take for coral to survive?
Another person turns blue from colloidal silver
Another Problem with Copyright; How to Fix It
Another Show Worth Seeing
Another Sky Press
another southern thang (frighteningly true)
Another study blows up the myth of upward mobility
Another two years lost to climate inaction, says Greta Thunberg
Another Way In Which Patents Contributed To The Opioid Crisis: Hospitals Ordered Not To Use Better, Less Problematic Medicines
Another Word: Let's Write a Story Together, MacBook
Answer to a 150-Year-Old Math Conundrum Brings More Mystery
Antarctic birds recognize individual humans
Antarctica is headed for a climate tipping point by 2060, with catastrophic melting if carbon emissions aren’t cut quickly
Antarctica, Arctic undergo simultaneous freakish extreme heat
Anthea Bell, 'magnificent' translator of Asterix and Kafka, dies aged 82
Anthea's Garden
Anthony Albanese confirms NASA will launch rockets from Australia
Anthony Bourdain: The Post-Election Interview
Anthony Daniels on 4 Decades of Life As C-3PO
Anthony Howe Kinetic Art
ANTHROS – 20 awesome illustrations of humanized animals!
The Anti-Information Age
Anti-Piracy Companies Continually Report IMDb as a Pirate Site
Anti-Piracy Group Hits Indie Creators For Using the Word ‘Pixels’
Anti-piracy lobby still suffering from self-delusion
Anti-Racism Resources for White People - the Australian Edit
Anti-satellite weapons: the US has sworn off tests, and Australia should follow suit
Anti-Trans ‘Bathroom Bills’ Are Based On Lies. Here’s The Research To Show It.
Anti-vaxxers are not the enemy: Science, politics and the crisis of authority
Anti-Vaxxers Love Their Children Too
Anticipating a side effect makes it more likely you’ll experience it – this could contribute to vaccine hesitancy
Fwd: Anticipating the Future to ' See' the Present (NYT)
The Antikythera mechanism recreated in Lego
Antikythera mechanism watch
Antimatter belt around Earth discovered by Pamela craft
Antique Carousels
The antitrust case against gig companies
António Guterres on the climate crisis: ‘We are coming to a point of no return’
Any plans to dim the Sun and cool the Earth must be led by those most affected by climate change
Anyone Remember Zoom?
The ANZUS treaty does not make Australia safer. Rather, it fuels a fear of perpetual military threat
AP makes one million minutes of historical footage available on YouTube
The APA issued 3 statements supporting LGBTQ people & equality
Apache Stronghold
Apathy, a videogame political satire
Apes Remember Specific Events From Years Ago
Aphantasia: How It Feels To Be Blind In Your Mind
The Apocalypse Of Pop Culture By Filip Hodas
The apocalyptic tone of heatwave-reporting doesn’t go far enough – not when the issue is human extinction
Apologies: What, When and How
Apologizing Figurines of Japanese Giant Monsters
Apostrophes in Science Fiction and Fantasy Names
App Lets You Buy Leftover Food From Restaurants And It's Really Cheap
The App That Lets You Lend Your Eyes to a Blind Person
The appallingly bad neoclassical economics of climate change
Appeals Court Gives Big Loss To Record Labels In Their Quixotic Lawsuit Against Vimeo For Lipdubs
Appeals Court Says It's Okay To Copyright An Entire Style Of Music
Appeals Court: No You Can't Copyright Yoga
Apple and Intel Sue SoftBank-Funded Patent Troll, Claiming Antitrust Violations For Patent Trolling
apple at it's best... :-)
Apple Didn't Delete That Guys iTunes Movies, But What Happened Still Shows The Insanity Of Copyright
Apple's claims about recycling and sustainability are kinda entirely nonsense
"The Appropriation of Cultures" by Percival Everett
Apps against sexual violence have been tried before. They don’t work
April Art Roundup: Frozen Nouvea, Sherlock Typography, Polygon Star Wars, & More!
April Fools hoaxes in 2006
April Showers - Simon's Cat
Aquatic robots can remove contaminant particles from water
ARC grants: if Australia wants to tackle the biggest issues, politicians need to stop meddling with basic research
Arcade cabinet enthusiasts discover trove of 50+ games in ship, derelict for 30 years
Archaeologists excavate giant stone spheres in Costa Rica
Archaia Announces JIM HENSON’S THE STORYTELLER: WITCHES Comics Miniseries
Archbishop Desmond Tutu, South African anti-apartheid activist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, dies aged 90
Architect Turns Old Cement Factory Into His Home, And The Interior Will Take Your Breath Away
Architects Create Free DIY Sustainable "Indoor Garden" For Urban Living
The architectural art of Tatzu Nishi
Architectural exploration game: Kairo
Archive Site -- Stupidsecurity
Arctic ice loss is worrying, but the giant stirring in the South could be even worse
Arctic land and water is ours, Russia warns West ahead of international meeting on region
The Ardabil Carpet
Are Aliens Plentiful, But We’re Just Missing Them?
Are Americans Too Stupid For Democracy?
Are Australians socially inclusive? 5 things we learned after surveying 11,000 people for half a decade
Are Bosses Dictators?
Are Cities Making Animals Smarter?
Are My Friends’ Deaths Their Fault or Ours?
Are the robots about to rise? Google's new director of engineering thinks so…
Are today’s standards for being a ‘real man’ leading to violence against women?
Are Trump’s Immigration Policies Literally Making Us Sick?
Are video games influencing our children to run too many errands?
Are We Doomed? Let’s Have a Conversation.
Are we smart enough to really understand how smart animals are?
Are we witnessing a 'new scramble for Africa'?
Are we witnessing the emergence of the United States of Australia?
Are you a Viking? Yes, but so is everyone else
Are you breaking copyright law?
Are You Culturally Appropriating Buddhism?
Are you in denial? Because it’s not just anti-vaxxers and climate sceptics
Are you kidding, India? Your last-minute Glasgow intervention won’t relieve pressure to ditch coal
Are You Ready To Consider That Capitalism Is The Real Problem?
Are you satisfied with your sleep? If not, maybe you need an adorable Baymax bed
Are You Tired?
Are ‘Fast Movies’ Really A Substitute For The Real Thing? Or Just Good Marketing?
Arecibo Observatory's Space Cats Need Your Help!
Aren’t we in a drought? The Australian black coal industry uses enough water for over 5 million people
Argentina Plans To Increase Copyright In Photos From 20 Years To Life Plus 70 Years, Devastating Wikipedia
Argentinian rewilding project sees the return of jaguars and macaws
Arizona volunteers form ‘underground’ network to house migrants released by ICE
ark nova inflatable concert hall to tour japan's flood-hit areas
Armadillo Electric Car: Fold It, Park It With A Smartphone
Armed FBI agents raid home of researcher who found unsecured patient data
Armor for Critters
Arnold Schwarzenegger: A message to the Russian people
Around the world in seven journeys: Michael Palin on his favourite trips
Arquitectura libre
Arresting the Unjustly Homeless While They Learn to Code
Arrietty and Hugo
Ars Electronica Prix 2006
Art by "Red" Hong Yi
Art Captures How Rockets Feel Forces
Art deco will be the visual language of 2021
Art For Australia! Come Shop The Adorableness & Help Spread Some Hope
Art for nerds and nurseries by Tiffany Ard
Art Historian Goes Viral For Hilarious Tips On How To Become An ‘Art Expert’
Art Indeed!
Art is a business – and, yes, artists have to make difficult, honest business decisions
Art Isn’t Free / Arts training is essential
art made from pencils!
The Art of Andres Amador
The Art of Book Covers (1820–1914)
The Art of Designing With Heart
The art of particle physics
The Art of the Dinosaur : Illustrations by the Top Paleoartists in the World
The Art of the Factory
The art of writing an obituary
Art Students Cleverly Dress Up as Famous Paintings For the Annual Halloween Parade in Kawasaki, Japan
Art Students Transform an Electrical Tower into a Stained Glass Lighthouse
Art work to appreciate
art: Stellar Axis: Antarctica
Artaud forum
Artaud Forum 1
Artecnica pop-up lamps
Arthur C. Clarke (Sci-Fi Writer) predicting ebooks, remote working, etc back in 1976
Arthur C. Clarke and his vision of world government
The article removed from Forbes, “Why White Evangelicalism Is So Cruel”
Article: Czech Scientists Create A Real-Life Tractor Beam
Artificial Intelligence Can Now Craft Original Jokes—And That’s No Laughing Matter
Artificial intelligence themes explored in Canberra duo B(if)tek's album titled 2020 have 'come to pass'
Artificial light may become a new weapon in the fight to control malaria
Artificial refuges are a popular stopgap for habitat destruction, but the science isn’t up to scratch
Artist Creates Adult Coloring Books And Sells More Than A Million Copies
Artist Creates Giant Wood Sculptures and Hides Them in Copenhagen Forests
The artist David Choe
Artist John Pugh
Artist Melts 1,527 Guns to Make Shovels for Tree Planting!
Artist Ra Paulette Is Hand Carving Stunning Sculpted Caves in Sandstone Cliffs in New Mexico
Artist Thijme Termaat Spent 2.5 Years Painting And Creating This Timelapse
Artist throws herself at men.
Artist Turns Her Small Studio Room Into Surreal Dreamscapes Without Using Photoshop
Artist Turns Scrap Metal into Delicately Crafted Insect Sculptures
Artistic ad for cashmere knitwear
Artistic changes of scale
The Artistic Freedom Voucher: Internet Age Alternative to Copyrights
Artistic Paper
Artists are not at the negotiating table at COP26 but art is everywhere. What can they accomplish through their work?
Artists help communities during a crisis, not hinder. Why are we still told they don’t matter?
Artists transformed a Trump hotel suite into an art exhibit with rats
“artists” and Artists
The arts helped us through the pandemic – NZ’s budget should radically rethink how and why they’re funded
Arundhati Roy on Fiction in the Face of Rising Fascism
As Amazon burns, Trump wants to log world’s largest intact temperate rainforest in Alaska
As Australian-Chinese writer Yang Hengjun’s trial begins, his prospects remain bleak
As Climate Scientists Speak Out, Sexist Attacks Are on the Rise
As cryptocurrencies take hold, NZ must address the climate impacts of their colossal energy demand
As News Corp goes ‘rogue’ on election coverage, what price will Australian democracy pay?
As NSW roads minister, I know we have to incentivise electric cars
As Prudes Drive Social Media Takedowns, Museums Embrace... OnlyFans?
As Record Labels Still Are Demanding Mandated Filters; Facebook's Copyright Filter Takes Down A Guy Playing Bach
As the Beijing Winter Olympics countdown begins, calls to boycott the ‘Genocide Games’ grow
As The World Frets Over Social Media Tracking For Advertising, Young People Are Turning Fooling Sites Into Sport
As the world surges ahead on electric vehicle policy, the Morrison government’s new strategy leaves Australia idling in the garage
Ascot declines to renew insurance policy for Adani coal mine
Asian elephants reassure others in distress: First empirical evidence of consolation in elephants
Asians In Asia View Cultural Appropriation Differently Than You Realize
Fwd: Fw: Ask a ninja
Ask a policy expert: How much do we pay for our politicians?
Ask Ethan: Why Aren't Spiral Galaxies More Wound Up?
Ask Ethan: Why don’t you look like a scientist?
Ask Me About Being A Birthday Party Princess
Ask the real experts about ocean acidification, not climate science deniers
Asking the Right Questions About AI
Assassin's Kittens Unity
The Assassination of Human Rights Activist Marielle Franco Was a Huge Loss for Brazil — and the World
Assault of the Corporate Libertarians
Asterix and Obelix in Britain
Asterix creator Albert Uderzo dies at 92
Asterix translator..
Astonishing 3D animated cat on Tokyo digital billboard
Astonishing book tunnel entrance to bookstore
Astounding underwater photography contest winners
Astronauts eject UK-led space junk demo mission
Astronomers Reveal First-Ever Direct Image of Planets Around a Sun-Like Star
Astronomy Geekiness
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Astronomy picture of the day: The Earth at Night
Astrophysicists re-imagine world map, designing a less distorted, 'radically different' way to see the world
ASU lecture to preview forthcoming book 'The White Savior and the Waif'
Asus Bamboo Ecobook Computer
Asus EeePC from Vapor to reality
Asylum Solutions: saving money with a more humane response
At 16, Australians can drive, work and apply for the army – so why can’t they vote?
At Davos we will tell world leaders to abandon the fossil fuel economy
At KC’s Giving Grove, the mission is ‘much bigger than food’
At last, a new movie that’s as beautiful and insane as The Fifth Element
At last, for Yorick. Bequeathed skull stars in Hamlet
At Least One Of These Posts Will Make You Laugh Even If You Don't Play D&D
At the Far Ends of a New Universal Law
At This Danish School, LARPing Is the Future of Education
At Work Inside Our Detention Centres: A Guard’s Story
At Work, Expertise Is Falling Out of Favor
At Yale, we conducted an experiment to turn conservatives into liberals. The results say a lot about our political divisions.
The Athanasius Kircher Society
Atlantic Salmon Is Basically Extinct: You’re Eating a Genetically Eroded Version
The Atlas Obscura Explorer’s Guide for the World’s Most Adventurous Kid
Atlas of Prejudice
Atmospheric Optics
Atmospheric optics and nacreous clouds
Atomic Rockets
Atomic tomatoes are not the only fruit
The Atomium, Belgium
ATROPA -- Sci-fi Short
Attacks on the People’s Press
Attacks on Ukraine’s hospitals are deliberate and brutal. The world must respond to these acts of terror
Attention managers: if you expect First Nations’ staff to do all your ‘Indigenous stuff’, this isn’t support – it’s racism
Attention Philanthropy 2009
Attention United Nations: don’t be fooled by Australia’s latest report on the Great Barrier Reef
Attribution is hard
Audi Lunar Quattro | Fully Charged
[IP] Audio recording from - ancient Pompeii !!!
Auditors slam EU for 'marine protected areas' that fail to protect ocean
Auguste Rodin's Sculptures Are In The Public Domain; 3D Scans Of Them Should Be, Too
Aurealis Awards
Aurora - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)
Aurora Borealis photos
Aurora photos from the Solar storm
Aus-NZ refugee deal is a bandage on a failed policy. It’s time to end offshore processing
Auschwitz survivor marks 92nd birthday on Holocaust Remembrance Day
Aussie expats join forces in Ads Up group to help refugees find their feet in the US
Aussie Productivity Commission Doubles Down On Fair Use And Serious Copyright & Patent Reform
Aussie startup invents breakthrough non-toxic battery electrolyte that’s cheaper ‘by factor of 100’
Austerity Is Not the Only Way: Portugal!
Austerity policies do more harm than good, IMF study concludes
Austin mom launches clothing line for girls who don’t want to be defined by pink and purple
Australia 'addicted to roads', says leaked infrastructure report
Australia and Norway were once tied in global anti-corruption rankings. Now, we’re heading in opposite directions
Australia and xenophobia
Australia breeds brainy birds
Australia bushfires spark 'unprecedented' climate disinformation
Australia commits to $3.5 billion tank purchase from the US
Australia confirms extinction of 13 more species, including first reptile since colonisation
Australia could rapidly shift to clean transport – if we had a strategy. So we put this plan together
Australia could ‘green’ its degraded landscapes for just 6% of what we spend on defence
Australia Cuts 80% of Plastic Bag Use in 3 Short Months
Australia denies Cameroonian journalist visa over suspicion she would illegally overstay
Australia does not have a welfare problem. We have a poverty problem
Australia Fires: Rescue dog Bear saves scores of koalas
Australia had a record number of police shootings in the past year. Should we be concerned?
Australia has coped fairly well with the pandemic. With climate change? It’s a different story
Australia has failed greater gliders: since they were listed as ‘vulnerable’ we’ve destroyed more of their habitat
Australia has finally backed a plan to let developing countries make cheap COVID-19 vaccines — what matters is what it does next
Australia has invented Shazam for spiders
Australia has lost 140 journals in a decade. That’s damaging for local research and education
Australia has not just had a ‘diplomacy fail’ – it has been devaluing the profession for decades
Australia has overshot three planetary boundaries based on how we use land
Australia is 'ground zero' in climate crisis and must show leadership, top researchers say
Australia is at the climate crossroads. The choice is yours, mates
Australia is bringing migrant workers back – but exploitation is still rampant. Here are 3 changes needed now
Australia is building a billion-dollar arms export industry. This is how weapons can fall in the wrong hands
Australia is built on lies, so why would we be surprised about lies about climate change?
Australia is creating an underclass of exploited farm workers, unable to speak up
Australia is failing marginalised people, and it shows in COVID death rates
Australia is undermining the Paris Agreement, no matter what Morrison says – we need new laws to stop this
Australia launches action against Russia over MH17, in bid for reparations
Australia launches emergency relocation of fish as largest river system faces collapse
Australia matches its hottest day on record as Western Australia town hits 50.7C
Australia must get serious about airborne infection transmission. Here’s what we need to do
Australia once rejected ‘feeble-minded’ immigrants. While the language has changed, discrimination remains
Australia plans electric vehicle network
Australia plans to be a big green hydrogen exporter to Asian markets – but they don’t need it
Australia ranks last for climate action among UN member countries
Australia ranks last out of 54 nations on its strategy to cope with climate change. The Glasgow summit is a chance to protect us all
Australia risks relying on Pfizer and Moderna for its COVID vaccines. 3 ways to break free
Australia secured asylum deal by staying 'silent' on rights abuses: Sri Lanka PM
Australia set to welcome JAXA’s Hayabusa2
Australia should have a universal basic income for artists. Here’s what that could look like
Australia spends billions planting trees – then wipes out carbon gains by bulldozing them
Australia spends more propping up fossil fuels than it does on the Army
Australia spent a million dollars training me – and now I’m leaving
Australia sweltered through its 4th-hottest year in 2020
Australia takes from the poor to give to the rich
Australia Takes Its First Baby Steps On the Road To A Right-To-Repair Law, With A Consultation About Tractors
Australia tells Pacific Islands to “reflect” on climate action, dial down “crisis” talk
Australia the only developed nation on world list of deforestation hotspots
Australia Threatening Over 100 Journalists For Accurately Reporting On Cardinal Pell's Sex Abuse Trial
Australia to return to the Eurovision Song Contest!
Australia Triumphs Definitively In Long-Running Battle With Big Tobacco Over Plain Packs For Cigarettes
Australia vs New Zealand. You can tell a lot about a country by the way it budgets
Australia wants a space industry. So why won’t we pay for the basic research to drive it?
Australia was a model for protecting people from COVID-19 — and then we dumped half a million people back into poverty
Australia will likely adopt a net-zero target by COP26. It will be a bad target
Australia's AG Says Public Will Be Cool With Encryption Backdoors Because They Use Facebook
Australia's banks are too big for the nation's good
Australia's delivery deaths: the riders who never made it and the families left behind
Australia's detention regime sets out to make asylum seekers suffer, says chief immigration psychiatrist
Australia's Dropbears win Quidditch World Cup, inspired by Harry Potter game
Australia's endangered forests are being 'stolen' and sold in hardware and office stores
Fwd: Australia's First Boat People
Australia's first cat cafe opens in Melbourne
Australia's first electric passenger plane takes to the skies of Perth, with Rottnest in its sights
Australia's refugee policy is a failure. This is not the time to shirk responsibility
Australia's rich keep getting richer, with billionaires' wealth rising to $160b, says Oxfam
Australia's stalled migrant boom derails golden economic run
Australia's tallest timber building makes a towering case for eco-friendly construction
Australia-first research reveals staggering loss of threatened plants over 20 years
Australian Aboriginal Flag Mess Is Getting Worse -- All Thanks To Copyright
Australian Aboriginal people were baking bread and farming grain 20,000 years before Egypt
Australian Attorney General Wants To Make The Country's Defamation Law Even Worse
Australian bushfires: The canary building the coal mine
Australian businesses prematurely disposing of devices
Australian Censors Overreach when classfiying video games
Australian companies to take part in four-day working week trial
Australian Court Ridiculously Says That AI Can Be An Inventor, Get Patents
Australian deputy PM mocks Alok Sharma’s emotional reaction at Cop26
Australian Electoral Commission Refuses To Allow Researchers To Check E-Voting Software
Australian electric vehicle
Australian electrolyzer invention enables green hydrogen under US$1.5/kg by ‘mid 2020s’
Australian film gender imbalance: shock statistics reveal what’s old is new again
Australian Firefighters Pose With Adorable Rescued Animals for Sizzling Wildlife Charity Calendar
Australian forests will store less carbon as climate change worsens and severe fires become more common
Australian garden team triumphs at Chelsea Flower Show
Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year
Australian government concedes evidence against asylum seeker was obtained by torture
Australian Government Continues To Push Encryption Backdoors It Refuses To Call Encryption Backdoors
Australian government must protect young people from climate crisis harm, court declares
Australian Government Proposes Stripping Internet Users Of Their Anonymity
Australian Government sued by 23-year-old Melbourne student over financial risks of climate change
The Australian government wants to avoid the Great Barrier Reef being listed as ‘in danger’ at all costs
Australian government was ‘blindsided’ by UN recommendation to list Great Barrier Reef as in-danger. But it’s no great surprise
Australian Law Enforcement Now Forcing Service Providers To Grant Access To Data And Content
Australian Media Company CEO Accuses iiNet ISP Of Piracy 'Lies', Says Illegal Filesharing Is Theft
Australian Medical Association declares climate change a health emergency
Australian MP Pushes Back Against Expanded Site And Search Blocking Laws
Australian Music
Australian Muslim millionaire turned humanitarian Ali Banat dies
Australian Prime Minister, After Registering For A WeChat Account Using Unnamed Chinese Citizen, Finds His Account Sold To Someone Else
Australian Professional Photography Awards showcase best photos of 2016
Australian public fed nonsense as country heads to “irreversible” decision.
Australian Public Servants Warned Against Liking Social Media Posts That Are Critical Of Government Policies
Australian Raptors May Be Playing With Fire
Australian Siblings Are Semi-Identical Twins, Some Of The Rarest Humans Ever
Australian State's Proposed Ag-Gag Law Threatens General Right To Protest, Critics Warn
Australian town implements brilliant solution to reduce the problem of plastic waste
‘The Australian way’: how Morrison trashed brand Australia at COP26
The Australian welfare system has always been needlessly cruel. Now it’s punishing half the country
Australian writing and publishing faces ‘grinding austerity’ as funding continues to decline
Australian-first LGBTQIA+ hub opens for Melbourne's queer community
Australians are more generous than their government
Australians are three times more worried about climate change than COVID. A mental health crisis is looming
Australians May Get Their Own SOPA
Australians Should Be Allowed To Circumvent Geoblocking: Productivity Commission
Australians’ faith in politics has collapsed – how can we reimagine democracy?
Australia’s asylum policy has been a disaster. It’s deeply disturbing the UK wants to adopt it
Australia’s biggest fossil fuel investment for a decade is in the works – and its greenhouse gas emissions will be horrifying
Australia’s Black Summer of fire was not normal – and we can prove it
Australia’s Bowen Basin producing 47% more methane than global average
Australia’s cities policies are seriously inadequate for tackling the climate crisis
Australia’s coastal waters are rich in Indigenous cultural heritage, but it remains hidden and under threat
Australia’s Decade of Burning Environmental Apathy
Australia’s environment law doesn’t protect the environment – an alarming message from the recent duty-quashing climate case
Australia’s Existential Crisis in a Climate Changed World
Australia’s first electric prime mover fleet unveiled, with swap and go batteries
Australia’s first solar panel recycling plant swings into action
Australia’s government gives more support to fossil fuel research than is apparent
Australia’s largest coal plant will close 7 years early – but there’s still no national plan for coal’s inevitable demise
Australia’s marine (un)protected areas: government zoning bias has left marine life in peril since 2012
Australia’s most senior former public servants and scientists reveal their anger about climate policy failure
Australia’s net-zero plan fails to tackle our biggest contribution to climate change: fossil fuel exports
Australia’s next government must start talking about a ‘just transition’ from coal. Here’s where to begin
Australia’s next government must tackle our collapsing ecosystems and extinction crisis
Australia’s Online Safety Commissioner Say Anti-Trolling Bill Won’t Protect People, Is Mostly About Enabling Defamation Lawsuits
Australia’s Poisonous Refugee Policy
Australia’s refusal to sign a global methane pledge exposes flaws in the term ‘net-zero’
Australia’s reliance on gas exports questioned as Japan winds down fossil fuel power
Australia’s retail and fast food workers face ‘epidemic’ levels of abuse and harassment
Australia’s stumbling, last-minute dash for climate respectability doesn’t negate a decade of abject failure
Australia’s threatened species plan has failed on several counts. Without change, more extinctions are assured
Australia’s vast carbon sink releasing millions of tonnes of CO2 back into atmosphere
Australia’s ‘A’ rating on human rights is under threat with a handpicked, politically engineered commissioner
Author of first English novel kept it hidden for ten years – here’s why
Authority calls for new court to help crush lucrative NT wildlife poaching trade
Authors dress up as their favourite characters
Autism: The children who find haircuts painful
Autistic explosions abound
Autistic Man Called “Stupid” By Gym Staff Teaches Himself Law, Sues The Company And Wins
Autocracy: Rules for Survival
Automation in Everyday Life
Automation is already here and its taking jobs and annoying customers
Automation may mean a post-work society but we shouldn't be afraid
Autonomous Nissan Leaf | Fully Charged
Autotune...The News!
The Avalanches - Wherever You Go (Live In Lockdown With The International Space Orchestra)
avengergram: "What is it with cats and boxes?"
The Avenging Unicorn play set
Avian: Protect the skies
Aviator cat statuette by Hontor
Aviators - Losing Control (Synthwave)
Avicii - Wake Me Up - Conte Remix
Avicii meets Traditional Japanese Drums "太鼓" SOS - DRUM TAO cover feat. Ayako
**Award Winning** CGI Animated Short Film: "Green Light" by Seongmin Kim | CGMeetup
Aware Super: Our approach to climate change
Awesome A Capella Version of "I Wish"
Awesome Animal Robots
Awesome Cat Poetry
Awesome climate solutions that no one seems to be talking about
Awesome Egg House
Awesome Fluffy Neon Creature Art
Awesome geek cakes
AWESOME Godzilla Posters
AWESOME Kid's Toy!
Awesome Math Teacher Does It Again
Awesome Metal Art
Awesome Pet Art
Awesome Peter Pam
Awesome pipe-cleaner animal sculptures!
Awesome Predictions
Awesome Public Sculptures
Awesome Robots
Awesome Self Hosted
Awesome Self Hosted Newsletter
Awesome Smaug cake
Awesome Space Themed Birthday Cake With Planets And Galaxies Inside
Awesome Star Trek Poster Art
Awesome Steampunk Robots
Awesome Story
Awesome Stuff: Immortal Data
Awesome Stuff: Made With Creative Commons
Awesome Stuff: New Digital Instruments Done Right
Awesome Stuff: Putting Nature In The Public Domain
Awesome Stuff: Reclaiming Classic Culture
Awesome Sword Fight
Awesome Textbook Doodles
Awesome video game cakes
Awesome Visual Trick
Awesome Water Droplets
The (awesome) economics of open source
Awesomely bizarre light show freaks out Norway
The “Awesome” Tag Was Made For Workers Like This
Awful Scifi Books
Axtara - Banking and Finance


b'day party?
B-movie bags
Baaaaaby Animals
Babbage: Pioneers of the WWW
Babies made out of frosting]
The Baby and the Baath Water
Baby boomers have 3.6 million spare rooms that could help fix the millennial housing crisis
Baby Cosplaying
Baby Dugong Gives Huge Hug To The People Who Saved Her
Baby eastern quolls born in captivity give hope for extinction reversal | ABC Australia
Baby elephant chasing birds
Baby Elephant Searches for Girl's Nose
Baby Fett
Baby names: the royal child and the unknown asylum seeker
The baby that divided a nation
Baby-Faced ‘Harry Potter’ Cast Members Awkwardly Pose in Publicity Photos From 2000
Back from the Brink
Back Slowly Away from the Ronald
"Back to the Future" documentary
Back to the party: the Duchess of Devonshire’s Costume Ball 1897
Bad ancestors: does the climate crisis violate the rights of those yet to be born?
Bad Writing! Bad!!
Badger Badger Badger Strikes Again
Bake Sale
Bake your own playable Angry Birds cake (with video)
The Bakery That’s Owned by an Idea
Bald Phil
Ball Pit + Mongooses = Awesome
Ball-riding robots
Balloon Bass and Box
Balloon Dog anatomy
Balloon Fashion
Balloon molecules
Balloon Sculptures
Balloon tank
Balloon Weirdness
Ballooning into the Sky
Baltic cod walloped as stocks crash
"Bambi Meets Godzilla: The Restoration"
Bamboozled… Are Bamboo Sheets & Socks Eco Friendly?
Ban Bottom Trawling on Seamounts
Ban male comedy writers? Of course not – but do more to give women a chance
Banana Museum
Bananas in Bogota
Bang Bang Crazy, Part 14: The Cowardice of Responsibility
Bangkok's idle taxis turned into vegetable patches
Banksy's "Village Pet Store And Charcoal Grill"
The banned 400-year-old Shakespearean speech being used for refugee rights today
Banned from using the name HERMES
Banpresto showers Gundam fans with gadgetry, doodads
Bar Jokes Involving Grammar and Punctuation
The Bar That Saved Me
Barack Obama, Ferguson, and the Evidence of Things Unsaid
Barack Obama, Stephen Harper, Tony Abbott, John Key: Fully adopt the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Barbershop Quartet from the Awesome Side
BarbershopMe - GQ - Something Tells Me I'm Into Something Good
Barbie Career of the Year as a Window on Centrist Feminism
Barbie Scoops Poop, Dog Desperately Hungry
Barcelona issues annual public transport tickets to former car owners
Barcelona tells landlords: Find tenants or we will rent your property as affordable housing
Barcelona's car-free 'superblocks' could save hundreds of lives
“Barefoot” Matriarchs Take On India’s Electricity Gap
Barenaked Ladies - "Odds Are" (Official Music Video)
Barking mad mechanic made Wallace and Gromit style breakfast machine
The Barlowian Internet: The Faults Of The Internet Are Also Its Opportunity, But It's Up To Us To Embrace Them
Barnaby Joyce has refused to support doubling Australia’s 2030 emissions reduction targets – but we could get there so cheaply and easily
The Baroque Music Library
Baroque-Inspired Portraits Of Black Girls Highlight Their Amazing Natural Hair So Other Girls Would Stop Hiding It
Barry's Grand Design
Basic income and other ways to fix capitalism | Federico Pistono | TEDxHaarlem
Basic Income is now a dominant discussion in India's 2019 general election
Basic income support in South Africa: risks, rewards and what it will take
Basic income versus the robots
Basic income works, a quick case study approach to debunking some basic income myths
Basic Income, Job Guarantees, and Invisible Labor
Basically Half of All Known Bird Species Are Grappling With Population Declines
Bathtub IV
Batman Dance Party
Batman is a Hoarder!
Battered but not broken: how global trade is responding to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
Battery-powered Greek island bets on green future
Battery-powered trains are picking up speed
The battle over Australia's brumbies intensifies in a clash of culture, colonialism and conservation
The battle to rebuild centuries of science after an epic inferno
Battlelines are now drawn in the war against transparency and truth
Batzilla the Bat
Bay of Bengal: depleted fish stocks and huge dead zone signal tipping point
BBC admits ‘we get climate change coverage wrong too often’
BBC Institutes Changes to Prevent "False Balance" in Science Reporting
The BBC is releasing over 16,000 sound effects for free download
BBC releases 'Curse of the Fatal Death,' Steven Moffat's first Doctor Who episode from 1999
BBC reveals new archive that allows access to 200,000 programmes – and early editions of Radio Times
BBC to celebrate Kenny Everett
BBC to launch refreshed Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Game
bdaul sent you a video!
Be a water bear
Be Good To Each Other, Folks. Because This Could Happen.
Be More Dog
Be Prepared
Be reassured: the world is not as divided as we might think
Be safe on the internet.
Be Your Own Boss: More Co-op Businesses Are Returning Workers’ Power
Beach wheelchair at Wilson's Promontory gives better experience for people with disabilities
Beaker: the Decentralized Read-Write Browser
Beam me up Scotty in its infancy?
beamz music performance system
Bear Simulator
Bear-Dar Warns of Approaching Polar Bears
Bears Doing Human Things
bears playing with dogs
The Bear’s Lair: The untold story of systemic gender discrimination inside UC Berkeley’s IT Department
The Beast in the Basement: 1960's sound-effect pipe organ
Beasts of Maravilla Island-a magic wildlife photography game
Beat the Cheat
Beatboxing Flute
Beate Gordon obituary
Beatle v mobster: the day John Lennon put paid to a shady record label boss
The Beatles of Comedy
Beautiful and Surprising Sculptures
Beautiful computer art
Beautiful electronic easy listening music from the USSR (1960)
Beautiful examples of eyes in nature
Beautiful Nautilus House
Beautiful Nouveau art
Beautiful old-school 8-bit colour cycling art in HTML5
Beautiful Photo of Adorable Hare in a Field Wins Nature Photography Contest
Beautiful photos
Beautiful Photos of Artfully Arranged Microscopic Diatoms
Beautiful Puma Rescued From a Russian Contact Zoo Lives a Happy Life as a Domestic House Cat
Beautiful Renaissance Paintings, All Done Up Real Handsome-Like as Photographs
Beautiful Science: Picturing Data, Inspiring Insight
"Beautiful" Squirrel-Tail Dinosaur Fossil Upends Feather Theory
Beautiful, rare ‘purple cauliflower’ coral off NSW coast may be extinct within 10 years
The Beauty of Japan’s Artistic Manhole Covers
The Beauty of Space Photography
The Beauty of Uncertainty: How Heisenberg Invented Quantum Mechanics, Told in Jazz
Beavers are engineering a new Alaskan tundra
Fwd: Because you're just too darned cheerful :-)
Bedford and the Normalization of Deviance
Bee and PuppyCat
The bee population is dying. Researchers have created the first global map of the species to save them
BEEBOT Wooden Puzzle Drone for Kids
Beef farmer working to bring back native grasslands from brink of extinction
Bees Are Dropping Dead Across Brazil, And The Reason Is Absolutely Devastating
Before & After
Before 9/11, Australia had no counter-terrorism laws, now we have 92 — but are we safer?
Before and After with Art
Before you die: 100 things you simply must do
Before-and-After Photos Reveal the Destruction of Ancient Forests
'The beginning of great change': Greta Thunberg hails school climate strikes
Behind the Scam: What Does It Take to Be a ‘Best-Selling Author’? $3 and 5 Minutes.
Behind the scenes at NASA Mission Control
Behind The Scenes Look At How Facebook Dealt With Christchurch Shooting Demonstrates The Impossible Task Of Content Moderation
Behind the scenes of 24/7 service: The realities of 'owning' a Japanese convenience store
Behind the Scenes: The pots, pans, and people that make millions of meals
Behold the Return of the Amazing New Zealand “Owl Parrot.” Look at It Dance!
Beijing court dismisses landmark #MeToo case as authorities censor discussion
Beijing gives up on even the pretense of allowing opposition in Hong Kong
Beijing is moving to stamp out the Hong Kong protests – but it may have already lost the city for good
Beijing using its financial muscle to target Uyghurs living abroad – report
Beijing Was Confident Its Hong Kong Allies Would Win. After the Election, It Went Silent.
Being A Girl: A Brief Personal History of Violence
Being a Queer Parent is Terrifying Right Now
Being a sandpiper
Being selective
Beirut explosion: how you can help victims in Lebanon
Belarusians strip naked after accidental order from their president
Belgian Cat Festival is AWESOME
Belgium approves four-day week and gives employees the right to ignore their bosses after work
Believing that life is fair might make you a terrible person
Fwd: Bella & Tarra: The Odd Couple
Beloved Chinatown restaurant closes as customers stay away over coronavirus fears
Below the poverty line: The real cost of being a university student
Ben Folds Five with FRAGGLE ROCK
Ben the playing golf cat
Benoit Mandelbrot Fractal Art Contest 2007
Bento Art
Berlin 'borrowing shop' promotes the benefits of sharing
The Berlin Pirate Party
Berliners have shown how to stop the march of the far right
Berlin’s Second-Hand Craze Is Turning It into a ‘Zero-Waste City’
Bernie Addresses the Nation on the Health and Economic Crisis
Bernie Sanders Calls For Federal Investigation Of Exxon
Bernie Sanders meets Spike Lee: ‘Where do we go? Where is the hope?’
Bernie’s New Internationalist Vision
Bespoke: A modular DAW for Mac, Windows, and Linux.
Best Ad Ever!
The best adventure stories for kids from 1965
The Best Astronomy and Space Pictures of 2013
The Best Astronomy Images of 2012
The best beatbox you'll ever hear
The Best Cosplay of Dragon Con 2014, Pt 2
The Best Defense Against Rubber-Hose Cryptanalysis
The best examples of street art in 2012
The best games about home are the ones that make you leave it
The best hope for fairly distributing COVID-19 vaccines globally is at risk of failing. Here’s how to save it
The Best Medicine for My Climate Grief
The best microscope photos of the year reveal a strange and hidden universe in astonishing detail
Best nature pictures of 2012
Best of April Fools
Best of ELECTRO SWING Mix August 2016 ◄ ~( ̄▽ ̄)~
Best of Eurovision 2020
Best of GLITCH SWING/FUNK Mix June 2016◄ \( ゚▽゚)/
Best path to net zero: Cut short-lived super-pollutants
Best press release ever?
The Best Sci-Fi Characters of All Time: the verdict
The Best Summary Of Australia's News Link Tax / 'Bargaining Code'
The Best Things That Happened For Animals In 2016
The best twitter bots of 2015
The best underwater photography awarded in the Through Your Lens contest
The best way to protect us from climate change? Save our ecosystems
Best. Comics. Ever.
Bestselling Titles
Better Place electric car networks
Better Strategies for Equality
Between the Sea and the Problem of Humanity: The Mediterranean’s Refugees and the Humanitarian Reason of Rescue at Sea
Between Trump and Clinton who will win US presidential election?
Beware of this deadly mix: oligarchic economics and racist, nationalist populism
Beware terrorists but don't sweat the climate crisis – how blind can Morrison be?
BeWifi lets you steal your neighbor’s bandwidth when they’re not using it
Beyond "Gravity": the complex quest to take out our orbital trash
'Beyond Beyond' takes rabbits to the Feather King's realm
Beyond Blockchain: Simple Scalable Cryptocurrencies
Beyond electric cars: how electrifying trucks, buses, tractors and scooters will help tackle climate change
Beyond Lara Croft: 30 truly interesting female game characters
Beyond Protest: Harnessing People Power For The New Decade
Beyond Rage
Beyond the Lecture: Keith David Watenpaugh
Beyond the stethoscope: Restoring hope, heart and healing in medicine
BHP is selling its dirty oil and gas assets, but hold the applause
Bhutan PM Asks All Citizens to Adopt a Stray Dog or Plant a Tree for King’s Birthday
Bias be gone! Can our unconscious prejudices be overcome?
Bias, politics and protests: how human laws constrain and sometimes liberate animals
Bidding on Security
Biden Is Aiming to Destroy a Historic Climate Change Lawsuit
Biden plan eliminates billions in fossil fuel subsidies
‘The Big Bang Theory’ Co-Creator is Looking to Bring Back Muppets Television Series on ABC
Big banks’ trillion-dollar finance for fossil fuels ‘shocking’, says report
Big Bird broke our hearts today
Big Buck Bunny released
big bunny
Big business is hijacking our radical past. We must stop it
Big Cat Rescue
Big Catch The Movie
Big cats like to play too
Big Change - Mostly Screwed (part 1: the environment)
BIG change: Reigniting Democracy!
Big Changes: New America
The big con: how neoliberals convinced us there wasn't enough to go around
The ‘big con’ revealed: Report details fossil fuel industry’s deceptive ‘net zero’ strategy
Big data: are we making a big mistake?
Big Horn
Big investors warn Australia on climate change
Big Kitchen With Food
Big Kitty!
The Big Lie of the Fascists: That Climate Holocaust is Inevitable by Rainer Shea + Can Eco-Socialism Save The World?
The Big Lie that keeps the Uber bezzle alive
Big Mood: New Report Says It’s “Highly Likely” Civilisation Will Be Beyond Saving By 2050
Big national debates sink in the sands of ignorance
Big News In Anti-Poaching Efforts
Big oil all talk, no action on climate change? Researchers say they've got the proof
Big oil and gas kept a dirty secret for decades. Now they may pay the price
Big oil is set to spend $5 trillion on fossil fuels we can’t afford to burn
Big Oil is using the coronavirus pandemic to push through the Keystone XL pipeline
Big oil’s ‘wokewashing’ is the new climate science denialism
Big Power Does Not Provide Big Answers
Big Red Bow
'Biggest Case on the Planet' Pits Kids vs. Climate Change
The biggest lie we still teach in American history classes
The biggest risk to the global economy no one is talking about
Bikers Against Child Abuse
Bilbo song
Bill Bailey - Cow Bells - Remarkable Guide to the Orchestra
Bill Daul sent you a video: "SOUR"
Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and The Case Against Philanthropy As We Know It
Bill McKibben: Dakota Access Pipeline Resistance Powerful Enough to Overwhelm Fossil Fuel Industry
Bill Murray's Long-Lost Sci-Fi Comedy Is Online
Billboards doubling as disinfection terminals for phones
Billions of devices imperiled by new clickless Bluetooth attack
'Billions of years of evolutionary history' under threat
Billy Bragg - Handyman Blues
Billy Joel and Jimmy Fallon Form 2-Man Doo-Wop Group Using iPad App
The ‘Biloela family’ are going home – but what will Labor do with thousands of other asylum seekers in limbo in Australia?
The binomial system of Hispanic nomenclature!
‘Biodegradable’ plastic will soon be banned in Australia. That’s a big win for the environment
Biodiversity can flourish on an urban planet
Biodiversity crisis is about to put humanity at risk, UN scientists to warn
Biodiversity depends on pollinators: a first estimate of how many plants rely on animals
Biodiversity’s Greatest Protectors Need Protection
Biology with Tibetan Buddhist monks: What I’m taking back to my college classroom from teaching at a monastery
Bipedal animals
Bird and Moon: Misheard Birds of North America
bird and moon: Things I've Learned From Snakes
Bird IQ Tests: 8 Ways Researchers Test Bird Intelligence
Bird populations are collapsing, and it's a sign of a bigger problem
Bird species are facing extinction hundreds of times faster than previously thought
Birding Like It’s 1899: Inside a Blockbuster American West Video Game
Birds are dinosaurs
Birds Nests from Around the World
Birth of a supernova
THE BIRTH OF Homeless Dance Company
The Birth of Race-Based Slavery
Birthday Clock - this is fun!
Birthday party photos
Birthday photos
Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index
Bitcoin is a mouth hungry for fossil fuels
Bitcoin myths: immutability, decentralisation, and the cult of “21 million”
Bitcoin: Delusions of money
Bitcoin’s stupendous power waste is green, apparently — bad excuses for Proof-of-Work
BitLit Offers Free and Cheap Ebooks If You Own the Physical Copy
Bittorrent Bundles are awesome.
The Bizarre Reaction To Facebook's Decision To Get Out Of The News Business In Australia
'Bizarre' new mammal discovered
bizarro world of pop music | Postmodern Jukebox | TEDxFoggyBottom
The Bizarro, Fact-free World Of Copyright Policymaking
$BJV(B: The 5 top robots of 2006
Black & White Needlepoint | Sweet Prodigy
Black And Native Lives Need Each Other To Matter
The Black Death Killed Feudalism. What Does COVID-19 Mean for Capitalism?
Black Death, COVID, and Why We Keep Telling the Myth of a Renaissance Golden Age and Bad Middle Ages
Black Facebook Workers Write Open Letter to Company: We Are Treated Every Day 'As If We Do Not Belong Here'
Black farmers were deliberately sold ‘fake seeds’ in scheme to steal their land: report
The Black Ferns review shows – again – why real change in women’s high performance sport is urgently overdue
The Black Fish: undercover with the vigilantes fighting organised crime at sea
Black hole confirmed in Milky Way
Black Hole: Paint in Motion
Black Olive Penguins
The 'Black Panther' premiere just put every other red carpet in Hollywood to shame
Black Panther, White Avengers
Black Sea faces ecological catastrophe due to Bulgaria’s inaction
'Black Superman' champions talent in Adelaide's northern suburbs
Black Velvet Nebula Cake
Blackboard Wars
Blade Runner’s Miniature Props Revealed in 142 Behind-the-Scenes Photos
'Blair' doodles amuse Number 10
Blame BP for Deepwater Horizon. But Direct Your Outrage to the Actual Mistake.
Blameless PostMortems and a Just Culture
Blasting white noise could stop birds slamming into buildings
'Blazing Saddles' + animation = 'Blazing Samurai'
Bleaching has struck the southernmost coral reef in the world
Blending science and tradition: Sharing remote sensing technologies with Indigenous communities and their land
Bletchley’s forgotten heroes
Blind Dog Has His Own Guide Cat
The blind painter and the Cartesian Theater
Blistering UN Report: Trump Administration Is Intentionally Exacerbating Inequality
Blob Opera
Blockchain is not only crappy technology but a bad vision for the future
Blockly visual programming language
Blown Glass SpaceCraft
The Blue
Blue Marble next generation
Blue Planet II Is the Greatest Nature Series Of All Time
Blue whales make surprise appearance off Washington coast
“Blue” hydrogen is worse for the climate than coal, study says
Blurred Lines may be the biggest music copyright case of 2015
Board game reviews
The Board Games That Ask You to Reenact Colonialism
Boat people un-Christian? Wrong, Mr Abbott
Bobble Crochet Beard Beanies
Bobby McFerrin at the World Science Festival 2009
Bobby McFerrin Eat Your Heart Out
Bobcat Gives Birth To A Litter Of Kittens On Guy’s Roof, So Next Year He Sets Up A Camera
Boeing's travails show what's wrong with modern capitalism
Bogi Fabian: UV art
Bohemeow Rhapsody (In celebration of 100.000 subcribers)
Bohemian Rhapsody
Bohemian Rhapsody and a BBQ: Stephen Colbert visits Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand
Bohemian Rhapsody on FLOPPOTRON
Bohemian Rhapsody...
Bohemian Rhapsody: Star Wars Edition
Bold Tali’Zorah cosplay
Boldly inspiring no more
Boldly Textured 3D Animal Illustrations by Maxim Shkret
Bolsonaro must be held criminally responsible for assault on the Amazon, say activists
Bolsonaro should be tried for crimes against humanity, Indigenous leaders say
Bolsonaro’s 1,000km Amazon railway will cause climate chaos. It must be stopped
Bolt Riley - A Reggae Adventure Game
Bondi beach swallowed by tide waters and other Sydney beaches flooded over
Bongo Cat
Bonn climate talks: Key outcomes from the June 2019 conference
Bonobo builds a fire and toasts marshmallows - Monkey Planet: Preview - BBC One
Bonobos help strangers without being asked
Bonsai Tree Houses by Takanori Aiba
Boo the Ninja Dog
Boogie Storm make Simon’s dream come true! | Auditions Week 5 | Britain’s Got Talent 2016
Book buyers live
Book Domino Chain World Record
Book extract: ‘Broken’ — requiem for the family court
Book Forest: Berlin Turns Fallen Tree Trunks Into a Free Book Exchange!
The Book No One Read
The Book of Unwritten Tales 2
The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 Kickstarter - Projection Mapping
[Book Review - for us science geeks]: Einstein's Mistakes: The Human Failings of Genius (LATbkRev)
Book review: Geoffrey Robertson makes the case for naming and shaming human rights abusers
Book Review: How to Win the War Against Climate Change — Go Electric
The book that fights sexism with science
Book Towns Are Made for Book Lovers
Books as home decor
Books offer a healing retreat for youngsters caught up in a pandemic
Bookshelf porn
Boomers vs millennials? Free yourself from the phoney generation wars
Booting from a vinyl record
Borat Thong Swimsuit / Soylent Green pendant
Boring 2010 conference report
Boris Johnson: leadership expert on why not taking responsibility degrades politics
Bosnia’s endless crisis could be solved by letting it break apart peacefully
Boss RC-505 - NASTYA MASLOVA - Russian Beatbox & Live looping Championship
The boss who put everyone on 70K
The BossHoss - My Personal Song
Boston Dynamics' Spot Robot Dances To 'Uptown Funk'
Botanist Kingsley Dixon warns WA plants could be lost forever, but there is hope
Both Sides Can Laugh by Garfunkel and Oates
Botswana’s national park struggling to support elephant refugees
Bottled water monopolist admits recycling is bullshit
Bottom trawling releases more carbon than air travel, groups urge Government action
Box Clever - Simon's Cat
Box Office: Why 'Jem And The Holograms' Flopping Is A Truly (Truly) Outrageous Tragedy
Box seat: scientists solve the mystery of why wombats have cube-shaped poo
Boy Babydolls and Princess Builders: Rethinking the Pink Aisle
Boy Howdy, This Got Stupid In A Hurry...
Boycott questions over Beijing Winter Olympics raise eerie echoes of 1936
Boyfriend Arm Pillow, Girlfriend Lap Pillow
BP Chargemaster | Fully Charged Breaking News
Bracing for Bannon: Europe isn't sure it wants to be remade in Trump's image
brain computer interface
brain food for hackers
Brain function 'boosted for days after reading a novel'
Brain scans show that dogs are as conscious as human children
The Brains of the Animal Kingdom
Bramble Cay Melomys Remembrance Day
Brampton Island Photos
Brand New Morph: Twin Decks (Episode 01)
The Brand New Testament - Official UK Trailer
Brandis confuses right to be heard with right to be taken seriously
Brandis’ metadata plan won’t stop crime but will crush art
Brave Robotics Transforming Robot Car
The bravest thing I've ever done
Brazen fox demands top prize in animal photography competition
Brazil Is About To Show The World How A Modern Democracy Collapses
Brazil shows why climate hopes will (probably) fail
Fwd: bread
Bread and circuses…well, circuses anyway, not so much bread
Bread Shoes
Breaking climate vows would be ‘monstrous self-harm’, warns Cop26 president
Breaking the silence: On being a single parent
Breaking up over climate change: My deep dark journey into doomer Facebook
Breathtaking bamboo building withstands earthquakes and boasts a zero-carbon footprint
Breathtaking wilderness in the heart of coal country: after a 90-year campaign, Gardens of Stone is finally protected
Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation isn't democracy. It's a judicial coup
Brewer Threatens Restaurant For Using The Word 'Hofbrau'
Brewery owner boots sexist customer, unleashes must-read rant about women in the service industry
Brexit: a disaster decades in the making
Brexit: What's the f**k is going on?
Brian Cox from Wonders of the Universe
Brian Cox Masterclass
Fwd: Brian Dettmer - Book Sculptor (RGS)
Brian Eno calls for “a revolution” in music industry’s approach to climate change
Brian Fargo: "The golden era of computer RPGs is yet to come"
Brian Froud: Dark Crystal Prequels
Bride hacks into website, decodes proprietary 3D model format to save wedding!!
Bridge over troubled forests: how Java's slow lorises are creeping back
Bridging America’s divides requires a willingness to work together without becoming friends first
The ‘Brief History Of Graphics’ Video Series Is Your Monday Morning Pong Pick-Me-Up
Brighton Kitty Cat Speakers
Brilliant :-)
Brilliant article about marketing
Brilliant Book Dedications
Bringing the tūī back to town – how native birds are returning to NZ’s restored urban forests
'Brink of extinction': Steep drop in platypus numbers as drought bites
The Brisbane Olympics are a leap into an unknowable future
Bristol Boxkite flight at Centenary of Military Aviation Airshow
Britain Discovers Food Banks, Can’t Decide If It Likes Them
Britain fell for a neoliberal con trick – even the IMF says so
Britain Pardons All Men Convicted Under Historical Laws That Criminalised Being Gay
Britain's cranes have most successful year since 1600s
Britain, Canada, EU throw weight behind 2030 biodiversity protection goal
Britain’s best places to see: Historic libraries
British comedians unite for Action on Stroke Month 2014
British diplomat uses social media to draw attention to removal of Chinese mosque minarets
British History in LEGO!
The British Library is racing to save archived sounds from decay
British Library puts 1 million newspaper pages online for free
The British Library Puts 1,000,000 Images into the Public Domain, Making Them Free to Reuse & Remix
British Pathé on Youtube
British Steam Car Challenge
British steam enthusiasts build first new engine in 50 years
British university posts exclusive photo scans of space exploration artifacts
The British Wildlife Photography awards 2016 winners - in pictures
#BritishThreatLevels hashtag delivers stoical humour in the face of terror
The Brittle Grip, Part 2
Broccoli is bad for you, like, really toxic bad
Broken Men in Paradise
Bronies - BiTS - ARTE
Bronies learning English in the digital wild
Brown bear population in Pyrenees highest for a century, says study
Brown in America: A lesson in internalized whiteness
'Brown recovery' wipes out hopes that pandemic stimulus would drive climate spending
Brownies Are Our Future
Browsing the Stacks: A Photo Appreciation of Libraries
BROWZER: Learning To Play The Shenanigan
Bruce Campbell's soup labels
Bruce Schneier on ID cards and the "illusion of security"
Brussels terror attacks: Why ramping up online surveillance isn’t the answer
The brutal secrets behind ‘The Biggest Loser’
Bryan Adams: Longer Copyright Term Enriches Intermediaries, Not Creators
Bryan Mumford - The Crackpot Inventor
BT sues Valve over alleged infringement of four patents covering basic online tech
Bubbles and Magnets
Buck Rogers and the Copyright Trolls
Buckaroo Banzai Q&A
Bucking the trend: Is there a future for ultra long-haul flights in a net zero carbon world?
'Buddha would be green': Dalai Lama calls for urgent climate action
Buddhist economics: oxymoron or idea whose time has come?
Budget blowouts: offshore processing costs $1.2bn for fewer than 300 people
Budget repair less urgent than raising dole payments, leading economist Chris Richardson says
The budget should have been a road to Australia’s low-emissions future. Instead, it’s a flight of fancy
Budsies: Turning Artwork into Custom Plush Toys
Bugarup University
Bugging out: How rampant online piracy squashed one insect photographer
Build a Rocketship TODAY!
Build with Respect: Pants problems
Build Your Own Adobe Creative Suite with Free and Cheap Software
Build Your Own Edible Chocolate Bonsai Tree
Build your own projection TV
Build your own tiny Dalek army
Building a 13th-Century Castle in the 21st Century
Building a Character: Cremisius “Krem” Aclassi
Building a Cyclotron on a Shoestring
Building A Latino-Muslim Coalition With #TacoTrucksAtEveryMosque
Building an Impossible Clock
Building in a Bag
Building the Ventilation Revolution would clear indoor air, helping our kids and older Australians breathe easier
Building the world we want to have
Buildings with slides
Bullies, thieves and chiefs: the hidden cost of psychopaths at work
Bully Nation: How economic power and inequality are fueling a bullying culture
Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest 2009 Results
The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest 2014 Winners
The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest: 2017 Contest Winners
Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality
The Bundle of Holding
Bunnie Huang's tour-de-force "Hardware Hacker" book is finally in print!
Bunny & bear amigurumi ukulele duo U900
Bunny Bags From Japan That Turn Your Household Stuff Into Rabbits
Bunny Dresses
bunny short of classic movie
Bunny Trials!
Burberry announces new rainbow flag plaid and support for LGBTQ charities
The Burning House ~ or what are we going to do when our world turns to ashes?
Bushfires in a wet year have Australia's scientists looking to climate change
Business as usual: Don Dale torture is 200 years in the making
The Business Card Menger Sponge
The Buster Keaton Shorts Collection Offers Hours of Timeless Laughs (Review)
Busting coronavirus myths will take more than science: lessons from an AIDS study
Busy Winter
‘But how is Labour going to pay for that?’ To Answer Effectively We Must Talk Politics, Not Economics
But how much does it cost?
“But we’re speaking Japanese!”: Humorous video confronts lingering stereotypes in Japan
But Would You Live There?
Butt plug duels and fanny pack stunts: how Everything Everywhere All At Once fits into the canon of comedy-martial arts films
Butterfly sanctuary closes as QAnon believers, thinking it’s home to sex trafficking ring, plot caravan there
Buy Me Once: the online shop for stuff that lasts, from T-shirts to tweezers
Buy organic food to help curb global insect collapse, say scientists
Buying picture books as Christmas presents? These stories with diverse characters can help kids develop empathy
Buying property with a friend to solve home ownership struggles
The Buzzball, A Motorized Hampster Ball For Humans
The Buzzer is Mightier: The Author as a Game Show Contestant
By 2030, it won’t make sense to own a petrol or diesel car
By pushing for more oil production, the US is killing its climate pledges
By Toutatis!
BYTE Magazine Covers


C For Cookie
C64 game musician Rob Hubbard recognized with honorary degree
Cab Ride
Cable News Is Reporting in an Alternate Universe
Cables: A Pandemic Love Story
Cacophony of human noise is hurting all marine life, scientists warn
Cafe opens in Tokyo staffed by robots controlled by paralyzed people
Caged animals always on lockdown, powerful Aardman short reminds humans
Caine's Arcade
Cake Wrecks and other blogs
Cake Wrecks: Blink 182 And You'll Miss It
Cakes, Custard, Categories and Colbert
Calico House
The California coast is disappearing under the rising sea. Our choices are grim
California Cops Seize Recordings Of Questionable Arrest, Claim They Have The 'Right' To Do So
California is in a water crisis, yet usage is way up. Officials are focused on the wrong problem, advocates say
California Is Ready To Recognize A Third Gender. Is The Rest Of The Country?
California’s Floodplains Are Coming Back, and So Are Their Salmon
California’s Forever Fire
Call Cutta in a Box
Call for assistance
Call for Australian comic artists
Call Me Maybe covers
Call to phase out wood heaters due to health, environmental concerns – but minister says move not supported by community
Calling Bullshit:,Data Reasoning in a Digital World
Calling climate change a ‘crisis’ doesn’t do what you think
Calls for Morrison to end fossil fuel stimulus, redirect funds to clean tech
Calvin & Hobbes - Art Before Commerce
Calvin Seibert Sculpts Impressive Modernist Sandcastles
Camouflage Challenge: Simon's Cat
Camp Adventure Treetop Experience, A Gorgeous Circular Walkway That Rises Amongst the Trees
The Campaign to Shut Down Crucial Documentary Tool youtube-dl Continues – And So Does the Fight to Save It
Campaigners force Shell to halt oil exploration on South African coast
Camryn Forrest Designs
Can a polite sign lead to political change? What kinds of protest work?
Can a Waste Plant Become Copenhagen’s Biggest Tourism Attraction?
Can American Democracy be Revived?
Can Arctic Animals Keep Up With Climate Change? Scientists are Trying to Find Out
Can Australia’s path to net-zero really be fuelled by carbon capture and LNG?
Can Bankers Behave?
Can Being a Furry Protect You from Coronavirus?
Can China use the Beijing Olympics to ‘sportwash’ its abuses against the Uyghurs? Only if the world remains silent
Can China win back global opinion before the Winter Olympics? Does it even want to?
Can civilisation reboot without fossil fuels? – Lewis Dartnell – Aeon
Can Crowdfunding Replace Artists’ Day Jobs?
Can Dirt Save the Earth?
Can Economic Growth Last?
Can former “pirates” fix a broken movie market?
Can Humane Prisons Work in America? A Red State Aims to Find Out
Can Killing Cookies Save Journalism?
Can Matt Mullenweg save the internet?
Can Money Buy Happiness?
Can Nature Reclaim Iowa?
Can Our Common Humanity Unite Us?
Can planting billions of trees save the planet?
Can politics ever be compassionate?
Can psychology help solve long-running conflicts?
Can radicalisation be defeated? Yes, if we understand that it happens when people’s bonds are broken
Can Science Fiction Wake Us Up to Our Climate Reality?
Can Science Fiction Writers Inspire the World to Save Itself?
Can sniffer dogs really detect COVID almost as well as a PCR test? Turns out they can
Can Social Media Be Saved?
Can some birds be just as smart as apes?
Can Stanford’s Deep Dive Into Virtual Reality Help Save the Oceans?
Can technology rescue the forest elephant? Yes, with your help.
Can the US Go Green Without Destroying Sacred Native Lands?
Can the world kick its fossil-fuel addiction fast enough?
Can the world stop Myanmar from becoming a failed state?
Can there be a Hollywood ending for the 'Brad Pitt of mountain lions'?
Can We Fix the Global Food System by 2045?
Can We Get a Wrench on the Crowdfunding Spigot?
Can we have fair capitalism?
Can we resurrect the thylacine? Maybe, but it won’t help the global extinction crisis
Can Wonky Cell Signals Help Track Wildfire Smoke?
Can You Solve The Miserable Being Miserable Online By Regulating Tech?
Can You Tell What's Chocolate and What Isn't? Asks Japanese TV Show.
Can't play drums, can't play piano
can't remember if anyone at GW sent this already: vortex
Can't stop the feeling "dutch angel dragons"
Canada is a warning: more and more of the world will soon be too hot for humans
Canada is the least xenophobic country in the Western world. Here's why.
Canada Post loses $1,500 worth of Super 8 film reels, hands empty envelope to stunned artist
Canada resettled more refugees than any other country in 2018, UN says
Canada to ban single-use plastics as early as 2021
Canada Will Ban Plastic Bags, Straws, Cutlery, and Other Single-Use Plastics Starting in 2021
Canada’s Secret to Escaping the ‘Liberal Doom Loop’
Canada’s ‘huge’ and ‘remarkable’ immigration offer to Hongkongers is partly political, partly pragmatic
Canadian City Completely Eradicates Homelessness With Brand New Approach
Canadian inferno: northern heat exceeds worst-case climate models
Canadian Music Industry Confirms Once More That For Copyright Companies, Enough Is Never Enough
Canadian Olympic Committee signs up to explore feasibility of First Nations-led bid for 2030 Winter Games
Canadian Photographer Captures Polar Bears Playing In Flower Fields
Canadian province to give every citizen $1,320 income boost to overcome poverty
Canadian Rapper Sends Rap Video Cease & Desist Letter To Coca Cola For 'Jacking' His Catchphrase
Canadian Supreme Court Says It's Fine To Censor The Global Internet; Authoritarians & Hollywood Cheer...
Canadians Adopted Refugee Families,for a Year. Then Came ‘Month 13.’
Canberra gets an internet cat video film festival thanks to the RSPCA
Cancel the Apocalypse: Here Are 30 Documentaries to Help Unlock the Good Ending
Cancelling Bismarck
Cancer and me: My story
Cancer cons, phoney accidents and fake deaths: meet the internet hoax buster
Candy battle of Pelennor Fields
Candy Cats Trying To Catch Goldfish Stuck In Jelly Created By Mother-Daughter Duo
Canvas, Camera, Brush, and Algorithms Enable Robot Artist’s Beautiful Paintings
Capital, dialogue, and community engagement—My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic understood as an alternate reality game
Capitalism as the greatest engine of wealth creation -- what is the origin of this claim, and what is the proof?
Capitalism Is Not the “Market System”
Capitalism Will Ruin the Earth By 2050, Scientists Say
Captain Justice Responds to Government's Motion to Ban the Word "Government"
Captain Kirk is Climbing a Mountain
Captain Picard sings "Let it Snow!"
Captain Space!
Captured U.S. Trade Agency Resorts to Bullying Again in 2016 Special 301 Report
Capturing carbon: West Carleton high school grad hopes to use seawater to slow climate crisis
Capybara, Rodent Of Unusual Size, Loves To Hug Cats
Capybaras relaxing in a spring-fed hot tub
Car Lust: "The Chariot" from Lost In Space
Car Prototype Generates Electricity, And Cash
Car Wash
Car-Size Stingray May Be World’s Largest Freshwater Fish
Caravan Palace - About You feat. Charles X (official audio)
Caravan Palace - Dragons
Caravan Palace - Lone Digger (Live)
Caravan Palace - Miracle (official audio)
Caravan Palace - Plume
Caravan Palace - Rock It For Me
Caravan Palace - Suzy
Carbon capture technology could make pollution worse, says Stanford report
The carbon footprint of Airbnb is likely bigger than you think
Carbon Nanotube Colour A4 E-Paper
Cardboard Blockbusters with Baby
Cardboard Coolness
The Cardboard House
Cardboard Tube Battles
Cards Against Humanity Redistributes Your Wealth
Caring for community to beat coronavirus echoes Indigenous ideas of a good life
Caring for Country means tackling the climate crisis with Indigenous leadership: 3 things the new government must do
Caring or killing: harmful gender stereotypes kick in early — and may be keeping girls away from STEM
The Caring Owl
Carl Sagan testifying before Congress in 1985 on climate change
Carl Sagan _ A Glorious Dawn
Carly Rae Jepsen - Now That I Found You [Official Music Video]
Carmen in a Garage
Caroll Spinney, Big Bird’s Alter Ego on ‘Sesame Street,’ Is Dead at 85
The Carousel That Saved a Town
Carpet People - illustrations by the author...
Cartoon Art
Cartoon Brew
Cartoonathons: stimulating dialogue
Cartoonise Your Pet
Cartoons in Renaissance Art
[Bulk] Re: Carved crayons
Carved crayons
The case for ... truly taking back control – by reversing the privatisation of our cities
The case for despair is made. Now let’s start to get out of the mess we’re in
The Case for Less Solidarity
The case for “conditional optimism” on climate change
Case Law Hall of Fame
The Case of the Amazing Gay-Marriage Data: How a Graduate Student Reluctantly Uncovered a Huge Scientific Fraud
The Case of,Jane Doe Ponytail
Cases are high and winter is coming. We need to stop ignoring COVID
Casio Museum
Cassetteboy vs The Snoopers' Charter
Castles in Space: a 50-Year Survey of Gravity-Assist Space Travel
Cat abandoned in old age finds loving home — and amazing bucket-list adventure
Cat And Lynx Become Inseparable Friends
Cat Chiropractor
Cat Flushing A Toilet Music Video
Fwd: cat fun
Cat Haiku
Cat Hangs Around A Hospital For A Year, Ends Up Getting Hired As A Security Cat
Cat Helps Man Pull a Cable Through a Hole
Cat interrupts German weather broadcast and demands cuddles!
The cat is back: Wild Amur tigers rebound in China, thanks to govt policies
Cat Learns New Somersault Trick, But Now He Can’t Stop Doing It...Hee!
Cat lover's fun page
Cat Man Do
Cat Olympics 2016
Cat On Boat Plays With Dolphins
Cat Petting Simulator 2014
Cat Pictures Please
Cat Shop
Cat Silliness
Cat sitter
Cat Sleeps Comfortably Over Piano as Owner Plays a Lively Tune
Cat Structures!
CAT Super Skateboarding Adventure! Go Didga!
Cat Takes Regular Rides on Tokyo Subway Train All By Himself
Cat tourism: Small towns in Asia look to stray cats to lure in tourists and rescue dying communities
Cat Tracks Down Elderly Owner Weeks After She Was Sent To Live In A Nursing Home
Cat videos
Cat videos!
Fwd: : Cat vs. iPad
Cat Walks Into University Lecture, Does What Every Student Would Do
Catalan castellers
'Catastrophic' loss of 10pc of wilderness across the world over past two decades
Catcerto for Nora The Piano Cat™ and orchestra
Catholic school sex-ed plan as advertised won't ever be taught, premier says
Cats as Fonts
Cats do have facial expressions, but you probably can’t read them
Cats Don’t Dance imploded just before it could take on Disney
Cats for Gold
Cats found to like humans more than thought
Cats give zero fucks about your yoga video, will interrupt you without hesitation
Cats in Art History: From Antiquity to our times
Cats in Space
Cats on Film
cats on synthesisers in space
Cats Remember Each Other's Names, Japanese Study Suggests
Cats Taking Selfies
Cats. Where they do not belong.
Cats: Life in the Great Indoors, by Gavin Ehringer
Catsing Call - Animation Short Film 2019
Cattle have stopped breeding, koalas die of thirst: A vet's hellish diary of climate change
The Cave Art Paintings of the Chauvet Cave
Cave home for sale
Cazzi Opeia & Jin X Jin – Batman & Robin
CBP Put A Bunch Of Journalists, Immigration Lawyers, And Activists On A Secret Watchlist
CBS Shuts Down Stage 9, a Fan-Made Recreation of the USS Enterprise
CBS Sues Public Domain For Existing
CC Search is out of beta with 300M images and easier attribution
CC-licensed design resources
CD Projekt Red Does Everything Right With Witcher 3 DRM & DLC...And Breaks Sales Records
CD Projekt Red Goes All DLC For The Witcher 3...But It's Completely Free And Doesn't Require Pre-Order
CD-ROM Sculptures
CDC Warning on Misuse of Pest Strips
cdza Takes a Stroll Down Comedy Music Memory Lane by Covering 10 Hit Songs in Two Minutes
Celebrating 50 Years of American Doctor Who
Celebrating British Eccentricity at the 2016 Chap Olympiad
Celebrating Grandmas and Their Cuisine From Around the World
Celebrating Mighty Girl Heroes: Ten Women You Might Not Know, But Should
Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11 in style
Celebrity Patents
Fwd: Celebrity Patents
Cell Phones Still Somehow Get The Entirety Of The Blame For Teen Depression
Cellular Mitosis as Illustrated Using Krispy Kremes
Cellular’s open source future is latched to tallest tree in the village
Censored 2005: The Top 25 Censored Media Stories of 2003-2004
Censorship By Weaponizing Free Speech: Rethinking How The Marketplace Of Ideas Works
Centuries Before Memes, There Were The LOLCats Of Japanese Woodprints
CEO Who Took $1M Paycut To Give All Employees $70K Minimum Salary In 2015 Explains How It Affected The Company
CEOs are hugely expensive – why not automate them?
'CEOs don't want this released': US study lays bare extreme pay-ratio problem
CEOs Get Paid Too Much, According to Pretty Much Everyone in the World
Cephalopod pancakes
Ceramics for Breakfast: The Ring
Cerf Warns Of A 'Lost Century' Caused By Bit Rot; Patents And Copyright Largely To Blame
CFP Tokyo Documentary Film Festival 2022
CG Animation contest winners
CGI Animated Short Film HD: "Contre Temps" by the Contre Temps Team
Chabuduo! Close enough ...
Challenge to scientists: does your ten-year-old code still run?
Challenge: Waking Up to the Poverty in Your Streets
Chanel Goes After 2 Person Chocolate Company Over The Number Five
CHANGE - A Homeless Survival Game
Change Player Size Watch this video in a new window time displacement experimental video
Change starts here: how collaborative journalism can help save the Amazon
Change Yourself, Change the World
The Changing Face of Romance Novels
Changing morals: we’re more compassionate than 100 years ago, but more judgmental too
Changing my (metaphorical) operating system
Changing perspective
Changing the Australian Constitution is not easy. But we need to stop thinking it’s impossible
Channel 4 News boss says media have right to call politicians 'liars'
The Chaos Machine: massive marble madness!
‘Chaos’: Australian doctors call for renewed focus on Covid-19 as winter sets in
"Chap Hop"
Chap Olympiad
CHAPPIE - Official Movie Trailer
Charity Can’t Replace the Safety Net. This New Study Is a Reminder Why.
Charles Addams Illustrates Mother Goose, 1967
Charles Duhigg on safety habits
Charlie Pickering, the state of satire and the satire of the state
Charlie Stross: Generation Z
Charlie Stross: Why I don't self-publish
Charlie's Diary: Oh, 2022!
Charlottesville: Stand with Your Family
Charting the Impact of Everyday Sexism Across the World
The Chase
Chasing Cats
Chasing Hiroshige’s Vision of Japan
'Chasing Ice': Time-Lapse Cameras Capture Rapidly Melting Glaciers
Chat Roulette Funny Piano Improv #1
Cheap cab ride? You must have missed Uber’s true cost
Cheap Thrills with Muppets Rawk
Cheaper to prevent pandemics than 'cure' them
check any of his videos out!!! gorgeous...
Check out this fandom-themed short film from promising young director, Yulin Kuang
Cheese or Font
Cheetah Cub Takes Therapeutic Walk & Plays with Puppy Friend
Cheetah surprises tourist by leaping into safari jeep
Cheetahs Play Football - Deadly 60 - Series 3 - BBC
Chemistry Ph.D. Student Turned Her Thesis Into a Comic Book
Chemistry set pencils can turn life-saving tests into child’s play
Chemists fabricate novel rewritable paper
Cherokee Nation first tribe in U.S. to send heirloom seeds to global seed vault in Norway
The Cherokee Nation wants a representative in Congress, taking the US government up on a promise it made nearly 200 years ago
Chia Is a New Way to Waste Resources for Cryptocurrency
The Chicago Neighborhood That Will Generate Its Own Energy
Chickasha Alhiha' Music Video
Chicken, chicken, chicken
Chickens stop rabbits from fighting
Chief Engineer Kaylee Frye Can Fix All Fandoms
Chief of Cherokee Nation says it's time Jeep stop using tribe's name
Chief Standing Bear, Who Fought for Native American Freedoms, Is Honored With a Statue in the Capitol
Chihuahuas wearing sailor costumes!!!
Child Porn Laws Aren’t As Bad As You Think. They’re Much, Much Worse.
Child Safe
Childline reminds kids that nobody is normal, with help from Radiohead
Children do not understand concept of others having false beliefs until age 6 or 7
The children of Windrush: 'I’m here legally, but they’re asking me to prove I’m British'
Children Playing
Children with same-sex parents do better at school than their peers
Chile couples' joy as first same-sex marriages held
Chile creates national park to save glaciers
Chile’s Atacama Desert: Where Fast Fashion Goes to Die
Chilling Report Suggests 1 Out of 5 Countries Could Be Headed For Ecosystem Collapse
Chimpanzees choose cooperation over competition
Chimpanzees in the wild reduced to ‘forest ghettos’
China Announces That It Will Cover Nearly A Quarter Of The Country In Forest By 2020…
China collides with Earth
China Completely Disappears Famed Online Influencer For (Accidentally) Referencing Tiananmen Square, Causing Lots Of People To Try To Figure Out Why
China Disappeared My Professor. It Can’t Silence His Poetry.
China Finalizes Hong Kong Police State By Installing Man Who Led Crackdown On Protests As Its Next Leader
China finances most coal plants built today – it’s a climate problem and why US-China talks are essential
China is betting that the West is in irreversible decline
China is financing infrastructure projects around the world – many could harm nature and Indigenous communities
China is gunning for supremacy in the global green hydrogen race. Will it shatter Australia’s dreams?
China launches large-scale ‘seawater rice’ transplanting to boost output
China launches musical in bid to counter Uyghur abuse allegations
China loves the lingo of games
China played dirty to get Huawei’s 'princess' back — too dirty even to tell its own people
China puts total fishing ban on ailing Yellow River’s upper reaches
China Reassigns 60,000 Soldiers to Plant Trees, Taiwan Sets Aggressive Timeline to Ban Straws and Other Single-Use Plastics
China support Virtual Environment
China to ban ivory trade by the end of 2017
China unleashed ‘wolf warrior’ diplomacy on Canada. It may have backfired
China's latest weapon against Taiwan: the sand dredger
China's Regulatory War On Its Gaming Industry Racks Up 14k Casualties
China's Richest Man Tells MPAA's Chris Dodd To Tell Donald Trump To Be Nice To China... Or Else
China's treatment of Uighurs amounts to torture, says Dominic Raab
The Chinafication of the internet continues as the UK proposes blocking any service that hosts "illegal" or "harmful" material
Chinavasion wholesale electronics
China’s Belt and Road mega-plan may devastate the world’s oceans, or help save them
China’s COVID crisis and the dilemma facing its leaders, by experts who have monitored it since the Wuhan outbreak
China’s demand for seaborne coal is set to drop fast and far. Australia should take note.
China’s efforts to save its wandering elephants are laudable, but let’s not forget its bloody conflicts with the giants
China’s most chaotic social network survived Beijing’s censors — until now
Chinchilla Enjoys a Massage
Chinese Animated Feature Trailer 我的师父姜子牙 Master Jiang and the Six Kingdoms
Chinese animation: "Legend of a Rabbit" and "Dorjee the Tibetan Mastiff"
Chinese Authorities Call For Internet Companies To Add Bias To AI Algorithms -- In Order To 'Promote Mainstream Values'
Chinese Government Dragnet Now Folding In American Social Media Platforms To Silence Dissent
Chinese Government Is Building A Surveillance System That Will Target, Track Foreign Journalists, Students
Chinese Government Now Using National Security Law To Censor Art Being Displayed In Hong Kong
Chinese Internet Companies Are Censoring People Who Write Or Speak Tibetan Or Uyghur, Lending A Hand To China's Cultural Genocides
Chinese Mountain Cat
The Chinese paddlefish, one of world's largest fish, has gone extinct
Chinese Space Children
Chinese State Circus adaptation of Swan Lake (video)
Chinese Tour Groups Suck
Chini Plays Dress Ups
chino otsuka
CHIP - The World's First Nine Dollar Computer
The Chipophone
Chloé: how a 19th-century French nude ended up in a Melbourne pub – and became an icon for Australian soldiers
Choco pies: The smuggled treats of North Korea
Chocolate Kraken
Chocolate Makers Agree to Stop Cutting Down Forests in West Africa for Cocoa
Chocolate Sushi
Choking on Green
Choose Love: the shop where customers buy gifts for refugees
choreographic installation Ukiyo
Chorus: An Adventure Musical
Chris Harrison's Visualization Projects
Chris Hedges: How Corporate Tyranny Works
Chris Rock’s Opening Oscar Monologue: A Transcript,,FEB
Chris Uhlmann should mind his language on 'cultural Marxism'
Chris van Buren - Blackbird
Christian church hosts Muslim prayers
Christina Hess Illustration
Christine Turel on kindness
Christmas 2003
Christmas 2005
Christmas Greetings
Christmas Laser Beam Cats
Christmas Shopping the GW Way
Christmas Special | Fully Charged
Christmas Tinner
Chronicles of Galdurvale - Legend of the Dragon Rider
Chuck Jones - The Evolution of an Artist
Chuck Tingle, author "Pounded in the Butt By My Own Butt", buys Texas governor's website to prove love is real
Chuck Tingle: Not Pounded By My Book ‘Pounded In The Butt By My Non-Fungible Tingler That Is Literally This NFT’ Because Of The Current Catastrophic Environmental And Ethical Impact
Chunky Move
Church of The Donald
The Church of the Right Answer
Cicada Princess
Cindy Gallop: ‘I want to be the Y Combinator of sex tech’
Cinema and Sorcery Takes You on an Adventure through Fantasy History
Cinema execs blame piracy for $20 ticket prices
Cinematic Japanese tourism ad draws on martial arts traditions
Circuit Board Art
Circuitry Snacks
Circulating Seal
Circus Oz to wind up
Circus Oz: Company members respond
Cities of Light: A Collection of Solar Futures
Citing Dignity, Greek Workers Take Over Factory
Citizen’s arrest
City Hunter VS Street Fighter
City of Angels - Fursuit Music Video #6 - Willion
The city that solved homelessness
The City with 16,000 Electric Buses & 22,000 Electric Taxis
The city with no homeless on its streets
Civil rights 'under serious attack' across the globe
Civil Rights Images
Civilians are being killed in Ukraine. So, why is investigating war crimes so difficult?
Civilization-ending climate change is knocking on the door — unless we act now
The Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army
Clarke and Dawe - The State of Politics.
Clarke and Dawe: "Richard Shinnery, NBN Consultant"
Clash of the Titans: Bubo the Owl
Classic 1970s UK children's book on computers
Classic F&SF movies as old Russian woodcuts
Classic Reload Game and Software Preservation
Classic text adventures in your browser
Classic video game scarves
Classic Viral YouTube Videos Reimagined in the Style of Big-Budget Hollywood Movie Trailers
Classical Music Mashup
Classical Music Mashup IV
Classy Yet Goofy Animal Furniture
Claude Shannon: Tinkerer, Prankster, and Father of Information Theory
Clayton’s Apartheid: The Racist Things Alice Springs Does When It Doesn’t Want To Appear Racist
Clean air is possible without lockdowns, new study shows
clean computer screen
Clean Cooking Alliance
Clean energy won’t save us – only a new economic system can
Clean energy? The world’s demand for copper could be catastrophic for communities and environments
Clean Is Happy
Cleaning up the Manus damage
clear channel uses digital billboards to help the homeless find shelter in sweden
Cleopatra in Spaaace!
The Cleveland Indians changed their team name – what’s holding back the Atlanta Braves?
Clever advertising campaign
Clever advertising website
Clever cockatoos bend hooks into straight wire to fish for food
Clever minigolf course
Clever Muppets edit & Liverpool Station flashmob
Clever musical phone commercial
Clever New Text Game Asks Whether You'll Trust An Alien
clever sealion
Cleverly Designed Table With a Hole in the Middle That Lets Your Cat Become a Living Centerpiece
The Cleverlys "Gangnam Style"
Click on this f**cking outrage (that is not at all what it seems).
Clickbait: Profitable vs. Sustainable
Clicking 'Yes': Amazing marriage proposal via videogame
Client Liaison - Feed The Rhythm
Client Liaison - Strictly Business (Official Video)
Client Liaison - The Beat Supreme (Official Music Video)
Client Liaison - World Of Our Love
Clients, Beulah, Karen, Minnie (Elephants)
Climate 'tipping points' could push us past the point-of-no-return after less than 2 degrees of warming
Climate and economic risks 'threaten 2008-style systemic collapse'
Climate anxiety fails to translate into votes as German election looms
‘Climate apartheid’: UN expert says human rights may not survive
Climate breakdown is knocking the natural world out of sync – and we should all be worried
Climate change 'hitting harder and sooner' than forecast, warn scientists ahead of UN meeting
Climate change and equity: whose language is it anyway?
Climate change and the intellectual decline of the right
Climate change can't be stopped if we destroy these parts of the world
Climate change could be paused by planting trees, researchers say, as they map out available land
Climate Change Could Cut World Economy by $23 Trillion in 2050, Insurance Giant Warns
Climate change denial is evil, says Mary Robinson
Climate change deniers are over attacking the science. Now they attack the solutions.
Climate change deniers’ new battle front attacked
Climate change drives rise in extreme lake water temperatures
Climate change has already hit Australia. Unless we act now, a hotter, drier and more dangerous future awaits, IPCC warns
Climate Change Has Lessons for Fighting the Coronavirus
Climate change has likely begun to suffocate the world's fisheries
Climate change has made old measures predicting weather events in Australia 'essentially worthless'
Climate change hits low-income earners harder – and poor housing in hotter cities is a disastrous combination
Climate Change Is A Disaster Foretold, Just Like The First World War
Climate change is a security threat the government keeps ignoring. We’ll show up empty handed to yet another global summit
Climate change is causing tuna to migrate, which could spell catastrophe for the small islands that depend on them
Climate change is fueling mass-casualty heat waves. Here's why experts say we don't view them as crises
Climate Change Is Killing Butterflies in the American West
Climate change is killing off soil organisms critical for some of Earth’s ecosystems
Climate change is killing trees in Queensland’s tropical rainforests
Climate change is resulting in profound, immediate and worsening health impacts, over 120 researchers say
Climate change is testing the resilience of native plants to fire, from ash forests to gymea lilies
Climate Change Is Turning Cities Into Ovens
Climate change is warping our fresh water cycle – and much faster than we thought
Climate change means Australia may have to abandon much of its farming
Climate change novels allow us to imagine possible futures – read these crucial seven
Climate Change Poses Major Risks to Financial Markets, Regulator Warns
Climate change solution could come from 'electrifying everything', Australian inventor Saul Griffith says
Climate change splits the public into six groups. Understanding them is key to future action
Climate change talk has been around for 30 years. Where's the action?
Climate change talks lead to heightened pledge to cut emissions
Climate change triggering global collapse in insect numbers: stressed farmland shows 63% decline – new research
Climate change will reshape the world’s agricultural trade
Climate change will transform how we live, but these tech and policy experts see reason for optimism
Climate change, mental health services, a better education system: what marginalised young people told us needs to be fixed
Climate change, pandemics, biodiversity loss: no country is sufficiently prepared
Climate Change, the Problem from Hell
Climate change: Answers to your most asked questions
Climate change: Electric trucks 'can compete with diesel ones'
Climate Change: Even Worse Than We Thought
Climate change: how elephants help pump planet-warming carbon underground
Climate change: Key UN finding widely misinterpreted
Climate change: Oceans running out of oxygen as temperatures rise
Climate change: Scientists sad, frustrated as extreme weather becomes the new norm
Climate change: Scientists to report on ocean 'emergency' caused by warming
Climate change: six positive news stories from 2019
Climate change: waiting for catastrophe means we will be too late to act
Climate Change: We're Not Literally Doomed, but...
Climate change: what G7 leaders could have said – but didn’t
Climate change: Why action still ignites debate in Australia
Climate change: Why Australia refuses to give up coal
Climate change: ‘We’ve created a civilisation hell bent on destroying itself – I’m terrified’, writes Earth scientist
Climate chaos certain if oil and gas mega-projects go ahead, warns IEA chief
Climate Clock
The Climate Clock: Counting down to 1.5℃
Climate crisis fills top five places of World Economic Forum’s risks report
Climate crisis is suffocating the world’s lakes, study finds
Climate Crisis news May 2019
Climate crisis to shrink G7 economies twice as much as Covid-19, says research
Climate crisis – here’s what the experts recommend we do
Climate crisis: 11,000 scientists warn of ‘untold suffering’
Climate crisis: economists ‘grossly undervalue young lives’, warns Stern
Climate crisis: in coronavirus lockdown, nature bounces back – but for how long?
Climate crisis: keeping hope of 1.5°C limit alive is vital to spurring global action
Climate crisis: six steps to making fossil fuels history
Climate denial: Donald Trump mimics criminal behaviour when justifying his stance
'Climate Despair' Is Making People Give Up on Life
The climate disaster is here
Climate emergency not slowed by COVID-19 pandemic and planet's 'vital signs' worsening, scientists say
Climate emergency: world 'may have crossed tipping points'
Climate explained: what each of us can do to reduce our carbon footprint
Climate explained: why some people still think climate change isn’t real
Climate Fiction for Young Writers
Climate fight 'is undermined by social media's toxic reports'
Climate heroes: the countries pioneering a green future
Climate inaction: Assaulting the mental health of kids
Climate optimism is an illusion, UN chief tells Cop26
Climate paralysis? Try multisolving
Climate repair: three things we must do now to stabilise the planet
Climate scientist: our profession is letting down humanity – we must change the way we approach the climate crisis
Climate scientists warn of increased climate change events as carbon emissions fail to drop
Climate scientists: concept of net zero is a dangerous trap
Climate stability becomes a relic of the past in B.C. due to loss of hydrologic stationarity
Climate talks: Should rich countries pay for damage caused by global warming?
Climate tipping points — too risky to bet against
Climate, Politics and Religion
Climate-exodus expected in the Middle East and North Africa
Climate-protected citadels, virtual worlds only for the privileged: is this the future of inequality?
Clockmaker John Harrison vindicated 250 years after ‘absurd’ claims
CLOCKWRIGHT: Large-Scale Analogue Time Machines
Closing the 'Collapse Gap': the USSR was better prepared for collapse than the US
Clothespin Dolls for Everyone
Cloud Cities
Cloud forests risk drying out by 2060
'Cloud': Flip-dot kinetic sculpture at Heathrow
Clowning around in politics
Clue Murder Mystery Scandal
cluppo / Flapping wings (Official Music Video)
CNC Plasma Cut Magnet Levers - Marble Machine X #37
CNN's top ten web fads
[IP] CNN: The machine that can copy anything
CO9 by Fatboy
Coal industry will never recover after coronavirus pandemic, say experts
Coal’s high cost in China: 2.5 billion years of life expectancy
COBOL turns 60: Why it will outlive us all
Coca-Cola Critics Have Never Heard of ‘E Pluribus Unum’
Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Nestlé are worst plastic polluters of 2020, have made ‘zero progress,’ new report finds
Cockatoos and rainbow lorikeets battle for nest space as the best old trees disappear
Cockatoos learn to make and use a tool
Cocoa’s child laborers
Coconut-based contraption makes your bike sound just like a horse
Code Abuse
Code Breakers: Women in Games exhibition
Code Golf masterclass: fitting a whole bootable CDROM game into a tweet
Code is law: why software openness and algorithmic transparency are vital for privacy
Code Nebula Pavilion
Coercive control is a key part of domestic violence. So why isn’t it a crime across Australia?
The Cognitive Biases Tricking Your Brain
Coldplay - Paradise (Peponi) African Style (Ft. Alex Boye) ThePianoGuys
Colin Kaepernick Is Righter Than You Know: The National Anthem Is a Celebration of Slavery
‘Collapse of Civilisation is the Most Likely Outcome’: Top Climate Scientists - Resilience
Collapse, Renewal and the Rope of History
Collapsible, rotating caravan harnesses solar and wind for efficient off-grid living
The Collapsing Empire is a hilarious tale of humanity’s impending doom
Collective Nouns
Fwd: College Saga - Episode 1 FUNNY video on YouTube
College-Educated Professionals Are Capitalism’s Useful Idiots
The collision of copyright and e-science
#Color Our Collections
Colorful Quilled Paper Designs by Sena Runa
Colourful Origami
Columbia House sold!
Column: Perverted Illinois bald eagle threesome threatens sanctity of marriage. What’s next, hawk orgies?
Combat robots wow crowds
Combined power of two telescopes is helping crack the mystery of eerie rings in the sky
Combining Solar & Farming Benefits Both
“Come, Come, Whoever You Are.” As a Pluralist Movement Emerges from Gezi Park in Turkey
Comedy can help us tackle the climate crisis – here’s how
Comedy Festival
Comedy Festival Offer
Comedy Gig/Poetry Gig
Comedy Review
Comedy Short: Leading Lady Parts - BBC
Comedy wildlife photo finalists are every bit as glorious as you'd expect
The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2015
The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019
The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards: 2020 Winners
Comfort and Creativity
Comic Book Shop [Thrift Shop Parody]
Comic-book superheroine Cat aims to see off gender stereotypes
Comic: how to have better arguments about the environment (or anything else)
Comic: The Life of Sitting Bull, as told by a 10-year-old
Comicmix Wins Against Dr. Seuss Estate On Trademark Infringement Claim, Copyright Claim In Serious Jeopardy
The Coming Collision Between EU Privacy Regulation And American Free Speech
Coming Out in Uganda Was a Death Sentence. The U.S. Border Was a Trap
The Coming Software Apocalypse
Coming soon to the public domain in 2022
Coming to Melbourne
Commemorative T-shirts for Fictional Events
Commencement Speaker Needed
Comment Sections Are Wastelands Ruled by Trolls. Here Are Alternatives
Comment: I complimented a racist and won
Comment: We have a political correctness crisis, but it's not the one you think
Commentary: Cultural Appropriation Is, In Fact, Indefensible
commercials as they should be done...with a laugh
Commissioner Oettinger is about to turn EU copyright reform into another ACTA
The Commune in Ethiopia Where Feminism is the Law
The Communist Party claims to have brought prosperity and equality to China. Here’s the real impact of its rule
‘Community Ownership’ Might Be the Best Way to Fight Deforestation
Community TV stations Channel 31 and Channel 44 given a month to get off the air
The community-led movement creating hope in the time of coronavirus
The Commuting Principle That Shaped Urban History
Companies Respond To The GDPR By Blocking All EU Users
Company Adopts 2 Office Kittens (Debit And Credit) To Boost Employee Morale
comparisons of notable earthquakes
The Compassion Gap
Compassionate Risks
Compassionate supermarket manager offers shoplifter a job instead of pressing charges
Compelling Science Fiction
Competing visions? The Green New Deal and the green industrial revolution
Competition versus cooperation
Comping White
Complaints Choirs around the world...including Melbourne!
The complete stories (103) and novels (35) of A. E. van Vogt: synopses, comments and ratings
The Complexity Of Making An RPG That’s Authentically Australian
The Complexity of Simply Searching for Medical Advice
Compostable electronics could ease the e-waste problem
Comprehensive synthesis of the technological, ecological and political critique of blockchainism
Computer chess created in 487 bytes, breaks 32-year-old record
The Computer Designed to Last
Computer desk folding bed
Computer Gaming Neko
Computer graphics
Computer, Open That Door!
Computing gives us tools to preserve disappearing languages
Concrete jungle: Cities adapt to growing ranks of coyotes, cougars and other urban wildlife
Concrete: the most destructive material on Earth
Condemning a generation of renters to years of hardship
‘Conditional commitments’: the diplomatic strategy that could make Australia do its fair share on climate change
condom ments
Conduct: No Evil 13
Coney Island taxidermy artist Takeshi Yamada
Conference Bike: a 7-person tricycle
Confessions of a former covert CIA agent - Amaryllis Fox
Confessions of an Ex-Prosecutor
Confronting the Covid-19 Crisis: Danger and Opportunity
Confused old man believes economic system that caused climate change will magically solve it
Confused Person Asks Why Millennials Want To Die, Receives A Surprisingly Clear Answer
confusions of a five out of ten
Congratulations, class of 2014: You’re totally screwed
Connecting people, projects and protocols to build a decentralized web
Consensus Cloud of Books
Consequences ‘dire’ if Human Rights Act ditched, more than 50 groups warn
Conservation documents for half of all critically endangered species don’t mention climate change
Conservation scientists are grieving after the bushfires – but we must not give up
Conservation stories from the front lines
Conservationists use astronomy software to save species
Conservative evangelicals aren’t hypocrites — it’s worse than that
‘conserve the sound’ – listen to sounds made by vintage technology | #history #retro #retrotech
Constellation Games: debut sf novel floored me with its brilliance
construction is completed
Consume, Conform, Obey: What Homeland Security's Targeting Of Anti-Consumerist Activities Says About The Government's Desires
Consumer Conflict: The Story of Consumer Reports
Consumer Technology vs. 5G
Consumers are wise to ‘woke washing’ – but truly ‘transformative branding’ can still make a difference
Contact lenses or displays
Contemporary Home Computing
Contempt Culture
Content Creator Of The Month: Realm Pictures Explores New Ways To Tell Stories Online
Content Moderation At Scale Especially Doesn't Work When You Hide All The Rules
Content Moderation is Broken. Let Us Count the Ways.
Content Moderation Is Impossible: Facebook Settles Legal Fight Over Famous Painting Of A Woman's Genitals
Context Clues in the Era of #MeToo
Contribution to GTI Forum: Has the time come for a universal basic income?
Convening on automation, Opportunity and belonging: Vision & Foundations for a better society.
Converting classic cars to electric vehicles is booming in popularity
Cookie Monster Is Getting His Own Cooking Show
Cookie Monster Slayer!
Cookie Monster Teams Up With Grumpy Cat to Break the Internet
Cookies Have Never Looked As Cute As They Do When You Make Them With This Awesome Kitty Rolling Pin
'Cooking alive': The desperate fight to save Australian wildlife from collapse
Cooking chemistry minus heat equals new non-toxic adhesive
Cooking for Copyright campaign sees librarians make vintage recipes in bid to change laws
Cooking for Engineers
Cool ambigram T-shirt
Cool car ads
Cool desktop backgrounds
Cool Lights
Cool music videos
Cool robot and restoring blurry images
Cool Robots!
“Cool Roofs” Are Helping Women Earn More in India
Cool Scifi & Fantasy Art
Cool sculpture creates moiré pattern when viewed
COOL Sculptures!
Cool Soviet Sci Fi Illustrations
Cool Steampunk Art
Cool Tools by Kevin Kelly
Cool Topiary
Cool Tree Houses
Fwd: Cool writing site
Cool! Discordian Colouring Book
The Coolest Vinyl Releases of All Time
Cooley! (Art prints)
COP26 failed to address ocean acidification, but the law of the seas means states must protect the world’s oceans
COP26 leaves too many loopholes for the fossil fuel industry. Here are 5 of them
COP26: Document leak reveals nations lobbying to change key climate report
The Copenhagen Diagnosis: Climate Science Report
CopyCamp 2014: post-conference publication
Copyleft lawsuit against Vizio will allow anyone to defend the commons
Copyright As Censorship: Abuse Of The DMCA To Try To Delete Online News Is Rampant
Copyright As Censorship: WSJ Identifies Hundreds Of Bogus News Takedowns; People Blame Google Rather Than Copyright
Copyright Collecting Societies A Morass Of Bad Incentives
Copyright Companies Want Memes That Are Legal In The EU Blocked Because They Now Admit Upload Filters Are 'Practically Unworkable'
The Copyright Fights Over The Australian Aborigine Flag Continue To Demonstrate Copyright Insanity
The Copyright Folly: Making A Living As A Creator Has Always Been Difficult, Stronger Copyright Doesn't Fix It
Copyright Gets In The Way Of Chef Andres' 'Recipes For The People'; Because The DMCA Takedown System Is Still Broken
Copyright Has A Real & Serious Free Speech Problem
The Copyright Industry Wants Everything Filtered As It Is Uploaded; Here's Why That Will Be A Disaster
Copyright is broken
Copyright Is Broken: COVID-19 Pandemic Revealing Just How Messed Up Our Permission-Based Culture Is
Copyright Law Stifling Free Speech And Artistic Criticism
Copyright Madness: Blurred Lines Mess Means Artists Now Afraid To Name Their Inspirations
Copyright Maximalists And Lobbyists Celebrate Vancouver Aquarium Censoring Critical Documentary With Copyright
Copyright Maximalists' Incredible Sense Of Entitlement: If It Challenges The Biz Model We Chose, It Must Be Illegal
Copyright means you can’t tweak how a Web page appears on your screen, according to media giant
Copyright, Culture, Sharing, Remix... And A Congresswoman Dancing As A College Student
Coral decline in Great Barrier Reef 'unprecedented'
Coral Reefs Generate a Hidden Sound Underwater, And It Could Help Us to Save Them
Coral reefs provide stunning images of a world under assault
Coral Scientists Eye ‘Radical Intervention’ To Save The World’s Reefs
Coral, Explained
CORBEVAX, a new patent-free COVID-19 vaccine, could be a pandemic game changer globally
Cordelia’s Portion: Of Family and Politics
Core memory weavers and Navajo women made the Apollo missions possible
Corgi puppy plays with wolf puppy
Corn ethanol no better—and probably worse—than burning gasoline, study says
Cornify your site!
The coronavirus crisis has revealed what Americans need most: Universal basic services
Coronavirus has forced many to rely on Centrelink — just like those who have been called 'bludgers' in the past
Coronavirus has sparked racist attacks on Asians in Australia — including me
The Coronavirus Is a Preview of Our Climate-Change Future
Coronavirus Misinformation Spreads Like a Virus
Coronavirus response proves the world can act on climate change
Coronavirus scare: When will 'hamsterkauf' become an English word?
Coronavirus shows we are not at all prepared for the security threat of climate change
Coronavirus: Australian newspaper prints extra pages to help out in toilet paper shortage
Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now
Corporate America’s Favorite Legal Trick Is Backfiring
Corporate courts vs the environment
(Corporate) Information Wants To Be Free
Corporations are Human Creations. We Can't Let Them Threaten Our Survival
'Corporations Are People' Is Built on an Incredible 19th-Century Lie
Corporations prepare to sue over action to save lives as pandemic reveals trade flaws
The Corpus Clock and Chronophage
The Corrosion of World Order in the Age of Donald Trump
Corvids could save forests from the effects of climate change
Cory Doctorow's new novel
Cory Doctorow: Cambridge Business Lecture on "Life in the Information Economy"
Cory Doctorow: DRM Broke Its Promise
Cory Doctorow: Full Employment
Cory Doctorow: Give Me Slack
Cory Doctorow: Inaction is a Form of Action
Cory Doctorow: IP
Cory Doctorow: Peak Indifference
Cory Doctorow: Skynet Ascendant
Cory Doctorow: Sole and Despotic Dominion
Cory Doctorow: Teaching Computers Shows Us How,Little We Understand About Ourselves
Cory Doctorow: Terra Nullius
Cory Doctorow: Vertically Challenged
Cory Doctorow: Wealth Inequality Is Even Worse,in Reputation Economies
Cory Doctorow: Zuck’s Empire of Oily Rags
Cory Wong "Bluebird" (feat. Chris Thile) // Official Animated Music Video
Cory Wong // "Power Station"
Cory Wong's new Great British Bass Off comedy skit is a must-watch for bass players
Cosmos Éclairs, Scrumptious Desserts Decorated With the Ethereal Beauty of the Galaxy
Cosplay aprons
Cosplay Music Video From PAX East 2015 in Boston, Massachusetts Featuring Creative Costumes and Video Games
The Cost of Climate Change: Who is Really Protected by Urban Mitigation Efforts?
Costa Rica unveils plan to achieve zero emissions by 2050 in climate change fight
Costume and lighting changes
costume swap
Costumes Are Not Consent: Combatting Cosplayer Harassment
Cougars could save lives by lowering vehicle collisions with deer
Could 2014 Be Year One of the Pay Ratio Era?
Could a subway station filled entirely with cat photos improve your commute?
Could a universal basic income work in Australia?
Could collaborative living provide an answer to the housing crisis and climate change? Some people think so
Could desert crops become the new sustainable dinner?
Could Low-Carbon Trains Cure Europe’s Flying Addiction?
Could microclots help explain the mystery of long Covid?
Could Sri Lanka’s ship fire have been avoided? Here’s what we can learn from the shocking environmental disaster
Could the Depp v. Heard case make other abuse survivors too scared to speak up?
Could this beautiful game signal the end of our dystopia fetish?
Could we learn to love slugs and snails in our gardens?
Count Your Sheep
Counter Clockwise
Countering climate denialism requires taking on right-wing populism. Here’s how
CounterVortex: Resisting Humanity's Downward Spiral
Counting the economic cost of anti-LGBTQ laws
Countries from Siberia to Australia are burning: the age of fire is the bleakest warning yet
Countries that are more compassionate towards refugees have lower levels of violence – new research
The Coup We Are Not Talking About
Couple Mistakenly Buys Tickets for Bagpipe Band ‘Red Hot Chilli Pipers’ Not Red Hot Chili Peppers
Couple Spends 20 Years Planting an Entire Forest and Animals Have Returned
Couple Spends 26 Years Replanting A Rainforest They Bought In 1991, And Here’s How It Looks Today
The Couple Who Saved China's Ancient Architectural Treasures Before They Were Lost Forever
Court Strikes Down Hundreds of Trump-Era Oil and Gas Leases As Violating Sage-Grouse Protections
Court Throws Out Terrorism Conviction in Canada, Citing Police Entrapment
Court To Film Director: You Must First Create An Infringing Work Before We Can Discuss Whether Or Not It's Actually Infringing
Court Won't Rehear Blurred Lines Case, Bad News For Music Creativity
Courtney Woolsey
Cousteau grandson builds Tintin-inspired shark sub
Covered in AWESOME Sauce
Covid crisis offers a chance to act on climate, report says
Covid disrupts Melbourne comedy festival as calls grow for arts support
COVID has reached Antarctica. Scientists are extremely concerned for its wildlife
COVID infection of three lions and a puma in private South African zoo points to need for wider surveillance
COVID is surging in unvaccinated Taiwan. Australia should take heed
Covid linked to 33-fold increase in risk of potentially fatal blood clot
COVID mask mandates might be largely gone but here are 5 reasons to keep wearing yours
COVID pandemic 2nd anniversary: 3 things we got wrong, and 3 things to watch out for
Covid pandemic was preventable, says WHO-commissioned report
Covid Rainbow | dayinyourlifeproject
COVID vaccines offer the pharma industry a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reset its reputation. But it’s after decades of big profits and scandals
Covid was vanishing last Memorial Day. Cases are five times higher now.
COVID-19 infections in Australia hit worldwide highs — and experts predict another Omicron variant spike is coming
COVID-19 reinfections on the rise across Australia as experts warn Omicron 'has tricks up its sleeve'
COVID-19 Vaccine Prospects, Timeline / Human Rights Amidst Coronavirus / ‘Earth Baby’ By Singer, Songwriter Robin Bacior
Covid-19 “long haulers” are organizing online to study themselves
Covid-19's full death toll is nearly three times higher than reported, WHO data suggests
COVID-19: how rising inequalities unfolded and why we cannot afford to ignore it
COVID-19: Sign the call for global ceasefire!
COVID: WHO recommends two new treatments – here’s how they work
Covid’s toll in the U.S. reaches a once unfathomable number: 1 million deaths
Cows Are Extremely Curious Creatures
Cows Help Rescue Dog
cpr compressions
CPU Wars - the card game
“Crabs In A Bucket” As An Analogy For Modern Human Society
Cracker Brand “Triscuit” Rewarded Man For Explaining The Real Meaning Of Its Name
The Crackpot Index
Crafting with Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat
Crafty Geometry
Crafty New Caledonian Crows Can Assemble Tools
Craig Kelly’s move to Palmer’s United Australia Party shows the need for urgent electoral law reform
Crash Override: "Our mission is to return control to the victim"
Crayon Dragon
Crayon Rockets
Crazy computer controlled fountain draws pictures with water
Crazy Illusion Somehow Transforms Rectangles Into Circles in the Mirror
Crazy Wingsuit Flight -- Man Lands on Water Without Parachute?
The Cream of the Crop
Create modular cat houses with these carboard building blocks
Creating a Prosthetic Hand That Can Feel
The Creative Apocalypse That Wasn't
Fwd: Creative Bus Ads
Creative Commons Is Resurrecting Palmyra
Creative Commons' New Strategy for a Collaborative Organizational Structure
The Creative Fund Launches to Back Every Single Project on Kickstarter
Creative Home Engineering
The Creator of Dogecoin Says He Now Believes That All Cryptocurrency Is Horrible
Creator's Rube Goldberg Machines in YouTube Space Tokyo
Creature comforts
The Credit Card Prank II
Cricket Enrichment for Black-Footed Cat Kittens
Crime Against Nature
Crimson room
Crisis in the Navajo Nation: Voter suppression, racism and a deadly pandemic
'The crisis is already here': young strikers facing climate apartheid
The crisis of a career in culture: why sustaining a livelihood in the arts is so hard
The Crisis of Retail
Fwd: Critters getting along!
Crochet Playgrounds by Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam
Crocheted Leaves
Crossing Bridges
Crossing Lines — A Change in the Leading Cause of Death among U.S. Children
Crossing the Red Line: Behind China’s Takeover of Hong Kong
Crossing the road in the world of autonomous cars
Crowdfunded TV series: Con Man
​Crowdfunding disaster relief offers hope in desperate times. But who gets left behind?
Crowdfunding for science
Crows Are Even Smarter Than We Thought Possible
Crows caught on camera fashioning special hook tools
Cruel 2 B Kind
Cruel and Unusual Punishment: The Shame of Three Strikes Laws
Cruel, costly and ineffective: Australia’s offshore processing asylum seeker policy turns 9
Cruise photos: Juneau, including Humpback whales
Cruze the miracle mile
Crypto + Copyright = 🤡💩
Cryptocurrencies aren’t a technology question
The Cryptocurrency Crash Is Replaying 2008 as Absurdly as Possible
Cryptocurrency Is a Giant Ponzi Scheme
Cryptocurrency is an abject disaster
Cryptocurrency price collapse offers hope for slowing climate change – here’s how
Cryptography and elections
Crystal Cave of Giants in Mexico
Crystallised apartment
CSIRO & UT Dallas make Carbon Nanotube Yarn
CSIRO has become ‘extravagant consulting company’, one of its former top climate scientists says
CSIRO/AEMO study says wind, solar and storage clearly cheaper than coal
Cthulhu Company Kickstarted Itself to Death, Then This Happened
Cuba boosts marine protected coverage with new area spanning reefs to mangroves
Cuba’s Heroic COVID Response Medical Teams Deserve Nobel Peace Prize
The Cubli: a cube that can jump up, balance, and 'walk'
Cuddle 500 Kitties At This Heavenly Cat Sanctuary In Hawaii
Cue-Air: Teddy pilot flies over Hokkaido
Cult that defines Trump's power is just a few scratches away from the surface in Australia
Cultivate an alien garden on this sunless world
Cultivating Biodiversity at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
‘Cultural catastrophe’: Ukrainians fear for art and monuments amid onslaught
Cultural cringe: the media sure love a ‘junket’
Cultural Evolution in the Anthropocene
‘Cultural jail’: Brexit could bring booming industry to its knees
‘Cultural misogyny’ and why men’s aggression to women is so often expressed through sex
Culturalism, Gladwell, and Airplane Crashes
Culture & Empire, Digital Revolution
Culture Enriches Everything: Fair Use and The Office Time Machine
Culture is not about aesthetics. Punk rock is now enforced by law.
The ‘Culture Of Free Speech’ Includes Criticism Of Others’ Speech; Get Over It
The Culture War
Cultures and Ethics of Sharing (essays)
Cunning Fox
Cupcake Ninja
Curbing Online Abuse Isn’t Impossible. Here’s Where We Start
Curiosity Show gets a second chance at life, goes viral on YouTube
The Curious Career of Living as a Real-Life Garden Gnome
The curious case of the disappearing Polish S
The curious power of hate propaganda in open societies
Current coal phaseout pledges ‘absolutely not enough’, warn experts
Current Favourite Halloween Costume
Custom Hand-Painted Tijuana Black Velvet Paintings
Custom Muppet Whatnots
Custom My Little Ponies
The custom pinball machines of Chicago’s Pinball Expo 2013
Customer Service Wolf: Apex Retail Predator
Cut less, leave longer: decades of data show we are over-exploiting tropical rainforests
cut out toys
Fwd: cut out toys
Cute and Geeky Kinetic Art
Cute and practical
Cute animal videos
Cute animals
Cute Baby Goats Compilation
Cute Japanese Orange Peel Art
Cute otters intimately filmed by spy camera | Spy in the Wild - BBC
Cute overload - adorable otters
Cute point-and-click puzzle games
Cute stories in the Age today
Cute Things Exploding
[OzFurry] Cute Things Exploding
cute video
CUTE: Loyal puppy camps out in operating room during surgery on cheetah companion
Cutest Big Cat Sound
Cutest Exercise Routine Evah!
Cutest Photos of the Year
The cutest snuggles in the history of snuggles
The Cutest Story Of A Kitten Plotting Revenge With An Unwanted Robot
Cuts to humanities departments are cuts to our ability to reason
Cutting animal-based foods in US diet by half could prevent 1.6 billion tons of GHG emissions by 2030
Cutting pollution won't cause global warming spike, study finds
Cutting ‘green tape’ may be good politicking, but it’s bad policy. Here are 5 examples of regulation failure
Cybersecurity as Realpolitik by Dan Geer presented at Black Hat USA 2014
Cybersecurity has never been more important. Here’s how you can keep up.
"Cycles" by Cyriak
Czech Roll'd


Dad Of 4 Girls Tweets Conversations With His Daughters, And It’s Impossible Not To Laugh At Them (Part 2)
Daffy Duck (1992 Hi-Tec)
Daft Hands
Daft Lego - Harder Better Faster Stronger
Daft Punk - Doin' It Right - Conte Remix
Daily Show Invites South African Comedian To Give His First Impression Of America – It’s Not Pretty (VIDEO)
DailyDirt: Flying Cars Are Here!
DailyDirt: Who Needs A Mouse And Keyboard Anymore?
Daintree: World Heritage rainforest handed back to Aboriginal owners
Dalai Lama Preps Debut Album of Teachings and Mantras Set to Music
Dalai Lama: Behind Our Anxiety, the Fear of Being Unneeded
The Dalai Lama: Why I’m hopeful about the world’s future
Dalek Dress
Dam Removal Europe
Fwd: DAMN those terrorist to hell
Damsel in Distress: Part 1 - Tropes vs Women in Video Games
Damsel in Distress: Part 3 - Tropes vs Women in Video Games
Damsel, Arise: A Westboro Scion Leaves Her Church
Dana "Rain" Simpson wins Comic Strip Superstar
Dana Simpson explains negative space
Dance Dance Imolation
Dance Dance Revolution: 1812 Overture Edition
Dance Gooshers
Dance Off with the Star Wars Stars!
Dance Party Succeed
Dance Rebooted Ausdance
Dance Your PhD
dance-tech SNS
‘Dancing ghosts’: a new, deeper scan of the sky throws up surprises for astronomers
Dancing hexapod robots
dancing huh?
Dancing in the Past
Dancing in the Past Part 2
Dancing in the Street // Silent Music Video
Dandelion Light
The Danger Of Ron & Hermione's Relationship
Dangerous Aliens and Stephen Hawking
Dangerously Low on Water, Cape Town Now Faces ‘Day Zero’
The Dangers of Certainty: A Lesson From Auschwitz
Daniel Radcliffe to star in Weird Al Yankovic biopic
Danish anti-piracy lawyers stole millions from their clients, sentenced to years in prison
Danish Rabbit Hopping Championships
Danish Road Safety Council / Helmet has always been a good idea
Danish supermarket gives expired food another shelf life
Danny DeVito Had the Best Response for a Fan Who Took a Cardboard Cutout of Him to Prom
Danny MacAskill's Imaginate
Dapper Doge
Darci Lynne: 12-Year-Old Singing Ventriloquist Gets Golden Buzzer - America's Got Talent 2017
Darci Lynne: Kid Ventriloquist Sings With A Little Help From Her Friends - America's Got Talent 2017
Dark corners of Unicode
The dark history of how false balance journalism enabled lynching
The Dark Power of Fraternities
The dark psychology of dehumanization, explained
Dark Roasted Blend
The dark side of .io: How the U.K. is making web domain profits from a shady Cold War land deal
The dark side of Guardian comments
The Dark Truth in the Movie ‘Truth’
Darn Scammers!
Darren Hanlon - Butterfly Bones
Darth Baby's Lightsaber
Darth Vera
Data breach disclosure 101: How to succeed after you've failed
Data ethics is more than just what we do with data, it’s also about who’s doing it
Data From Over 350,000 People Have Really Bad News About 'Moderate' Drinking
Data furnaces arrive in Europe: Free heating, if you have fibre Internet
Data retention will hurt YOU, not criminals. Here’s how
Data retention — what it is and why it’s bad
Data transfer via Giant African Snail
Data visualizations in text
Dave's Marble Machine
David and Greta in Conversation: The Planetary Crisis | Wildscreen Festival 2020
David Attenborough backs huge Apollo-style clean energy research plan
David Attenborough calls on ordinary people to help save Africa's elephants
David Attenborough says civilisation will collapse if humanity doesn't take action on global warming at climate change talks
David Attenborough sends handwritten letter to four-year-old Laila
David Attenborough to publish 'witness statement' on climate crisis
David Attenborough, the voice of Our Planet: “Things are going to get worse”
David Bowie and the birth of environmentalism: 50 years on, how Ziggy Stardust and the first UN climate summit changed our vision of the future
David Bowie’s BLACKSTAR LP Transforms When Exposed to Light
David Brin on animal intelligence
David Brin's Favorite Science Fiction Films
David Graeber, anthropologist and author of Bullshit Jobs, dies aged 59
David Graeber: “Spotlight on the financial sector did make apparent just how bizarrely skewed our economy is in terms of who gets rewarded”
David Hasselhof
David Hasselhoff - True Survivor
David Koch Escaped the Climate Hell He Helped Create
David MacKay
David Mitchell on Passion
David Olusoga: 'TV industry left me crushed'
David Simon: 'There are now two Americas. My country is a horror show'
David Zinn’s Quirky Chalk and Charcoal Characters on the Streets of Ann Arbor
Davos 2021: to achieve a ‘great reset’, we can’t count on the same old globalists to lead the way
The Davos oligarchs are right to fear the world they’ve made
The Dawn Chapel - Let's make friends and have ourselves an adventure
The Day My Grandfather Groucho and I Saved ‘You Bet Your Life’
The Day My Grandmother Exploded
The day the Pintupi Nine entered the modern world
Daði & Gagnamagnið: Think About Aliens - Official Gameplay Trailer
Daði Freyr (Daði & Gagnamagnið) – 10 Years (Official Video)
Daði Freyr - Think About Things (Daði og Gagnamagnið)
Daði Freyr – Something Magical (Official Lyric Video)
DC and Marvel characters get a Pixar makeover
De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig - Manon
DEA Accessing Millions Of Travelers' Records To Find Cash To Seize
Dead dogs, leaking oil drums, batteries: Antarctica’s abandoned waste gets funding boost to kickstart the clean up
Dead End Thrills
Dead Fandoms
Deadly Fungi Are the Newest Emerging Microbe Threat All Over the World
The Deal That’s Saving San Francisco’s Restaurants
Dealing With Disrespect
Dear America, I Saw You Naked
Dear America, we can teach you about cruelty to refugees. Love, Australia
Dear parents, you are being lied to.
Dear White Moms
Dear world, refugees are not to be feared
Dearborn Muslims Protested ISIS, and You Can Probably Guess What Happened Next
Death and MetaFilter
Death by Civilization
Death of the car: The tech behind Helsinki's ambitious plan to kill off private vehicles
Death to the chicken finger
Death Toll in Oregon Heat Wave Climbs to 116 as Officials Call It a 'Mass Casualty Event'
Debate on a World Parliament: “We cannot wait for another disaster”
Debra White Plume, Defender of Her Tribe, Is Dead at 66
Debt - Updated and Expanded: The First 5,000 Years
The Debt We Owe Central America
Debtors' Prisons: Life Inside America’s For-Profit Justice System
The Decade in Cheer
The decade-long quest to stop “Spamford” Wallace
Decades-Old Computer Science Conjecture Solved in Two Pages
Decent living for all does not have to cost the Earth
The Decentralized Web Could Help Preserve The Internet's Data For 1,000 Years. Here's Why We Need IPFS To Build It.
"Declaration" music video
The Decolonial Atlas
Deconstructing Astronomy’s Holy Grail
Decrepit fish camps built on broken promises
Dee Snider on PMRC Hearing: ‘I Was a Public Enemy’
Deep Dive into First Unitarian Church v. NSA: Why Freedom of Association Matters
Deep Intellect
Deep Learning is Revolutionary
The Deep Roots of an Italian Song That Sounds Like English—But Is Just Nonsense
The Deep Sea
Deep-Diving Robot Discovers Mysterious and Adorable Octopus Species
Deep-sea mining may wipe out species we have only just discovered
Deep-sea ‘gold rush’: secretive plans to carve up the seabed decried
Deep...Very Deep
Deeply Scary Rabbit
Def Leppard Claims Music Piracy Is Bringing Younger Audiences To Its Concerts
Defend yourself against the coming robot rebellion
Defending Darwin
Defi and Shadow Banking 2.0
Define ‘Woman’
Defining and responding to everyday racism
Defining the ’90s Music Canon
The Definition of a Kilogram Just Changed Worldwide
Definitive data on what poor people buy when they’re just given cash
DefunctTV: The Final Jim Henson Hour
DefunctTV: The History of Fraggle Rock
DefunctTV: The History of Muppet Babies
DefunctTV: The History of the Muppet Show
Delaware Passes Law Granting Residents The Right To Pass On Digital Goods To Their Heirs
Deleting The Digital Divide One Computer at a Time
Delicate Layered Paper Sculptures of Birds and Other Animals by Calvin Nicholls
Delicate ‘Knit’ Glass Sculptures by Carol Milne
Delightful Japanese wooden toys
Delightfully Surreal Paintings of Plaid Animals by Sean Landers
Demand an End to Mass Surveillance
Demand for rare-earth metals is skyrocketing, so we’re creating a safer, cleaner way to recover them from old phones and laptops
The demise of the nation state
Democracies that fail to act on climate change face 'existential' threat
Democracy has always been fragile in Southeast Asia. Now, it may be sliding backwards
Democracy in the digital era
Democracy under siege from the rising forces of plutocracy
Demolition from the bottom up
Denmark gets its first wild wolf pack in 200 years
Dennis Kucinich and “wackiness”
Fwd: Fw: dentheren sent you a video!
Fwd: dentheren sent you a video: "Christmas Prank On Louie"
Fwd: dentheren sent you a video: "The Original Human TETRIS Performance by G...
Depeche Mode - Where's the Revolution
Deploying Redflow Zinc Bromine Batteries from Houses up to Grid Scale
Depressing: Ed Sheeran Films Songwriting Sessions Due To All The Copyright Suits
Des Hommes et des Chatons
The descent of Economic Man by @BloggersRUs
Desert Critters
Desert elephants pass on knowledge—not mutations—to survive
Desertification is turning the Earth barren – but a solution is still within reach
Fwd: design
Design for internationalization
Design for the First World: The Rest Saving the West
Design Your Own Cardboard Pinball Machine
Designed in Minecraft, built IRL
Designer Nori: Delicate Laser Cut Seaweed Patterns
Designers & Dragons
Designing a Compassionate Interview for a High Performing Individual
Designing with LibreOffice
Desktop Neo
Despair is Not a Strategy: 15 principles of hope
Despairing about the Climate Crisis? Read This.
Desperate Gods - Free Online Board Game
Despite Politicians, the Internet Can Save Us from Ourselves
Despite RIAA's Claim That YouTube-dl Is Infringing, Journalists Use It All The Time
Destruction of nature as dangerous as climate change, scientists warn
Details Leak On Apple's Secret $275 Billion Deal With The Chinese Government
The Detectives Who Never Forget a Face
The “Developer Experience” Bait-and-Switch
Developer returns to game after four decades, discovers and fixes typo so it works
Devil take the hindmost! Inside the IPA and Leyonhjelm's Libertarians
Devil's Bargain: Why Aerosols Pose a Deadly Climate Change Threat
DHL Angers Volkswagen, Builds Its Own Electric Delivery Van
DHS Documents Show Harassment And Intrusive Device Searches Are A Common Occurrence At US Borders
Diagnosing Earth: the science behind the IPCC’s upcoming climate report
Diana Beltran Herrera’s Flock of Paper Birds
Diary of a woman on the edge of a fringe festival opening
Dice Collector
Dick Van Dyke on ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ and Dancing at 93
Dick Van Dyke stars in Dustbowl Revival’s music video
The Dickensian Conditions of Life in a For-Profit Lockup
Did Australia just make a move to the left?
Did the mayor of this dying California city just spark a universal basic income trend?
Did the Morrison government really prevent 40,000 COVID deaths? A health economist checks claims against facts
Did the Romans play Dungeons and Dragons?
Did you ever wish that Harry Potter was real? Well it kind of is.
Didn't Used To Be a Pizza Hut
DIE YOUNG- Fan Animated
Dietmar Eckell’s Photos of Plane Wrecks With “Happy Ends”
The difference between poverty and poverty tourism? You’ll never live like common people.
Different rules apply
'Difficult' G-20 talks show battle lines on coal and climate
Dig this: a tiny echidna moves 8 trailer-loads of soil a year, helping tackle climate change
Digger Unearthed: The Complete 10th Anniversary Collection
Digging Holes
Digging up meaning from the rubble of an excavated Atari landfill
DIGIC Services - Cat Reel
The Digital Antiquarian: The Best of Voyager, Part 1
Digital archaeology: How Double Fine, Disney, LucasArts and Sony resurrected Grim Fandango
Digital Art
The digital creator economy: how big is it, and who’s making how much?
Digital Curator
Digital gardens let you cultivate your own little bit of the internet
Digital inequality: why can I enter your building – but your website shows me the door?
Digital Resource Lifespan
Digital sundials
The ‘digital town square’? What does it mean when billionaires own the online spaces where we gather?
The digital truths traditional publishers don't want to hear
Digital Visual Communication for Public Health: Design Proposal for a Vaccinated Emoji
Dilbert's Ultimate House Weasel Awards
‘Dingoes were here first’: the landowners who say letting ‘wild dogs’ live pays dividends
Dino and Shark
Dino Run DX
Dinosaur Bones Shimmering With Opal Reveal a New Species in Australia
Dinosaur Comics: Cassandra
Dinosaur Feathers Discovered in Canadian Amber
Dinosaur food and Hiroshima bomb survivors: maidenhair trees are ‘living fossils’ and your new favourite plant
Dinosaur robots
Dinosaurs: Okay, I'm heading to LA
Diplomacy is essential to a peaceful world, so why did DFAT’s funding go backwards in the budget?
The Dirt On Clothes: Why Washing Less Is More Sustainable
DirtPainting, Incredibly Detailed Drawings Created on the Empty Canvases of Dust Laden Vehicles
Dirty Computer Screen?
Dirty Loops - Automatic (Japan Bonus Track) ORIGINAL PITCH
The dirty secret about success
The Dirty Truth about Combustion Engine Vehicles | An 'Open Source' Animation
Disability Pension Changes Threaten Australians with Disabilities
Disabled dolphin jumping again with world's first artificial fin
The disappearance of a once-famous 1920s child novelist
Disappearing glaciers are threatening rare alpine plants with extinction
Disappearing teaspoons (British Medical Journal)
‘Disappointment and disbelief’ after Morrison government vetoes research into student climate activism
The disastrous voyage of Satoshi, the world’s first cryptocurrency cruise ship
The Disconnected
Discotheque Futurissimo!
Discover and be inspired by sustainable solutions and innovations
Discover Classical Art
Discovering Electronic Music (1969-1983)
Discovering the forest wonders of Africa – and the threats they face
The Discovery of Dolphin Language
Discrimination and the Ice Cream Backlash
Discussions On The Abolition Of Patents In The UK, France, Germany And The Netherlands, From 1869
Discworld Documentary
Discworld Game
Discworld wedding cake
Disease-causing parasites can hitch a ride on plastics and potentially spread through the sea, new research suggests
Disinformation Campaigns Are Murky Blends of Truth, Lies and Sincere Beliefs
The Disinformation Playbook
Disney Animator Returns
Disney films remixed into electronic music
Disney Jaeger Pilots from Pacific Rim Fan Art
Disney Must Pay Alan Dean Foster and other authors
Disney Princesses Are My (Imperfect) Feminist Role Models
Disney’s Mulan tells women to know their place
Disney’s writer wage theft, a year on.
Disparities in global empathy: why some refugees are more welcome than others
Disrupting cyberwar with open source intelligence
The Disruption Machine
The Distress of the Privileged
The Distribution of Users’ Computer Skills: Worse Than You Think
Dive into Okinawa’s stunning—but endangered—underwater world
Dive into the Incredible Worldbuilding of Studio Ghibli!
Diversifying Your Classroom Book Collections? Avoid these 7 Pitfalls
Diversity and recruiting developers
Diversity take to the stage with POWERFUL Black Lives Matter performance | Semi-Finals | BGT 2020
Divided and paralysed, can the WTO negotiate a pandemic recovery plan that is fair for all?
Divided Screen Mayhem
Divine Etsy
DIY biology
DIY Cat sleeping bed
DIY diagnosis: How an extreme athlete uncovered her genetic flaw
DIY dinosaur lights
DIY Inspiration: Rainbow Rose Petal Jewelry!
DIY mineral water
DIY Myazaki ornithopter and Totoro
Diébédo Francis Kéré: how first Black winner of architecture’s top prize is committed to building ‘peaceful cities’
Djab Wurrung Protectors Fund
Django Girls one year later
DMCA's Notice And Takedown Procedure Is A Total Mess, And It's Mainly Because Of Bogus Automated Takedowns
DMK: Charming Depeche Mode cover band from Columbia
Do Americans Know How Weird and Extreme Their Collapse is Getting?
Do animals feel empathy? Inside the decades-long quest for an answer.
Do David Attenborough documentaries help the natural world? New research gives cause for hope
Do It Yourself Kinetic Art
‘Do Not Resist’: A chilling look at the normalization of warrior cops
Do single-sex schools create hotbeds for misogynistic behaviour?
"Do the Cosmonauty" and Pirate Horoscopes
Do truth and reconciliation commissions heal divided nations?
Do We Actually Need the G7?
Do you care about animals? Then you really shouldn't eat octopus
Do You Have Examples Of Constructive Responses To Hateful/Abusive/Trollish Speech Online?
Do You Have “Advantage Blindness”?
Do you shop for second-hand clothes? You’re likely to be more stylish
Do you speak Elf?
Do you toss biodegradable plastic in the compost bin? Here’s why it might not break down
Do Your City’s Parks Need a ‘Colonial Audit’?
Do Your Part, Rights Holders: Open The Vaults!
Doc Savage Movie Trailer
Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
The Doctor Sings
Doctor Who History 1963-2012
Doctor Who joins Pooh on icons list
The Doctor Who theme and beyond: female pioneers of electronic music
Doctor Who: how the Doctor became a man, and why it matters that he’s regenerating into a woman
Doctoral dissertation in graphic novel form
Doctors Are Soothing Pain with Virtual Reality Worlds
Doctors Tell All—and It’s Bad
The Document Foundation announces the Document Liberation Project
Documentaries online
Documentary About Freeing Happy Birthday From Copyfraud Comes Out The Day After Happy Birthday Officially Declared Public Domain
Documentary proves girls will play D&D with boys
Does Academic Freedom Have a Future?
Does reading fiction make us better people?
Does Taking Down Content Lead Ignorant People To Believe It's More Likely To Be True?
Does the UN aviation body have the power to punish Russia for the MH17 downing? An aviation law expert explains
Does This Water Have Legal Rights?
does your cat drink like this?
Dog befriends baby giraffe after abandoned in South Africa
Dog Finds A Tiny Kitten, Risks Everything To Save Her
Dog hops on bus to go to pub
Dog Humour
Dog injures nose
Dog owners 'fleeced' in poodle scam
Dog Wants A Kitty!
Doggy scuba gear!
The Doghouse
Dogs and wolves both get sad when you don’t treat them fairly
Dogs Annoying Cats with Their Friendship
Dogs in wheelcart playing with a stick
Dogs successfully reanimated
Dogs Teaching Chemistry
Dogs Use Subway, Cat Takes Bus and Other Adventures in Animal Intelligence
Dogs’ Eyes Have Changed Since Humans Befriended Them
DOIP - Chalk
DOJ Boss Joins UK, Australian Gov't In Asking Facebook To Ditch Its End-To-End Encryption Plan
DOJ Charges Defendants With Harassing and Spying On Chinese Americans for Beijing
DOJ Using The FOSTA Playbook To Attack Encryption
Dolby Kids - Corona and the Pirate Twins
The Dollar-And-Cents Case Against Hollywood’s Exclusion of Women
Dolph C. Volker (Big Cat Videos)
Dolphin Embassy
Dolphin Hear, Dolphin Do: Imitation by Echolocation
Dolphin rescues stranded whales
Dolphins Are Helping Us Hunt for Aliens
Dolphins Are So Smart They're Learning Tool-Use From Their Friends
Dolphins gain unprecedented protection in India
Dolphins have 'longest social memory' among non-humans
Dolphins have similar personality traits to humans, study finds
Dolphins recorded having a conversation 'just like two people' for first time
Dolphins sing 'Batman' theme
Dolphins stampede alongside boat 'like a herd of wild horses'
Dolphins, turtles and birds don’t have to die in fishing gear – skilled fishers can avoid it
Domestic violence and a simple tool called the 'No Test' could identify an abusive partner
Domestic Workers in Lebanon Are Making a Dramatic Escape
Domino Animals
Domino chain reaction
Don Alfonso (English version)- Mike Oldfield
Don't Adjust Your Viewfinder
Don't agree to do record-breaking tricks on Chinese TV. Just don't.
Don't Be Evil
Don't believe hydrogen and nuclear hype – they can’t get us to net zero carbon by 2050
Don't Ignore the Trolls. Feed Them Until They Explode.
Don't Look If You Have Coulrophobia!
Don't Panic about "going dark"
Don't pooh-pooh it: Making paper from elephant dung
Don't Regulate The Internet Like Every Company Is The Same
Don't Stay in School / You Look Like a Girl
Don't Stop Believin' - Journey (ONE TAKE Vintage Postmodern Jukebox Cover)
Don't Use Real Rabbits as Your Smartphone Case
Donald Rumsfeld Quotes
Donald Trump Caused The Techlash
Donald Trump wants to be a dictator. It’s not enough just to laugh at him
Donald Trump’s sanity is not the question. The real issue is how he got into office
Donating to animal shelters
Donkeys in danger of extinction as study shows 10 animals you didn't know were too
Don’t be fooled by brands that do one good ethical thing, say economists
Don’t Be Scared About The End Of Capitalism—Be Excited To Build What Comes Next
Don’t let rising seas drown the Marshall Islands
Don’t Listen to Fox. Here’s What’s Really Going On in Seattle’s Protest Zone.
Don’t look Up! has a surprising amount to tell us about economics, much of it useful
‘Don’t Look Up’: Hollywood’s primer on climate denial illustrates 5 myths that fuel rejection of science
Don’t Poke the Bear: Creating Content for Sensitive Situations
Don’t put all your eggs in one Facebook basket
‘Don’t read the comments’: misinformed and malicious comments stifle Indigenous voices
‘Don’t shove us off like we’re rubbish’: what people with intellectual disability told us about their local community
Don’t Toss It, Fix It! Europe Is Guaranteeing Citizens the “Right to Repair”
Doodle 4 Google 2017 - US Winner
The doomed 30-year battle to stop a pandemic
Doomsday Prep for the Super-Rich
“The Door Problem”
Dorkly Brings Us The 30 Best Dr.Seuss Mashups On The Internet
Dos Rios Ranch, California's first new state park in 13 years, is just outside of the Bay Area
Dotted lines by Professor Walter Lewins, MIT
Double Fine Amnesia Fortnight
Double Rainbow meme
The double-standard of making the poor prove they’re worthy of government benefits
Doug Engelbart & Ted Nelson come to dinner
Doughnut economics: an economic model for the future
Douglas Adams made me a writer: Neil Gaiman salutes his friend and inspiration
Douglas Adams' typewriter at Abe Books
Down the rabbit hole with the World's Smallest Postal Service
Down with Unicode! Why 16 bits per character is a right pain in the ASCII
Download "Theft! A History of Music", a New Free Graphic Novel Exploring 2,000 Years of Musical Borrowing
Download 1,000+ Japanese Woodblock Prints by Edo-Era Master Hiroshige
Download 448 Free Art Books from The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Download 6600 Free Films from The Prelinger Archives and Use Them However You Like
Download Linux Voice issue 1 — with audio!
Download Linux Voice issue 2
Download Rocket Fuel: Some of the Best of Non-Fiction for Free!
Downwind from Standing Rock
Dr Seuss and The Seven Lady Godivas
Dr Who & Harry Potter: Two great stories that go great together
The Dr Who That Wasn't
Dr. Demento, comedic song hero and unsung punk rock legend, gets his due on new album
Dr. Ledoux Critter Splitter Series
Dr. Matthew Rimmer Takes A Closer Look At Fair Use
Dr. Seuss Art
Dr. Who spinoff to star Capt. Jack Harkness!
Dragon Dating Simulator - A visual novel
Dragon Necklaces
DRAGON PROJECTION with fire on house front in Italy
?: Dragon Quest ballet
Dragon Quest ballet
Dragon Wing Creation
Dragon Wreath by Haleigh Toney
Dragons at Crumbling Castle
Dragons of Elanthia
Dragonscale: a beautiful approach to solar
Dramatic X
‘Dramatically more powerful’: world’s first battery-electric freight train unveiled
DRAM’s Damning Defects—and How They Cripple Computers
drawing with HTML
Dream Letters - Turn Your Child Into An Avid Reader & Writer
Dream of New Kind of Credit Union Is Extinguished by Bureaucracy
Dreamlike photos of miniature street scenes
DreamWorld’s King
Dress up a T. REX
Dressage de Chats
Driftwood horses
Driftwood Sculpture
Drillers break into magma chamber
Drilling surprise opens door to magma-powered electricity
Driver blames crash on pterodactyl
Driving Dogs: a brilliant ad campaign
The Driving Force Behind America's Warp Speed Decline into an Unequal Society
DRM Still Breaking Games Nearly A Decade After Purchase
DRM-Free – A Year On
droid masters traditional Japanese kabuki
Drone Awards 2020: the world seen from above
Drone display sets world record for most UAVs airborne simultaneously
Drone Images of Coastal Kelp Show Recovery is Possible
Drone swarms illuminate Scottish skies as part of Hogmanay festival
Drones and AI help stop poaching in Africa
Drones are being used to reseed forests and revitalize ecosystems
Drones to unleash vaccine-laced pellets in bid to save endangered ferrets
Drowning in privacy policies: CHOICE calls for reform
The Dryad’s Shoe by T. Kingfisher
DS X E-Tense, Rep AOC & Tesla Solar Roof | Fully Charged News
Dubstep dispute
Duct tape art
Duct Tape roses
Dude, you broke the future!
Dueling Geneiuses The Greatest Highlights of Japanese Artists
Duet - Glen Keane
Dumb & Dumber: The Global Assault on Environmental Laws
Dumb Ways to Lie
Dumbed-down curriculum means primary students will learn less about the world and nothing about climate
Dungeons & Developers
Dungeons & Dragons & Philosophy
Dungeons & Dragons Promises To Make Its Adventures More Queer
Dungeons & Dragons: The revival of a 'geeky' pastime
Dungeons And Doggos
Dungeons and Dragons 30th anniversary
During the Great Depression, many newspapers betrayed their readers. Some are doing it again now
Fwd: [Bulk] Dust Art
Dust devils on Mars
Dutch lion-tailed pants in wacky Chinese game
Dutch nursing home offers rent-free housing to students
Dutch parliament: Vendor dependence too high a cost
Dutch Real Estate Broker Installs a Small Roller Coaster in a House to Give Tours to Prospective Buyers
Dutch Windmills Host a Mesmerizing Laser Show
DVD Review of The Star Wars Holiday Special (Platinum Edition)
'Dwarf' foxes, saved from extinction, make an incredible recovery
The Dwarven Lord of Kickstarter
Fwd: Dynamic Moire: Animated Optical Illusions (YouTube)
Dynamic projection mapping onto deforming non-rigid surface
Dynamic target tracking camera system keeps its eye on the ball
Détour — A film by Michel Gondry


E-Books Strain Relations Between Libraries, Publishing Houses
E-waste recycler Eric Lundgren loses appeal on computer restore disks, must serve 15-month prison term
E.L.O (Electric Light Orchestra) All Over The World
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial at 40 – a deep meditation on loneliness, and Spielberg’s most exhilarating film
Each Antarctic tourist effectively melts 83 tonnes of snow – new research
Each budget used to have a gender impact statement. We need it back, especially now
Earliest "recording" in music history! - 220 year old Joseph Haydn Organ
Early warnings for floods in South Africa: engineering for future climate change
Early YouTube Musician Explains How Signing Major Label Deal 'Nearly Destroyed My Career'
Earth 2: the Metaverse as crypto number-go-up
Earth Care Library
Earth Day at 50: A look to the past offers hope for the planet’s future
Earth from Space: the eye-popping series that zooms in on our planet
The Earth Is Telling Us We Must Rethink Our Growth Society
Earth may soon become “inhospitable to current human societies”
Earth may temporarily pass dangerous 1.5℃ warming limit by 2024, major new report says
Earth Restored
Earth Will Likely Be Much Warmer in 2100 Than We Anticipated, Scientists Warn
Earth's resources consumed in ever greater destructive volumes
Earth-friendly EOMA68 Computing Devices
Earthmender Fiction: How to be a Storyteller and an Earthmender
Earthquakes don’t kill people; buildings do. And those lovely decorative bits are the first to fall
Earthshot Prize: William and Kate launch prize to 'repair the Earth'
The Earth’s biodiversity could be much greater than we thought
"The Easiest Way to Sell Cover Songs & Original Music Online"
Easily-Triggered Privileged People Have Turned Society Into Their Own Giant Safe Space
East Bay tiny homes mean big changes for homeless residents
easter bunny
Easter bunny name
Eavesdropping on the Secret Social World of Giant Otters
'Ebola is defeated,' says Congolese professor who discovered the virus
“Ebola is not a natural disaster. It is a disease fostered by poverty…”
Ebola, Organic Food, and Fukushima. Three Dope Slaps About How We Get Risk Wrong.
Ebooks and statistics
#ebooksos crisis: price gouging publishers
Eccentric Inventor Colin Furze Builds a Gigantic Star Wars AT-AT Walker Clubhouse
Eclipse of The Sun
Eco Media Player
The Eco-Friendlier Future of the Disposable Spork
Ecological Land Cooperative
Economic growth is an unnecessary evil, Jacinda Ardern is right to deprioritise it
The Economic Lessons of Star Trek’s Money-Free Society
The Economics of a Hit TV Show
The Economics of Soaking the Rich
The Economics of Star Trek
Economics ripe for a post-pandemic shake up as COVID kills old assumptions
Economics, Pollution, and Bandits
Economics’ Failure Over Destruction of Nature Presents “Extreme Risks”
Economist examines empirical evidence of file-sharing on box-office revenue
Economist Explains How Copyright Just Isn't Working
The Economist special report on video gaming
Economix Comix: The TPP and Free Trade
The economy can’t guarantee a job. It can guarantee a liveable income for other work
Economy’s End
Econophysics: Can antimoney prevent the next financial crisis?
Ecosystems across Australia are collapsing under climate change
Ecto-88, the geekiest car ever
Ecuador’s top court rules for stronger land rights for Indigenous communities
Ed Sheeran Gets It: As He Wins His Copyright Lawsuit, He Decries ‘Culture’ Of Bogus Copyright Suits
The Ed Sheeran Problem, or, How the Record Industry Got What It Asked For
Eddy's run
Edinburgh Fringe funniest jokes 2012 and other comedy
Edison, a new low-cost educational robot
Editorial: We need UBI because we all need money, power, and trust
EDITORIAL: What I Said When My White Friend Asked for My Black Opinion on White Privilege
Editorial: Why Games Should Enter The Public Domain
EDL march in Birmingham upstaged by really nice tea party
Edtech is treating students like products. Here’s how we can protect children’s digital rights
Educate Yourself Online For Free
Edward Gorey's Trouble with Tribbles
Edward Snowden: public indifference is the real enemy in the NSA affair
Eepy Bird Are At It Again!
EFA's 2016 Wish List
EFF Statement on the Declaration for the Future of the Internet
Efficiency up, turnover down: Sweden experiments with six-hour working day
Eight changes the world needs to make to live with COVID
Eight Science Fiction Questions from Quora
Eight ways to protect your privacy online
The eight winners of the 2020 BigPicture competition for nature photography
Eight Year Old Rides to a Blaze With His Firefighter Grandfather
Ekaterina Lukasheva, Origami artist
eksoka - Mimosa
EL Comics: Test
El Salvador Bitcoin: how Chivo doesn’t work; how to fake a Chivo signup
Election scorecard: How the three major parties perform on video games
Elections: a global ranking rates US weakest among liberal democracies
Electric car emissions myth 'busted'
Electric Cars Are Cheaper to Own in New Jersey Than California
Electric cars have few downsides except price. One company is looking to change that
Electric Chopsticks Bring The Salt, Not The Pain
Electric Fan Harp in the bathhouse │ 銭湯で扇風琴 ♨️
Electric Ferrari - time to give classic cars a new lease of life? | 100% Independent, 100% Electric
Electric marshmallow toaster
Electric Monaros and hotted-up skateboards : the ‘genius’ who wants to electrify our world
The Electric Swing Circus - Everybody Wants To Be A Cat - Electro Swing
Electric Swing Circus Video Diaries - April 2017 - Swingamajig Festival is coming
Electric vehicles are here. How can we make them equitable?
Electric vehicles close to ‘tipping point’ of mass adoption
Electric vehicles help farmers drive savings and lower carbon footprint
Electric VW Beetle | Fully Charged
Electric Zine Maker
Electrify Everything in Your Home
Electrify: An Optimist's Playbook for Our Clean Energy Future
Electrifying homes to slow climate change: 4 essential reads
[Electro Swing] Peggy Suave - Braxel Brobots
Electroluminescent dance
Electromechanical Pong!
Electronic Paper
"Electronic Road Signs and Me"
Electronic Spy Camera Shirt
Electronic surveillance law review won’t stop Border Force’s warrantless phone snooping
Electronics That Last: How I Built an Heirloom Laptop
The #Elegram project
Elektro, the Oldest U.S. Robot
The Elements, Expanded
The elephant as a person
Elephant calves more likely to survive in the care of their grandmothers
The Elephant in the Living Room
The elephant in the room
Elephant tracking collars will send alerts if shots are fired
The Elephant's Garden
Elephants are irreplaceable seed dispersers
Elephants are the end of a 60m-year lineage – last of the megaherbivores
Elephants Communicate in Sophisticated Sign Language, Researchers Say
Elephants have different personalities, just like us
Elephants Have Surprising Level of Self-Understanding
Elephants Learn To Work Together - Super Smart Animals - BBC Earth
Elephants no longer made to perform at Singapore Zoo
Elephants use their smarts to cope with human threats
Elephants, Arts, & Conservation
Elephants, empathy and the consolation of art
Elephants, lions to roam North America once more?
Elephants, Long Endangered by Thai Crowds, Reclaim a National Park
Elevator weatherman
Eleven Tweets
Eliminating most homelessness is achievable. It starts with prevention and ‘housing first’
Elinor Ostrom's 8 Principles for Managing A Commons
Elizabeth Warren unveils bold new plan to reshape American capitalism
Elizabethan Curse Generator
Elizabethan Superheroes
Ella Enchanted
Ellen Craft, the Slave Who Posed as a Master and Made Herself Free
Ellen Page has super powers, but why is this newsworthy?
Elliot Page, Ariana Grande & other stars speak out against Texas gov’s attack on trans youth
Elon Musk Destroys The Rationale For Patents, Opens Up All Of Tesla's
Elon Musk is wrong: research shows content rules on Twitter help preserve free speech from bots and other manipulation
Elon Musk Names SpaceX Drone Ships in Honor of Sci-Fi Legend
Elon Musk, Man of Steel, reveals his stainless Starship
Elon Musk’s Grand Plan to Power the World With Batteries
Elsevier Says It's Infringing To Link To Sci-Hub; Hypocrite Elsevier Links To Sci-Hub All The Time
Elsevier Tries To Lie About University Of California's Contract Negotiation; UC Shows Its Receipts
Elsevier, that just freaked me out.
'Elusive and cryptic' lizard may be first Australian mainland reptile declared extinct
Elvis The Super Cute Coatimundi Wants Your Attention
Email company under fire over police data handover
Email is your electronic memory
The Email Scam That Nearly Worked On Me
Emergency departments are clogged and patients are waiting for hours or giving up. What’s going on?
Emerging tech in the food, transport and energy sector can help counter the effects of climate change
Emilio Estevez Uses Some Public Domain Footage In Film, So Universal Studios Forces Original Public Domain Footage Offline
Emio GrecoPC and Perfume From Dancer's Body
Emma Watson goes bright red as she attempts to beat box her way to gender equality
Emmanuel "StanceGrounded" Hurd and kids hip-hop dance to Pakistani music
Emmanuel Macron is reelected but the French are longing for radical change
Emoji to Scale
Empathy Cards For Serious Illness
Empathy: helps on the way
The Emperor Has No Clothes: Socrates Deconstructs Singularity University
The Empire is Crumbling
The Empire That Was Russia
Employee Ownership
Employee-owned companies perform better, but are resisted by banks, lawyers and governments
Employers: Look to gaming to motivate staff
Empress of Uruguay-Worlds Largest Amethyst Geode
Empty School
Emu Discovers A Sprinkler And Completely Loses His Mind
Enchanted BBQ For Sale
The Enchanted Highway: The World's Largest Sculpture Project
Encrypting Your Laptop Like You Mean It
Encryption - The low-tech way.
Encryption By Analogy
The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction is the Best Place on the Internet
The End Is Nigh: Failed Stewardship of Planet Earth
The end of coal is coming 3 times faster than expected. Governments must accept it and urgently support a ‘just transition’
The End of Days?
The End of Higher Education’s Golden Age
The end of kindness: weev and the cult of the angry young man
The End Of Ownership: How Big Companies Are Trying To Turn Everyone Into Renters
The end of Roe v. Wade would likely embolden global anti-abortion activists and politicians
The End Of Roe Will Bring About A Sea Change In The Encryption Debate
End of the American dream? The dark history of 'America first'
The End of the American Experiment
The End of the Australian Dream?
End of the avocado: why chefs are ditching the unsustainable fruit
The End of the Internet Dream: the speech that won Black Hat (and Defcon)
The end of the oceans
The End of the Sun - The Adventure in Slavic Fantasy World
The end of the world's capital of brown coal
The end of tourism?
The end of wild elephants? Why we must not let Africa become one giant food farm
End-To-End Encryption is Too Important to Be Proprietary
Endangered Bonobos Reveal Evolution of Human Kindness
Endangered red wolf pups are born in the wild for the first time in years
Endangered sea turtle rebounding thanks to COVID-19 and indigenous peoples
Endangered tigers have made a remarkable comeback in five countries
'Endangered' status for shy albatross, recognising threats from climate change and fishing
Ending Bully Culture - It’s not just about kids
Ending online anonymity won’t make social media less toxic
The Endless Present, or Why You’re Getting Disclaimers On The Muppets These Days
Endonyms of the World
Endonyms of the World Map
The enduring allure of retro tech
The Enduring Solidarity of Whiteness
Enemies of the Internet 2014: entities at the heart of censorship and surveillance
Energy bills are spiking after the Russian invasion. We should have doubled-down on renewables years ago
Energy crisis: Government has been thinking about batteries the wrong way
Energy efficient cars
Engare review: The geometry of Islamic art becomes a treasure of a game
Engineer's guide to cats & Theremin-playing cat
Engineers of the Soul: Ideology in Xi Jinping's China by John Garnaut
England's first wild beavers for 400 years allowed to live on River Otter
The English language dominates global conservation science – which leaves 1 in 3 research papers virtually ignored
Engrish and the inverse
Fwd: enjoy the imagery :-)
enjoy the imagery and philosophy that goes with them
Fwd: Enjoy!!
Ennio Morricone - The Ecstasy of Gold - Theremin & Voice
Enormous Condor Thanks Man Who Saved His Life
Enough MEPs Say They Mistakenly Voted For Articles 11 & 13 That The Vote Should Have Flipped; EU Parliament Says Too Bad
Enough with “the Colbert Defense”: Why criminals, bigots and jerks cry “satire!” when exposed
Enter an Archive of 6,000 Historical Children’s Books, All Digitized and Free to Read Online
Enter the Grief Police
Entering Our Orbit: Apsis
Entertaining science videos
Enthusiast uses Google to reveal Roman ruins
Entire hillsides of trees turned brown this summer. Is it the start of ecosystem collapse?
The entire modern copyright was built on one fundamental assumption that the Internet has reversed
The Entire Run Of IF Magazine Is Now Freely Available Online!
Entropic Time (Backwards Billy Joel Parody) | A Capella Science
Environment poses greatest risk to global prosperity, say experts
‘Environmental accounting’ could revolutionise nature conservation, but Australia has squandered its potential
Environmental Catastrophe is Coming. The Rich Will Be Just Fine.
Environmental Journalism is More Than Just Climate Change
The Environmental Lawyer Chevron Put Behind Bars Is Finally Free
The environmental price of fast fashion
Envisioning the urban skyscraper of 2050
Envy’s hidden hand
Enya Is Everywhere
Eoin Colfer to write sixth Hitchhiker's Guide book
EPA staffer leaves with a bang, blasting agency policies under Trump
Epbot Exemplars: "My First Con" Edition!
Epbot November Art Roundup
Ephemeral Compositions Use Sand and Stone to Create Hypnotic Works on Land
Epic Bunny's Adventure
The epic journey of a refugee cat to find its family
Epic Run
Epic Stair Design Fails That May Result In Some Serious Injuries
Epson starts New Year with augmented reality greeting cards
Equality and fairness: vaccines against this pandemic of mistrust
Equitable Retreat: The Need for Fairness in Relocating Coastal Communities
The equivalent of “It’s all Greek to me” in 30 other languages
The Era of the Wood Skyscraper Is Arriving
ERASING WOMEN: The Importance of "Agent Carter" to Comic Culture
Eric Chien 2018 Fism Grand Prix Act -Ribbon-
Eric Clapton Pretends To Regret The Decision To Sue Random German Woman Who Listed A Bootleg Of One Of His CDs On Ebay
Eric Flint on Copyright
Eric Idle on the beginnings of Monty Python
Eric Standley’s Intricate Laser Cut Stained Glass Paper Windows
Eric's Heroes: A Seattle man uses his unique gift to create art
Erica Chenoweth: Confronting the myth of the rational insurgent
Erin Bromage: Professor’s Blog Post on New Tips to Avoid Coronavirus Goes Viral
Ernest and Celestine
Ernie Kovacs - Kitchen Symphony
ESA partners with startup to launch first debris removal mission in 2025
Escape From the USA
Escape the echo chamber
Escaping Together
Escher for Real
[ Escher in Lego]
Escher-inspired floor tiles
The Escherian Stairwell
Escher’s impossible stairs inspired by high school stairwell
Espresso Stories
Esquire feature on Dean Kamen
Essay: Pyramid of Technology
Essential fruit and veg pickers 'homeless' due to coronavirus, meaning crops may be left to rot
Establishing Order Over Tall Orders
Estonians rescue wild wolf from ice thinking it was a dog
Estonia’s first female prime minister vows to tackle climate crisis
The Eternal October: Bringing Back Tech Optimism, Without The Naivety
Ethical pitch: ‘You wouldn’t expect Jane Goodall to be fronting a campaign for underwear’
Ethiopia plants 350m trees in a day to help tackle climate crisis
Ethiopia’s war in Tigray risks wiping out centuries of the world’s history
Etisalat - Moonwalk
The EU Copyright Directive Is So Bad It’s Proving Really Hard To Transpose Into Decent National Laws
EU ministers opt to continue overfishing, despite 2020 deadline
EU Moves Forward With Agreement To Fundamentally Change The Internet From Open To Closed
EU moves to tackle deforestation caused by chocolate and other products
EU Parliamentarians buckle under ExxonMobil lobby pressure
EU research ‘moonshots’ focus on climate crisis
Eulogy for a Fairy Princess
Eurocats - Surfen Multimedia - Deutsche Vorentscheidung Eurovision
Europa Film Treasures
Europe Frees Zorro From Trademark Restrictions
Europe says no to data retention, so why is it an option in Australia?
Europe's "The Final Countdown" as a spaghetti western theme
Europe's surging, far-right, "anti-establishment" parties: funded by billionaires, voting for billionaire-friendly policies, lining their own pockets
European Art
European Cities Do Away with Traffic Signs
European Commission's Attempt To Backtrack On Its Promise To Defend Fundamental Rights In Upload Filter Implementations May Backfire Badly
The European country where “replacement theory” reigns supreme
European design firm
Europe’s fishing industry to battle with conservationists over bottom trawling
Eurovision party 7pm Saturday 18 May 2013!
Eurovision Song Contest
EV policy and Australia's "Future Fuels Strategy"
Eva Orner on Chasing Asylum: ‘Every whistleblower that I interviewed wept’
Evaluation of Russia by Finnish Intelligence Colonel - Tiedustelueverstin arvio Venäjästä
Even after the rains, Australia’s environment scores a 3 out of 10. These regions are struggling the most
Even Churchill used an OMG! ;-)
Even If Climate Change Wasn't Happening, Phasing Out Coal Is A 'No-Regret' Solution
Even mild COVID can cause brain shrinkage and affect mental function, new study shows
Even The Currents in The Ocean's Depths Can't Escape The Effects of Climate Change
Even vaccinated people can get long COVID
Even without new fossil fuel projects, global warming will still exceed 1.5℃. But renewables might make it possible
Event held in Japan to increase Wikipedia articles on women
Every Book Lover Should Fear This Graph
‘Every person deserves to rest in peace': American Muslims raising money to repair vandalized Jewish cemetery
Every time Morrison invokes the 'Canberra bubble', he undermines parliament itself
Every Week, 2 Anonymous Students Sneak Into A Classroom And Proceed To Blow Everyone’s Mind.
Everybody in dresses: Why does gender neutral clothing always mean ‘boy’ clothes for girls?
“Everybody Loves a Lover” Arlene & The Vantastix
Everybody Loves Walter
Everybody's Brain Knows How to Run a Tail
Everyone can be an effective advocate for vaccination: here’s how
Everyone Creates: New Empirical Data Shows Just How Much The Internet Has Enabled A New Creative Economy
‘Everyone else does it, so I can too’: how the false consensus effect drives environmental damage
Everyone In Denny’s Freezes When Dick Van Dyke Starts Belting ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’
Everyone Wants You To Have Security, But Not from Them
Everyone was very excited to see the government’s new climate change plan!
Everyone's still looking for the copywriter behind these unnecessarily wordy spice labels
Everyone, everywhere: the global challenge of climate change
‘Everything has gone’: a world-first study looks at what happens when MPs lose their seats
Everything I Can Remember
Everything I Know About Storytelling I Learned From The BBC’s “Planet Earth II”
Everything Is A Remix (Full Film)
Everything is a Remix: Five Year Anniversary Celebration
Everything That's Wrong With Social Media And Big Internet Companies: Part 1
Everything you need to know about Theresa May’s Brexit nightmare in five minutes
Everything you've been told about plastic is wrong – the answer isn't recycling
Evicted by Matthew Desmond review – what if the problem of poverty is that it’s profitable to other people?
Evidence Grows That Trump's Trade Wars Are Hitting U.S. Economy
The evidence shows that chiropractors do more harm than good
Evil Mad Scientist Labs: Bat Costume
Evil Monkey’s Guide to Kosher Imaginary Animals
Evolution Is Not the Cause of Selfish Capitalism
The Evolution of an Accidental Meme
Evolution of Dance by NAO robot
Evolution of Game Music - 1972-2018 | ALL 41 GAMES (Plus 3 New Games)
Evolution of Get Lucky [Daft Punk Chronologic cover by PV NOVA]
Evolution of Music - Pentatonix
The evolution of physical music formats - an interactive timeline
The evolution of self-driven cars
"Evolution Of Tap Dance" - Postmodern Jukebox ft. Sarah Reich
Ewok Karaoke
Ex-UN chief Ban Ki-moon says US healthcare system is 'morally wrong'
Excel 4, Yes Excel 4, Can Haunt Your Cloud Security
Excel autocorrect errors still plague genetic research, raising concerns over scientific rigour
Excessive strip-searching shines light on discrimination of Aboriginal women in the criminal justice system
Excited Lioness Gleefully Greets the Man Who Raised Her with a Great Big Hug
Exclusive: 'locked-up' Saudi princesses' message for Obama
Exclusive: Citi, HSBC, Prudential hatch plan for Asian coal-fired closures – sources
Exclusive: Jungle Puppies Captured on Film for the First Time
EXCLUSIVE: On Election Eve, PM’s Office Gave $15m To Rich Party Donor From Money Set Aside To Tackle Black Poverty
Exclusive: Trump-linked religious ‘extremists’ target women with disinformation worldwide
Excuse Us While We Kiss The Sky
The existential crisis of peak car ownership
‘Existential threat to our survival’: see the 19 Australian ecosystems already collapsing
Exit Interview: I Curated Rare Books for a 200-Year-Old Library
Exit the Fatherland
Exoplanet photos
Exoskeleton for farmers
Exotic, fifth state of matter created on the space station
The Expedition 42 Poster!
Experience: I’m a record-breaking wing-walker
Experience: my face became a meme
Experiments in folding
Experts Worry Active Shooter Drills In Schools Could Be Traumatic For Students
Explainer: what are Labor and the Coalition promising on an anti-corruption commission and what is the government’s record?
Explainer: what is Ramadan and why does it require Muslims to fast?
Explainer: what was the Chinese laser attack about and why does it matter?
Explainer: why are Covid infection rates in Australia so high compared with other countries?
Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person
Explore Banned Books
Explore the Secret Lives of Animals With These Marvelous Maps
Exponential growth devours and corrupts
Exquisitely Detailed Watercolor and Pencil Illustrations of the Animal World in Miniature
Extinct or just missing? The curious case of the native blue-grey mouse
Extinction crisis: native mammals are disappearing in Northern Australia, but few people are watching
Extinction obituary: why experts weep for the quiet and beautiful Hawaiian po’ouli
Extinction Rebellion and Attenborough put climate in spotlight
The Extinction Rebellion scorecard: what did it achieve?
Extinction Rebellion: Labor members say 'chilling' mass arrests have echoes of Bjelke-Petersen era
Extinction vs. Collapse: Does it matter?
The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec
The extraordinary life and death of the world’s oldest known spider
Extraordinary Toroidal Vortices
'Extraordinary' 500-year-old library catalogue reveals books lost to time
Extreme Cute Alert
Extreme heat hurts human health. Its effects must be mitigated – urgently
Extreme heat in oceans ‘passed point of no return’ in 2014
Extreme heat waves threaten honeybee fertility and trigger sudden death
Extreme Puppy Makeover - Prank it FWD
Extreme Sticky Notes Experiments
Extreme weather caused by climate change has damaged 45% of Australia’s coastal habitat
Extremely Close up elephant bathing with my Gopro
Extremely cute handmade hats
Extremely Good Cat Learns to Copy Human Movements
Exxon's climate lie: 'No corporation has ever done anything this big or bad'
Exxon's Own Research Confirmed Fossil Fuels' Role in Global Warming Decades Ago
ExxonMobil, Chevron and Toyota accused of being corporate "influencers" that are blocking action against global warming
Eyes on the pies: how Mabel Normand, Chaplin’s mentor, changed cinema
Eyewitness: With Gillian Triggs on Christmas Island to inspect child detainees


Fable the Raven
Fabulon - Redgum
Fabulous Beasts - a new kind of game
Facebook Accused of 'Full-Frontal Suppression of Dissent' After Independent Media Swept Up in Mass Purge
Facebook And Google Finally Take First Steps On Road To Transparency About Content Moderation
Facebook Bans White Nationalism and White Separatism
Facebook Derangement Syndrome: The Company Has Problems, But Must We Read The Worst Into Absolutely Everything?
Facebook from beyond the grave
Facebook Is NOT The Internet; Stop Regulating As If It Was
Facebook Manners And You
Facebook Only Cares About Facebook
Facebook pages fall quiet as administrators fear legal action over defamatory comments
Facebook Users Liable for All Comments Under Their Posts, According to Australia High Court
Facebook versus Australia: the government hands Facebook a free pass
Facebook's Latest Scandals: The Banality Of Hubris; The Messiness Of Humanity
Facebook's Privacy Problems Are Piling Up Too Quickly To Chronicle
Facebook, Twitter Consistently Fail At Distinguishing Abuse From Calling Out Abuse
Facebook: I want out
Facebook’s New Currency Has Big Claims and Bad Ideas
Facebook’s Not Designed to Create A “Global Community”
Faced With Fear, A Muslim Woman Makes A Stand — By Setting One Up
FaceRig videos
Facial recognition isn't just bad because it invades privacy: it's because privacy invasions fuel discrimination
Facing the Age of Chaos
Facing the Challenge of Online Harassment
The Fact That The US Intelligence Community So Readily Admits To Fantasies Of Killing Ed Snowden Shows Why They Can't Be Trusted
The Fact These Disney Princesses Look Strange Highlights a Huge Problem with Society
Fact-checking can actually harm trust in media: new research
Factoria Circular and their giant musical wheel
The facts about ‘boat people’ – The government & media are lying
Fader Automation Groove
Fail: our report card on the government’s handling of Australia’s extinction crisis
Failing to See, Fueling Hatred.
Failing union of capitalism and democracy fuels rise in inequality
‘Failure is not an option’: after a lost decade on climate action, the 2020s offer one last chance
Fair trade ebooks: how authors could double their royalties without costing their publishers a cent
Fairphone 2 hands-on: Modular phones are finally here
Fairytale Portraits Of Redheads With A Red Fox By Uzbek Photographer
Faith in Daisy Chains
“Faith-based arguments that deal with climate change are a smokescreen that mask the real problem”
Fake climate negotiations produce real impacts
Fake Geek Guys: A Message to Men About Sexual Harassment
The "Fake Geek" is Not The Problem When It Comes to "Fake Geek Girls" by Chris Brecheen
The Fake News Pipeline: How A Small-Time Clickbait Farmer Is Spreading the Gospel of Big Oil
Fake Science
Fake Writer Girls!
Faking a Mandate
The Fall of Google+
Falling felines: Keeping cats in high-rise flats safe
The Falling Man
The False Promise of Meritocracy
The Family Guide to Digital Freedom
Family Of Marcel Duchamp Gets 3D Print Design For Duchamp Chess Set Removed Back Into History Over Copyright
‘Family Portrait’, Photos of Movie & Comic Book Characters Dressed Up & Posing Together for Classic Flemish Paintings
Family violence perpetrators using COVID-19 as 'a form of abuse we have not experienced before'
Family-meal image wins international food photo contest
Famous artist says a painting isn't by him, gets sued for ruining its value
Famous first words: how celebrities made their way on to children's bookshelves
Famous Movie Data Visualizations
Famous Sounds
Fan Creates a Fantastic Parody Website for the Ministry of Magic from ‘Harry Potter’
Fan fiction: Creative river runs ever on
Fan films and the future of fantasy
Fan Prints of Humorous and Miscellaneous Subjects
Fan-O-Rama, The Live-Action Futurama Fan Film
Fanboys Hit the Shows: Taylor Swift, Def Leppard, 'Weird Al' Yankovic
Fans Aren’t Going To Pay For Music Anymore. And That’s Ok.
Fantagraphics 2014 Spring Season: 39 Graphic Novels & Books
Fantastic arctic fox: animal walks 3,500km from Norway to Canada
'Fantastic day for elephants': court rejects ivory ban challenge
The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore
The Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009 stop-motion feature film)
Fantastic Redesigns Of Women Characters By Women Science Fiction Artists
The Fantastic Ursula K. Le Guin
Fantastical plates of food art
Fantasy & Science Fiction giveaway
The Fantasy and Abuse of the Manipulable User
Fantasy Architecture
Fantasy Art
Fantasy food at exhibition by famed Japanese animator Studio Ghibli
Fantasy Webcomic: Gaia
Fan’s Rare Recordings Of Lost Beatles’ Performances Can’t Be Heard, Because Copyright Ruins Everything
Far right and extremist groups are targeting military veterans for recruitment. Does the ADF owe them a duty of care?
Farewell Tolstoy, An African Giant
Farewell, #Queenoftheskies
Farmed seafood supply at risk if we don’t act on climate change
Farmer builds 36ft meerkat sculpture from bales of straw
Farmers, Elephants, and Bees: A Winning Combination
Farming needs to adapt to climate change: PM
Fart Proudly
Fascinating Look at the World's First Steampunk Restaurant
The fascinating truth behind all those ‘great firewall of China’ headlines
Fascism Is Not "That Which Hurts My Feelings"
Fascism Runs in My American Family
The Fascist Bogeyman
Fashion Meets Geek With New BioWare Line
Fashion of the Future
Fashion of the Future-ture-ture!
Fast Track - Simon's Cat
Faster Internet video
The fate of our planet depends on the next few days of complex diplomacy in Glasgow. Here’s what needs to go right
Fates of humans and insects intertwined, warn scientists
Favourite Etsy's
Fawlty Towers gets a four-star facelift
FBI Checks Wrong Box, Places Student on No-Fly List
FEAR & UNbalanced: Confessions of a 14-Year Fox News Hitman
Fear the Bogeyman: Sex Offender Panic on Halloween
Fear truly is the mind killer
The feared other: Peter Dutton's and Australia's pathology around race
THE FEARLESS FLYERS /// Introducing Delta Force
Fears of 'Collateral Damage to Democracy' as Trump Weighs Withdrawing From Global Postal Pact
Feasts of Fiction
February Art Roundup: Trek Ladies, Potter Cards, & Squee-Worthy Owl Dolls!
Federal Agency Busted in Elaborate Scheme to Sell Native American Land to Corporations
Federal agency erased data to hide mismanagement of Native American remains, says whistleblower
Federal budget: $160 million for nature may deliver only pork and a fudge
Fediverse and Scuttlebutt
Feeding 'Supplements' to Corals Could One Day Help to Regrow The Great Barrier Reef
Feeding Wildlife during drought and bushfires
Feel Good Stories of the Year
Feeling helpless about climate change? This doco is the uplifting call to arms you need right now
Felt made by hand - unique textile art by Gladys Paulus
Felt Synthesisers
Female authors help broaden men's horizons
Feminism has failed and needs a radical rethink
Fennec Fox Adorably Chases Soap Bubbles Around a Giraffe-Print Blanket
Fennec Fox Digs Tunnel of Love
Feral cats to friendly pets as woman rehabilitates wild moggies wandering streets
Ferengi Rules of Acquisition [Full List*]
Ferrets: Man’s Other Best Friend
Ferrofluid kinetic sculpture
Festo's New Bionic Robots Include Rolling Spider, Flying Fox
‘Few other countries go to such lengths to deliberately inflict suffering’
Few restrictions, no spending limit, and almost no oversight: welcome to political advertising in Australia
The Feynman Lectures on Physics
Fiber Optic Dress by Natalina
Fictional Victorian-era Robots
Field Trip - Simon's Cat
Fieldwork Fail: the Messy Side of Science
Fifty shades of open
Fifty States of Fear
Fifty Years of Tax Cuts for Rich Didn’t Trickle Down, Study Says
Fight at the Museum: Confronting Visitor Biases
‘Fight for our lives’: Fiji calls world leaders ‘selfish’ as it lays out climate crisis blueprint
The fight for the Galápagos: race to expand reserve as fishing fleets circle
The fight to preserve a 44,000-year-old painting
The fight to stop Nestlé from taking America's water to sell in plastic bottles
The Fight to Stop Poaching: What If We’ve Been Doing It Wrong?
Fighting climate change by tackling food waste
Fighting for the truth about climate change
Fighting hatred with hatred at Reclaim Australia rallies is a failure of progressive politics
Fighting Misogyny In The Gay Community
Figuratively Shiny: A Firefly Video
Figure Nausicaa
Fiji is officially ‘open for happiness’ – will that apply to its tourism workers too?
Fiji’s other crisis: away from the COVID emergency, political dissent can still get you arrested
Filenames and Pathnames in Shell: How to do it Correctly
Fill Your New Kindle, iPad, iPhone, eReader with Free eBooks, Movies, Audio Books, Online Courses & More
Film Star
Filmmaker: Officials arrest Iran movie industry workers
Filmmakers fighting “Happy Birthday” copyright find their “smoking gun”
Filthy Lucre
Final Call: Strange Blessings
The Final Days Of Japan's Most Incredible Arcade
Final donation for man whose blood helped save 2.4 million babies
The Final Pandemic Betrayal
Finalists Of The 2014 Wildlife Photographer Of The Year Competition Will Leave You Wanting More
Finally, a breakthrough alternative to growth economics – the doughnut
Finally, A Climate Change Documentary That Will Get You Excited To Fix It
Finally, A Comedian Actually Got Cancelled
Finally, Presidential Candidates Are Talking About Poverty
Finally, she can speak
Find a piano
Find out more about inequality
Finding Dory Isn't So Great for Our Fish Friends
Finding Infinity develops $100 billion zero-carbon strategy for Melbourne "that would pay for itself in less than 10 years"
Finding Rover, An App That Uses Facial Recognition to Help Reunite Lost Dogs with Their Humans
Finding the statistical fingerprints of election thieves
Finding Your Way in the World: Kiki’s Delivery Service and Whisper of the Heart
The Fine Art of Bullshit: Killed by Google
The Fine Print Society
Finger Nose
The Finkbeiner Test
Finland considers basic income to reform welfare system
Finland ends homelessness and provides shelter for all in need
Finland sets world’s most ambitious climate target in law
Finland's homeless crisis nearly solved. How? By giving homes to all who need.
Finland: Thanked or Bombed Off the Planet?
Finland’s Position Is One of the Big Surprises of the Ukraine Invasion
Finn Magee
Finnair is selling its airplane food in grocery stores
Finnish basic income pilot improved wellbeing, study finds
Finnish town offers locals cake (and other rewards) for cutting CO2 emissions
Finnish Wildlife Photographer Captures the Many Ways That Foxes Use Their Faces To Communicate
Fiordichthys slartibartfasti
Fire (and lots of it): Berkeley researcher on the only way to fix cryptocurrency
Fire and flood: 'Whole areas of Australia will be uninsurable'
Fire Juggling!
Fire management in Australia has reached a crossroads and ‘business as usual’ won’t cut it
Fire Sprinklers in Kayabuki-no-Sato, Kyoto are Camouflaged as Huts
Fireball Fennec Fox at San Diego Zoo
Firefly Poster Sets
The Firefly Season 2 Project
Firefly's Whole Cast Will Reunite for Firefly Online
Firefox crop circle
Firefox fights back
Firevase is a vase that doubles as a fire extinguisher
The first Australian First Nations anthology of speculative fiction is playful, bitter, loud and proud
The First Computers in East Africa –and what became of them
The First Country in The World Has Given Legal Rights to Individual Wild Animals
First Dog on the Moon: Why didn’t humanity save the planet? Perhaps they were busy
First Draft
The First Female Gamers
First Human-Pig Chimera Is a Step Toward Custom Organs
The first modern pandemic
First Nation chief on the difference between 'freedom' and 'privilege'
First Nations children are still being removed at disproportionate rates. Cultural assumptions about parenting need to change
First Nations dancing as one, Yuin Nation gathers community
First Nations kids make up about 20% of missing children, but get a fraction of the media coverage
The First New Vacuum Tube Computer Design For Well Over Half A Century
First Peoples in Victoria have a right to the truth about the impact of colonisation
First Rate, Second Grade, Party
First Rule Of Censorship Club Is You Don’t Talk About Censorship Club
The first socialist
First They Got Sick, Then They Moved Into a Virtual Utopia
The First Time My White Husband Witnessed Someone Discriminate Against Me for the Color of My Skin
The First White President
First-ever footage of wolves eating blueberries in Northern Minnesota
Fish Below Your Feet and Other Solutions for a Living Harbor
Fish habitrail
The Fish That Gave Too Much
Fish Under Threat From Ocean Oxygen Depletion, Finds Study
Fisher Price's Iconic Toy Telephone Now Actually Makes Phone Calls
Fishery collapse ‘confirms Silent Spring pesticide prophecy'
Fishing net deaths of endangered sea lions drastically reduced in SA
Five Black British figures history forgets
The five corrupt pillars of climate change denial
The five data retention lies you were told
Five Destructive Myths Perpetuated by Roleplaying Games
Five games about cats for you to try
Five Journalists and Pop Star Denise Ho Arrested in Hong Kong for Sedition
The Five Letter Word That Spells the End of Societies
Five myths about capitalism
Five Myths About Young People and Social Media
Five new puppy owners who can't contain their happy tears
Five Sci-Fi Children's Books
Five Signs Your Story Is Sexist – Against Men
Five things we learned about the state of the planet at the world’s biggest meeting of biodiversity experts
Five unbelievably cool research facilities (DD)
Five women building peace that you should know
Five Years of Staring Into the Sun
The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot
Fizzy and Frank
Flatpack: Fix the Future - Optimistic Apocalyptic Roleplaying
Fletcher Capstan Tables
Fleuron: A Database of Eighteenth-Century Printers' Ornaments
Flexible Electroluminescent Lighting
Flight Attendant Garb
The Flight of the Birdman: Flappy Bird Creator Dong Nguyen Speaks Out
Flight Report: Aloft in a Zeppelin Airship
"Flightline" hand-crafted PC case
Flipcharts on 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown
Flirtation or sexual harassment? Here's how to tell the difference
Flirting with Magic
Floating Seawer Skyscraper Rids The World’s Oceans Of Plastic While Generating Clean Energy
Floating solar farms could cool down lakes threatened by climate change
The FLOK Society Project: Making The Good Life Possible Through Good Knowledge
The floods have killed at least 21 Australians. Adapting to a harsher climate is now a life-or-death matter
Floods left thousands without power. Microgrids could help communities weather the next disaster
Floral print tools
Flowchart: How not to design a "woman’s" tech product
Flower @ danmala: mandala art
Flower-Power Could Help Clear Land mines
Flowers Opening Timelapse
Fluffier, Brighter, Weirder Dinosaurs
Fluffy Black Cats Adorably Illustrated as Expressive Balls of Fur
Fly Glass Wings
Fly Glass Wings!
Fly infertility shows we’re underestimating how badly climate change harms animals
Fly me to the moon
Fly Me to the Saitama (Tonde Saitama) international theatrical trailer - Hideki Takeuchi movie
Flying around the Earth
Flying cars
Flying electric cars have landed and there will be races in late 2020
The FLYING electric taxi that costs as much as an Uber! Vertical VX4 eVTOL
Fwd: flying silently through the skies with tamed hawks in Nepal
The Focal Camera Is An Awesome Open-Source DIY Modular Camera System
Focusing on Food Miles is a Mistake
Folding electric scooter can be carried in the hand or in a backpack
Folly, Vice, and Madness
food and fat
The food animation (Alimation) of Alexandre DUBOSC
Food apartheid: the root of the problem with America's groceries
Food Art
The food in "Final Fantasy XV" looks amazing
Food security at risk as web of life unravels
Food waste cafes and urban orchards: five ways people are building a new economy
For #nerdy9th, I'm going to share my love of the TV series Japanology.
For $50, you can build a custom Android or Linux mini-computer
For 'BoJack Horseman,' It Matters If A Cartoon Dog Is A Man Or A Woman
For 18 years, I thought she was stealing my identity. Until I found her
For 50 Years, Tech Companies Have Tried to Increase Diversity by Fixing People Instead of the System
For a fairer greener Melbourne, take a bite from the doughnut
For A Modest Personality Trait, ‘Intellectual Humility’ Packs A Punch
For a New Generation of Fish Farmers, the Ocean is Becoming Obsolete
For Amusement Only: the life and death of the American arcade
For an Inclusive Culture, Try Working Less
for cat lovers
For Decades, Our Coverage Was Racist. To Rise Above Our Past, We Must Acknowledge It
For democracy's sake, give power to the people
For First Time Ever, Scientists Identify How Many Trees to Plant and Where to Plant Them to Stop Climate Crisis
Fwd: [NextNow] [for fun - and to test your ability to understand!]: Dementia Test-No Cheating
For Good Men To See Nothing
For hydrogen to dominate the low-carbon world, batteries must fail
For kids of all ages and lover's of life
For Linux Enthusiasts Especially, The Steam Deck Is An Incredible & Fun Device
For Low-Income Victims, Nuisance Laws Force Ultimatum: Silence Or Eviction
For Mother's Day
For Muslim refugees in immigration detention, another sombre, isolated Eid holiday
For Obama, an Unexpected Legacy of Two Full Terms at War
For one tide only: modernist sandcastles – in pictures
For punctuation nerds
For research, we pretended to be crooks and terrorists and tried to buy shell companies. The results were disturbing.
For sale: Swiss Scrooge McDuck swimming pool/vault full of shiny coins
For sharing a scientific paper, a young researcher faces jail time
For Some Native Americans, Uranium Contamination Feels Like Discrimination
For some transgender students, the school bathroom is a battleground
For the First Time in More Than 20 Years, Copyrighted Works Will Enter the Public Domain
For the Love of Culture
For the Love of Money
For the person who has everything
For the sake of life on Earth, we must put a limit on wealth
for the thrill of a lifetime...maybe not
For third year in a row, Trump’s budget plan eliminates arts, public TV and library funding
For those in science
for those of you that watch the Discovery Channel...they have a bunch of spoofs to watch!
For Trump, the cruelty is the point. But it’s actually worse than that.
For Valentino Dixon, a wrong righted
For Want of a Dollar
For World 'Intellectual Property' Day, A Reading From Thomas Macaulay
For you cat owners with senses of humor...
The Forbes Fictional Fifteen
The Force Awakens Soundtrack on Vinyl Has Spinning Holograms Etched Into the Records
THE FORCE: A musical tribute to Princess Leia
The forces driving ‘white fright’
Forcing Kids To Stick To Gender Roles Can Actually Be Harmful To Their Health
The Forest Beyond
Forest Fantasy Toadstools And Ladybirds Inside Cake
Forests in the tropics are critical for tackling climate change – yet the people showing how are being exploited
Forget 'The Kids These Days'; It's The Adults And Their Moral Panics To Worry About
Forget Comcast. Here’s The DIY Approach to Internet Access.
Forget Crop Circles!
Forget JobSeeker. In our post-COVID economy, Australia needs a ‘liveable income guarantee’ instead
Forget massive seawalls, coastal wetlands offer the best storm protection money can buy
Forget net zero – let’s have a ‘fossil freedom day’
Forget plans to lower emissions by 2050 – this is deadly procrastination
Forget Survival of the Fittest: It Is Kindness That Counts
Forget the Rules! Come play instead!
Forget the rules! Voting ends 9am Thursday
Forget Where's Wally
Forgiveness requires more than just an apology. It requires action
Forgiveness, Apologies, and Just Relations
The Forgotten Life of Einstein's First Wife
Forgotten Muppet Stuff
The forgotten oil ads that told us climate change was nothing
Fork the Economy
Former Apple designers say the company has lost 'the fundamental principles of good design'
Former Hertz Employee Says Company Is Outsourcing Its Collection Efforts To Law Enforcement
Former IT salesman: 'In part I blame the American mindset that took hold'
Former neo-Nazi and counter-violent extremism experts issue warning to Australia
Former Patent Troll Admits That Patent Trolls Are Bad For Business And Innovation
Former Refrigerator Manufacturer Says Companies Using Open Source, Royalty-Free Video Technology Must Pay To License 2,000 Patents
Former Shipbuilder Creates Spectacular Wooden Bathtubs That Resemble Small Vessels
Former Teacher Shares Genius Game That Teaches Kids Politics And Economics
Former World Leaders Urge Ratification of Nuclear Arms Ban Treaty
The Formula for Green Eggs and Ham
Formula Pi - Self-driving robot racing with the Raspberry Pi
'Formula Zero' racing
Fort Knutz – Squirrels Go All Mission Impossible
‘Fortress USA’: How 9/11 produced a military industrial juggernaut
Fortunate Son
Forty-Five: A Republic, if you can keep it
FOSS wins again: Free and Open Source Communities comes through on 19th Century Newspapers (and Books and Periodicals…)
Fossil fuel cars make 'hundreds of times' more waste than electric cars
Fossil Fuel Companies Want Governments To Pay $18 Billion For Bringing In Laws Tackling The Climate Crisis Largely Caused By Fossil Fuel Companies
'Fossil Fuel Exit Strategy' Shows Transition to Renewable Future Totally Doable
The Fossil Fuel Industry Is a Jobs-Killer
Fossil fuel industry says it understands climate risks. But just doesn’t care
Fossil fuel misinformation may sideline one of the most important climate change reports ever released
Fossil fuel production on track for double the safe climate limit
Fossil Fuels Are Wildly More Expensive Than Previously Thought, Study Says
Foster an Orphan Elephant
Fotovergleich: Berlin mit und ohne Mauer
Foul-mouthed Minions? Some myths about children and swearing
Found in a Trunk: The Lost Avant-Garde Movement that came Decades before Dada
Found in Translation
Found in Translation - Why "Kemono Friends" is Great Sci-fi
Four Black women who have advanced human rights
Four Climate Scientists on How to Take On Climate Change Today
Four Great Myths of the McCarthy Era
Four Indie Games You Should Play
Four on climate change
Four Reasons Why Digital Transformation Matters for the Community Services Sector
Four reasons why restoring nature is the most important endeavour of our time
Four seismic climate wins show Big Oil, Gas and Coal are running out of places to hide
The Four Undramatic Plot Structures
The four ways your social network is different to real life networks
Four years after Fukushima, just one man lives in the exclusion zone – to look after the animals
Four-day week: 3,000 employees in the UK to take part in the biggest trial of its kind
The Fourth Annual Academics with Cats Awards 2017 – Winners!
The Fourth Industrial Revolution: a seductive idea requiring critical engagement
The Fox News Theory of Art
Fox News' Bizarre Crusade to Convince Viewers That Children Are Dangerous
[OzFurry] Fox on a trampoline!
Fox Pups Playing with Dog's Ball
Fox Village In Japan Is Probably The Cutest Place On Earth
Fox Village in Zao Japan! 蔵王きつね村・kitsune mura
Foxes That Endure Despite a Lack of Genetic Diversity
Foxtail - classic point and click adventure game
FoxType Sentence Tree
Fractal Cutlery
Fractal drawers
Fraggle Rock 30th Anniversary — Ask a Fraggle!
Fraggle Rock!!!
Fragranced Products Could Hurt Your Health
The Framework Laptop
France Is Freeing Fruit and Veg from Its Plastic Prison
France to Airlines: Go Green If You Want a Bailout
France's new medieval castle
Francois Macre - Starlight
Frank Gehry’s Luma Arles tower to open in south of France
Franka: A Robot Arm That’s Safe, Low Cost, and Can Replicate Itself
Franklin Frye Died in Custody After Serving 45 Years Over a $20 Necklace
Franz Kafka’s It’s a Wonderful Life
Freaky Dates
"Frederick Noronha (FN)": <nettime> GNU/LinuxIndia Sept 2004
Free Access To Academic Papers For Everyone In India: Government Proposes 'One Nation, One Subscription' Approach As Part Of Major Shift To Openness
Free Access To Dozens of Anonymous VPNs Via New University Project
Free Admission – Twelve of Tokyo’s Best Kept Secrets
Free and discounted ebooks
Free and Open Source Software internships for women
Free Anime DVD from Madman
Free book: The best of Quora 2010-2012
Free broadband: internet access is now a human right, no matter who pays the bills
Free Comic Book Day
Free Comic Book Day 2007
Free Comic Book Day 2009
Free culture and the gender gap
Free eBooks
Free eBooks from Del Rey
Free Guide to Scribus Can Quickly Give You Publishing Prowess
Fwd: Free Hugs by Juan Mann
The Free Learning List
Free Music: Kevin MacLeod Composes for the Internet
[Free Pattern] Adorable Fierce Little Dragon
Free public education
Free Sci-Fi Anthology About the Future of Solar Power from Arizona State University
Free SF Classics
Free software and fashion tech
Free sound samples from NASA
Free Speculative Fiction Online
Free Speech and Hate Speech
Free Speech and the Paradox of Tolerance
Free stuff!
Free to be... You and Me
Free travel expanded for homeless and disadvantaged Victorians
Free Wallpapers
Free, open-source mod lets TI graphing calculator make sweet 1-bit music
Freedom of what?
Freedom Ship, City at Sea
Freedom: the government's inconsistent approach
FreedomFI: Do-it-yourself open-source 5G networking
Freeing Mickey, Unconstitutionally
Freexian: Debian Long Term Support
The French Democracy
French Film Company Somehow Trademarks 'Planet', Goes After Environmental NGOs For Using The Word
French Government Takes 172 Million Euros From Citizens To Pay Publisher For Access To Research Public Already Paid For Once
French insurer AXA vows to stop insuring fossil fuel-dependant companies
French theatre's Sixties rebel child still going strong 50yrs on
French woman tackles Islamophobia in four steps
Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel
Fresh Off the 3D Printer: Henry Segerman’s Mathematical Sculptures
Freshwater habitats have super high biodiversity for tiny area
Friday cuteness
Friday essay: a rare bird — how Europeans got the black swan so wrong
Friday essay: a world of pain – Australian theatre in crisis
Friday essay: Australia’s dangerous obsession with the Anglosphere
Friday essay: empathy or division? On the science and politics of storytelling
Friday essay: how do I understand who I am, when my family have hidden themselves from recent history?
Friday essay: how many climate crisis books will it take to save the planet?
Friday essay: how the West discovered the Buddha
Friday essay: invisible no more – putting the first women archaeologists of the Pacific back on the map
Friday essay: on birds — feathered messengers from deep time
Friday essay: Our utopia … careful what you wish for
Friday essay: searching for sanity in a world hell-bent on destruction
Friday essay: Sex, power and anger — a history of feminist protests in Australia
Friday essay: single parenting with a disability – how my 9-year-old daughter became my carer in shining armour
Friday essay: the guitar industry’s hidden environmental problem — and the people trying to fix it
Friday essay: Tongerlongeter — the Tasmanian resistance fighter we should remember as a war hero
Friday essay: trees have many stories to tell. Is this our last chance to read them?
Friday essay: why we need children’s life stories like I Am Greta
Friday essay: will the perfect men’s dress ever exist – and would men wear it?
Friday essay: ‘but we already had a treaty’ – Tom Griffiths on a little known 1889 peace accord
Friday essay: ‘I said no’ – Nie’s refusal and the troubling question of Pacific slavery in Australia
The Friend
'Friendliest,' not fittest, is key to evolutionary survival, scientists argue in their new book
Friendly Robots of the Soviet Union
‘Friends for life’: how living with locals helped refugees feel at home in a new country
Friends Without Benefits
The Friendship
Friendship Is a Lifesaver
‘Frightening’ number of plant extinctions found in global survey
Frog Fractions
Frog Migration: Omen to China Earthquake Disaster
From 1m trees to a tree graveyard: how Dubai’s conservation plans went awry
From 3 to 2D Art
From 30 Million Cases to Zero
From a ghostly mushroom to hairy crayfish and the Tarkine reflected: Stunning photos of Australian nature from ecologists
From Bieber to Embalming and Back Again
From Bruce Lee to Shang-Chi: a short history of the kung fu film in cinema
From Chicago to Uganda, scientists track the wildlife diseases that could infect humans—or spark the next pandemic
From CODA to Hawkeye, the surge of sign languages on screen is a sign of better things to come for the Deaf community
From commonplace to rarer tragedy - declining child mortality across the world
From COVID control to chaos – what now for Australia? Two pathways lie before us
‘From denial to delay’: a forehead-slapping week in Australian climate policy
From dispossession to massacres, the Yoo-rrook Justice Commission sets a new standard for truth-telling
From drone swarms to tree batteries, new tech is revolutionising ecology and conservation
Fwd: From DVICE:Boycott printing: Inkjet printers have a dirty little secret
Fwd: From DVICE:Hyper-cute puppies, live on puppycam, show the Internet at its best
From DVICE:Unbelievable animation: close encounters of the desktop kind
From field to store to plate, our farmers are increasingly worried about climate change
From humble roots, a restoration plan in Brazil aims for 1.5m hectares of forest
From Idea to Icon: 50 Years of the Floppy Disk
From Japan to the world: my experience in the space field
From Jaws to Star Wars to Harry Potter: John Williams, 90 today, is our greatest living composer
From Myspace To Sharing Space
From October, it will be all but impossible for most Australians to vape — largely because of Canberra’s little-known ‘homework police’
From poo politics to rubbish disposal: 5 big questions about the International Space Station becoming a movie set
From respair to cacklefart – the joy of reclaiming long-lost positive words
From SimCity to, well, SimCity: The history of city-building games
From Tahrir to Trump: how the internet became the dictators' home turf
From the Makers of Happy Feet...
From the outside, Biblioteca Vasconcelos seems uninviting. But wander in and you’ll surely be amazed.
From theatre director to crisis co-ordinator... and game show host
From Up On Poppy Hill
From wolf to chihuahua: new research reveals where the dingo sits on the evolutionary timeline of dogs
From Yosemite to Bears Ears, Erasing Native Americans From U.S. National Parks
From ‘Coraline’ to ‘Kubo’: A Look at the Evolution of LAIKA’s Stop-Motion Animation
From ‘pretty communist’ to ‘Jabcinda’ – what’s behind the vitriol directed at Jacinda Ardern?
From “A New Hope” to no hope at all: “Star Wars,” Tolkien and the sinister and depressing reality of expanded universes
Frozen sperm and assisted reproduction: time to pull out all stops to save the endangered koala
Fruity Silliness
The Fry’s Era
Fuck the Bread. The Bread Is Over.
Fuel Switching 2.0: Carbon Price Index for Coal-to-Clean Electricity
Fukuro No Mise Owl Cafe Review
Fwd: Full Earth-rise taken by the KAGUYA HDTV
Full Text of Remarks by Top State Dep’t Official Discharged by Trump’s White House
Full-Color Printing With Aluminum Nanostructures As A Palette
Full-motion video on a 1981 IBM PC
Full-sized spaceships made from plywood
Fun and Danger with Science!
Fun and Games
Fun Animal Stories
Fun article
fun CAT and MISC articles
Fun in the comments section
Fun with Cliches
Fun With Dancing Bears!
Fun with Diving Boards
Fun with LEDs and CircuitPython
Fun with Myths
The Fundamentals of the Economy are People
“Fungi tree” by Tom Beddard
FUNKY Mad Dancing
Funniest RELAXING MUSIC ever! - comedy classical music LIVE - Rainer Hersch conductor
Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt 2019-03-17
Funny Nazis
Funny Poem
Funny Story, Funny Translation
FurBox! Furry Care Packages!
Furries Are Leading the War Against a Book-Banning Mississippi Mayor
Furries For Kids
Furry Fandom
‘Furry Potter and The Goblet of Cookies’, A ‘Sesame Street’ Parody of the ‘Harry Potter’ Series
‘The Fuse Has Been Blown,’ and the Doomsday Glacier Is Coming for Us All
The 'Future Book' Is Here, but It's Not What We Expected
The future for general-purpose computing
The future is becoming a burden on the young. These three principles could change that
The Future Is Here: Electric Flying Car Takes a Successful Flight in Germany
The Future Is Inside Out
The Future of Books
The Future of the Humanities: Reading
The Future of Work: Owning What We Share
The Future--The Apple
‘Futuring’ can help us survive the climate crisis. And guess what? You’re a futurist too
Futuristic Tree Houses Take Us Back To Nature
Fuzzballs and other cre'atures
FX Just Gave A Pilot Production Order To A WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS Series
Fwd: FYI: Secret Power of Time - nice short presentation


G-Dog robot dog kit
G7 agrees 'concrete steps' to phase out coal
G7 countries to stop funding fossil fuel development overseas
Gabe Newell: Reflections of a Video Game Maker
Gabriel Re-Shocks the Monkey Online
Gadrian Hoosan: When water is death
The Gaeneviad
Galactic Dimension – a supersized DIY pinball machine
Galapagos giant tortoises make a comeback, thanks to innovative conservation strategies
Galapagos Pink Land Iguanas on Verge of Extinction, Experts Say
Galavant trailer "All About That Bass"
Galaxy Dynamics
Galaxy Magazine on the Internet Archive
Galaxy Quest Alien School Creating the Thermian Race
Gallery of Famous Artist's Cat Art
Gallery of London's urban foxes
Gallery of overloaded vehicles
Gallery of Scavenged Art
Gallery: BrickCon, The biggest LEGO convention we’ve ever seen
Gallery: Japan’s gaming centers provide joy for the kid inside
Gallery: Our Beautiful, Fragile World
Gallery: Taking a look back at some choice Sierra gaming moments
Gallup data says our emotions hit a decade-low in 2017. Here's what psychologists say we should do about it.
Gambitious - crowdfunding for games
Game Critic Keeps YouTube Vids Ad-Free By Creating ContentID Feeding Frenzy
Game Developer Embraces Modding Community So Much They Made Their Work An Official Release
Game Jam Winner Spotlight: Art Apart and There Are No Eyes Here
Game Jam Winner Spotlight: Not A Fish
Game Not Over
Game of Thrones panic: a skeleton army to fight piracy
Game Over by PES (Official HD Version)
Gamers Have Become the New Religious Right
Gamers solve molecular puzzle that baffled scientists
Gamers spend hours customising characters, but don't you dare mention fashion
Games Are The Ideal Place For Telling Great Stories
Games blamed for moral decline and addiction throughout history
Games Workshop declares war on its customers (again)
Gaming for Fun (Part 1): Eight Kinds of Fun
Gaming for social good is more than an ethical diversion
Gaming Like It's 1925: Get Ready For The Next Public Domain Game Jam
Gangnam Style by PSY
Ganz Grumpy Sitting Cat 8" Plush
‘Garbage’ and ‘cash cows’: temporary migrants describe anguish of exclusion and racism during COVID-19
Garth and Ginny's Pixel Films: 2500 Pixels is Enough
Gary Gygax R.I.P.
Gary Younge: Farewell to America
Gas Companies Are Abandoning Their Wells, Leaving Them to Leak Methane Forever
The gas war is heating up and it’s only just getting started
Gastro Obscura: The Definitive Guide to Unique Places to Eat and Drink
Gate A-4
The Gateway Games of Legend (Preceded by the Legend of Gateway)
Gathering Sun Rays
Gauvain Manhattan
The Gay Penguins of Australia
GDP misses out the value of stuff the net makes free
Geek Alert!
The Geek Alphabet
Geek Girl Bill of Rights
Geek Jewelery
Geek Jewelry Roundup: Sherlock Apples, Hat Box Ghosts, & Toothless!
Geek Love: On the Matter of Bronies
The Geek Must Have List
Geek Out to the MAX
Fwd: [Nuffs] Geek portraits
[Bulk] Geek Rock: Lemon Demon
Geek Rock: Lemon Demon
Geek stars: The secret (nerdy) life of celebrities
The Geek Travel Guide
GeekMan Action Figure
Geeknerd Zen
The Geeky Chick Filter
Geeky Pet Art
Geeky Xmas Tree
Geena Davis meets Paul Feig: ‘I had an audition cancelled when I wouldn’t have dinner with the producer’
Geena Davis' Two Easy Steps to Make Hollywood Less Sexist
geert: ::fc-announce:: Lawrence Lessig in Sydney (fwd from link list)
Gen Z Tinikling (Georgia Tech Filipino Students Association)
Gender (and race) bent Disney
Gender and Lies-To-Children
Gender Discrimination in Geek Culture
The Gender Police
Gender-specific books demean all our children. So the Independent on Sunday will no longer review anything marketed to exclude either sex
Gene Kelly's Widow Claims Copyright In Interviews Done By Gene Kelly, Sues Over Academic Book
General Unstructured Thoughts On “Being Cancelled”
The General’s Report
GENERATING POSITIVE ENERGY | Follow FULLY CHARGED for your daily dose of good news
Generation spite: is that really how we want our kids to remember us?
The generation we love to dump on
genes to music
Genetically engineered kittens
Genso Kukan Aurora
Geoffrey Chaucer Hath A Blog
Geometric Sculpture by George W. Hart
Geopolitical Hedging as a Service
The Geopolitical Streisand Effect: The More China And The WHO Try To Silence Taiwan, The More Attention Its Success Fighting COVID-19 Gets
George Carlin obituary
George Floyd protests show how the US has retreated from its position as a world leader
George Harrison - My Sweet Lord (Official Music Video)
George Lucas Epically Trolls Rich Neighbors By Building Affordable Housing For The Poor
George Soros: Remarks delivered at the World Economic Forum
George Takei on his childhood in internment camps — and his faith in the future
George Takei: The Challenge Ahead Under President-Elect Trump
George taught himself how to build an electric bike, car and yacht. He says anyone can do it
Georgia Tech deploys SlothBot in Atlanta Botanical Garden
Georgina Ward - The River ( Official Music Video)
Geraldine Brooks’s Horse is a richly detailed examination of the violence of America’s past
The German and British children who became post-war friends
German City Installs Sleep Pods for People Experiencing Homelessness
German Director Proposes 'One-Stop Shop' For Free, Instant, But Non-Exclusive Licenses To Offer Films Online
German Domino Enthusiasts Set World Record by Toppling More Than 50,000 Dominoes in a Circle Formation
The German government is throwing a Battlestar Galactica LARP on a battleship
The German model for America
German sculpture demonstrating Moore's Law
German tourist confuses Sidney, Montana with Sydney, Australia
Germany is beginning a universal-basic-income trial with people getting $1,400 a month for 3 years
Germany Is Leading the World Toward a Green Recovery
Germany is returning Nigeria’s looted Benin Bronzes: why it’s not nearly enough
Germany speeds up renewable energy push due to Ukraine invasion
Germany, Japan and the War on Rationality
Germany: Inaction on Heat Plans Threatens Health
Germinating Utopia
Gerry Anderson’s Firestorm | Exclusive FULL Minisode
Get Beyond Good & Evil For Free On PC
Get out and go fungal: why it’s a bumper time to spot our native fungi
The Get Out Clause, Manchester stars of CCTV
Get rich or die vlogging: The sad economics of internet fame
Getting Called Out: How to Apologize
Getting humans to learn to live in harmony with wildlife
Getting ID after exiting prison is harder than you might think. So we built a chatbot to help
Getting in deep with denialism
Getting JRPGs Out In English Is Harder Than You Think
Getting on Disability Showed Me Everyone Should Have Basic Income
Getting Ready for Halloween
Getting to 350: What It Will Take to Fix Global Warming
The Getty Gets It: 'Open Content, An Idea Whose Time Has Come'
Getty Images Tries To Copyright Troll 2600 Magazine Over Content It Has No Copyright Over
Ghibli news!
Ghibli theme park scheduled to open on former Aichi expo site in 2020s
Ghost fish: after 420 million years in the deeps, modern gillnets from shark fin trade drag coelacanths into the light
‘Ghost Janitor’, A Peppy Animated Short About a Friendly Spirit Who Cleans Offices After Hours
The Ghost Statistic That Haunts Women’s Empowerment
Ghosts of White People Past: Witnessing White Flight From an Asian Ethnoburb
Giant Anglepoise lamps
Giant bear fursuit/sleeping bag/art
Giant Bouncy Bridge
Giant clock made out of tiny clocks
Giant Gummy Bear ... on a Stick
Giant isopod stuffed toys!
Giant Leak of Offshore Financial Records Exposes Global Array of Crime and Corruption
‘Giant obstacle course’: call to reroute major shipping lanes to protect blue whales
Giant Pouch Rats detecting land mines
Giant Publisher Macmillan Goes To War Against Libraries
Giant rainbow road commemorates the legalisation of same-sex marriage in Australia
Giant River Otter Believed to Be Extinct Has Been Spotted in Argentina
Giant Robots
Giant singers from neighboring oceans share song parts over time
Giant snacks
Giant Starling Mural In Berlin Filled With Tons Of Tiny Surprises
Giants Beware!
Gibberish Research Paper Quotes "My Cousin Vinny", Tells The Reader (Repeatedly) The Paper Is A Fraud...
The GIF Is Dead. Long Live the GIF.
gift for the day...If you haven't seen this you will be amazed. ---bill
Gift Ideas
Gift Madness Day
Giganto Rubber Duckie
The Gimmick Economy: how central banks pretend software isn't eating the world
Fwd: Gin the Dancing Dog (Incredible)
Gingerbread PC and Geekmas Tree
Girl Genius - Adventures In Castle Heterodyne
The girl who gets gifts from birds
Girl who had her third birthday party gatecrashed by Sir David Attenborough in a hot air balloon is reunited with TV legend
“Girls Don’t Like Toys?” President Takes Annual Toys For Tots Sort Event From Stereotypical To Awesome
GitHub to replace "master" with alternative term to avoid slavery references
Give It Away - '60s 'Austin Powers' - Style RHCP Cover ft. Aubrey Logan
Give the Robot a Beard
“Give Up”
Giving ex-prisoners public housing cuts crime and re-incarceration – and saves money
Giving housing to the homeless is three times cheaper than leaving them on the streets
GIY Stick. Let Nature self-water your pots.
Glacier mass loss passes the point of no return, researchers report
Glaciers draining Antarctic basin destabilized, big sea level rise all but certain
Gladys Hargraves v Susan Eveston [2018] NSWSC 505
Glasgow man 'hasn't switched on heating for two years' after high flats refurbishment
Glass art
Glass Art
Glass Half: The latest open movie from the Blender Institute
Glass harp
Glass Igloos with Magnificent Northern Lights Views
Glass Sculptures
Glass Wings 10th Anniversary!
Glass Wings 20th Anniversary
Glass Wings Blog
Glass Wings Blog with cat photos
Glass Wings celebrates 10 years online
Glass Wings Diaspora*
Glass Wings Presents: coexist
Glenn Greenwald on How to Be a Terror "Expert": Ignore Facts, Blame Muslims, Trumpet U.S. Propaganda
The glistening ecstacy of Namco's WiiWare Muscle March
Glitch in the Afterlife
Glitterbomb Trap Catches Phone Scammer (who gets arrested)
The Global Crisis: Seeing It Whole
Global Food Crops Also Face Earth's Sixth Great Mass Extinction
Global food industry on course to drive rapid habitat loss – research
Global Forest Watch Fires
Global fossil fuel output set to swamp Paris climate goals, UN report warns
The Global Goals for Sustainable Development
Global heating could stabilize if net zero emissions achieved, scientists say
Global heating is turning white Alps green, study finds
Global heating pace risks ‘unstoppable’ sea level rise as Antarctic ice sheet melts
Global heating risks most cataclysmic extinction of marine life in 250m years
Global herd immunity remains out of reach because of inequitable vaccine distribution – 99% of people in poor countries are unvaccinated
Global Internet Experts Reveal Plan for More Secure, Reliable Wi-Fi Routers - and Internet
Global Network on Copyright Users’ Rights: Model Flexible Copyright Exception
Global Street Art
The global Transition tipping point has arrived - vive la révolution
Global treaty to tackle plastic pollution gains steam without US and UK
The Global Trust Crisis
Global warming is unstoppable while capitalism blocks prevention
Global Warming’s Terrifying New Chemistry
Global Water Shortage Risk Is Worse Than Scientists Thought
Global weekly COVID cases are falling, WHO says — but ‘if we stop fighting it on any front, it will come roaring back’
The Global Whole Earth Catalog: A Proposal from 2002
Global wishes for 2022: a gift box for everyone, greater girl power, vertical gardens
Globalization Is Not in Retreat
Gloomy 1970s predictions about Earth’s fate still hold true
Glooscap cartoon series recorded in Wolastoqey language an attempt to revive the language
The Gloriously Immortal Life of “My Immortal”
Glove and Boots Gloriousness
Glove and Boots Sing About the Legal Battle Between Robin Thicke’s Hit Song ‘Blurred Lines’ & Marvin Gaye’s Kids
The gloves are off: ‘predatory’ climate deniers are a threat to our children
The gloves come off!
Glow in the Dark Bubble Bath
Glowing hair gel
'Glum future for the platypus': why the elusive mammal is disappearing under our noses
Gmail Motion
Go Dog Go
Go Speed Go
Go to the cinema and star in the film you're about to see
Go-Go Godzilla
Goats are as loving and clever as dogs, say smitten scientists
Goats Can Understand Human Expressions And Are Drawn To Smiling Faces
God Loves Little Girls Who Stand Up For Others
Godzilla (Gojira) statue unveiled
Godzilla 50th anniversary
Godzilla Christmas Tree
Godzilla Haiku: Awesomeness Meter Just Broke
Godzilla’s creators shared a short film confirming that the monster’s child is transgender
GOG is offering 27 free games to help you relax at home
GOG Launches FCKDRM to Promote DRM-Free Art and Media
GOG: Preserving Gaming's Past & Future
GOG’s managing director: Gamer resistance to DRM is stronger than ever
Going for a Gimmick To Bring Home the Beans
Going viral: How to make content shareable
Going with the Flow: Looking beyond lithium batteries
Gold Nanoparticles Could Transform Trees Into Street Lights
The Golden Age of computer user groups
The Golden Age Of Tech Support
The Golden Giraffes 2015
The golden ratio has spawned a beautiful new curve: the Harriss spiral
Gollum star Andy Serkis releases hilarious Brexit deal parody of Theresa May
Gone In Six Characters: Short URLs Considered Harmful for Cloud Services
Gone to the dogs
Good Bad Attitude
The Good Censor Document Shows Google Struggling With The Challenges Of Content Moderation
The Good Country
GOOD Guide: to the Shadowy Organizations That Rule the World
The Good Guy/Bad Guy Myth
The Good Guys
Good Idea: As Video Game Preservation Often Falls To Fan Groups, Release Every Game's Source Code
The 'good luck' snack that makes Taiwan's technology behave
Good news for Africa’s elephants: China is losing its taste for ivory
Good news for the only place on Earth where tigers, rhinos, orangutans and elephants live together
The Good News Network: Positive Stories 24/7
Good news: Whale and dolphins are friends
Good Omens: Lockdown
"The Good Place" Star Jameela Jamil Talks Beauty, Boyfriend and Backlash
Good riddance: the costs of Morrison’s voter ID plan outweighed any benefit
The Good War
Goodbye Google+, you beautiful, squandered opportunity
Goodies star Brooke-Taylor dies with coronavirus
Goodwill letters to asylum seekers on Nauru returned unopened
Google and Facebook Can’t Just Make Fake News Disappear
Google And MIT Researchers Demo An Algorithm That Lets You Take Clear Photos Through Reflections
Google Arts & Culture: Collections
Google built a tiny Street View car to map out one of the world's largest model cities, and the results are incredible
Google Contributor lets public pay to remove ads from select websites
The Google Cultural Institute adds 3D models
Google Drive flags nearly empty files for 'copyright infringement'
Google Loved Me, Until I Pointed Out Everything That Sucked About It
Google Maps Goes to the Movies
Google Maps Safari
Google moon
Google reduces JPEG file size by 35%
Google releases new open-source security software program: Scorecards
Google researchers create amazing timelapses from public photos
Google Searches For Its Future
Google settles with book publishers, becomes bookseller
The Google Stadia Backlash Has Begun
Google unveils Street View across Australia
Google's crash is a very positive sign
Google's Self-Driving Car Already Drives Better Than You Do
Google’s Got a Fun Wonder Woman Game to Teach Kids to Code
Goose has epic response to humans taking her injured boyfriend
GoPro Video of a Scuba Diver Swimming With Giant Manta Rays Off the Coast of Equador
Gorgeous art nouveau-inspired portraits of Miyazaki's characters
Gorgeous Floating Research Station Wins the 2020 Grand Prix Award
Gorgeous Handmade Cakes With Buttercream Icing Styled to Look Like Colorfully Patterned Shag Rugs
Gorgeous Paper Sculptures of Endangered Species
Gorgeous Tiny CHicken Machine Show
Gorgeously Realistic Hand-Crafted Butterfly Wing Scarves, Capes and Cloaks
Gorilla Encounter (4 minutes of love - worth watching!)
Goro Miyazaki to Direct Studio Ghibli TV Series
Gothic Fantasy Art
Fwd: Gotta Love Kids
Government analyst resigns over blocked climate change testimony: reports
Government by Jury
The government has been forced to talk about climate change, so it’s taking a subtle – and sinister – approach
Government in £9 million payout after single letter blunder causes business to collapse
The government is clamping down on charities — and it could have a chilling effect on peaceful protest
The government is in authoritarian mode and now is not the time for complacency
Government launches porn site age checks consultation
Government Shmovernment
Governments 'not on track' to cap temperatures at below 2 degrees: U.N.
Governments are criminalizing homeless people to distract from their own failures
Governments love to talk about ‘shared responsibility’ in a disaster – but does anyone know what it means?
Governments undermining encryption will do more harm than good
The government’s idea of ‘national environment standards’ would entrench Australia’s global pariah status
GPD Pocket: 7.0' UMPC-Laptop 'Ubuntu or WIN 10 OS'
GPS Only Exists Because Of Two People: Albert Einstein And Gladys West
Grab The Cat!
Grace Blakeley: The World Must be Saved from ‘Financialization’
Grace Kelly ft. GRACE KELLY?!??! // Mika // POMPLAMOOSE
Graceful Cheetahs Happily Retrieve Balls Launched Into Their Enclosure by a Custom Made Catapult
Graduate Student Solves Decades-Old Conway Knot Problem
Graffiti Animation
Grand Rapids home for sale has hidden 2,300-piece pipe organ
Grandma's Superhero Therapy (18 photos)
Grandparents Watching the Kids? Your Job Could Be Paying Them
Grant Snider Illustration
Graphemica: For people who ♥ letters, numbers, punctuation, &c
Graphic design to fight poverty
Graphic novels
Graphic novels help teens learn about racism, climate change and social justice – here’s a reading list
Grass Art
GRAVITY - Exclusive Alternate Scene (Redefines Entire Movie)
Gravity powered standing lamp
Gravy Boat: My Week on the High Seas With Paula Deen and Friends
The great African regreening: millions of 'magical' new trees bring renewal
The great Amazon land grab – how Brazil’s government is turning public land private, clearing the way for deforestation
The Great American Science Heist
Great anniversary article
Great Art Great Cat
Great Art, Great Cats
The Great Australian Dream? New homes in planned estates may not be built to withstand heatwaves
Great Barrier Reef facing another severe bleaching event ahead of UN delegation visit
The Great Barrier Reef Is Dying While The Government Continues To Invest In Coal
Great Barrier Reef: aerial survey reveals extent of coral bleaching
Great Big Stuff
“The Great Dying” –Our Evolving Sequel May Be More Like Science Fiction Than Anything in Earth’s History
The Great Green Wall
The Great Green Wall of Africa: Is this the next wonder of the world?
Great maps
The Great Moon Hoax
The Great Moose
Great News for Elephants: UK to Introduce Legislation Banning Its Ivory Market
'Great Pacific garbage patch' far bigger than imagined, aerial survey shows
Great Problems: An Epidemic of Rent-seeking
The great question of the 21st century: Whose black box do you trust?
The Great Stink
Great way to get yourself in shape and start every day! :-)
The Great Wonders Beyond the Great Reef
The Great Works of Software
Great, Lapland Just Recorded Its Hottest Temperature in 100 Years
Greater One-Horned Rhino Population Reaches New High
The Greatest Divide of All
The greatest magic of Harry Potter: Reducing prejudice
The Greatest Science Fiction-Themed Bars and Restaurants on Earth
Greece to step up Parthenon marbles pressure amid signs tide is turning
The ‘Green Energy’ That Might Be Ruining the Planet
Green growth is trusted to fix climate change – here’s the problem with that
Green lending: world’s biggest banks’ latest initiative at COP26 is a step backwards
Green Sand Beaches Could Erase Carbon Emissions
Green steel industry could secure jobs future for Australia's coalmining heartland
The Greenhouse Gamble wheels
Greenland ice sheet loss already 'unprecedented' and set to accelerate
Greenland Is Melting Away
Greenland is melting: we need to worry about what’s happening on the largest island in the world
Greenland permanently bans all oil and gas exploration
Greenland shark is oldest vertebrate with lifespan of up to 400 years, scientists say
Greenland's ice sheet melting seven times faster than in 1990s
Greenland’s Melting Ice Nears a ‘Tipping Point,’ Scientists Say
Greenland’s Wishes Don’t Matter to Trump
Greenscreen Grandmas
Greensync launches world-first exchange to trade stored household solar power
The Greens’ liveable income guarantee is a serious idea the major parties won’t touch – yet
Gregory Colbert
Greta Thunberg Addresses UN Climate Action Summit Through Tears
Greta Thunberg condemns UK firm’s plans for iron mine on Sami land
Greta Thunberg condemns UK's climate stance in speech to MPs
Greta Thunberg doesn’t want you to talk about her anymore
The Greta Thunberg effect: are climate crisis documentaries feeling it?
The Greta Thunberg Helpline | 7.30
The Greta Thunberg Lovely award for driving bitter old white men apoplectic goes to ...
Greta Thunberg: The show is over.
Greta Thunberg: We cannot overestimate how storytelling can help climate crisis
Greta: We must fight the climate crisis and pandemic simultaneously
Griffin's Story (one of the most amazing and heartfelt stories you will every see)
The Grim Worldview Behind Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Push, the Hong Kong Protests, and the Kashmir Crisis
The grim, necessary optimism of sci-fi author Becky Chambers
The Grind Of Touring With A (No Longer Relevant) Rock Band
Gripping photos capture the beauty and plight of the world's elephants
Gross domestic product is destroying nature, says landmark UK government report
Groundhog vs Bieber
Grow your own meat
Growing African mangrove forests aim to combat climate woes
The growing indigenous spiritual movement that could save the planet
Growing, Growing, Gone: Reaching the Limits – An interview with Dennis Meadows
Grumpy Cat dies aged seven: 'Some days are grumpier than others'
Grumpy Cat joins the Broadway cast of Cats
Grumpy Cat Party Supplies
Grumpy Cat Stars in "Hard To Be a Cat at Christmas" Music Video
Grumpy Cat unimpressed with figure at Madame Tussauds wax museum in London
Grumpy Cat Wore Pharrell’s Hat To The MTV Movie Awards.
"Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever" Wraps Filming in Vancouver
Grumpy Disney
Grunts, boops, chatters and squeals — fish are noisy creatures
Guaranteed $20K income for all Canadians endorsed by academics
Guaranteed income is graduating from charity to public policy
The Guardian view on climate crisis: what can we do?
The Guardian view on Covid-19 and transport: walk to the future
The Guardian view on remembering Tiananmen 1989: mourning for those who cannot
The Guardian: 1821 Mode
Guardians of the Golden Gate
"Guardians' Inferno" | Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Guerilla Gardeners
Guerrilla Innovation...
Guest Post: Stop Judging Me for Being on Welfare
Guide to NPR's List of Top 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Books
Guide to the classics: Immanuel Kant’s "Toward Perpetual Peace" and its relevance to the war in Ukraine
Guide to the Lord of the Rings
Guiding Stars in Astronomy: Williamina Fleming
The Guild Goes Bollywood
Guinea Pig Adventures
Guitar Hero Christmas
Gummi Bear Chandelier
Gummi Bears Cake!
Gummi Bears on CakeWrecks
Gummis go to Adelaide
Gummy bear hugs...
Guy Builds Giant Dragon Shaped Cardboard Cat House
Guy Creates Images That Show How Earth Would Look If Cats Were A Lot Bigger (30 Pics)
Guy who took in 24 refugees posts viral message about his 'disappointing' experience.
Gygax Magazine: Dragon reborn
Gâteau Gato - Alexandre DUBOSC


H-Bombs: The Need to Not Have Them
Habeas corpus victory for bear in Colombia encourages animal rights lawyers
The Hackers Who Recovered NASA’s Lost Lunar Photos
Hacksplaining. Learn to hack, learn to protect yourself
The Hagia Sophia Housecat
Hague climate change judgement could inspire a global civil movement
Hail the maintainers
Hairless Head in a Clueless Photo Booth
Hajime Robot Restaurant
Half a million kids survived Romania's 'slaughterhouses of souls.’ Now they want justice.
Half of all marine life lost in 40 years: WWF report
Half of Americans Are Effectively Poor Now. What The?
Half of global methane emissions come from aquatic ecosystems – much of this is human-made
Half Of TSA's 30,000 Employees Accused Of Misconduct; Nearly A Third Multiple Times
Half the price in half the time: solar storage innovation harnesses new energy frontier
‘Hall of Heroes’, Illustrations of 80 Famous Female Characters From Films and Television
Halloween Cause for Inspiration or Whimpering
Halsey’s record label won’t release a new song until it goes viral on TikTok. Is this the future of the music industry?
Halt destruction of nature or suffer even worse pandemics, say world’s top scientists
Hamburg is burying the Autobahn and putting parks on top
Hamilton cat burglar nabs neighbours undies in the night
‘The Hamilton Polka’ - Weird Al Yankovic
Hamlet's Cat's Soliloquy
Hammond XK-3c evening play 10/8/2017
Hamster steers iRobot
Han And Leia Get Genderbent [Cosplay]
Hand Animals
Hand Crafted, Comfy Looking Seating Sculptures Depicting Endangered Species by Designer Porky Hefer
Hand dryers v paper towels: the surprisingly dirty fight for the right to dry your hands
Hand Painted Tulip Cookies
Hand-crafted mechanisms
Hand-stitched Calvin and Hobbes embroidery
Handcrafted 1873-style Monocycle for sale
Handcrafted wooden tablet stands with input devices
Hands on: striking action game Apotheon plays as well as it looks
Hands On: Vertiginous Golf
Handyman Blues
Hanging at home with Jonas the tiger! (video)
Hanging by a thread: How the online nerdy T-shirt economy exists in an IP world
Hanging Flower Art
Hannah Gadsby navigates the mirror maze of trauma as an autistic, gender queer comedian
Hannah Peel
Happier Employees, Higher Profits: Covid’s Surprising Lesson for Restaurants
Happiest elephant plays w/ Ribbon
Happiness is a glass half empty
"Happiness-Producing Questions"
Happy - Pharrell Williams (on 10 Different Musical Instruments Cover) (ft. Gunhild Carling)
Happy 1234567890 day!
Happy 160th birthday Dame Nellie Melba: 5 surprising facts about the canny songstress
Happy 200th Birthday Ada Lovelace – Ada’s bicentenary – Let’s make more Adas together
Happy 20th Birthday To 'No One Lives Forever', The Classic PC Game That Can't Be Sold Today Thanks To IP
Happy 75th Birthday Jim Henson
Happy Birthday from Tokyo
Happy Birthday Glass Wings!
Happy Birthday Sesame Street!
Happy Birthday to Me, Here’s a Story For You: “Regarding Your Application Status”
'Happy Birthday' Song Copyright Ruled to Be Invalid
Happy Birthday, Statute of Anne
happy doggie
Happy Easter :-)
Happy End of the World
HAPPY FLIGHT Trailer 【Fuji TV Official】
Happy Halloween!
Happy Hippie Presents: Don't Dream It's Over (Performed by Miley Cyrus & Ariana Grande)
Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays!
Happy New Year 2013
Happy New Year 2017!
Happy New Year 2021!
Happy New Year 2022!
Happy New Year everyone!
Happy New Year!
Happy Pretend to be a Time Traveller Day
Happy Public Domain Day 2020!
Happy Slideshow
Happy tapir receives massage -- exclusive video
Happy To Be Here
Happy Together | The Turtles | Pomplamoose
Har Gobind Khorana: The chemist who cracked DNA’s code and made the first artificial gene was born into poverty 100 years ago in an Indian village
Harassed, afraid, a North Country immigrant fights back with love
Hard 'n Phirm: Gersberms (Yer Gervin Mah)
The Hardest Places in the World to Visit
The Hardware Hacker: Bunnie Huang's tour-de-force on hardware hacking, reverse engineering, China, manufacturing, innovation and biohacking
Harlan Ellison's The Last Dangerous Visions may finally be published, after five-decade wait
The harm JobMaker will do to women and older workers far outweighs any benefits
Harmy's Star Wars: Despecialized Edition v2.5 - Video Sources Documentary
Harnessing Hamster Power with a Nanogenerator
Harrison Ford: "Stop Giving Power to People Who Don't Believe in Science"
Harry Potter and the Author Who Failed Us
Harry Potter and the Extreme Goth Makeover
Harry Potter as a Teen Comedy
Harry Potter Christmas Party Photo Blitz! Come See ALL THE THINGS!
Harry Potter Dances
Harry Potter Expo at Universal Orlando
Harryhausen100 tribute
Haruki Murakami
Harvard historian: strategy of climate science denial groups 'extremely successful'
Harvesting Waste Plastic In Emerging Economies As A Currency, To Reduce Pollution And Improve Lives
Harvey Birdman's Coming Back To Adult Swim And He's Got A Fancy New Job
Has coronavirus killed our chance to stop climate change getting worse, or given us a opportunity to act?
Has Japan improved on the fortune cookie? (+video)
Hats for Cats
Hatshepsut obelisk re-erected in original location at Karnak Temple
haunting and SPOOKY
Have Australians in India been abandoned because people of colour are seen as ‘less’ Australian?
have fun with these special effects and Donald Rumsfeld
Have hen will travel: the man who sailed round the world with a chicken
[Have to share this 3:55 animation with you...THANKS BONNIE D. for sending it to me!]
Have we been talking about climate change all wrong?
Have you driven a Fjord lately?
Have you ever wondered what happens when you forget to turn your p.c. off ?
Having Conquered The Internet, Cats Set Their Sight On The Art World
Having Vin Diesel as your dungeon master is really soothing
Hawai'i photos
Hawaii Becomes First U.S. State to Ban Shark Fishing
Hawks' Forbidden Love Results In A Rare Hybrid
Hayabusa2 re-entry capsule to land in South Australia
Hayao Miyazaki Ends Retirement to Direct a New Feature-Length Animation
Hayao Miyazaki isn't making features but is at work on manga
Hayao Miyazaki Picks His 50 Favorite Children’s Books
Hayao Miyazaki Tribute "Pixel Art"
Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli Releases Free Backgrounds for Virtual Meetings: Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away & More
The Hazards of Gambling
Hazel the Donkey Loves the Wizard Over the Rainbow
Hazel The Sugar Glider
He Got A Bad Grade. So, He Got The Constitution Amended. Now He's Getting The Credit He Deserves.
He Really Let Himself Go
He was licked by a mountain lion, and instead of getting scared, he was fascinated
He's Just Woven The World's Finest Panama Hat. But Who Will Buy It?
Head Like An Orange
Head of Independent Sage to launch international climate change group
Head Spa Massager
Headlines That Need to Be Read Twice
Headphones, saw blades, coat hangers: how human trash in Australian bird nests changed over 195 years
Healing the divide
Health at a planetary scale
The health impacts of climate change and why calls for action are growing louder
Healthy humans drive the economy: we’re now witnessing one of the worst public policy failures in Australia’s history
Hear Seven Hours of Women Making Electronic Music (1938- 2014)
Heard of Elephants Song!
Heard of Elephants tickets now available
The Heart of Storytelling
The Heart of the Matter: The Security of Women, The Security of States
Heartbleed as Metaphor
Heartwarming Photos of Acts of Kindness
‘Heat dome’ probably killed 1bn marine animals on Canada coast, experts say
Heat: the next big inequality issue
Fwd: Heathrow Airport - YOU NEED UPLIFT FOR THE DAY, this is IT!....spend 3 minutes on this
Heatwaves may mean Sydney is too hot for people to live in 'within decades'
Heavy Metal Man: 50-ton Gigantor Statue Gives Kobe Hope
Heavy Snowfall Hits Tokyo, And The Results Are Pretty Much What You’d Expect
HeavyBubbles™ – Sprudelwasser, das dich zum Schwitzen bringt
Hedgehog Facts
Heidi C. Vlach
Heidi Kenney
Heirs of Infocom: Where interactive fiction authors and games stand today
Helen Ahpornsiri
helga stentzel hangs clothes to create surreal farm animal illusions
Hello in Elephant, A Wonderful Online Tool That Translates Human Speech Into Elephant Language
Hello Kitty kaleidoscope projector
Hello Kitty Kat-astrophe
Hello Kitty Origami 3D
Hello Kitty's Best Friend
Hello Ruby kids' coding book raises $185k (and counting) on Kickstarter
Help A Blind Person Identify Everyday Things, Via Smartphone App
Help Rebuild the Birthplace of the Rock-afire Explosion!
Help the Moomins save #OURSEA
Help the O’Reilly animals
Help Us Keep the Archive Free, Accessible, and Reader Private
Henry 8.0 - The Book of Faces
Henry Farrell – On post-democracy
Henry VIII Pants
Henson to Do Monster Blood Tattoo
[IP] Her Royal Early Adopter
Here are 4 things you definitely didn’t know about Aussie magpies
Here Are 5 Infuriating Examples of Facts Making People Dumber
Here are 5 ways to flatten the climate change curve while stuck at home
Here Are the Winners of National Geographic's Traveler Photo Contest
Here are your 2018 Ig Nobel Prize winners
Here be dragons
Here Comes The Sun on a Kalimba
Here is a global solution to the plastic waste crisis - and A$443 million to get it started
Here is How We Will Boycott Injustice and Police Brutality in America
Here is Today
Here It Goes Again | OK Go | Pomplamoose
Here We Go Again: All The Works That Should Now Be In The Public Domain, But Aren't
Here's How The Next 5 Years Might Look: Scientists Outline 3 Likely Pandemic Outcomes
Here's my plan to save Twitter: let's buy it
Here's part of @larissawaters' incredible speech about raising Newstart. Drop everything and watch this.
"Here's the Plan" - CG animated short film
Here's What Happened When A Neighborhood Decided To Ban Cars For A Month
Here's Why Movie Dialogue Has Gotten More Difficult To Understand (And Three Ways To Fix It)
Here, here: the Swedish online love army who take on the trolls
Here’s a Bunch of Science Fiction Books with Cats on the Cover
Here’s a scheme Labor should ditch in its bid to boost productivity. It’s the ‘patent box’
Here’s How To Eat Everything You’ve Ever Wanted From A Miyazaki Film
Here’s how we track down and very carefully photograph Australia’s elusive snakes
Here’s the science behind the Brexit vote and Trump’s rise
Here’s what happened when Iran introduced a basic income
Here’s What It’s Like At The Headquarters Of The Teens Working To Stop Mass Shootings
Here’s what the major parties need to do about higher education this election
Here’s why misinformation is a smaller problem than you think
Here’s why you might need a 4th COVID vaccine dose this winter
Here’s your first look at the magical ‘Ghibli Park’
Hero Otter Saves iPhone from Watery Depths
'Hero' cat saves owner from Melbourne house fire
Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption
Heroes and Villains (Common Grounds)
Heroes of the Great Patriotic Trade War
Heroes, villains … biology: 3 reasons comic books are great science teachers
Heroine Boys and Princely Girls: How Nozaki-kun is Challenging Gender Roles in Fiction
Hertz Still Refuses To Drop Prosecutions Despite Being Sued For Bogus Theft Reports
#HerUniverseFashionShow 2019
Hey Bambi! Those aren't deer
Hey Ocean! - If I Were A Ship
Hey Pandas !! Today Is The International Day Of The World’s Indigenous People. Let’s Celebrate With A Bit Of Culture !!
Hey! What's That in the Backpack?
Hey! Where's Sigmund?
Hey, Garth McVicar, we reject your insulting ‘congratulations’ at a fatal shooting
‘He’s a villain’: Joe Manchin attracts global anger over climate crisis
Hi, I'm Liz
Hibbert’s flowers and Hitler’s beetle – what do we do when species are named after history’s monsters?
The Hidden Automation Agenda of the Davos Elite
The Hidden Billionaires
Hidden costs, manipulation, forced continuity: report reveals how Australian consumers are being duped online
The hidden energy cost of smart homes
Hidden in Paradise: Fascinating, Rare Dolphins and Whales You’ve Never Seen Before
‘Hidden Language’: Hong Kongers Get Creative Against Security Law
The hidden long-term risks of surgery: ‘It gives people’s brains a hard time’
The Hidden Message in Pixar’s Films
Hidden women of history: Eliza Hamilton Dunlop — the Irish Australian poet who shone a light on colonial violence
Hidden women of history: Ennigaldi-Nanna, curator of the world’s first museum
Hidden women of history: Hélisenne de Crenne, the first French novelist to tell her own story
Hidden World of Octopus Cities Shows We Must Leave These Sentient Creatures Alone
Hiding America From Americans
Higgs Boson as Papercraft
High Aspirations
High Court blocks appeal for Bylong coal mine in likely fatal blow to project
High Hopes - DRUM TAO (Panic! At The Disco Cover) Japanese Traditional Drums "太鼓" feat. HIDEHARU
High School Dance Team Performs Impressive Harry Potter Themed Routine
High School Principal Cancels Entire Reading Program To Stop Students From Reading Cory Doctorow's 'Little Brother'
High Schooler Builds Fully Functional Wooden Car Model in 300 Hours for Physics Project
High time to end this immoral drugs war
High-definition space movies
High-Speed Robot Hand Demonstrates Dexterity and Skillful Manipulation
Higher Education and the Politics of Disruption
Highest resolution photo in the world
Highest-paid CEOs run worst-performing companies, research finds
Highway to hack: Why we’re just at the beginning of the auto-hacking era
The hijab is not a symbol of gender oppression – but those who choose to wear it risk Islamophobia
'Hijacked by anxiety': how climate dread is hindering climate action
Hikikomori: Why are so many Japanese men refusing to leave their rooms?
hilarious - Avatar: The Making of the Bootleg
Hilarious Medieval Illuminations
Hilarious Tableware
Hilarious Travel Accomodation
Hilariously terrifying talk about security
Hipster Disney Princesses
Hipsters in Space
Historic Pairing: Shuttle Docked to the ISS : Big Pic
Historical Context and “Men of Their Times”
The History Behind the Supreme Court Showdown Over Tribal Land Is Bloody and Violent. For Rebecca Nagle, It’s Also Personal.
History Must Be Curved
History of Information
history of japan
History of Violin (THE INSTRUMENTALS - Episode 7)
The history of visual and special effects
History Repeating: Google Glass Getting Same Treatment As Walkman And Cameras Once Did
History Shows That Sustained, Disruptive Protests Work
History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump
History wars: Malcolm Turnbull has fallen off the cliff of reason
History's solutions to runaway inequality: warfare, revolution, state collapse and plague
Hitchhiker's Fan-Site Started By Douglas Adams Shows Why Authors Shouldn't Panic Over Derivative Works
The Hitchhiker's Guide to Douglas Adams
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Game - 30th Anniversary Edition
Hitting the beach this summer? Here are some of our top animal picks to look out for
Hitting toughest climate target will save world $30tn in damages, analysis shows
HK Devblog
HKFP Lens: The best of Peter Yuen’s wildlife rescue photography
Hoag's Object
The Hoard Must Precious
Hobbit advance payment fraud letter
The Hobbit at 48fps
Hobbit Hole Doll House
Hobbyist Group Flies Drone Over World's Tallest Building
Hobo Lobo of Hamelin
Hogswatch Sausage Supper attended by hundreds of Discworld fans
Hokusai: More than 100 lost works by non-western world’s most famous artist rediscovered
The Hole in Our Collective Memory: How Copyright Made Mid-Century Books Vanish
holiday music like you have NEVER heard before
HOLIDAZE (Short Film)
Holland covers hundreds of bus stops with plants as gift to honeybees
Hollywood Accounting Rears Its Ugly Head Again: Fox's 'False Testimony' And 'Aversion For The Truth' Leads To $179M Fine
Hollywood Has Been Pressuring Australian Attorney General To Pressure ISPs Into Being Copyright Cops
Hollywood Needs The Internet More Than The Internet Needs Hollywood
Hollywood Screenwriters Worry About Aggressive Copyright Enforcement And Threats To An Open Internet
Hollywood’s love of guns increases the risk of shootings – both on and off the set
Holodecks For Aged Care Facilities?
holy moly what a rabbit!
Holy Shit, I Interviewed the President
Homage, pilgrimage and protest: why Sydney’s Mardi Gras parade should go back to the streets
Home Depot Suggestion Box
Home Free & Moonspike
Home Is Where the Art Is
Home Is Where the Noise Is
Home Taping Is Killin Music
Homebrew electricity in Malawi
Homeland Security Relies On Secrecy To Violate People's Rights And Humiliate Them At The Border
Homeless Dance Company
Homelessness and overcrowding expose us all to coronavirus. Here’s what we can do to stop the spread
Homelessness is common for teens leaving out-of-home-care. We need to extend care until they are at least 21
Homemade cat éclair for Japanese Cat Day
Homeowner Sues Police After Pursuit Of Shoplifter Leaves Him With No Home To Own
Homework is wrecking our kids: The research is clear, let’s ban elementary homework
Homme de Plume: What I Learned Sending My Novel Out Under a Male Name
Homosexuality explained
Honda's U3-X Personal Mobility Device
Honda’s Chili-Flavored Wire Wrap Could Save Your Car From a Rodent Invasion
Honest Government Ad | Carbon Capture and Storage
Honest Government Ad | Carbon Credits & Offsets
Honest Government Ad | Electric Vehicles
Honey Badger Houdini - Honey Badgers: Masters of Mayhem - Natural World - BBC Two
Honeybees join humans as the only known animals that can tell the difference between odd and even numbers
Hong Kong few select powerful new ‘patriots only’ committee
Hong Kong Government Arrests Four Members Of Pro-Democracy Hong Kong Alliance, Shuts Down Its Online Presence
Hong Kong primaries: China declares pro-democracy polls 'illegal'
Hong Kong protests: "Might as well go down fighting"
The Hong Kong Protests: A Quick (and by no means complete) Summary
Hong Kong sci-fi film mixes robots and Chinese opera
Hong Kong to scour old films for subversive themes under new censorship law
Hong Kong's last pro-democracy paper sells out final edition
Hoof It
Hook Turn: How the Aussie game industry turned a corner
Hop licking the cats ear
Hope for Great Barrier Reef? New Study Shows Genetic Diversity of Coral Could Extend Our Chance to Save It
Hope is not optimism
Hopepunk, the latest storytelling trend, is all about weaponized optimism
Hoppy Holidays!
The Hopscotch Experiment | Dirty Data | Cut
Horrible Histories: Guide to Internet Privacy
The Horrifically Dystopian World of Software Engineering Interviews
‘Horrific’ stats show how most disability benefit fraud allegations are false
Horrified B-Movie Victims Figure Set
Horror Movies for your Pets
Horses can use symbols to talk to us
Horses Get Blinky Rainbow Tails
Horses read each other's ears
Hoshino, a Star Wars Fan Film Masterfully Tells the Story of a Blind Jedi’s Lightsaber
‘Host-directed therapy’ could treat infectious diseases – including COVID – and limit drug-resistance
Hot Air by Peter Stott review – the battle against climate change denial
Hot Earth Dreams: What if severe climate change happens, and humans survive?
The Hot New Millennial Housing Trend Is a Repeat of the Middle Ages
Hot Tub (the first track on our album!!!) - Pomplamoose
Hot tub hack reveals washed-up security protection
Hot Tub Monkeys!
Hot Water - Simon's Cat
Hotter Kalahari desert may stop hornbills breeding by 2027
Hourglass Clock
House Party
House sales are cratering but inventory is soaring
The House That Sweaters Built
"House" music
The Housewives of White Supremacy
Housing: the hidden health intervention
Houston, We Have A Public Domain Problem
How 'Just Metadata' Helped Ruin A Career Diplomat's Life
How 'Maintainers,' Not 'Innovators,' Make the World Turn
How (and Why) SpaceX Will Colonize Mars
How (and why) to stay optimistic when it feels like the environment is falling apart
How a catastrophic global pandemic has given Australia a new lens on New Zealand
How a cheap component could help kill off combustion cars
How a City in France Got the World’s First Short-Story Vending Machines
How A Danish Town Helped Young Muslims Turn Away From ISIS
How a deluge of lockdown volunteers rescued UK’s hidden weather history
How a dubious statistic convinced U.S. courts to approve of indefinite detention
How a fake ‘free speech crisis’ could imperil academic freedom
How A Feud Among Wolf-Kink Erotica FanFic Authors Demonstrates What The Copyright Office Got Wrong In Its DMCA Report
How a group of neighbors created their own Internet service
How a Homeless Shelter in a School Paid Off in the Classroom
How a kid cartoonist avoided Scholastic's digital sharecropping trap
How a mom’s “This Is My Son” anti-feminist brag went viral — and completely backfired
How a mountain lion injured by CA wildfire shows that fish skin could help heal burn wounds
How a new Sesame Street show is bringing Muppet magic to refugee camps
How a perfect storm of events is turning Myanmar into a ‘super-spreader’ COVID state
How a Phone Glitch Sparked a Teenage Riot
How a picture of girls playing D&D went from cool to awesome
How a Portuguese-to-English Phrasebook Became a Cult Comedy Sensation
How a Professional Climate Change Denier Discovered the Lies and Decided to Fight for Science
How a real-life monopoly made Monopoly the world’s biggest board game
How a Self-Published Writer of Gay Erotica Beat Sci-Fi’s Sad Puppies,at their Own Game
How a Simple Browser Add-On is Changing the Way Visually Impaired People Use the Web
How a single word sparked a four-year saga of climate fact-checking and blog backlash
How a Supermarket Sales Gimmick Has Become a Major Driver of Climate Change
How a tiny airport town near Seattle led the new movement against low wages
How a trans man from a small Yukon town had a big impact on the MMIWG inquiry
How A US Burger Chain Brought 'Ruby Tuesday' Full Circle Through Trademark Bullying
How a Wandering Cat Became a Work of Art
How a Wikipedia editor became one of the loudest Web3 skeptics
How a wireless keyboard lets hackers take full control of connected computers
How a Wolf Named Romeo Won Hearts in an Alaska Suburb
how about these monkeys?
How about unpaid internships for new managers?
How airships could return to our crowded skies
How America’s Leading Science Fiction Authors Are Shaping Your Future
How an Academic Journal Censored My Review on Xinjiang
How an Astonishing Holocaust Diary Resurfaced in America
How An Engineering Toy For Girls Went From Kickstarter To Bestseller
How an internet mapping glitch turned a random Kansas farm into a digital hell
How an Organized Republican Effort Punishes Companies for Climate Action
How an unpaid UK researcher saved the Japanese seaweed industry
How and Why Anti-Science Propaganda Works
How and why I switched to an electric car
How and why to use whom in a sentence - The Oatmeal
How Architecture Could Help Us Adapt to the Pandemic
How are Australians feeling after more than two years of Covid? Exhausted, mostly
How Art Can Take Us to the Stars
How Australia’s expanding environmental movement is breaking the climate action deadlock in politics
How Australia’s geology gave us an abundance of coal – and a wealth of greentech minerals to switch to
How Australia’s handling of Djokovic exposed its flawed immigration system to the world
How Australia’s richest have got 50 times richer in 35 years
How Berlin Lets the Whole City Care for Its Trees
How Big Oil Misled The Public Into Believing Plastic Would Be Recycled
How Borrowing Ideas Can Offer a Fresh Perspective Through the Changing Context of Time
How Brisbane EV-charger company Tritium made it to the White House, selling 'picks and shovels to the gold rush'
How Burrowing Owls Lead To Vomiting Anarchists (Or SF’s Housing Crisis Explained)
How can Aboriginal communities be part of the NSW renewable energy transition?
How Can Art Move Us Beyond Eco-Despair?
How can I write a game about [some marginalized group] without being insensitive?
How Can Literature Resist Islamophobia? One Writer Answers: Gay Muslim Furry Romance.
How can we save ourselves?
How can we stop algorithms telling lies?
How Canadians Raised Millions to Save 2,000 Pristine Acres
How Capitalism Drives Cancel Culture
How Capitalism Torched the Planet and Left it a Smoking Fascist Greenhouse
How Capitalist Utopia Became Everyone Else’s Dystopia
How Carly Rae Jepsen Inspired One of the Best Tabletop RPGs of the Year
How Certain Movies Were Made
How China is remaking the world in its vision
How China lost central and eastern Europe
How China used the media to spread its COVID narrative — and win friends around the world
How China Uses Western Influencers As Pawns In Its Propaganda War
How China’s high speed rail KILLED the short haul flight
How Chinese courtyard housing can help older Australian women avoid homelessness
How Chris Christie Used A Manufactured Terrorist Plot To Boost His Political Career
How climate scepticism turned into something more dangerous
How climate scientists keep hope alive as damage worsens
How climate-friendly is an electric car? It all comes down to where you live
How Close Is Humanity to the Edge?
How Comic CARTOONS Make Fortunes
How compassion and understanding can end the economy of shame
How Copyright Forced A Filmmaker To Rewrite Martin Luther King's Historic Words
How Copyright Is Being Used To Destroy Property Rights
How Corporate America Invented Christian America
How COVID has affected the control of neglected tropical diseases
How Covid has plunged Asia's captive elephants into fresh crisis
How COVID has shone a light on the ugly face of Australian antisemitism
How Covid-19 upended our understanding of migration, citizenship and inequality
How creating wildlife crossings can help reindeer, bears – and even crabs
“How Dare They Peep into My Private Life?”
How did Australia get this stupid about clean energy?
How did CEO pay get to 500 times the wages of ordinary workers?
How Did I Miss This?
How did liberal democracies emerge?
How Did This Many Deaths Become Normal?
How disgust stops us from living sustainably — and how to stop it
How Disinformation Became a Winning Strategy
How do I choose a more climate-friendly phone?
How do planets form? A ‘baby Jupiter’ hundreds of light-years away offers new clues
How Do Societies Recover After Years (Even Decades) of Lies?
How Do You Care for One of the World’s Oldest Aquarium Fish?
How Do You Decode a Hapax? (Also, What’s a Hapax?)
How Do You Keep an Elephant Warm? Knit a Giant Blanket
How Do You Know If You’re Living Through the Death of an Empire?
How Do You Paint 10,000 Paintings a Month?
How Doctors Take Women's Pain Less Seriously
How Douglas Engelbart Invented the Future
How drawing cups is helping me keep it together during the coronavirus pandemic
How dung beetles, a tiny molecule and a giant extension cord could help solve our climate mess
How E Ink Developed Full-Color e-Paper
How Economic Inequality Inflicts Real Biological Harm
How Elaborate Cakes Make Science Sweet
How Elizabethan law once protected the poor from the high cost of living – and led to unrivalled economic prosperity
How else Heart.Break() turns players into coders
How Extraordinarily Subtle Online Self-Promotion Is Done
How extreme isolation warps the mind
How Facebook got addicted to spreading misinformation
How Fake Stories Reported in Russia's News Media Regularly Fool Everyone
How False Rumors Can Cost Lives
How Far Should Humans Go to Help Species Adapt?
“How Fascism Works”: Jason Stanley on Trump, Bolsonaro and the Rise of Fascism Across the Globe
How fast, cheap, and online became the new king of comedy
How Fonts Are Fueling the Culture Wars
How Frozen Should Have Ended
How Germany closed its coal industry without sacking a single miner
How Germany is on track to fully transition to renewables in record time
How global economic growth will drown in Trump’s oil glut after 2018
How Save And Restore Classic Videogames
How Google, Microsoft, And Big Tech Are Automating The Climate Crisis
How hackers can steal your 2FA email account by getting you to sign up for another website
How Half Of America Lost Its F**king Mind
How Harry Potter shaped a generation
How healthy is the Internet?
How Hillary Clinton uses feminism to advance her neoliberal, hawkish agenda
How history can challenge the narrative of blame for homelessness
How HIV elimination is within Australia's reach
How Humanity Gave Itself an Extra Life
How Hurricane Response Efforts Are Sorting People into Deserving and Undeserving Poor
How I convinced my government to apologise to Alan Turing
How I Defeated the Tolkien Estate
How I Detect Fake News
How I Discovered Gender Discrimination
How I Managed to Design the Most Successful Educational Computer Game of All Time
How I managed to raise a little bookworm in the age of smartphones and tablets
How I Reverse Engineered Google Docs To Play Back Any Document’s Keystrokes
How I Used & Abused My Tesla — What a Tesla looks like after 100,000 Miles, a 48 State Road trip, 500 Uber Rides, 20 Rentals & 2 AirBnB sleepovers.
How I used alien quantum Internet medicine on my cat
How I used lies about a cartoon to prove history is meaningless on the internet
How identical twins Paula and Bridgette Powers save Australia's seabirds with 'Twinnies magic'
How inequality persists
How Inuit Parents Teach Kids To Control Their Anger
How is NSA breaking so much crypto?
How Is ‘Dune’ So Prescient About Climate Change? Thank This Native American Tribe.
How Islam Can Fight the Patriarchy
How It Should Have Ended
How journalists are using Spotify to circumvent press censorship
How journalists should not cover an online conspiracy theory
How Laika Pushed 3D Printing to New Heights with ‘The Boxtrolls’
How libraries can save the Internet of Things from the Web's centralized fate
How Libraries Save Lives
How Life Became an Endless, Terrible Competition
How London’s new Elizabeth line has created a sanctuary for birds
How Lufthansa Cares for Passengers’ Medical Needs
How making a film exploring Indigenous stories of the night sky enriched my perspective as a scientist
How Malcolm Turnbull has trashed the Liberal Party record and betrayed our oceans
How many Germans does it take to change a lightbulb?
How Many Times A Day Do You Violate Copyright Laws Without Even Realizing It
How McKinsey Destroyed the Middle Class
How Melbourne eradicated Covid-19
How Mexican Public Health Advocates Fought Big Soda and Won
How Millennials Became The Burnout Generation
How misinformation about 5G is spreading within our government institutions – and who’s responsible
How Moral Panics Can Turn Into Therapeutic Tools: The Dungeons And Dragons Edition
How MSG Got A Bad Rap: Flawed Science And Xenophobia
How much destruction is needed for us to take climate change seriously?
How much do marine heatwaves cost? The economic losses amount to billions and billions of dollars
How much do we really care about nature? A new report reveals all
How much is a whale worth?
How much of the world’s oil needs to stay in the ground?
How My High School Destroyed An Immigrant Kid's Life Because He Drew The School's Mascot
How My Husband Ended Up in Jail After Walking Our Dog
How My Instagram Hacker Changed My Life
How my negative review of Legend was spun into movie marketing gold
How My Poet-Refugee Mother Became A Trump Supporter
How nature turned a failed communist plan into Bucharest's unique urban park
How Nextdoor reduced racist posts by 75%
How Norway Avoided Becoming a Fascist State
How Norway KILLED the Petrol Car
How Norway Popularized an Ultra-Sustainable Heating Method
How Norway turns criminals into good neighbours
How not to build a capital: what Indonesia can learn from other master-planned cities’ mistakes
How Not to Order Water from a Robot Waiter
How Not to Respond
How NOT to write a Catsitting List
“How old is the shepherd?” — The problem that shook school mathematics
How One Mashup Artist Got Legal Permission to Pair Calvin & Hobbes with Dune
How one NASA image tells dozens of stories
How One of the Internet’s Biggest History Forums Deals With Holocaust Deniers
How one of the most obese countries on earth took on the soda giants
How one simple rule change could curb online retailers’ snooping on you
How One Stupid Tweet Blew Up Justine Sacco’s Life
How One Woman Protected Millions of Acres
How our album of birdsong recordings rocketed to #2 on the ARIA charts
How our bushfire-proof house design could help people flee rather than risk fighting the flames
How Our Convoluted Copyright Regime Explains Why Spotify Chose Joe Rogan Over Neil Young
How Our Visions of Virtual Reality Have Changed in the Past 40 Years
How palm oil became the world’s most hated, most used fat source
How patriots resist unjust wars
How People Actually Use Their Smartphones
How people around the world see democracy in 8 charts
How Peru fell in love with a sea giant worth far more alive than dead
How Piketty's Bombshell Book Blows Up Libertarian Fantasies
How Platform Coops Can Beat Death Stars Like Uber to Create a Real Sharing Economy
How Political Opinions Change
How politics works in Australia, and how to fix it
How Programmable Calculators and a Sci-Fi Story Brought Soviet Teens Into the Digital Age
How Publicity Works (And Doesn't)
How Putin’s War Marks the End of the Fossil Fuel Era
How Qantas Ferried an Engine on the Wing of a 747
How Reading Books Instead Of News Made Me A Better Citizen
How Record Labels Conspired To Kill Off Public Domain Beatles Music In Canada
How Republicans killed Oregon’s climate crisis bill – by fleeing the state
How Richard Scarry updated his children’s book to be more progressive and inclusive
How Ricoh Returned 90,000 Photos to Victims of the 2011 Tsunami in Japan
How Rupert Murdoch Is Influencing Australia’s Bushfire Debate
How Russia Meddles Abroad for Profit: Cash, Trolls and a Cult Leader
How Russian is Ukraine? (Clue: not as much as Vladimir Putin insists)
How Russia’s recognition of breakaway parts of Ukraine breached international law – and set the stage for invasion
How San Francisco Cracked the Urban Composting Code
How scammers like Anna Delvey and the Tinder Swindler exploit a core feature of human nature
How self-publishing, social media and algorithms are aiding far-right novelists
How serious is Norway about climate change? So much that its streetlights self-dim
How Simply Acknowledging Another Person’s Pain Can Help Them More Than Telling Them to Cheer Up
How Sketchy Data Scavengers Are Using Hatred Of 'Big Tech' To Attack Plans To Make The Web More Private
How Snoopy Killed Peanuts
How some countries are using digital ID to exclude vulnerable people around the world
How Spain is shutting down its coal industry to transition to renewables
How Stable Are Democracies? ‘Warning Signs Are Flashing Red’
How Stanford Built a Humanoid Submarine Robot to Explore a 17th-Century Shipwreck
How Star Trek: Discovery’s Anthony Rapp Found Dungeons & Dragons Again
How Steve Perlman's "Revolutionary" Wireless Technology Works - and Why its a Bigger Deal than Anyone Realizes
How stories are told around the world
How Stuff Really Works
How Sweden Sends Just 1% of Its Trash to Landfills
How technology disrupted the truth
How teen movies became hooked on classic literature
How Tesla Will Change The World
How That Monkey Selfie Reveals The Dangerous Belief That Every Bit Of Culture Must Be 'Owned'
How the 1% tricks you into thinking climate change is your fault
How The ACORN Scandal Seeded Today's Nightmare Politics
How The Antifa Fantasy Spread In Small Towns Across The US
How The Arts Are Shaping Your Politics (Whether You Realize It Or Not)
How the BBC let climate deniers walk all over it
How the coronavirus pandemic could shift the multicultural make-up of our society
How the Death of Mid-Budget Cinema Left a Generation of Iconic Filmmakers MIA
How the decades-long fight to save WA's old growth forests was finally won
How the Dominant Business Paradigm Turns Nice People into Psychopaths
How The EU May Be About To Kill The Public Domain: Copyright Filters Takedown Beethoven
How the far-right is turning feminists into fascists
How the fear of death makes people more Right-wing
How the furry community rallied when Zarafa Giraffe lost his head
How the Internet Can Save the World
How the Internet Gave Mail-Order Brides the Power
How the Internet works: Submarine fiber, brains in jars, and coaxial cables
How The Lord of the Rings Changed Publishing Forever
How The Most Expensive Game Jam In History Crashed And Burned In A Single Day
How the New York Public Library made ebooks open, and thus one trillion times better
How the newspapers tried to kill an independent ABC news before it even began
How the NRA Rewrote the Second Amendment
How the NSA Threatens National Security
How the Omicron wave smashed hospitals
How the One Percenters Divorce: Offshore Intrigue Plays Hide and Seek with Millions
How the political system affects happiness – Benjamin Radcliff – Aeon
How the QAnon conspiracy theory is tearing family and friends apart in Australia
How the Ratatouille Musical Went From TikTok Sensation to All-Star Broadway Production
How the Rich are Different from the Poor II: Empathy
How the Right Wing Convinces Itself That Liberals Are Evil
How the shadow of slavery still hangs over global finance
How the Smithsonian is restoring the original USS Enterprise to full 1967 glory
How the town of Whitefish defeated its neo-Nazi trolls — and became a national model of resistance
How the UK's biggest pharmacy chain went from family-run public service to debt-laden hedge-fund disaster
How the UK’s plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda is 21st-century imperialism writ large
How the unemployed ‘disappear’ and why it matters
How The US Gov't Destroyed The Lives Of A Muslim American Man's Entire Family After He Refused To Become An Informant
How the Web Became Unreadable
How the West is Destroying Itself Through Its Fear of Migrants
How There’s More to Economics Than the Science of Scarcity
How this little marsupial’s poo nurtures urban gardens and bushland (and how you can help protect them)
How to act less stupid, according to psychologists
How to alleviate the refugee crisis
How to Avoid Being Psychologically Destroyed by Your Newsfeed
How to avoid having a racist Halloween costume
How to be a Good Loser: A Guide to being a Refugee
How to be a non-conformist
How To Be a Nonconformist: 22 Irreverent Illustrated Steps to Counterculture Cred from 1968
How to Be a ‘Woman Programmer’
How To Be Here Sign
How to Be Polite
How To Be Poor And Not Piss Off Those In Power
How to be Young in a Climate Emergency
How to break games out of the “act like a man” box
How to break out of your own little corner of the Internet: Rewire, reviewed
How to Bring Caring for Kids and Elders (and Other Acts of Love) Into the Economy
How To Brush Your Cat's Teeth
How to Build Culture That Lasts
How to Calculate Pi by Throwing Frozen Hot Dogs
How to clean up the mess we've made that's orbiting the Earth
How to Control Those Extra Robotic Limbs You've Always Wanted
How to Convince Someone When Facts Fail
How To Create Responsible Social Criticism
How to design a metaphor
How to Destroy the Earth
how to do nothing
How to fall to your death and live to tell the tale
How to Fire the Bosses, Create a Four-day Work Week, and Thrive
How to fix Nature and avoid human misery: UN report
How to Flatten A Hamster
How to Flawlessly Predict Anything on the Internet
How to get rich quick in Silicon Valley
How to Get Tips
How to have better arguments online
How to Help Homeless Families
How To Improve Online Comments: Test Whether People Have Read The Article Before Allowing Them To Respond
How to invent in an age of information overload
How to Keep the NSA Out of Your Computer
How To Kill Your Tech Industry
How to know if a country is serious about net zero: look at its plans for extracting fossil fuels
How to make "Normal" (Breakfast omelette / egg pancake / fake vomit)
How to Make a Schadenfreude Pie
how to make a starship enterprise out of an old floppy disk
[FW: how to make a starship enterprise out of an old floppy disk]
How to Make Everything Ourselves: Open Modular Hardware
how to make Totoro cream puffs
How to make use of all of a tree
How To Make Your Dreams Come True
How to Prevent Crime Without Relying on Police
How to Prevent the next Heartbleed
How to Protect Elections—From the President
How to put an electric car on your driveway for as little as £900
How to Read Sheet Music
How to Respect a Transgender Person
How to reverse global wildlife declines by 2050
How To Run a Ukrainian IT Business When the World is Falling Apart
How to Save Planet Earth
How to see into the future
Fwd: How to sing like a planet (SFChron)
How To Solve The Piracy Problem: Give Everyone A Basic Income For Doing Nothing
How To Spot A Chinese Domain Name Scam
How to suppress women's coding
How to survive a disaster
How to Survive America's Kill List
How to Survive New York and Stay Polite in GIFs
How to Talk to Little Girls
How To Talk To Someone About Privilege Who Doesn’t Know What That Is
How to Turn a Desert into a Forest
How to turn a school around with love: ‘People are so very grateful that we care’
How to Undress a Victorian Lady in Your Next Historical Romance
How To Use 'Intellectual Property' Properly
How To Use Social Media To Change The World, One Mind At A Time
How to use the Japanese Latrine
How to Use Your Cat to Hack Your Neighbor’s Wi-Fi
How to waste over half a trillion dollars: The economic implications of deflationary renewable energy for coal power investments
How to Win Every Argument
How to Win the Abortion Argument
How to Write a History of Writing Software
How toys became gendered – and why it’ll take more than a gender-neutral doll to change how boys perceive femininity
How Tracking Someone’s Movements Can Make Them Look Guilty, Even When They’re Not
How trade secrets swallowed your right to know
How treaties protecting fossil fuel investors could jeopardize global efforts to save the climate – and cost countries billions
How Trolls Are Ruining the Internet
How Trump Radicalized ICE
How Two Bored 1970s Housewives Helped Create The PC Industry
How Two Indigenous Solar Engineers Changed Their Village in Chile
How Typography Can Save Your Life
How US policy on abortion affects women in Africa
How Valve is Changing Game Console Design
How Veena Sahajwalla's 'green ceramics' made from glass and clothes are revolutionising manufacturing
How war became a crime
Fwd: FW: How was I born?
How We Are Losing The Battle To Keep Carbon In The Ground
How we can redesign cities to fight future pandemics
How we communicate, what we value – even who we are: 8 surprising things data science has revealed about us over the past decade
How we discovered that sea turtles in Seychelles have recovered from the brink
How we drained California dry
How We REALLY Deal with Climate Crisis
How we taught dozens of refugees to code, then helped them get developer jobs
How we were fooled into thinking that sexual predators lurk everywhere
How We Won the World Robot Soccer Championship
How Western civilization could collapse
How Will Ezra Klein's 'Project X' Add Context to News?
How Years Of Copyright Maximalism Is Now Killing Pop Music
How Your Data is Stored, or, The Laws of the Imaginary Greeks
How Your Name Became Japan’s Biggest Movie in Years
How ‘Climate Investment Traps’ Create A Vicious Cycle For African Nations
How ‘freedom rally’ protesters and populist right-wing politics may play a role in the federal election
How ‘Harry Potter’ fans won a four-year fight against child slavery
How ‘In God We Trust’ bills are helping advance a Christian nationalist agenda
HOW-TO: Upgrade your organic dog
‘Howard The Duck’: The Oral History
Hoxton Street Monster Supplies
HP builds one desktop PC around a speaker, another in slices
HP Dev One - A Great, Well Engineered AMD Ryzen Linux Laptop
HP museum and its prized 2116a 16-bit computer lives on as legacy of mountaineer Jon Johnston
HP's new Webcam tracker's blindspot now a 'racist' sensation
HTML Tags Jokes
HTML-909 Rhythm Composer
HTML5 is the Future of Book Authorship
HUD Secretary Ben Carson has been illegally withholding aid to Puerto Rico for months
Fwd: Hudson River Crash
Huge companies are a problem. So are tiny ones.
Huge Four Level Christmas Tree – a Maze For The Cat!!
Huge Freakin’ Hares!
Huge New Study Finds Almost No Evidence That Social Media Makes Kids Unhappy
Huge New Wave Is the COVID Nightmare Scientists Feared Most
Huge wooden digital clock runs manually using people power
The Hugo Awards just made history, and defied alt-right extremists in the process
Hula Hoop Dude
The Human Cost Of FOSTA
"The Human Division" gets serialized and serious about experimentation
HUMAN excerpt
Human growth robs other species of space
Human impact on wildlife to blame for spread of viruses, says study
Human mirror
Human Population Growth and extinction
Human progress is no excuse to destroy nature. A push to make ‘ecocide’ a global crime must recognise this fundamental truth
Human rights declined during the COVID-19 pandemic, in countries from Angola to the US to New Zealand
The Human Slinky
Human society under urgent threat from loss of Earth's natural life
Human success at the expense of other species is “a pretty awful legacy”
Human trafficking and slavery still happen in Australia. This comic explains how
The 'Human-Caused' Sixth Mass Extinction Is 'Likely Accelerating,' Study Suggests
Human-made materials now outweigh Earth's entire biomass – study
The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
The Humanity Star
Humanity will survive information deluge
Humanity’s greatest ally against climate change is Earth itself
Humankind 1, Oceans 0
Humankind: A Hopeful History by Rutger Bregman review – a tribute to our better nature
Humans are changing fire patterns, and it’s threatening 4,403 species with extinction
Humans Are Disturbing Earth's Carbon Cycle More Than the Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Did
Humans are driving one million species to extinction
Humans Are Hardwired to Dismiss Facts That Don’t Fit Their Worldview
Humans aren’t the only great apes that can ‘read minds’
Humans damaging the environment faster than it can recover, UN finds
Humans force wild animals into tight spots, or send them far from home. We calculated just how big the impact is
Humans Have Altered 97 Percent of Earth’s Land Through Habitat and Species Loss
Humans just 0.01% of all life but have destroyed 83% of wild mammals – study
Humans Just Held Another Funeral For a Glacier, And It May Not Be The Last
Humans threaten the Antarctic Peninsula’s fragile ecosystem. A marine protected area is long overdue
Humble Book Bundle: A Galaxy of Stars in Sci-Fi & Fantasy by Open Road
The Humble Book Bundle: Save the Unicorns presented by Peter S. Beagle
Humble Book Bundle: Stellar Sci-Fi and Fantasy by Tachyon
Humble Book Bundle: Stranger Creatures supporting Jane Goodall Institute
Humble Book Bundle: The Star Trek Library by Hero Collector
Humble Freebie: Tacoma
The Humble Music Bundle
Hummingbird Mind
Hummingbird music notation
Humor:Richard Stallman sings The Freesoftware Song
Humpback whales have been spotted ‘bubble-net feeding’ for the first time in Australia (and we have it on camera)
Humpback Whales Have Made a Remarkable Recovery, Giving Us Hope for the Planet
Humpback whales may have bounced back from near-extinction, but it’s too soon to declare them safe
Humpback Whales Separated by a Continent Are “Remixing” Each Other’s Songs
Hundreds arrested as activists pick up where Martin Luther King left off
Hundreds of Australian lizard species are barely known to science. Many may face extinction
Hundreds of fish species, including many that humans eat, are consuming plastic
Hundreds of young people join Greta Thunberg in climate protest outside UN
The Hunger Shames
Hungry Stingray Jumps Water Ramp to Make Itself Known to a Pair of Tourists Who Were Tossing Chum Into the Water
Hunter and bear's 2012 birthday party
Hush, Hush Sweet Charlottesville
‘Hustling’: Australian companies embracing the four day work week
Hybrid electric car comparisons
Hybrid electric Mini Cooper
Hybrid-Electric addon for ordinary cars
Hydroelectric dams take toll on endangered big cats, study shows
Hydrogen for ground transportation and heating is a bad idea
Hydrogen Is As Broadly Useful As Hemp, And Will Be Used Just As Much
The hydrogen train of the future is a lot like the train of today
The hydropower industry is talking the talk. But fine words won’t save our last wild rivers
Hyper Earth: the New World in 4k UHD
Hyperbole and a Half: Menace
Fwd: [hyperscope-dev] multi-touch screens
Hyphen, minus, en-dash, and em-dash: difference and usage in English
Hypocrisy and projection: the right’s cynical "culture wars"
‘Hypocrites and greenwash’: Greta Thunberg blasts leaders over climate crisis
Hypothetical Tokyo Ghibli Land Created by Japanese Illustrator TAKUMI


I almost didn't read. And then I did. And I am glad I did
‘I always have trouble with forms’: homeless people on how poor literacy affects them – and what would help
I am a citizen of a nation in which slavery is legal.
I am a climate scientist – and this is my plea to our newly elected politicians
I am a Refugee. I am a Doctor. I am Your Tour Guide
I am not their nanny, I am their mom. And I’m American Indian.
I am not white on the inside, yellow on the outside. I’m what you call an Asian American.
'I am proven joyously wrong': picture book about trans child wins major prize amid moral panic
I Am Such A Geek
I am sure many of you have seen this...(TED talk) NEED INSPIRATION? (this will make your weekend!)
I am what’s wrong with America*
I Believe You - Rosie & the Riveters (Official)
I bought some awful light bulbs so you don't have to
‘I broke the contract’: how Hannah Gadsby's trauma transformed comedy
I Built a HUGE Lego Railway - Up Stairs & Underwater!
I Can’t Answer These Texas Standardized Test Questions About My Own Poems
‘I can’t breathe!’ Australia must look in the mirror to see our own deaths in custody
“I can’t even.”
I Can’t Stop Thinking About the First Chapter of This Climate Change Novel
[I couldn't resist sending this diversion from your real work] : wedding .......pretty entertaining
I Create Guardians Of The Forest Inspired By Miyazaki
I Dated Christian Grey: How Women Are Groomed For Abuse
I Don't Know What We're Talking About - NSP
'I don't want to be seen as a zealot': what MPs really think about the climate crisis
‘I don’t believe this anymore’: What it’s like to escape an abusive, right-wing religion
I Don’t Feel Your Pain
‘I don’t think the police would do much’: new research shows racism during COVID is rarely reported
I Draw Dragons To Destroy The Stereotypes About Them
I Draw Thousands Of Tiny Dots To Create These Wild Illustrations
I Feel Good - James Brown - Pomplamoose
'I felt like dirt': disabled Canadian woman told to leave UK after 44 years
I Followed My Stolen iPhone Across The World, Became A Celebrity In China, And Found A Friend For Life
I Fooled Millions Into Thinking Chocolate Helps Weight Loss. Here's How.
‘I gave up on life’: The dark side of becoming the talk of the internet
I guess cowboys just hate Indians
‘I had threats to my life’: how mob attacks on social media are silencing UK teachers
I hate RUOK Day. Here’s why.
"I have a favour to ask."
i have new respect for joan kirner
I have suicidal depression—and board games saved my life
I have told this story before, but it is worth repeating.
'I haven't left my building': life gets harder for vulnerable Australians during coronavirus crisis
I heard you guys like introverts...
i hope we choose love: notes on the application of justice
I Illustrated National Parks In America Based On Their Worst Review And I Hope They Will Make You Laugh (16 Pics)
“I just choose to not listen”: why Trump supporters are tuning out the scandals
I Just Saw this Picture and I’m So Disturbed. Because it’s Me.
"I Know That Voice"
I Know Where Your Cat Lives
I Know Why Poor Whites Chant Trump, Trump, Trump
I know you have better things to do than watch video but...this is all about a viral hypertext world...thought you might appreciate it
‘I left my daughter at nursery. I didn’t see her for a month’: how UK splits migrant families
i like the way this site is set up for aussie history....
'I like to operate': Bhutan's PM spends weekends as a surgeon
I Listened to a Trump Supporter
I Lived Through Collapse. America Is Already There.
I love music...I wish I could sing!
I Love People: 5,000 Miles, 930 People, 162 Seconds
I Love To Go A Wandering...
I Lubs This House
I Made 13 Animals Out Of 13 Perfect Circles
I manage an employee who pushes too much positivity on her team
I Met The World's Smartest Dog
'I might have died if they hadn't rescued me': life inside the new hotels for the homeless
I never thought I'd see the Australian rainforest burning. What will it take for us to wake up to the climate crisis?
‘I never wanted to be with a man’: escaping Russia for Canada
I Paint The Beauty I See In Animals To Remind Us To Preserve Nature
I Painted A New Species I Wish Existed – Meet The Mouserflies
I proved that austerity destroys lives and all the government has done is try to discredit me
I Put A Trans Character In A Game And Gamers Went Insane
I read more news than anyone. Trust me, people are better than we’re led to think.
'I saved her life, while she saved mine': The animals that bring love to a life on the streets
I Scanned the Websites I Visit with Blacklight, and It’s Horrifying. Now What?
I See The Angry Bunny!
‘I simply haven’t got it in me to do it again’: imagining a new heart for flood-stricken Lismore
I Spent 5 Years With Some of Trump's Biggest Fans. Here's What They Won't Tell You.
I Spoke With the Female Asylum Seekers Being Held in Prison. What They Told Me Is Haunting.
I Stood Up for Indigenous Rights at Mount Rushmore. Now I'm Facing 17 Years
I study collapsed civilizations. Here’s my advice for a climate change apocalypse.
I taught my black kids that their elite upbringing would protect them from discrimination. I was wrong.
I thought all anti-vaxxers were idiots. Then I married one.
I thought I wasn’t the “programmer type”
I Thought This Was Terrific
I Tried to Befriend Nikolas Cruz. He Still Killed My Friends.
I Tried to Power Three Electric Vehicles With Solar Panels
I Turned 19 Famous Disney Characters Into Evolving Pokemon
I Used to Write for Sports Illustrated. Now I Deliver Packages for Amazon.
I walked ‘like a man’ for a week, and here’s what I realized.
I wanna be like you: Kanzi, the ape who HAS learned the secret of man's red fire
I Want Americans to Know That Guantánamo Happened Not to Monsters, But To Men
I want this to draw on my walls!
I Was A Cable Guy. I Saw The Worst Of America.
I Was a Chinese Helpline’s Number One Caller. I Had a Problem.
I was a neo-Nazi. Then I fell in love with a black woman
‘I was always curious’: Indian woman, 104, fulfils dream of learning to read
I was Jordan Peterson’s strongest supporter. Now I think he’s dangerous
I was poor, but a GOP die-hard: How I finally left the politics of shame
‘I wasn’t crazy’: Homeless woman proves the U.S. government owes her $100,000
I Went to Mexico to Meet Asylum-Seekers Trapped at the Border. This Is What I Saw.
I Will Always Remember You
I will never get to go to Hong Kong
I wore men’s clothes for a month – and it changed my life
I Worked in a U.S. Embassy and Saw How the Travel Ban Set the Stage for Family Separation
I'll take that by mrs1989
I'm a college philosophy professor. Jordan Peterson is making my job impossible.
I'm a Computer
I'm an Ex-Westboro Church Member Who Has Renounced the Group My Grandfather Founded
I'm Bringing Skeksis Back: 10 Dark Crystal Sweets!
I'm Guessing They Didn't Have a Matching Card
I'M NERDY! [Parody]
I'm on the Kill List. This is what it feels like to be hunted by drones
I'm On Vacation (Song)
I'm one of thousands of Australians with chronic fatigue syndrome but I'm lucky: I've become a human experiment
I'm the Welsh Bus Driver Who Had His Life Ruined by 'Tiger Porn'
I'm Too Busy To Date Your Avatar!
I've been sanctioned by China – but that won't stop me speaking out over Xinjiang
I, plural
i, robot by Cory Doctorow
I-SoDog - Your Robot Best Friend
Ian Hickson on DRM
Ian Irvine: The Truth About Publishing
Ian Roberts weeps as working-class fans go wild for Macklemore's NRL show
IBM Apologizes For Firing Computer Pioneer For Being Transgender...52 Years Later
The IBM Muppet Show
IBM Scientists First to Distinguish Individual Molecular Bonds
ICANN eliminates .org domain price caps despite lopsided opposition
Ice Balls
Ice Cream Gyoza
ICE Defied a Court Order in Vendetta Against Deportee
ICE Takes To Twitter In Ridiculous Attempt To Defend Interrogating A Man In A Movie Theater For Wearing Google Glass
Ice world: Antarctica’s riskiest glacier is under assault from below and losing its grip
Iceland Exits Commercial Whaling, Citing Lack of Demand
Iceland Fights Climate Change the Same Way It Beat the Banking Crisis
Iceland holds funeral for first glacier lost to climate change
Iceland misses out on Europe's first female-majority parliament after recount
Icelandic Hymn
Iconic Animal Art
The iconic Boston bombing photograph isn't about my legs – it's about a rescue
Iconic consoles of the IBM System/360 mainframes, 55 years old
Iconic Puerto Rico telescope to be dismantled amid collapse fears
Iconic Star Trek Writer Dorothy “D.C.” Fontana Passes Away at 80
The iconic text editor Vim celebrates 25 years
Iconographic Encyclopædia of Science, Literature, and Art
Idea Channel
The idea of “one true calling” is a romanticized lie
The Ideal Workweek, According to Science
Identity-Based Politics are Not the Problem, Identity-Based Oppression Is
Idling is the new smoking: Health experts call for anti-idling zones for ICE cars
Idol Words
idoru these days in Tokyo
IEA 10-Point Plan To Cut Demand For Oil By 2.7 Million Barrels A Day
If all 2030 climate targets are met, the planet will heat by 2.7℃ this century. That’s not OK
If Authors Were Programmers
If Boys Really Won’t Read Books about Girls, We Have a Problem
If Cartoons Were Real
If enough of us decide that climate change is a crisis worthy of Marshall Plan levels of response, then it will become one
If Fantastic Beasts made by Studio Ghibli
If Finland Joins NATO, it’s ‘Game Over’ for Russia
If governments were really concerned about tax and the cost of living they would cut the cost of childcare
If Harry Potter Was An Academic Work
If I could go anywhere: a world through the eyes of botanical artist Marianne North at Kew Gardens
If I could go anywhere: Château La Coste, a sculpture and wine walk in Provence holds random surprises
If I could go anywhere: German Modernism at the Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart — beauty, play and the horror of war
If I could go anywhere: Greek cake shops, the Athenian countryside and the sanctuary of Artemis at Brauron
If I could go anywhere: Japanese art island Chichu, a meditation and an education
If I could go anywhere: the deep mountains and mysterious valleys of Tokyo’s Nezu Museum
If I fits I sits: A citizen science investigation into illusory contour susceptibility in domestic cats (Felis silvestris catus)
If I Fits, I Sits: 20 Cats That Prove There Is No Space Too Tight… (PICS)
If I Ran a Newspaper….
‘If I Sleep for an Hour, 30 People Will Die’
If I’m really good, in my next life I get to be a librarian
If Patents Are So Important To Innovation, Why Do Innovative Companies Keep Opening Up Their Patents Rather Than Enforcing Them?
If robots are taking our jobs, then everyone should get a universal basic income
If Shards of Honor had been written by...
If someone ever complains about welfare collectors, show them this.
If the economy's in recession, shouldn't stimulus payments be automatic?
‘If the GOP is not yet a fascist party, it is well on its way to becoming one’: A historian reflects on the return of Fascism
If the government listened to business leaders, they would encourage humanities education, not pull funds from it
If the Justice League Were Samurai…
If the opposition wants a mature discussion about nuclear energy, start with a carbon price. Without that, nuclear is wildly uncompetitive
If the Point of Capitalism is to Escape Capitalism, Then What’s the Point of Capitalism?
if the robots win...
If the UN wants to slash plastic waste, it must tackle soaring plastic production - and why we use so much of it
If these lies are all Johnson has, Sadiq Khan is on course for a second term as London mayor
If we can farm metal from plants, what else can we learn from life on Earth?
If we can put a man on the Moon, we can save the Great Barrier Reef
If we could design JobKeeper within weeks, we can exit coal by 2030. Here’s how to do it
If We Dig Out All Our Fossil Fuels, Here’s How Hot We Can Expect It to Get
"If We Don't Protect Nature We Can't Protect Ourselves" Harrison Ford | Extinction Rebellion
If We Don't, Remember Me
If we realised the true cost of homelessness, we’d fix it overnight
If we stop using the unemployed to control inflation, will we all be better off?
If We Want Kids to Stop Killing, the Adults Have to Stop, Too
If We're Going To Fix Copyright, We Need Much More Transparency
If you cry while watching movies, it is probably a sign of your emotional strength
If you demonstrate that 'Black Lives Matter,' others will too
If you haven't seen this I think you will love it...bridleless Bareback
if you like Star Wars...look at these!
If you love Australia, climate change should scare the hell out of you
'If you make China the enemy, China will be the enemy': Beijing's fresh threat to Australia
If You Think Big Internet Companies Are Somehow To Blame For The New Zealand Massacre, You're Wrong
If you think Labor's 'too progressive', you couldn't be more wrong
If You Think The Reason Internet Companies Snarf Up Your Data Is Because Their Services Are Free, Allow Me To Introduce You To The Telcos
If You Want to Be Creative, Don’t Be Data Driven
If you would like to send your name to the have a few days to get it listed...see below
If You’re Feeling Down, These 30 Pics Of Baby Otters Will Make You Smile
If you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich? Turns out it’s just chance.
If You’re Stuck Inside, Might As Well Enjoy This List of Animal Cams
iFixit and Google are Launching a Genuine Pixel Parts Program
Ig Nobel prizes awarded to research on beards, upside-down airborne rhinos and obese politicians
Iggy Pop's humorous rider by roadie Jos Grain
The Iguana Whisperer – Mexican Man Spends 40 Years Setting Up Unique Sanctuary for Iguanas
iheartneedlework handmade hats for cats
iiNet CEO: The Copyright Agenda Has Been Hijacked By Studios
Ikaho Onsen
Ikea Built a Room in One of Its Stores to Look Like a Damaged Home in Syria
IKEA of energy delivers clean, green solar power-plant in a box
Ikea takes in stray dogs that need a place to sleep
Illegal Eviction Moving Expenses
Illegal overfishing by Chinese trawlers leaves Sierra Leone locals ‘starving’
The Illustrated Aliens Project
Illustrated Cross-Sections of Major Train Stations in Tokyo by Tomoyuki Tanaka
The Illustrated Guide to (US) Law
Illustrated Japanese traditional Folk Tales (with translations)
Illustrating Weird Searches
Illustrator Uses Clever 3D Tricks To Bring His Cartoons To Life
Image Based Relighting Using Neural Networks
imagery: this should be relevant for you
Images of Untranslatable Words
Imaginary Factories
Imaginary Friends
Imaginary Worlds, An Exhibition of Mosaiculture Living Sculptures at the Atlanta Botanical Garden
Imagination becomes reality in the winners of the 2019 Wiki Loves Earth photo contest
Imagine Dragons - Radioactive
Imagine it’s 2030 and Australia is a renewable energy superpower in Southeast Asia
Imagining the End of Capitalism With Kim Stanley Robinson
Imbalanced 'Incentives' Hurt Creativity More Than They Help
The IMF Confirms That 'Trickle-Down' Economics Is, Indeed, a Joke
IMF Says Carbon Tax Is Most Powerful Way to Fight Climate Crisis
Immediate fossil fuel phaseout could arrest climate change – study
Imminent Win For The Public Domain: Court Likely To Compel Musée Rodin To Release Its 3D Scans Of Sculptor's Works For Free
The Immortal Myths About Online Abuse
Immune Attack
Impasse on climate could last for years
Impatient Lady Driving Her Jaguar On the Grass Turns Out to Be Queen Elizabeth
Imperial Oil, Canada’s Exxon Subsidiary, Ignored Its Own Climate Change Research for Decades, Archive Shows
The Importance of Kindness
The Impossibility Of Content Moderation Extends To The People Tasked With Doing Content Moderation
The impossibility of intelligence explosion
Impossible Content Moderation Dilemmas: Talking About Racism Blocked As Hate Speech
The Impossible Suddenly Became Possible
The "Impossible" Rebellion
Imposter syndrome: Game developers who feel like frauds
Impress your demanding Russian in-laws in this cute, weird game
Impressive bionic hand
Impressive fan music video: "Picture Perfect Pony"
Impressive HDR photography
Impressive jelly bean animation for music video
Impressive Liara T’Soni Costume
Impressive Miniature Houses Made by Narcissa Ward Thorne
Impressive new zooming & 3D UI from MS Labs
Improv Everywhere
?: Improv Everywhere
Improv Everywhere 2008
Fwd: Improv in action . . .
‘Impulsive psychopaths like crypto’: research shows how ‘dark’ personality traits affect Bitcoin enthusiasm
In 10 Years Of Existence, The Long-Running French Farce Known As Hadopi Has Imposed Just €87,000 In Fines, But Cost Taxpayers €82 Million
In 1825, Haiti Paid France $21 Billion To Preserve Its Independence -- Time For France To Pay It Back
In 1930 the Indiana Bell Building was Rotated 90° While Everyone Inside Still Worked
In 20 years of studying how ecosystems absorb carbon, here’s why we’re worried about a tipping point of collapse
In a landmark judgment, the Federal Court found the environment minister has a duty of care to young people
In a market swamped with streaming services, Netflix’s massive loss of subscribers is a big deal
In a remote corner of California, a state program successfully shelters homeless people
In a time of COVID and climate change, social sciences are vital, but they’re on university chopping blocks
In a world where cars can drive
In African Villages, These Phones Become Ultrasound Scanners
In an era of brutal cuts, one ordinary place has the imagination to fight back
In Argentina, cheap government-issued netbooks sparked a musical renaissance
In Australia, Mental Healthcare is a Luxury Not Everyone Can Afford
In Australia, Russians and Ukrainians unite against Putin’s war
In Australian media, women’s voices are still not heard
In Austria, the Government Pays to Repair Your Stuff
In Berlin, refugees become friends—through board games
In Bolsonaro’s burning Brazilian Amazon, all our futures are being consumed
In broadest view yet of world's low oxygen, scientists reveal dangers and solutions
In case you're wondering what it's like to weigh a Penguin.
In Conversation: Chris Rock
In defense of the Google chef
In dogs’ play, researchers see honesty and deceit, perhaps something like morality
In Each Other We Trust: Coining Alternatives to Capitalism
In heatwave conditions, Tasmania’s tall eucalypt forests no longer absorb carbon
In Israeli desert, wolves and hyenas cooperate on hunts
In Japan, a million people have shut themselves in their rooms. One mother is helping them come out
In just a few keystrokes and five scenes, the most striking game about guns
In Kabul’s ‘Saigon moment’, Australia faces the shame of repeating its mistakes exiting the Vietnam war
In Kazakhstan, Russia follows a playbook it developed in Ukraine
In Memoriam Author and Grand Master Gene Wolfe, 1931-2019
In Memoriam – Janet Asimov
IN MEMORIAM: Honoring the Life and Legacy of Edward Cornish, Pioneering Futurist & Founder of the World Future Society 1927-2019
In Mexico, a divine bird inspires a community’s sustainable forestry efforts
In New Zealand, a Translated ‘Moana’ Bolsters an Indigenous Language
In New Zealand, The Land Can Be A Person. Meanwhile, in Australia…
In Norway, A Prison Built On Second Chances
In pictures: Bouncing beneath Blaenau
In pictures: French schoolboys wear skirts to fight sexism
In pictures: Ladybirds, geckos and gorillas
In pictures: Royal Society photo award winners
In Pictures: The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2018
In Pieces
In Praise of Bin Animals
In praise of celestial mechanics
In praise of trigger warnings
In Praise of Whistleblowers
In rare show of solidarity, 14 key nations commit to protect oceans
In Rehab Clinics, a Possible New Role for Brain-Computer Interfaces
In Science, There Should Be a Prize for Second Place
In Thailand, student protesters take a leaf out of Harry Potter and Hunger Games books
In the battle of Internet mobs vs. the law, the Internet mobs have won
In the Developing World, Solar Is Cheaper than Fossil Fuels
In the fight against climate change, China is doing more than you think, but still not enough
In the Name of Love
In the no-go zone near a crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, one man chose to stay behind
In the Tech World, It Really Helps When People Think You’re Male
In the wake of bushfires and coronavirus, it’s time we talked about human security
in the wild
In the world’s northernmost town, temperatures have risen by 4C, devastating homes, wildlife and even the cemetery. Will the rest of the planet heed its warning?
In Their Legal Victory over Shell, South Africa’s Indigenous Communities Continue to Assert Their Power
In this crisis, God bless the net
In Tokyo, a Ghetto of Geeks
In Victoria, animal abuse may soon be considered a form of family violence. Here’s why that matters
"In which my daughter plays Dungeons and Dragons, sort of"
In Your Arms - Kina Grannis (Official Music Video) Stop Motion Animation
In-Flight Anomaly Sends NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter on a Wild Ride – Here’s What Happened
InAnimate character stickers
The incarceration of children in Australia
‘Incel’ violence is a form of extremism. It’s time we treated it as a security threat
Incendiary Clergy
Incidental comics
Incitement to violence is rarely explicit – here are some techniques people use to breed hate
Income inequality in America is the highest it’s been since Census Bureau started tracking it, data shows
Income inequality makes the 1% sad, too
Incongruity = Hilarity
The incontrovertible truth about World War I
Increase in atmospheric methane set another record during 2021
Increasing open-source inclusivity with paper circuits
Incredible Dark Crystal Wedding Cake
Incredible footage shows the moment a manta ray asks a diver for help off Ningaloo Bay
Fwd: Incredible HD Mars photos
Incredible Nurse Cat From Poland Looks After Other Animals At Animal Shelter
Incredible Octopus Behavior Nearly Caused Scientist To Drown From Laughing
The Incredible Reason You Might Start Seeing Safety Pins Everywhere
Incredible StarCraft Hydralisk Cosplay
The incredible tale of irresponsible chocolate milk research at the University of Maryland
Incredible Tap Dancing Medley ft. Sarah Reich - Postmodern Jukebox
Incredible wildlife photography exhibition showcases the beauty of big cats
Incredible Winners of the 17th Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest
Incredibly Cute Animal Illustrations By Sydney Hanson Will Make You Smile
Incredibly Realistic 3D Papercraft Birds
‘Incredibly worrying’: legal fight looms around Australia over clampdown on protest
Incredibox Your tools shouldn’t spy on you
India Declares Dolphins & Whales As ‘Non-Human Persons,’ Dolphin Shows Banned
India has almost wiped out extreme poverty: International Monetary Fund
India Is What Happens When Rich People Do Nothing
India makes history, launches Tricolour on moon
India's Female Superhero And Her Flying Tiger Are Out To Fight The Pandemic
India's first openly gay prince endured years of torturous conversion therapy. Now, he's fighting to make the practice illegal.
India's Ladycops
India: Leopards in the Backyard
Indian Comedy
The Indian doctor taking care of thousands of elephants
Indian Government Agencies Demand Access To WhatsApp Messaging Groups
Indian Ocean marine parks off Christmas Island and Cocos Islands get the go-ahead
The Indian sanitary pad revolutionary
The Indiana Jones of collapsed cultures: Our Western civilization itself is a bubble
India’s elephant-friendly tea garden 🐘☕️🌱
India’s Experiment in Basic Income Grants
India’s Inadvertent Missile Launch Underscores the Risk of Accidental Nuclear Warfare
India’s rich are not the only ones fleeing the Covid crisis on private jets, says CEO
India’s water crisis: alarm bells for Australia, world economy
India’s wicked problem: how to loosen its grip on coal while not abandoning the millions who depend on it
India’s Women Are Building An Alternative To Toxic Masculinity
India’s ‘Open Prisons’ Are a Marvel of Trust-Based Incarceration
Indict Jair Bolsonaro over indigenous rights, international court is urged
The Indie Game Market (2014)
The IndieBox
Indigenous Australian Solar Energy Company Takes On Tesla
Indigenous children set to receive billions after judge rejects Trudeau challenges
Indigenous Geographies Overlap in This Colorful Online Map
Indigenous historian Bruce Pascoe says we’ve got our story all wrong
Indigenous knowledge and the persistence of the ‘wilderness’ myth
Indigenous Knowledge Has Been Warning Us About Climate Change for Centuries
Indigenous peoples across the globe are uniquely equipped to deal with the climate crisis - so why are we being left out of these conversations?
Indigenous Peoples Day: What can be done to save dying languages?
Indigenous Wonder Woman
Indonesia on track with peatland restoration, but bogged down with mangroves
Indonesia, Malaysia to hold joint patrols against illegal fishing
Indoor recreated English churches in Japan
Indoor tropical island
Industry-Hated Game Emulators Save Two Video Games For Posterity
The Infinite Desire For Growth: a review
The Infinite Drum Machine
Infinity: a computer anyone can build and explore
Inflatable buildings
Inflatable space stations, Reusable rockets and Spiderfab for the 2020s
Influential Comic Book Artist Mystery Solved
The Infocom Cabinet: Binders and Folders of Infocom, Inc. (1981-1987)
Infographic: how are we progressing on the Sustainable Development Goals?
Information Consumerism: The Price of Hypocrisy
Information Geographies
Information Underload
THE INFORMATION: How the Internet gets inside us
Infosec is a sham: The reality of IT security
Infoxchange Group Annual Report 2019
The Ingenious Ship That Will Revolutionise The World
Inglip Summoned
Innovation Asymmetry: Why The Copyright Industry Always Freaks Out About New Technologies
INNOVATION from the beginning (very worth watching with or without kids!)
Innovation should be legal; that's why I'm launching NeTV2
Innovation Works Better, Faster With Openness, Not Lock-In
Innovations to Improve Television Watching
Innovative charging system allows electric ferries in the Netherlands
Insane Victorian Names
Insanely Cute Cat Commercials from Studio Ghibli, Hayao Miyazaki’s Legendary Animation Shop
Insanity Wins As Appeals Court Overturns Google's Fair Use Victory For Java APIs
The Insect Apocalypse Is Here
Insect Armageddon
'Insect Armageddon': Europe reacts to alarming findings about decline in insects
Insect collapse: ‘We are destroying our life support systems’
Insects in flight | 11 incredible species in SLOW MOTION
Inside a French Museum Filled With Miniature Movie Sets
Inside a hollow library book, a secret library
Inside America's Last Great Pinball Factory
Inside Asia's Forests of Hope: A Photo Essay
Inside Australia’s Secret Rich List
Inside Conservative Groups’ Effort to ‘Make Dishwashers Great Again’
Inside Google’s Internet Justice League and Its AI-Powered War on Trolls
Inside Meow Wolf, the amusement park for people who want a weirder Disneyland
Inside OK Go's Latest Record-Breaking Music-Video Marvel
Inside OpenAI, Elon Musk’s Wild Plan to Set Artificial Intelligence Free
Inside Printrbot: One of the rising, inexpensive 3D printer manufacturers
Inside Science Fiction’s Compassionate Revolution
Inside Sony Pictures Animation - Director Lauren Faust
Inside the "sweatshop" terminally ill Britons must call to get benefits
Inside the Dirty Business of Hit Songwriting
Inside the Federal Bureau Of Way Too Many Guns
Inside the fight to save video game history
Inside the sick, sad world of the Q Society and the Australian Liberty Alliance
Inside the World's Chicest Cult
Inside Trump’s Cruel Campaign Against the U.S.D.A.’s Scientists
Inside Two Bit Circus, LA’s new VR and arcade amusement park
[INSPIRATION to the MAX!] Harnessing The Power Of The Brain (60mins)
Inspired by Nature: Scientists Find Groundbreaking Solution for Solar Storage
Inspired by Singapore’s education system, Bangladeshi migrant worker starts polytechnic
Inspired by Trump, the world could be heading back to the 1930s
Inspiring The Future - Redraw The Balance
Inspirograph, A Highly Customizable Browser-Based Version of the Classic Spirograph Drawing Toy
Installing Linux on a Dead Badger
Instant Crush | Daft Punk | Pomplamoose
Instead of Plane Making Emergency Landing, Engineer Fixes Medical Device Using Only a Pen
Instead of putting more massive trucks on our roads, we need to invest in our rail network
Instead of Trump’s propaganda, how about a nice ‘truth sandwich’?
Instructional Video
Instructions for Soft Toys During Hurricane
Insurrection, One Year On
Intel ME controller chip has secret kill switch
The Intellectual Dishonesty Of Those Supporting The Existing Text Of The EU Copyright Directive
Intellectual Property Is Neither Intellectual, Nor Property: Discuss
Intelligence Project Poll on Extremism Shows Divide in How Americans Understand Racism, Reveals Deep Unpopularity of Paramilitary Groups
the intelligent hand
Intelligent recycling machine starts service in Beijing Subway Line 10
'Intelligent' crows to pick up litter at French theme park
Intent: Just How Magic Is It?
Interactive Version of Life on Mars
Intercepto's DeviantArt Gallery
The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald on What’s Wrong (and Right) With the Media
Interesting Animated Story
interesting fun stuff
Interesting John Gilmore interview
interesting stuff on here
The Interesting Thing About Google's Delivery Drones Is Not The Drones, But Massive Societal Shift They Envision
interesting wikileak home in stockholm: a bunker
Fwd: interesting...
Interface in game | Creative tool for video games lovers and game designers
Interim UW president has plan to fight racism, inequity
International aviation industry roiled by Belarus jet diversion
The International Court of Justice has ordered Russia to stop the war. What does this ruling mean?
International Day of People with Disability: What happens when you've had an often debilitating condition your whole life and only just find out?
International Energy Agency warns against new fossil fuel projects. Guess what Australia did next?
International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge 2008
International Silliness
International Talk Like A Pirate Day
International Week of Science and Peace
Internet acronyms illustrated
Internet Arcade
Internet Archive brings bygone games and programs to the browser
The Internet Archive Console Living Room
Internet Archive posts millions of historic images to Flickr
Internet Archive turns 20, gives birthday gifts to the world
Internet Archive, repository of modern culture, turns 20
Internet Credit Union
Internet Freedom in Asia Hits Unprecedented Low
Internet in a Box
The Internet Is Broken. How Do We Fix It?
The Internet Is Rotting
The Internet Isn’t What We Fight FOR, It’s What We Fight WITH, with Cory Doctorow
Internet Memes timeline
Internet of Dildos: A Long Way to a Vibrant Future – From IoT to IoD
The Internet of Things That Talk About You Behind Your Back
Internet Sensation Grumpy Cat Not Happy To Be Named First Madame Tussauds Cat
Internet trolls are even more hostile when they’re using their real names, a study finds
Internet trolls are not who I thought — they're even scarier
Internet Trolls Really Are Horrible People
The Internet will always suck
internet! forever!
The Internet: Missing the Light
Internet: Quo Vadis (Where are you going?)
Interoperability: Fix the Internet, Not the Tech Companies
Interpretive Dance
Interrupting Lion - #SaveLions
Intersex children in New Zealand are routinely undergoing unnecessary surgery – that needs to change
Interview with Kim Stanley Robinson about his book “The Ministry for the Future”
Interview with Mitchell Baker, trapeze artist and Mozilla Chief Lizard Wrangler
Interview with Ursula K. Le Guin
Interview: Neil Gaiman and Joss Wedon
Interview: Photographer Captures Visual Love Letters to Earth with Striking Landscapes
Interview: Professor Jun Murai – The Father of the Internet in Japan, the Past 40 Years, and the Future to Come
Interview: Surreal Paintings of Sharks “Swimming” in Mid-Air Show a More Peaceful Side
Interviews with Walter Koenig, George Takei and Terry Pratchett
Into the ocean twilight zone: how new technology is revealing the secrets of an under-researched undersea world
Intolerant Liberals
Intricately layered laser-cut plywood sculptures
Intro to Drums
Introduced species are animals too: why the debate over compassionate conservation is worth having
Introducing David Card, the 2021 Nobel Prize in Economics winner who made the minimum wage respectable
Introducing Eco: An ecosystem sim where everyone must nurture a shared planet
Introducing DRM-Free Movies
Introducing Neo900
Introducing Open Salaries at Buffer: Our Transparent Formula and All Individual Salaries
Introducing Precursor
Introducing the Icelandverse
Introduction to Linux
Introduction to the Holocaust
The invasion of America
Inventor of optical recording
Investigating The Real Detective Charlie Chan
Invisible Manipulation: 10 ways our data is being used against us
Invisible Rope
The invisible Ukrainian who walked 225km to safety from Mariupol
Invitation to Senses Places dance-technology Workshop 4
FW: invitation to UK premiere of 'Ukiyo' [moveable world]
Iona Craig Won a Polk Award for Her Investigation of a SEAL Team Raid That Killed Women and Children in Yemen. Here’s How She Did It.
IPCC finds the world has its best chance yet to slash emissions – if it seizes the opportunity
IPCC report: Coastal cities are sentinels for climate change. It’s where our focus should be as we prepare for inevitable impacts
IPCC says Earth will reach temperature rise of about 1.5℃ in around a decade. But limiting any global warming is what matters most
IPCC says the tools to stop catastrophic climate change are in our hands. Here’s how to use them
IPCC WGI Interactive Atlas
IPFS is a new peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol.
ipod cm sazae-san version
Irma Gruenholz Clay Illustration
Iron Frog Productions: Library Cats Map
Iron Man in Cardboard by the Taiwanese Tony Stark
Ironically, modern surveillance states are baffled by people who change countries
Is 'Irregardless' a Real Word?
Is a 400k salary too much for a university president? Four academics apply to share one lucrative U of Alberta position
Is a world without trash possible?
Is American Nonviolence Possible?
Is democracy getting in the way of saving the planet?
Is fragile masculinity the biggest obstacle to climate action?
Is Gender-Flipping The Most Important Meme Ever?
Is Google Wrecking Our Memory?
Is hard work enough to lift anyone out of poverty? This question divides the nation
Is herd immunity to COVID-19 possible? Experts increasingly say no.
Is international law powerless against Russian aggression in Ukraine? No, but it’s complicated
Is it an invasion of your kids’ privacy to post pictures of them on social media?
Is it ever OK for white people to wear dreadlocks?
Is it possible to heal the damage we have already done to the Earth?
Is Narcissism Treatable?
Is News Corp following through on its climate change backflip? My analysis of its flood coverage suggests not
Is Old Music Killing New Music?
Is our education system teaching us to learn but not to think?
Is Russia Finally Ready to Tackle Climate Change?
Is Scott Morrison's Government 'authoritarian populist' with a punitive bent?
Is Sky News shifting Australian politics to the right? Not yet, but there is cause for alarm
Is temporary the new permanent? COVID street experiments open our eyes to creating better cities
Is the Anthropocene a world of hope or a world of hurt?
Fwd: Is the day
Is the DJI Mini 2 a good BEGINNER DRONE?
Is the Library of Things an answer to our peak stuff problem?
Is the Oil Industry Dying?
Is the Way Australia Funds the Arts a Recipe for Mediocrity?
Is The World Worth Saving?
Is The Zero Marginal Cost Society The End Of Capitalism... Or A Way To Fix Capitalism?
Is Theater Ridiculous? Movies, TV and Books Seem to Think So
Is there a law against colons?
Is there a Social-Media Fueled Protest Style?
Is There Any Evidence In The World That Would Convince Intelligence Community That More Surveillance Isn't The Answer?
Is there hope for a Hong Kong revolution?
Is this the most powerful word in the English language?
Is This the World’s Most Eco-Friendly Landfill?
Is this the ‘most Melbourne conversation’ ever?
Is Toxic Masculinity The Reason We Can't Address Climate Change?
Is Your Boss a Psychopath?
Isaac Asimov on Optimism vs. Cynicism about the Human Spirit
Ish: How A Suffix Became A Word
Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music
The ISIS Files
'Island of Rats' recovers
Isle of Tune
Isolation inspiration: free access to Crafts magazine’s 50-year archive
The ISP Column: Another 10 Years Later
Istanbul’s Most Famous Cat Honored With Its Own Statue At Its Favorite Spot
'It always hits me hard': how a haunting album helped save the whales
It even has a talking cat
It had to happen - Spam/Python co-marketing
It happened there: how democracy died in Hungary
It is as if you were doing work
It Is Expensive to Be Poor
'It is not a pipe dream': five things Australia could do now to end poverty
It Is Really Important to Humanize Evil
It is time for Australia to establish a national Ministry for Culture
'It looks like snow': how Australia plans to fix the 'horrifying' blight of expanded polystyrene
‘It Makes You Human Again’
It may have seemed like the world fell apart in 2016. Steven Pinker is here to tell you it didn’t.
It may not be cute, but here’s why the humble yabby deserves your love
It Pays to Be Kind. People Live Longer in Societies That Share More Across Generations
'It spares no one': New study reveals frightening Covid side-effect
It Starts With Fear, It Must End With Peace
It Takes Planning, Caution to Avoid Being 'It'
It took a 15-year fight to be allowed to use an existing DRM exception: who still thinks copyright is fair?
It was a toxic wasteland. Now it’s a national park.
It Will Come in Time // POMPLAMOOSE ft. Benny Sings
"It'll all be over by Christmas"
It's 2050 And This Is How We Stopped Climate Change
It's a 2-acre farm, packed into a shipping container that doubles as a farm building
It's a great life if you don't weaken.
It's A Holiday Today!
It's a maze Jim, but not as we know it
It's a still life
It's All Percussion
"It's almost like grooming": how anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theorists, and the far-right came together over COVID
It's Been 50 Years: Take Some Time This Weekend To Watch Doug Engelbart's Mother Of All Demos
It's Called A Hustle, Sweetheart
It's fun to think about a Moomin videogame
It's good to be American (and wealthy).
It's got mame it's got Linux and the Who factor
It's Great That Winnie The Pooh Is In The Public Domain; But He Should Have Been Free In 1982 (Or Earlier)
It's Like You're Always On My Mind | Pomplamoose Original
It's not about sex, it's about identity: why furries are unique among fan cultures
It's not just fish, plastic pollution harms the bacteria that help us breathe
It's not rocket surgery
It's not the morphine, it's the size of the cage: Rat Park experiment upturns conventional wisdom about addiction
'It's pretty staggering': Returned online purchases often sent to landfill, journalist's research reveals
It's salmon season on this live Alaskan bear cam
'It's shocking, it's horrendous': Ellen MacArthur's fight against plastic
"It's the Biggest Genocide in Our History"
It's Time For The Academic World To See The Positive Side Of Negative Results
It's time for the world to recognize Haudenosaunee sovereignty (Commentary)
It's time to define a covenant of human ethics
It's WWI that has the lessons for our time
Italian climate activists sue government over inaction
Italian neighbours build their own social network, online and off
Italian Spiderman
Italy Is Giving Away Old Castles For Free, And Here’s How You Can Get One
ITPA's Response to the 2018 Federal Budget
It’s 30 years since Freddie Mercury died. His music is still the soundtrack of our lives
It’s a $69 Million JPEG, but Is It Art?
'It’s a game-changer': Victoria commits $5.3bn to 12,000 social housing homes
‘It’s a Miracle’: Helsinki’s Radical Solution to Homelessness
It’s A Time For Disobedience: MIT Media Lab Will Pay $250,000 To Support It
It’s a wonderful raven’s life
“It’s a Worldwide Problem”: How North American and Australian Firefighters Work Together
It’s About Ethics in Comic Book Journalism: The Politics of X-Men: Red
It’s All In The Presentation
It’s like a Little Free Library, but there’s art inside. People are flocking to it, tiny art in hand.
It’s Murder on the Dancefloor: Incredible Expressionist dance costumes from the 1920s
It’s not about mental illness: The big lie that always follows mass shootings by white males
‘It’s not about you’: how to be a male ally
It’s not all nomadland: how #vanlife made mobile living a middle-class aspiration
It’s Not Climate Change — It’s Everything Change — Matter
It’s not just Greta Thunberg: why are we ignoring the developing world’s inspiring activists?
It’s Not Just POP Vinyls – Actual DARK CRYSTAL Action Figures Are on the Way!
It’s not too late for Australia to forestall a dystopian future that alternates between Mad Max and Waterworld
It’s not ‘fair’ and it won’t work: an argument against the ACCC forcing Google and Facebook to pay for news
It’s now or never: Scientists warn time of reckoning has come for the planet
It’s official! According to science, reading fiction makes you nicer.
It’s oh so quiet: silent whale watching on Iceland’s first electric boat tour
It’s Okay to be Neither
‘It’s our problem’: Brazilian drama brings Amazon rainforest battle to screen
It’s Science, Stupid: Why Do Trump Supporters Believe so Many Things That Are Crazy and Wrong?
It’s the criminal economy, stupid!
It’s time Biden started making good on his big climate change promises
It’s Time for Pharmaceutical Companies to Have Their Tobacco Moment
It’s time to future-proof Australia’s copyright laws for the 21st century
It’s time to kill the MCU
It’s time to talk about gay reparations and how they can rectify past persecutions of LGBTQ people
It’s True: Trump Is Lying More, and He’s Doing It on Purpose
Ivan Lovatt Chicken Wire Sculpture
Ivor Cutler
I’ll never bring my phone on an international flight again. Neither should you.
I’m a bit brown. But in America I’m white. Not for much longer
I’m a black UChicago graduate. Safe spaces got me through college.
I’m a climate scientist. "Don’t Look Up" captures the madness I see every day
I’m a female chef. Here’s how my restaurant dealt with harassment from customers.
I’m a Journalist but I Didn’t Fully Realize the Terrible Power of U.S. Border Officials Until They Violated My Rights and Privacy
I’m a Luddite. You should be one too
I’m A Refugee From A Banned Country— This Is My American Story
I’m a reporter in Mexico. My life is in danger. But the United States wouldn’t give me asylum
I’m a scientist. I’m blowing the whistle on the Trump administration.
I’m an expert in what makes good policy, and the Morrison government’s net-zero plan fails on 6 crucial counts
‘I’m Carmen. Nice to meet you again’: why I faced my rapist in prison
I’m not “that creepy guy from the Internet”: How Gamergate gave the geek community a bad name
I’m sorry for coining the phrase “Manic Pixie Dream Girl”
I’m still here: back online after a year without the internet
I’m the most magnanimous motherfucker you know.
‘I’m the Operator’: The Aftermath of a Self-Driving Tragedy
I’m Tired of Star Wars - The MCU, too
I’ve been homeless 3 times. The problem isn’t drugs or mental illness — it’s poverty.
“I’ve Got A Little List”: The Next Six Months Under Trumpism
I’ve Had a Cyberstalker Since I Was 12
‘I’ve never seen that before’: Lord, how do you get rid of 200,000 rats on an island?
I’ve seriously tried to believe capitalism and the planet can coexist, but I’ve lost faith


J-Pop translation of Tom Lehrer's "The Elements"
J.K. Rowling’s transphobia is a product of British culture
J.U.L.I.A.: Among The Stars Sci-fi Adventure Released On Linux, Plus Some Thoughts
Jaber DJ ‎– Search For You (Vocal) [Italo-Disco 2018]
Jacinda Ardern Says Economic Growth Is Pointless If People Aren't Thriving
Jack Conte, Patreon, and the Plight of the Creative Class
Jack Layton’s final public words: “Love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear.”
Jack Rickard, local entrepreneur, dies at 65
Fwd: Jack the cat chases black bear up tree
Jackalope Wives
Jackie Chan - How to Do Action Comedy
Jackie Chan Goes Undercover on Reddit, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram | Actually Me | GQ
Jackie Chan: Chinese attitudes to illegal wildlife products are changing
Jackson 5 and Bach were funky way before Bruno Mars' Uptown Funk! - "I Want You Bach" -ThePianoGuys
The Jacob’s Ladder of coding
Jaipur protest demands end to use of elephants to carry tourists
Jair Bolsonaro Is a Mass Murderer Who Deliberately Spread Covid-19, Brazilian Senate Panel Finds
Jamaica should repeal homophobic laws, rights tribunal rules
Jamaican Government Steals Years Of Public Domain Works From Its People
James Bridle’s “Ways of Being”
James Corden: It's Time for Change in the US
James Hance: Relentlessly Cheerful Art
James Hansen: The One Thing We Should Be Doing to Prevent Catastrophic Climate Change
James Madison, Father Of The Constitution, 4th US President... And Fan Fiction Writer
James Webb Space Telescope: An astronomer on the team explains how to send a giant telescope to space – and why
Jamiroquai Bee Gees Mashup - Pomplamoose
Jan. 6 hearing gives primetime exposure to violent footage and dramatic evidence – the question is, to what end?
Jane Discusses the Horrors of Trophy Hunting
Jane Goodall calls for global ban on wildlife trade and end to ‘destructive and greedy period of human history’
Jane Goodall Joins Wyoming Protestors in Buying Up Grizzly Hunt Tickets
Jane Goodall Sings
Janelle Monae: Sci Fi Queen Yet Uncrowned
Janelle Monáe’s exhilarating Dirty Computer celebrates queer love as defiance
Japan Announces Manned Moon Flight by 2025
Japan Approves New Law To Make Manga Piracy A Criminal Offense
Japan Fans Did What No Other Soccer Fans Would After Their World Cup Team Lost
Japan Gears Up to Launch “Ikaros” Solar Sail Spacecraft
Japan Has a New Emperor. Now It Needs a Software Update.
Japan Has A Train Station Just So People Can Enjoy The Beautiful Scenery
Japan is Giving Away Abandoned Homes for Free
Japan Is Giving Away Abandoned Houses for Free
Japan Keeps This Train Station Running for Just One Regular Passenger
Japan ninja student gets top marks for writing essay in invisible ink
Japan Releases a Range of Miniature Furniture for Cats
Japan should cut its losses and tell the IOC to take its Olympic pillage somewhere else
Japan to recognise Indigenous Ainu people for first time
Japan Wants To Turn The Moon Into A Giant Power Plant
Japan's Hometown Tax
Japan's robot hotel: a dinosaur at reception, a machine for room service
Japan's Straw Beasts
Japan: Equality Act Before Tokyo Olympics
Japanese Ads with Cats
Japanese aid to China for COVID-19
japanese artist brings ukiyo-e woodblock prints to life through animated gifs
Japanese baker
Japanese bookshop stocks only one book at a time
Japanese Chef Has Filled Notebooks with Delectable Illustrations of All of His Meals for 32 Years
Japanese cover "We Are The World"
Japanese design - not for use by ninjas
Japanese Doctor Who
Japanese Documentary Film Magazine
Japanese Dog Show
Japanese Emperor Naruhito: The man taking Japan into a new era
Japanese Film Festival
Japanese firm installs vending machine selling nothing but munchable insects
Japanese girl battles with her baby red pandas
Japanese icecream flavours
Japanese Illustrator Imagines A World Where Humans Live Among Giant Animals (30 Pics)
Japanese Marine Atlas
Japanese Master Restores Old Books
Japanese monks hit Twitter to protest driving ticket in the most brilliant way
Japanese moon probe photos
Japanese Paper Toys With A Surprise
Japanese pop star revealed to be computer generated
Japanese quake benefit art
Japanese Researchers Are Making Wooden Satellites Because We Have a Space Trash Problem
Japanese robots and exoskeletons
Japanese Rube Goldberg Machine Becomes An Epic Adventure Story
Japanese shrine creates special water fountain for thirsty bees
Japanese spa offers the option of a back massage from a cat
"Japanese Spider-Man"
Japanese Stone Artist Paints Realistic Looking Animals Onto Smooth Rocks
Japanese Street Fashion - 10 Things You Need To Know in 2016
Japanese sugar artist astounds fans with edible robot from Laputa: Castle in the Sky【Video】
Japanese Sweet Potato Vendor
Japanese telecom tests online aromatherapy service
Japanese Twitter user spends three hours knitting an edible scarf out of gummy candy
Japanime Weirdness
Japan’s Eiko Kadono, author of ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service,’ wins Hans Christian Andersen Award
Japan’s HD photos of the Moon are the coolest thing you’ll see today
Japan’s Only Mascot School Teaches the Art of Cuddly Cuteness
Japan’s path to becoming a leader in Western science: an Asian perspective on science and other forms of knowledge
Japan’s Prisons Are a Haven for Elderly Women
Japan’s Rent-a-Family Industry
Jared Diamond: There’s a 49 Percent Chance the World As We Know It Will End by 2050
Jason Steed Doesn’t Think Trump Was ‘Just Joking’
Jaw-dropping video shows every nuclear explosion from 1945-1998
Jay Walker's Library
Jean-Michel Jarre - Coachella Opening (Official Music Video)
Jean-Michel Jarre: how we made Oxygène
Jeff Bezos’s $10 Billion Climate Pledge Is Actually Tiny
Jeff Bezos’s Master Plan
Jeff Carlisle: Another Night at the Warp Core Cafe
The Jenkins review has 28 recommendations to fix parliament’s toxic culture – will our leaders listen?
Jennifer Maestre: Pencil sculptures
Jenny Mysterious and Stardrop on Patreon - Time Stuck "Always Been You"
Jeremy Grantham on Tesla, Fertilizer Wars
Jerry Lawson revolutionized video gaming from his Silicon Valley garage. Then the world forgot him
Jess Day is Not Your Manic Pixie Dream Girl
Jessica Joslin's Animal Alchemy 2014
Jessika feat. Jenifer Brening - Who We Are - San Marino - LIVE - Second Semi-Final - Eurovision 2018
Jet Man
“Jet zero:” Rolls-Royce completes maiden flight of all-electric plane
Jet-powered wheelchair surprise
Jetsetting Terrorist
Jewelry Roundup! Bugs & Books & Beautiful Dinos, OH MY
Jewish leaders use Holocaust Day to decry persecution of Uighurs
Jews Hand Muslims Synagogue Keys When a Texas Mosque Burns Down
Jim Crow Killed Voting Rights for Generations. Now the GOP Is Repeating History.
Jim Henson 1963 short film explains "Data Communications"
The Jim Henson Company
The Jim Henson Company and Neil Gaiman Have Teamed Up To Reboot The 80s Anthology Series THE STORYTELLER
The Jim Henson Company Developing a KNIGHTS OF PANTERRA Series
Jim Henson in 1969: HOWTO make a puppet
Jim Henson’s Labyrinth Firey Plush Figure Featuring Removable Head and Limbs
Jim's Pancakes
Jimmy Fallon & The Cast of Sesame Street Photobomb a Bunch of Children During a Photoshoot With Adorable Results
Jimmy Fallon, Sesame Street & The Roots Sing "Sesame Street"
Jinja Safari - Dozer
Jitendra Patil's answer to "Who was the best customer you ever had and why?"
jk rowling
Fwd: JK Rowling Gallery
Joan Jett in new Blondie video
Joanna Russ Was Sci-Fi’s Most Outspoken Feminist
Jobactive workers speak out: 'How the hell did I end up doing this to these people?'
Jobs vs. death toll: Calculating corporate death penalties
Joel McKerrow & the Mysterious Few- Welcome Home
John Cleese on Creativity
John Cleese writing Aardman film
John Green's commencement address
John Gustafson presents: Beyond Floating Point – Next Generation Computer Arithmetic
Fwd: John Kao: Can Governments Till the Fields of Innovation? (NYT)
John Kerry says we can't leave climate emergency to 'neanderthals' in power
John Lennon’s Imagine at 50: a deceptively simple ballad, a lasting emblem of hope
John Lewis Christmas Advert 2013 - The Bear & The Hare
John Lopez Studio
John Neumeier
John Oliver Tries To Scare DC Into Doing Something About The Privacy Dumpster Fire That Is Adtech
John Oliver, Edward Snowden, and Unconditional Basic Income
John Perry Barlow, Internet Pioneer, 1947-2018
Johnson & Johnson hides its 120-year-old baby powder business behind one-week-old company
Joi Ito Explains Why Donald Trump Is Like the Sex Pistols
Joi Ito: My comments at the John Perry Barlow Memorial Symposium
Join the global call for sharing
Join the Million Cool Roofs Challenge
JoinedTheHerd - Faith
The joke was that Obama wasn’t joking
Jonathan Pie explains the Party Gate scandal for the NYT.
Jonathan Pie: How Putin Weaponized London’s Greed | NYT Opinion
Jonathan Pie: The Extinction Rebellion
Jonathon Fletcher: forgotten father of the search engine
Jordan’s $1.5 Billion Star Trek Theme Park to be Powered by Alternative Energy
Jordan’s $1.5 Billion Star Trek Theme Park to be Powered by Alternative Energy
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Will Produce and Star in an Upcoming ‘Fraggle Rock’ Movie Based on the 1980s Television Show
Josh Joshi and the Great Divides
Joss Whedon Shows How Being Awesome Rewards Creators
The Journal of Universal Rejection
Journalism crisis leads to shameful compromises
Journey LIVE by Fifth House Ensemble
Journey of Mankind
Journey through the heavens with 30 amazing stargazer pictures
Journey to Antarctica: What Scientists Think of Trump’s Latest Climate Tweet
Journey to the centre of the Earth
Joy // Gardenview came out today! // Nataly Dawn of POMPLAMOOSE
The Joy of getting lost in Shape of the World
The joy of reading role-playing games
The joy of sets
Jscrab, Scrabble Game in JavaScript
Judge caught trying to sneak knife on aircraft
Judge Kozinski: There's Very Little Justice In Our So-Called 'Justice System'
Judge orders lawyers to play game
Judge Otis Wright Slams 'Made Up' Government 'Plot' Designed To Ensnare Gullible Poor People
Judged by Your Accent
Judging a Book by Its Cover
Judy Blume: 'I thought, this is America: we don't ban books. But then we did'
Judy Garland at 100: more than just a star, Garland shaped the modern movie musical
The Juice Media Came Out With The “Quiet Australia Policy” Honest Government Ad & It’s Surprisingly Honest & Informative
Julian Burnside Oration: Fear is the great threat to multiculturalism in Australia
Julie Peters on 50 years at the ABC and 30 years blazing a trail as a trans woman
Jumbo Hostel in Stockholm
Jump back in time with this super high-quality video of Tokyo taken right after WWII
June Art Roundup: S.P.E.W., Park Sweets, & Grumpy Dragons
June Foray, R.I.P.
Junkfunnel Labs: Art and Technology
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune: why our next visit to the giant planets will be so important (and just as difficult)
Jurassic Park...The Musical
Jury acquits Extinction Rebellion protesters despite ‘no defence in law’
Just (Tap) Dance - Vintage 1940's Jazz Lady Gaga Cover
Just 16% of the world’s coastlines are in good shape – and many are so bad they can never fully recover
Just 8 men own same wealth as half the world
'Just a matter of when': the $20bn plan to power Singapore with Australian solar
Just a small thing that made me wonder a lot...
Just Another Day In Academic Publishing: Professor Posts His Own Article On His Own Website, Gets Takedown Notice Alleging Copyright Infringement
‘Just as important as English or maths’: how mentoring is bringing music alive for primary school students
Just don’t do it
'Just four citizens': the Australians who confronted Adani in India, and made a difference
Just how hot will it get this century? Latest climate models suggest it could be worse than we thought
Just How Smart Are Ravens?
Just Right
just went to see this show Fringe Festival: excellent
The Just-World Fallacy
Justin B Rye: Essays on SF, Linguistics and more
The Justin Trudeau of the Netherlands is schooling the left on how to tackle far-right populism
Justine Larbalestier: On Being a Nice Author


The Kafkaesque Nightmare of Attorney Steven Donziger, a Literal Prisoner of the Chevron Corporation
‘Kafkaesque’ true stories of ordinary people: inside the first days of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China
Kafka’s Joke Book.
Kagemono: The Shadow Folk
Kaiju Big Time Wrestling!
Kaleidoscopic Floor Installations Made of Mirrors, Crystals and Glass by Suzan Drummen
Kami Robo
Kangaroo and pig share intimate relationship
Kangaroos can communicate with humans, researchers say
Kannon and Moki enjoying an afternoon nap
Kano: A computer anyone can make
Karakuri Cards
Karen Anderson (1932-2018)
Katamari Damacy earmuffs
Kate Micucci: Saucy Ukulele
Kate Tempest: 'There is a damaging and poisonous racism at root in Australia'
Katharine Hayhoe: 'A thermometer is not liberal or conservative'
Katherine and The Tiki Gods
Katherine's Super Face Paint Recipe
Kathy Griffin on the Donald Trump fiasco and why she has stopped saying sorry
Kawasaki unveils a bizarre ridable robot goat instead of a new electric motorcycle
Kazakhstan Cheers New Alphabet, Except for All Those Apostrophes
Kazakhstan Cops Protect Citizens' Free Speech Rights By Arresting A Protester Holding A Blank Sign
KBG84: Japan's new 'girl band', average age 84
Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter Confirmed For BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC Which is Officially in Pre-Production!
Kebu - Dream of Hope (late-night rehearsal)
Kebu - Le Carnaval des Étoiles (Radio Edit from Live in Oslo)
Kebu - Super Troopers (Live Online bonus track)
Keep an Artist in Clothes
Keepers of the Seed
Keeping People Out of Jail Keeps People Out of Jail
Keeping up with Commodore
'Keeping Up With The Kattarshians' Is Iceland's New Reality TV Show About Cats
Keepon & the BeatBots
Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy Join Elliot Morgan to Share a Series of Facts About the Muppets
Kernit: a Jim Henson-inspired font and pun that will turn you green
Fwd: Kevin Kelly on the next 5000 day of the Internet
Kevin Kelly: Retooling Cool
Kevin Richardson (zookeeper)
Key findings from the European State of the Climate Report
Keynes was wrong. Gen Z will have it worse.
Keynote: Beyond
Kick Drum Soundcheck - Marble Machine X #74
Kickstarter as a Subversive Activity
Kickstarter Is a PBC. Here’s What That Means and Why It Matters.
Kickstarter Pledges Are Risky Investments, Not Purchases
Kickstarter Simulator 2015
Kickstarter: Animusic 3, Lunatics, Project Giana
Kickstarter: Just the Beginning Episode 7
Kickstarter’s Mission Is Non-Negotiable
Kid President and Craig Robinson Go Cat Caroling
Kid Snippets: "Proposal" (Imagined by Kids)
Kid Snippets: Salesman
Kiddie Rekord King
The Kids And Their Algo Speak Show Why All Your Easy Fixes To Content Moderation Questions Are Wrong
The kids are not ok
Kids around the world are suing governments over climate change—and it’s working
Kids comment on early video games
Kids Explain Art to Experts: Alexa (5) vs Frida Kahlo | Name That Art
Kids Pitch A New TV Show: 'Strangest Things: The Golden Mysteries'
Kids Practice Reading to Shy Shelter Dogs at Missouri Humane Society
Kids Read to Cats with the “Book Buddies Program” at The Animal Rescue League of Berks County, Pennsylvania
Kids, the Internet and the end of privacy
Killer Rabbits in Medieval Manuscripts: Why So Many Drawings in the Margins Depict Bunnies Going Bad
Killing The Golden Goose (Again); How The Copyright Stranglehold Dooms Spotify
Killing The Golden Goose: Copyright Holders Demand More Cash Even As Streaming Music Services Struggle To Be Profitable
Kind Words lets you share caring messages with strangers
Kinda Horrible (kinda amusing)
The Kindergarten Tribes
Kindle Giveaway Jun 2017
The Kindness Pandemic
Kinetic Sculpture
Kinetic sculptures made from popsicle sticks
Kinetic Steampunk-Inspired Sculptures Move Gracefully Using Salvaged Metal Parts
Kinetic toothpick sculpture of San Francisco
Kinetic wave sculpture
KINETIC | John Buck
The King of Bullsh*t News
King Peggielene
The King's Singers - Masterpiece
KING: The ‘Trump Effect’ is terrifying children across America — including my own 9-year-old son
Kinga Głyk - Joy Joy
The Kings of Q*bert
Kioski social experiment
Kiri and Lou
Kirigami – Japan’s Other Paper Art
Kissing Is All Better
Kitbull | Pixar SparkShorts
Kitteh Wants to Play...
kitten and donkey
Kitten escapes pet store enclosure to play with puppy
Kitten Refuses to Leave Warm Bath!
Fwd: Kittens
Kittens in Space
Kittens On The Beat
Kitty Animation!
Kitty Nativity
Kitty Pincusions
[ Kitty training]
Fwd: Kitty training
Kiwi Crate
Kiwix lets you access free knowledge – even offline
KKK Member Walks up to Black Musician in Bar-but It’s Not a Joke
Klein bottles and more
KNIFONIUM SteampunkSpaceSpies
Knit Olympics
knitting with 1000 yarns
Knock Off Toys
[Fwd: Know anyone who would enjoy exploring Oxford's dreaming spires for a few months?]
KNOW what you are asking for!
Know Your Double, A doppelgänger field guide
Know Your Human Rights
Know Your Meme
Koala listed as endangered after Australian governments fail to halt its decline
Koala-sniffing detection dog the latest weapon in saving wildlife after devastating bushfires
Koalas drinking from human hands is not normal
Koichi Iwabuchi
Kollektivet: 2manybuttons
Konstrui Pli Bonan Lingvon (To Build a Better Language)
Korgi (Book 1): Sprouting Wings!
KR0NPR1NZ's deviantART Gallery
Kraftwerk: their 30 greatest songs, ranked!
Kris Kringles and yuletide jingles: unboxing the wonders of Christmas lingo
Kronos Quartet and the secret life of lemurs
Kronos Quartet: Making free music for the future
Ksenia & BCN Jazz Dancers "Baa Baa Black Sheep" (by Jazz at Lincoln Center & Wynton Marsalis)
Kuma Phone teddy bear from Willcom
Kunbarrasaurus is Australia’s new armoured dinosaur
Kung Fu Cat
Kurdish refugee nominated for top Australian art prize
Kurdish women’s experience of state violence in Turkey
Kuwait overturns law used to prosecute transgender people
Kylie Moore-Gilbert’s 804 days in an Iranian prison were a travesty - but the West is in no position to lecture
Kyoto book cafe serves up cute cat parfaits in traditional Japanese machiya townhouse


L'Homme Chat
L.A.’s New Reflective Streets Bounce Heat Back into Space
La importancia de la accesibilidad
La Linea
Labels like ‘psycho’ or ‘schizo’ can hurt. We’ve workshopped alternative clinical terms
Labor proposes discounts for electric cars and ‘community batteries’ to store solar power
Labor’s climate policy is too little, too late. We must run faster to win the race
Labor’s plan to green the Kurri Kurri gas power plant makes no sense
‘Labyrinth’ becomes a board game, complete with ‘Goblin King Jareth’ figure!
Lady Tilda and the Dragon
Ladybeard is back in new band called Deadlift Lolita – check out debut music video
lageneracion (assemblage art)
Lakota elders helped a white man preserve their language. Then he tried to sell it back to them.
Lalah the cat is a master of the climbing wall
Laleh - Kristaller (Kebu Remix)
Land down blunder: teen heading to Australia lands in Sydney, Nova Scotia
Land twice the size of Toronto gets momentous conservation deal
Landmark California Law Bars Prosecutors From Pursuing Murder Charges Against People Who Didn’t Commit Murder
The language of capitalism isn’t just annoying, it’s dangerous
Language wars: the 19 greatest linguistic spats of all time
Lantern: One Device, Free Data From Space Forever
The Large Hadron Rap
The Largest Buildings In The United States
The largest cleanup in history
Largest Vehicle-To-Grid Charging Project On The Planet?
Larry Griswold
Laser projection using computer-generated holograms
Laser projections
Laserman Electronica 2011 - Laser show Disney California
Lasso: The power to change recycling for good
Last Chance to See 2
Last chance: CHANGE - A Homeless Survival Game
Last Christmas - Vintage Andrews Sisters - Style Wham! Cover - Postmodern Jukebox
The Last Decade and You
The Last Gasp of American Democracy
The Last Glimpses of California's Vanishing Hippie Utopias
The last of the Zoroastrians
Last Sandbox Land
The last scan
The Last Slave
The Last Starfighter
Last Supper (Star Wars)
"The Last Unicorn" Returns Home: Renowned Fantasy Author & Screenwriter Peter S. Beagle Prevails After Multi-Year Legal Battles Against Elder Abuse and to Regain Control of His Literary Legacy
"The Last Unicorn" sequel: "Two Hearts"
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Wealth Gap (HBO)
The Late, Great Stephen Colbert
The Latest from Rather Good
The Latest Moral Panic Focuses On Discord
Latest news from the Automatically Generated Paper guys
Latest Trade Agreements Are About The Opposite Of Free Trade: Protectionism For Big Business
Latest Trade Agreements Are Re-defining Cultural Choices As 'Non-Tariff Barriers' That Need To Be Eliminated
Latin American countries join reserves to create vast marine protected area
Laundry Birds
Laura Jean McKay wins the Arthur C Clarke award
Lauren Ipsum: The Phantom Tollbooth meets Young Ladies' Illustrated Primer
Laurie Spiegel inducted into National Women’s Hall of Fame
Laurie Spiegel Interview
Law Enforcement Is Not About Generating Revenue
Law geek marriage proposal
The law that could make climate change illegal
The laws that sex workers really want
Lawsuit Filed To Prove Happy Birthday Is In The Public Domain
Lawsuit Over DHS First Amendment-Violating Suspicious Activity Reports Given Green Light By Judge
Lawsuit: "Happy Birthday" is not in copyright, and Warner owes the world hundreds of millions for improperly collected royalties
Lawyers who won Happy Birthday copyright case sue over “We Shall Overcome”
Leaded petrol is gone – but lead pollution may linger for a very long time
Leading Ladies Big list of Games
Leaf Dinnerware to Replace Plastic and Styrofoam
Leaf oysters: the unsung heroes of estuaries are disappearing, and we know almost nothing about them
Leaf Sheep: The Only Animal That Can Photosynthesize
Leak suggests UN agency self-censors on climate crisis after US pressure
Leaked Emails Reveal MPAA Plans To Pay Elected Officials To Attack Google
Leaked UNHCR report: Manus Island world’s worst
Leandro Erlich Art
Learn how to support women in open source
Learn to be a journalist
Learning From History: How One Lying Liar Almost Screwed The Comic Book Industry
Learning to Speak Raven
The Least Racist People We’ve Ever Interviewed
Leave the damn fossil fuels in the ground, says big nerdy study
Lebanon’s crisis has gone from bad to worse. But is anyone listening?
Fwd: RE: Lecture by Janine Benyus, UC Berkeley, October 25/2006
LED Light Ballerinas
LED lighting for the home
LED Throwie Rat (or Mouse)
LED watch with a wooden face and bracelet
LEDARE: Efter flyktingkrisen går Sverige lysande
Lee Warren and Dancers
Left behind: the Australians neither political party wants to discuss
Left-wing activists across the former USSR launch "September," to rally opposition to far-right movements
Legacy Copyright Industries Lobbying Hard For EU Copyright Directive... While Pretending That Only Google Is Lobbying
The Legacy of Victor Gollancz: Publishing Pioneer
Legal experts worldwide draw up ‘historic’ definition of ecocide
Legalize It All
Legally sourced chocolate could help end deforestation in West Africa
Legendary Arecibo telescope will close forever — scientists are reeling
Legendary Instruments - Jean Michel Jarre
'Legendary Insult Comic' Jabba the Hutt teaches a MasterClass on comedy
Legendary Japanese animator Miyazaki comes out of retirement for new film
Legendary Science Fiction Author Ben Bova Has Passed at the Age of 88
Lego & Kenna
Lego Friends
Lego launches first LGBTQ set
LEGO pirate theatre automaton
Lego Town promo video does not go as planned
Legolas Sings LOTR Version of White Christmas
Lego’s return to gender neutral toys is good news for all kids. Our research review shows why
Leigh Sales: 'It just started to feel like nothing was safe'
Leila Elkhalidy: Cat Piano
The Lemon Market of Programming Language Adoption
Lemur Species Named After John Cleese
Lennon & Maisy - "That's What's Up" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
Leonard Nimoy Loved Space Shuttle Enterprise's Final Flight (Exclusive Video)
The Leopard Cub With the Lioness Mom
Leopards find a Mirror
Les Historiettes de Mr Sandalette
Les Pyramides d'Égypte
The less equal we become, the less we trust science, and that’s a problem
Lesson for Australia. Make it hard for people to get benefits, and they’ll stop, but they mightn’t get jobs
Lesson of a Lifetime
Lessons From a Decade of IT Failures
Lessons learned from open source communities
Lessons Learned Trailer
Let Sleeping Koalas Lie
Let's chat about child porn
Let's Go and Meet the Bronies
Let's start a solar-powered chocolate factory in rural Ghana
Lethal autonomous weapons and World War III: it’s not too late to stop the rise of ‘killer robots’
Letter from indigenous Mexican man who was denied a US visa to receive an award for internet development
Letters from an American: October 26, 2021
Letters from Nauru
Letting the social ladder rot away is unjust. It is also a stupid waste
Let’s do a Brexit deal with the Parthenon marbles
Let’s End the Peril of a Nuclear Winter
Let’s engage young men to stamp out ‘locker room’ culture
Let’s heed the UN’s dire warning and stop the east African oil pipeline now
Let’s Not Pretend Planting Trees Is a Permanent Climate Solution
‘Let’s rip it off her head’: new research shows Islamophobia continues at disturbing levels in Australia
Let’s Start World War 3, A Synchronized Robotic Dance Video by World Order About Current Events
Let’s Talk About Wabi Sabi, Kintsugi, and Invisible Illness
Let’s Unpack the Damage of Being Labeled High- or Low-Functioning
Leunig: It's a curly old world
Leval On Fair Use And Google Books: A Sketch Of A Story
LeVar Takes a Ride in a Driverless Car| Reading Rainbow uTech| 06.03.15
Leviathans in the Harbor
Levitating Superconductor on a Möbius strip
Lez miserable: I came out in a country town, and everything changed in an instant
LGBT Navajos Discover Unexpected Champions: Their Grandparents
LGBT+ history: The Amazing Life of Margot Heuman – how theatre gave voice to a queer Holocaust survivor
Lib-Ray: an Open Standards video format
Liberal Democracy Is Under Attack
The Liberal Party’s Vision | Shaun Micallef’s MAD AS HELL
Librarian Bans Book to Teach Lesson About Censorship
Librarian photographs all the beautiful libraries he visits
Librarian Rhapsody - Shoalhaven Library Staff
Libraries don't have to be a thing of the past - just look at Melbourne's
Library Cat's Job Is Saved
Library Holdings from the University of Tokyo Now Available Through the Internet Archive
‘The Library of Everything’ With Brewster Kahle
Library Socialism: a utopian vision of a sustainable, luxuriant future of circulating abundance
LibraryBox v2.0: Portable Private Digital Distribution
LibreArts: Looking back at 2021, looking forward at 2022
Licensing and Business Models for "Lunatics!"
Lichee Pi Zero: A 6$ Linux Machine.
Liebreich and McCrone: Electric vehicles – It’s not just about the car
Lies, debates, and silences
Life During Interesting Times
The Life in "The Simpsons" Is No Longer Attainable
Life in Quarantine
Life in Technicolor—One month wearing EnChroma’s color blindness-fixing glasses
Life in The National Security State
Life Is Stupider Than Fiction
Life Without The Tech Giants
Life’s Preference for Symmetry Is Like ‘A New Law of Nature’
Light at the end of the tunnel: Restored forest now shelters dozens of endangered species
Light entertainment
Light Fingers
Light in Victoria’s lockdown: ‘We’ve turned Hurstbridge yellow’
The light of human rights is fading in Australia
Light Photos
Light pollution is key 'bringer of insect apocalypse'
Light-Up Clothes and Costumes By Enlighted Designs
Lightpaint Piano Player
Lightpaintings: The First Unique Art Form Of The XXI Century
Like A Real Author With Pants: "Nine Goblins"
Like Clockwork
Like COVID, TB is a pandemic and must be treated as an emergency
Like human societies, whales value culture and family ties
‘Like hunting for unicorns’: Australians on the search for adequate, affordable mental healthcare
Like it or not, history shows that taxes and bureaucracy are cornerstones of democracy
'Like penpals, but with snacks!' Unable to travel, strangers mail each other tastes of home
Like rivers in the sky: the weather system bringing floods to Queensland will become more likely under climate change
Like the gig economy, crypto gaming is sold with promise of convenience and riches. In practice it’s deeply exploitative
"Limited Edition" by Tim Maughan
Limiting the damage from cultures in collision
Limitless power arriving too late: why fusion won’t help us decarbonise
Lincoln High School in Walla Walla, WA, tries new approach to school discipline — suspensions drop 85%
Lindsey Stirling
LinkedIn to introduce 'stay-at-home' parenting option in profiles
Linux Foundation and OpenTreatments Foundation team up to fight rare genetic diseases
The Linux Scheduler: a Decade of Wasted Cores 2019: Using Open Hardware from my shirt to OS testing for Google's Fuchsia
Lion Cubs Hug Trainer On His Last Day At Park (VIDEO)
Lion Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Dev Patel Movie
Lion Sees His Adoptive Dad After 7 Years - Truly Heart-warming
Lions rescued from Mideast war zone find new home in Africa
Liquid Floor Tiles
Lismore faced monster floods all but alone. We must get better at climate adaptation, and fast
List of common misconceptions
List of Internet phenomena
List of lists of lists
Listen Live to Whale Songs From Hawaii
Listen To Stephen Fry Perfectly Analogize The Moral Panics Around Facebook To The Ones Over The Printing Press
Listen to the Albert’s lyrebird: the best performer you’ve never heard of
Listening to everything: how sound reveals an unseen world
Literary Devices
The literary life of Octavia E. Butler
The Literary Prize for the Refusal of Literary Prizes
Literature Professor Rides Bicycle-Powered Mobile Library to Bring Books to the Homeless
Little Asia Dance Exchange Network 2004/Ms.Motoko Ikeda
The Little Engine That Couldn't: How We're Preparing Ourselves and Our Children for Extinction
Little Evidence Of 'Infringement Risk' For 'Copyright Intensive' Companies
Little Free Libraries Are Turning Into Ground Zero for Religious Proselytizing
The Little Girl from the 1981 LEGO Ad is All Grown Up, and She’s Got Something to Say
little girls R better at designing heroes than you
Little Nemo archive
Little tech wins big as nanocar inventor takes top science award
The little-known Soviet mission to rescue a dead space station
The Little-Known Tool Protecting California Towns from Polluters
Live animal exports are being used as cover by smugglers, say NGOs
live flight tracker
Live streaming wildlife webcams
Live the Lie: how narrative is used in crowdfunding
Live-Action Kiki's Delivery Service Film's On-Set Footage Posted
Livers for transplant can now be kept alive at body temperature
Lives at ‘grave risk’: Trump’s withdrawal from the WHO is a hit to global health
The Lives They Live: Building houses keeps his dream alive
Living Alone: The Rise of Capitalism and the Decline of Families
Living and Dying on Airbnb
Living fossils and rare corals revealed
Living in the Margins
Living room conservation: Gaming & virtual reality for insect and ecosystem conservation
Living With Cats - House Guest Edition
"Livingstones" pillows that look like rocks
Ljubljana, Slovenia: Cyanometer
Lo-Fi Let's Play: LOOM
Lobby pushing for Australian piracy crackdown donates millions
Local efforts have cut plastic waste on Australia’s beaches by almost 30% in 6 years
Local knowledge adds value to mapping flood risk in South Africa’s informal settlements
Lock-Down Under
Locked Out Of The Sixth Amendment By Proprietary Forensic Software
The Logic of Stupid Poor People
Logitech Quickcam Orbit
Logitech's 1 billionth mouse
LOLarts - LOLcats art show! Kthx!
LOLcats in the WSJ
London Brawling
London demonstrates the stupid, janky future of Smart Cities
London Is “Rewilding” and Native Species Are Flocking In
london tables
London underground dinner party
London Zoo Cat Survey
The London Zoo is hosting a Pride celebration for its same-sex penguin couples
Lonely American seniors help Brazilian kids learn English via webcam
Lonely Boy by Mnozil Brass
The long con of military decline: How the right uses the armed forces to lie about America
Long COVID affects 1 in 5 people following infection. Vaccination, masks and better indoor air are our best protections
Long Exposure Photos of Fireworks
The Long Game
Long live intrinsic motivation. Or why it’s time to ditch the carrots and the sticks
‘Long Ma’, A Massive Fire-Breathing Kinetic Sculpture of a Horse-Dragon
The Long View
The long, incredibly tortuous, and fascinating process of creating a Chinese font
Long-lived civilisation may be a dream
Long-lost film that predicted rise of anti-Semitism has ominous message for today’s world
Long-lost Lewis Chessman found in Edinburgh family's drawer
The long-term quest to build a 'galactic civilisation'
Longer copyright protection means fewer books are available, and they cost more
Longleat Meerkats take photos of themselves
Look around you. The way we live explains why we are increasingly polarized
Look at the photos and videos of thousands of youth demanding climate change action NOW.
Look Out to Your Neighbour, Look Up to Something Better
Look What I Found!: Baby in the Mulch
Looking for health advice? Don’t consult health magazines, try Dolly
Looking For Tom Lehrer, Comedy’s Mysterious Genius
Loopwheels system abandons spokes for springs to give a smoother ride
Lord of the Rings Tarot
Lord Vetinari takes control of the UK
The Lords of the Rhymes
Lorem Ipsum and Ursula Vernon on the editing process
Losing Earth: The Decade We,Almost Stopped Climate Change
The lost apps of the 80s
Lost comedy precursor to Monty Python starring John Cleese and Graham Chapman is found after 48 years
LOST EMBER - More HQ gameplay GIFs
The lost history of the electric car – and what it tells us about the future of transport
The lost infrastructure of social media
Lost Myths and Cryptomythology
Lost parrot tells veterinarian his address
The Lost Picture Show: Hollywood Archivists Can’t Outpace Obsolescence
Lost Pictures of Blizzard
Lost poems of Douglas Adams and Griff Rhys Jones found in school cupboard
Lost Star Wars Movie
Lots O'News
Louisa Lim’s ‘outstanding’ portrait of a dispossessed, defiant Hong Kong is the activist journalism we need
Louvre puts entire collection online
Love in the Time of Cryptography
Love Is Not Capitalist
Love is the Sun!
Love it or hate it, TikTok is changing the music industry
Love Japan’s realistic fake food? Now you can wear it on your head as an accessory! 【Pics】
Love Labyrinth?
Love on the spectrum: Meet Ruth and Thomas
Love Picking: Locksport meets love locks
Love Rats
love this guys talent
Love Your Blender Talk to Your Blender
Love, Tolerance and Other Myths
Loved to death: Australian sandalwood is facing extinction in the wild
Lovely Image Manipulation Photos
Lovely mathematical art
Lovely Story
'Loverless' feat. George the cat - Ayleen O'Hanlon
Loving Maternal Siberian Husky Dog and Her Two Canine Brothers Adopt a Tiny Kitten as Their Own
Low-cost production will mean the end of jobs
LRO Sees Apollo Landing Sites
Lucas the Spider / TINK
The 'lucky country' is facing a crucial test. The result will affect us all
‘Lucky Dragon’ fire-breathing boat in Osaka
Lugaru HD: now fully free
‘The lunacy is getting more intense’: how Birds Aren’t Real took on the conspiracy theorists
Lunatics! - Patreon Trailer 2015
Lunatics! Project is creating Animated Video Episodes
Lunchbox Dad Creates Pop-Culture Meals For His Kids
Lynnwood’s Greg Bear, stalwart of modern science fiction, starts writing his life story
Lynx Climbs up to Have a Look at Human || ViralHog
Lyrebird/Penguins/The Gorillas Meet Attenborough ft. Aardman Animations #Attenborough90 - BBC Earth Unplugged
Lyrebirds...they are so weird
Lyrical lyrebird also an ecosystem engineer
L’Art Moyenâgeux de Simon De Thuillières


Ma Yan Yan - An awesome magic ballet performance at Amazing Chinese 2014
The macaque monkeys of Mauritius: an invasive alien species, and a major export for research
Macaulay Library of animal sounds
The Maccabeats - Latke Recipe - Hanukkah
Macklemore surprises his grandma with a 'Glorious' 100th birthday
Mad magazine legend Al Jaffee retires at age 99 after a record-breaking career
Mad Science: Deconstructing Bunk Reporting in 5 Easy Steps
Mad! Tuba
Madam Misfit - The Wombling Song (Electro Swing)
The maddening saga of how an Alzheimer’s ‘cabal’ thwarted progress toward a cure for decades
Made with Creative Commons
Made with Creative Commons: A book on open business models
Made With Molecules
Made Your Day Magical
Madeon - Pay No Mind (ft. Passion Pit)
Madhatter's Tea Party
Madis - Cracow Sunset (Live Performance on The Vistula River)
Madison Zombie Lurch 2005
Maestria, A Beautiful Puzzle Game, Is Now Free On The Play Store
Magawa, the landmine-sniffing hero rat, dies aged eight
Magic Goes Wrong
Magic Highway
the magic in unbelonging
Magic of Free Parking
The magic of Japanese space-saving products
The Magic Portal
Magic trick reverso: putting the tablecloth back on the table!
Magical Chinese Parlours
The magical thinking of guys who love logic
The Magical Thinking of the Far Right
Maglev toy train
Magnetic Scrolls Original Games Source Code Recovered!
Magnetic Wiener Dog
Magpies are self-aware!
Magpies face bleak future as heat rises with climate change
Magpies swooping? You should try making friends with them, expert says
Maiah the Wolf Surprisingly Loves A Belly Rub
maid cafe
Maine Coon acts as deaf sailor’s ears at sea
Major airlines say they’re acting on climate change. Our research reveals how little they’ve achieved
Major climate changes inevitable and irreversible – IPCC’s starkest warning yet
Major Cute Kitty and Puppy Fixes
Major Japanese ramen chain’s logo confuses Honda cars’ AI
Major New Study Finds Kids Raised By Same-Sex Couples Are ‘Healthier And Happier’
Major Publishers Sue The Internet Archive's Digital Library Program In The Midst Of A Pandemic
Majority of Australians support UNESCO Great Barrier Reef ‘in danger’ listing
Make America Bohemian Again
Make environmental damage a war crime, say scientists
Make It So: Interaction Design Lessons From Science Fiction
Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way
Make Mine Crafty
Make My Logo Bigger Cream
MAKE presents: The LED
Make Sarcasm Obvious: One $2 Method and Five Free Methods
Make the Great Barrier Reef an Australian citizen and protect her right to live.
Make This Yoda Doll You Must
Make way for InvestEGGator, the decoy egg shedding light on the illegal trade of wildlife
Make Your Own Masterpiece With the Rijksmuseum
Makers and takers
The makerspace is the next open source frontier
Making a mechanical whale - Short Version
Making a new dog
Making better contact lenses
Making change, making history, making noise: Brittany Higgins and Grace Tame at the National Press Club
Making Comics on Cool Tools
Making dragons: a speculative scientific adventure
Making Eye Contact with Homeless People Is Important
Making friends with a paedophile: 'We can't kill him, so we help him not to do it again'
Making Fun: Tooth Fairy Tooth Transport
Making institutional free software successful
The Making of Beautiful People
Making Our Choice
Making Sense Of Complexity
Making Sense of Nonsense: A MOOC About Climate Change Denial
Making the Gig Economy Work for Everyone
Making The Internet Weirder One Picture At A Time
Making the tobacco industry pay for cigarette litter could stop 4.5 billion butts polluting the Australian environment
Making the web better. With blocks!
Malarndirri McCarthy received a standing ovation for her first Senate speech
Malawi’s tiny Chapman’s chameleons are holding on for dear life
Malaysia has sent back tons of plastic waste to rich countries, saying it won't be their 'garbage dump'
Malaysian mosques of remarkable architecture
Maldives aims to buy new homeland
Maldives leader in climate change stunt
Male voices dominate the news. Here’s how journalists and female experts can turn this around
The Mambo Craze- De Phazz
Mambolero - PiSk ( Official ) Carmen Miranda x Electro Swing REMIX 2018
Mamika does it again!
Mammals cannot evolve fast enough to escape current extinction crisis
Man builds his own prosthetic arm
Fwd: Man levitates videos
Man Saves Wife’s Sight by 3D Printing Her Tumor
Man trains rat to sit on cat to sit on dog
Man Trapped Overnight at Vegas Airport Shoots Ridiculous Music Video
Man Turns His House Into Indoor Cat Playland and Our Hearts Explode
Man Walks All Day to Create Massive Dragon Mural in Snowy Siberia
The Man Who Predicted Climate Change
The man who saves forgotten cats in Fukushima's nuclear zone
The Man Who Sold The Moon by Cory Doctorow
The man who studies the spread of ignorance
The Man Who Talks to Sperm Whales
The man who was fired by a machine
Man's best friend (outside of a dog)
Man's Best Friend Indeed!
‘Managerial Myopia’: How CEOs Pump Up Earnings for Their Own Gain
Mandatory consent education is a huge win for Australia – but consent is just one small part of navigating relationships
Mandatory Student Spyware Is Creating a Perfect Storm of Human Rights Abuses
Mandelbox trip - 3D Fractals
Mandelbrot the fractal teddy-bear
Manga of Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, MirrorMask, plus Dark Crystal sequel
Manga: Quick Start!!
Maniac // Michael Sembello // POMPLAMOOSE
The Maniacal Street Art of Mr. Thoms
Manifest van 170 wetenschappers: het is een blunder als we niet groener uit de coronacrisis komen
Manifesto: Let my upload bandwidth flow!
Manta Ray
manta ray
Manta rays are local commuters, not long-distance travelers, study finds
Mantas Dancing
Manufacturers are Joining the Fight for Repair
Manufacturing Garfield
Many Animals Can’t Adapt Fast Enough to Climate Change
many versions and takes of the Heathrow Flash Mob
Man’s best friends
Map of Indigenous massacres grows to include more sites of violence across Australia
Map of relationships among scientific paradigms
Mapping the Future
Maps of Wikipedia
Marbelous, a wooden table with built-in marble tracks
Marble Conveyer Belt 2.0 - Marble Machine X #61
Marble Machine X Plays Drums!
Marble machines
Marc Randazza Emasculates Pick-Up Artist, Legal Counsel In Hilariously Brutal Response To A Bogus Takedown Demand
Marc Randazza Wrote An Amicus Brief About Klingon, And It's Magnificent
March Art Roundup: "Stained Glass" Star Trek, Watercolor Kylo Ren, & Geeky ABCs!
Marchers across the world demand justice for wildlife
Marcos junior is the latest beneficiary of ‘bloodlines’ in Southeast Asian politics
Margaret Atwood on What ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Means in the Age of Trump
Margaret Atwood: It's Not Climate Change - It's Everything Change
Margaret Atwood’s flamethrower of a stunt and the misguided moral certainty of book burning
Margaret Hamilton Recalls Her Life as a Programming Pioneer
Margaret Hamilton, lead software engineer, Project Apollo
Marie Antoinette Robotic Doll
Marimo, the Legendary Cat
Marine life is fleeing the equator to cooler waters. History tells us this could trigger a mass extinction event
Marine life will face mass extinction if oceans continue to warm
Marion Pritchard, Dutch rescuer of Jewish children during the Holocaust, dies at 96
Mark Crilley's "How to draw" videos
Mark Kroos Plays Dueling Banjos From Deliverance by Himself
Mark Oakley on self-publishing online
Market Forces
Market forces have rendered artists risk averse managers of content
Market with a mission: non-profit grocery stores help heal ‘food deserts’
Marketers Helped Fake News Kill Real News With Bullets Supplied By Ad Tech
Marketing at it's best!
Marking time, more thoughts (Charlie Stross)
Marmota Café
Mars has pledged $1 billion to fight climate change
Martian Skies
Martin Luther King Was A Democratic Socialist
Marvelous wooden kinetic art
Mary and the Witch's Flower
Mary Maxfield on Intersectionality
Mary Sue
Masher Menace: When American Women First Confronted Their Sexual Harassers
Maslow's Hierarchy of Robot Needs
Masnick's Impossibility Theorem: Content Moderation At Scale Is Impossible To Do Well
Mass Effect developer makes emotional plea to eliminate social injustice in games
Mass Incarceration in the US
Mass starvation, extinctions, disasters: the new IPCC report’s grim predictions, and why adaptation efforts are falling behind
Massive Permafrost Thaw Documented in Canada, Portends Huge Carbon Release
Massive restoration of world’s forests would cancel out a decade of CO2 emissions, analysis suggests
'Massive' coral reef taller than the Empire State Building discovered in Australia
Masterfully Designed LEGO Animals by Felix Jaensch
Material Design and the Mystery Meat Navigation Problem
Mathematically Correct Breakfast
Mathematician claims breakthrough in complexity theory
Mathematicians Make a Major Discovery About Prime Numbers
Mathigon: World of Mathematics ebook
Maths tackles an eternal question: where to park?
Matt Canavan says Australia doesn’t subsidise the fossil fuel industry, an expert says it does
Matt Linton: Lifeguard story
The Mature Artist
Maurice Sandalette in Need of Support
Max Richter - Voices | Full Album
Max X is at it again
Max X Takes a Holiday
Max's Adventures
Maxime Bernier Attacked Greta Thunberg’s Autism. Naomi Klein Says Autism Made the Teen a Global Voice of Conscience
Maxwell Smart and Dr. Smith
Maxwell's equations: 150 years of light
May 1, 1969: Fred Rogers testifies before the Senate Subcommittee on Communications
May we have the envelope, please
Maybe Someday: Stories of Promise, Visions of Hope
Maybe visiting Adelaide
MBAs and wage stagnation
MC Frontalot - Stoop Sale
McDonald's Gave Me the “Girl's Toy” With My Happy Meal. So I Went to the CEO.
McDonalds gives away MP3 players with free malware
McDonalds staff recipes
ME! - Taylor Swift (Mid '80s/Yacht Rock Style Cover) ft. Sara Niemietz & Ryan Quinn
The meaning of Morrison's mantra about getting a fair go is clear. It's conditional
Measles cases surge nearly 80% in wake of Covid chaos, with fears other diseases could follow
Measuring the speed of light with chocolate
Meat and masculinity: why some men just can’t stomach plant-based food
Media Coalition Declares That Journalism Should Reflect 'Climate Emergency Is Here'
Media Manipulation, Strategic Amplification, and Responsible Journalism
Media release: Baby fish will be lost at sea in acidified oceans
Media silence as gang rape survivor from northern Iraq wins Nobel Peace Prize
Media unites to rally for press freedom, taking campaign to front pages and airwaves
The Media's Paywall Obsession Will End In Disaster For Most
Media’s Grim Addiction to Perseverance Porn
Medical myths
Medicine Hat becomes the first city in Canada to eliminate homelessness
The medieval 'New England': a forgotten Anglo-Saxon colony on the north-eastern Black Sea coast
Medieval Book Paintings
The Medieval Queens Whose Daring, Murderous Reigns Were Quickly Forgotten
The Medieval Town Generator
Meerkat Saved!
Meet 31 year old Ashish Thakkar – Africa’s Youngest Billionaire
Meet 5 of Australia’s tiniest mammals, who tread a tightrope between life and death every night
Meet Adrenaline, Asterix's first heroine
Meet Australia’s Batshit Insane Mining Billionaires
Meet Chimbu, the blue-eyed, bear-eared tree kangaroo. Your cuppa can help save his species
Meet Corsica's New Mammal Species, The 'Cat-Fox,' Which Has Been Terrorizing Shepherds
Meet Fantastic Muppets Costumes
Meet four dedicated Australian women changing the face of activism
Meet Hertha Ayrton, the mathematician who cleared WW1 trenches of poisonous gas
Meet Katsura Niyō: the young female rising star in the traditionally male Japanese art form, rakugo
Meet Latifa Nabizada, Afghanistan's first woman military helicopter pilot
Meet Montjiro
meet nigeria’s most famous gay activist
Meet Saya: the incredibly realistic computer-generated Japanese schoolgirl
Meet the broad-toothed rat: a chubby-cheeked and inquisitive Australian rodent that needs our help
Meet the cloud that will keep you warm at night
Meet the Competitors Who Dominated the First Cyborg Olympics
Meet the Cyberpunk Albatrosses Scanning for Secret Explosions
Meet the Death Metal Baron Giving His Irish Estate Back to Nature
Meet The Food Delivery Workers In The Decentralised Dickensian Online Gig Economy.
Meet The Germaniac Family
Meet the Kenguru, the world’s first EV made specifically for wheelchair users
Meet the kiwi who's spent over 30 years reforesting a corner of New Zealand
Meet the leader of a billionaires’ club determined to stop Trump from destroying the world
Meet the Liveable Income Guarantee: a budget-ready proposal that would prevent unemployment benefits falling off a cliff
Meet The Man Who Invents Languages For A Living
Meet the mathekniticians - and their amazing woolly maths creations
Meet The Most Beautiful Twin Cats In The World
Meet the most overpaid CEOs in America
Meet The Musicians Behind Japan's Vibrant Bluegrass Scene
Meet the Navajo Nation Skateboarder Going Viral on TikTok
Meet the neuroscientist shattering the myth of the gendered brain
Meet the outsider who accidentally solved chronic homelessness
Meet the Perennials
Meet the power plant of the future: Solar + battery hybrids are poised for explosive growth
Meet the Robin Hood of Science
Meet the Sex Workers Replacing Cops in Sandinista-Run Nicaragua
Meet the street animals that stole scientists’ hearts
Meet the team smashing down doors to rescue Wuhan’s abandoned pets
Meet the Woman Who Invented Cosplay
Meet the world’s largest plant: a single seagrass clone stretching 180 km in Western Australia’s Shark Bay
Meet the Young Animator Channeling Studio Ghibli in Pakistan
Meet the ‘Change Agents’ Who Are Enabling Inequality
Meet the ‘Future Generations’ Commissioner of Wales
Meet TIME's First-Ever Kid of the Year
Meet Willow, the Bidens' new, very presidential-looking cat
Meet Your Creator: Dana Simpson (Heavenly Nostrils; Ozy and Millie)
Meet Your iPhone’s Grandparent
MegaCon 2016: The Best Cosplay, Pt 1
The megafires and pandemic expose the lies that frustrate action on climate change
The Megaprocessor
Mein Kleiner Grüner Kaktus: German novelty tune WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY
Melania Trump Inspires Americans to Say ‘I Care’
Melbourne Artists
Melbourne Australia 1920s travelogue
Melbourne Comedy Festival Preview Night at The Gin Mill
Melbourne Fringe
Melbourne has entered its first COVID winter without lockdowns. How will it turn out?
Melbourne International Comedy Festival Time!
Melbourne International Comedy Festival: Child Safe
Melbourne International Comedy Festival: Strange Blessings
Melbourne man wins National Geographic's 2015 Photo Contest with shot of Colorado tornado
Melbourne Ska Orchestra - Get Smart (Official FULL Version)
Melbourne Ska Orchestra - We're All Fruit Salad (The Wiggles)
Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2006
Melbourne zoos are now live-streaming their penguins, lions and baby snow leopards
Melbourne's 'Doctor Who' synthesiser EMS Synthi 100 given engineering heritage award
Melbourne's birth destroyed Bunurong and Wurundjeri boundaries. 185 years on, they've been redrawn
Melbourne's newest playground the result of asking children what they want
Meltdown of the Phantom Snowflakes
Mem Fox on being detained by US immigration: 'In that moment I loathed America'
Memo to the family dogs
Memoirs from a Japanese internet cafe
Memories of disaster fade fast
Men's Restroom Mural
Mending hearts: how a ‘repair economy’ creates a kinder, more caring community
Menswear Dog
The Mental Disease of Late-Stage Capitalism
Mental health crisis in teens is being magnified by demise of creative subjects in school
Mental health woes are rife in the arts – no wonder
The mental model mismatch
Mental Models I Find Repeatedly Useful
Meowingtons: Designed by Cats, Made For Humans
Meowy Christmouse!
Mercedes' weird "Trolley Problem" announcement continues dumb debate about self-driving cars
Mercy dash family denied entry to US
Merkel adviser lashes Abbott's 'suicide strategy' on coal
Merry Christmas from Japanese human beatbox
Merry Christmas!
Merry Menagerie: The Hidden Holiday Gem At Disney's Animal Kingdom
The Message Behind Daughters and Overprotective Dads
Messages sent to artists wanting them to work for free
The Messengers
Metal Cats
Metal Clay Art By Wanaree
MetaLimbs Gives You an Extra Pair of Robotic Hands
Methane in the atmosphere is surging, and that’s got scientists worried
Methane rises to highest level on record
The Met’s helicopter snap of Michael McIntyre is a wake-up call to all of us
Mews: Maru and Hana have a new toy!
Mexican Masks as Furniture
Mexico Wants to Decriminalize All Drugs and Negotiate With the U.S. to Do the Same
Mexico was once a climate leader – now it's betting big on coal
Mi Angel | Pogo & John Sean
Mice, a small story (2018)
Michael Gove’s guide to Britain’s greatest enemy... the experts
Michael Hart, Project Gutenberg's e-book loving founder, passes away
Michael Hawley, Programmer, Professor and Pianist, Dies at 58
Michael Jackson - Bad (Euphonium Cover)
Michael Lewis on why Americans don’t trust experts
Michael Palin to narrate Clangers revival
Michael Pascoe: China’s leader takes a turn for the particularly stupid… and ours is no better
Michael Pascoe: The $2 trillion question hanging over the economic recovery
Michael Rosen absolutely nails why Britain’s obsession with immigration is complete and utter nonsense
Michael S. Deak presents...
Michael Tiemann on YouTube copyright claims
Michel Gagne's "The Saga of Rex" animated film
Michelle Telfer has been a lifesaving advocate for hundreds of trans children. But her work doesn't come without controversy
Michigan Lawmakers: McDonald's Should Stop Asking, "Boy or Girl Toy?"
Michtim: Fluffy Adventures
Micky Dolenz Remembers Michael Nesmith: ‘He Was Our Leader the Whole Time’
Microchip Paintings
Microchips, 3D printers, augmented reality: the high-tech tools helping scientists save our wildlife
Microfilm Lasts Half a Millennium
Microplastics are in the air we breathe and in Earth’s atmosphere, and they affect the climate
microscopic art
Microsoft Attacks The Open Web Because It's Jealous Of Google's Success
Microsoft Helps Get A Computer Recycler Sentenced To 15 Months In Prison For Offering Unapproved Recovery Disks
Microsoft the company should big improve Word grammar check.
Microsoft Tried To Cozy Up To Newspaper Publishers… Who Are Now Claiming Microsoft Is Trying To Stiff Them
Mid Air Repair - Gladys Ingles
Mid-'80s Synth Pop / Italo Disco with DrumTraks & DW-8000
Midas the Four-Eared Kitten is an Instagram Star
The Middle | Jimmy Eat World | Pomplamoose
Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories
The midwife who saved intersex babies
Migrants Are on the Rise Around,the World, and Myths About,Them Are Shaping Attitudes
Migration: Fact versus fiction
Miike Snow - Genghis Khan / Lisa Crawley - SHOWGIRL
Mike Cannon-Brookes lodges AGL takeover bid to ‘accelerate coal exit’
Mike Godwin Remembers John Perry Barlow
Mike Pompeo Threatens To Intervene In British Democracy To Stop Corbyn Becoming Prime Minister
Mike Resnick, RIP
Mike Smyth's Walking Robots
Milan Is Winning the Fight Against Food Waste
Militaries plunder science fiction for technology ideas, but turn a blind eye to the genre’s social commentary
Military Leaders Tired Of Being Upstaged By Little Girls
Fwd: Milky Way Time Lapse From South Dakota (VIDEO)
The Millennial Jews Taking on ICE
the million dollar question!
Millionaire Buys Daycare and College for Crime-Filled Neighborhood, Turns it Around
Millions of face masks are being thrown away during COVID-19. Here’s how to choose the best one for the planet
Millions of Leftists Are Reposting Kremlin Misinformation by Mistake
Millions of people eat octopus- here's why we shouldn't
Millions of Wireless Keyboards Can Let Hackers See What You're Typing
Millions Upon Millions Of 'Takedown' Notices To Google... For Links That Aren't Even In Google
‘Milo Murphy’s Law’ proves Weird Al is still pop culture’s greatest man-child
The Milton Friedman Doctrine Is Wrong. Here’s How to Rethink the Corporation.
Mind-bending new screen technology uses ‘magic pixel’ to display different content to multiple people
Mindblowing Cyberpunk 3D Renderings #ArtTuesday
Minding the gap, blind
The Mine at Oak Flat: A Timeline of Government Bad Faith
Mine Kafon Drone
Minecraft: We Are the Rangers
The Miner’s Daughter
Mini David Attenboroughs
Mini Fashion Designer Creates Amazing Dresses Out of Paper and Tape
Mini Metro
Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg
Miniature Bag End model
Miniature crochet animals
Miniature libraries of Marc Giai-Miniet
The Minimally-nice Open Source Software Maintainer
Minimizing Coronavirus’ impact is a race against time - this chart explains why
Mining town Coober Pedy shows the rest of Australia how to turn to renewables
Miniscule sculpture
Ministerial interference is an attack on academic freedom and Australia’s literary culture
Minus18 photoshoot
Minuscule Valley Of The Lost Ants - Official Trailer
The miracle of the commons
Miranda July’s Internet Interventions
Miriam Margolyes: 'The government is utterly deplorable. The world is in chaos'
Mirrors have revealed something new about manta rays – and it reflects badly on us
Mirume: A New Eco-Friendly Green Tea Cafe in Nagoya
Misao the Big Mama and Fukumaru the Cat.
Mischievous Kitten Plays With the Feathers of a Peacock in Full Plumage Display
Misery Bear
Fwd: mishasky sent you a video: "Stavros Flatley - Britain's Got Talent - Sho...
Misinformation is derailing renewable energy projects across the United States
Misleading on Marriage: how gay marriage opponents twist history to suit their agenda
The Misogyny of Climate Deniers
Misogyny, Sexism, And Why RPS Isn’t Shutting Up
Miss Piggy Receives Her Feminist Award and Talks About Feminism
Miss Universe Japan picks Sailor Moon ninja transformation dress as national costume for 2018
The Missing 11th of the Month
Missing Hong Kong protester Alexandra Wong 'was held in mainland China'
Mission Creep: When Everything Is Terrorism
Mission to clean up space junk with magnets set for launch
Mistake discovered in autism guidelines – many could have missed a diagnosis
The mistake we all make... and the simple experiment that reveals it
The Mistrust of Science
Mistrust, Efficacy and the New Civics — a whitepaper for the Knight Foundation
Mixed-Race In America
Mixergy Hot Water Tank | Fully Charged
Mixtape for the Milky Way - Video Games
Miyazaki on the Flawed Concept of “Good vs. Evil”
Miyazaki tribute by The Simpsons
The MobilECG Business Card, A Tiny Portable Heart Monitor That Fits in a Wallet
Model cars at 1/25th and full scale
Modelling reveals first Australians arrived in large groups using complex technologies
Modems, wArEz, and ANSI art: Remembering BBS life at 2400bps
Modern art was CIA 'weapon'
Modern Daydreams 1: Deere John
Modern economics has lost sight of people
Moderna Will Develop mRNA Vaccines for 15 of the World’s Worst Diseases
Modernist homes get a Thomas Kinkade-style makeover
modular pie-cosahedron
Mohsin Hamid on the dangers of nostalgia: we need to imagine a brighter future
Moiré no more
Moki photos
Molecules with silly or unusual names
Molly Hill reveals how dream trip to Hawaii turned into a nightmare
Fwd: mom song
Mom Who Made American Boy Doll for 6-Year-Old Son: 'There's No Such Thing as a Boy's Toy and a Girl's Toy'
Mom's Cancer. | Access to Tools
The Moment of Truth for Brexit and Trump
'Momentum is growing': reasons to be hopeful about the environment in 2019
Moms Launch Stereotype-Bashing Clothing Line That Challenges What It Means To Be 'Girly'
Money City: Our New Game To Explore The Future Of Money Is Now Available To Everyone
Monitoring (Lack Of) Progress, Part 2
Monitoring the Arctic in Russian invasion of Ukraine
The Monkees - "She Makes Me Laugh" [Official Lyric Video]
Monkey Loves Cat
Monkey the Cat Hunts for Dinner
Monkeys’ cosy alliance with wolves looks like domestication
Monody (Furry Music Video) | by Wolvinny & Keks | feat Jail
monster bunny!
Monster laptop sleeves (and more)
Monster Mashup - Pomplamoose feat. Tessa Violet
"Monster Roll"
Monster toadstools
Monsterise Those Paintings!
Monterey Bay Aquarium live webcams
Month in Space: How to experience the overview effect
Montreal Swing Riot 2014 - Invitational Battle Part 3
Monty Python "The Silly Walks Song" (New Music Video)
Monty Python - I’m (Still) So Worried (Music Video)
Monty Python Gets A New Trailer For 40th Anniversary Plus Never-Before-Seen Animations By Terry Gilliam
Monty Python on YouTube
Monty Python Perform Beloved ‘Spanish Inquisition’ Sketch at Their Live (Mostly) Reunion Show in London
Monty Python with Cats
Monty Python's Personal Best - new series!
Monty Python's silly walk: A gait analysis and wake-up call to peer review inefficiencies
The MOOC revolution that wasn’t
Mood Beams
Moog brings back its famed 1973 modular synthesizers
The Moon As a Giant Solar Plant
Moon Day 2015 – Projections and Progress
Moon discovered around 10th planet "Xena"
Moon Hoax Not
Moore Foundation pledges extra $300m to boost conservation of Amazon
The Moral Arc of the Universe Bends Towards Justice, But It Will Not Happen on Its Own
The moral case for destroying fossil fuel infrastructure
The Moral Metaphors of Fantasy
Moral panic is sown to make us scaredy-cats – that’s nothing new
Morality and Michael Cohen
Moravian artist
More Adorable Art
More affordable housing with less homelessness is possible – if only Australia would learn from Nordic nations
More AMAZING marketing - youtube - wait till you see this one!
more anime fun
The More Copyright Holders Move Up The Stack, The More They Put Everyone At Risk
More Cowbell!
More Creative Hollywood Accounting Revealed In Goodfellas Lawsuit
More cute plushies!
More Details On How Corporate Sovereignty Provisions, Like Those In TPP & TTIP, Are Dangerous
More Encryption Is Not the Solution
More Evidence Of How Copyright Makes Culture Disappear In A Giant Black Hole
More Financial Scandals Involving A Collecting Society: Remind Me Again Why They Are Credible Representatives Of Artists?
More from the True News Digest (abridged)
more great art
More Hawai'i photos including submarine trip
More Hevisaurus
more inspiring paintings
More Lights, Animation and Music
More livestock, more carbon dioxide, less ice: the world’s climate change progress since 2019 is (mostly) bad news
More news on feathered dinos
More of London from above, at night
More on Dark Crystal sequel
More Optical Illusions...kinda
More Pentatonix
More reasons for optimism on climate change than we’ve seen for decades: 2 climate experts explain
More Renters Added To Lawsuit Against Hertz Over False Car Theft Claims
more silly stuff
More Steampunk
More Strange Blessings
More than 100 nations take action to save oceans from human harm
More than 200 Australian birds are now threatened with extinction – and climate change is the biggest danger
More than 30 countries condemn Australia at UN over high rates of child incarceration
More Than 75 Percent of Earth’s Land Areas Are ‘Broken,’ Major Report Finds
More Than Exxon: Big Oil Companies for Years Shared Damning Climate Research
More than one million African children protected by first malaria vaccine
More Torque than a Ferrari?! Verge hubless electric motorbike
The more valuable your work is to society, the less you’ll be paid for it
The more video streaming services we get, the more we’ll turn to piracy
The Morevna Project: Anime with Synfig and Blender
Mork and Mindy Was One of the Most Unlikely Miracles in the History of Television
Morris Library receives Buckminster Fuller’s books for research, study
Morrison finds shameless new way to fake climate action as world steps up
Morrison government finally accepts deal with New Zealand to resettle refugees
Morrison government spends $50 million saving koalas while taking away their homes
The Morrison government wanted tax cuts for the wealthy, and that is what they have delivered
The Morrison government’s $50 million gas handout undermines climate targets and does nothing to improve energy security
Morrison’s Christian empathy needs to be about more than just prayer – it requires action, too
Morrison’s claim of an Australian gold in per capita renewables is not true
Morrison’s media code could be catastrophic for climate and energy news
Morrison’s political judgement goes missing on rapid antigen test debacle
Morrison’s ‘new deal’ for a return to post-COVID normal is not the deal most Australians want
Morse code beats txting at Sydney Powerhouse Museum
Mortdecai - Trailer #1
Mosaic: The Publishing Of Science, And The Science Of Publishing
Moscow Cat Theatre
Moscow: Futuristic Concepts from 1900 (!)
Mosque clean-up shows Hong Kong is a city that stands up for everyone’s rights
The Most Amazing Lie in History
Most Australian households are well-positioned for electric vehicles – and an emissions ceiling would help
The Most Awesome Dalek of them all
The Most Awesome Waste of Time - Milk Crate Sea Dragon
The Most Clever And Thought-Provoking #YesAllWomen Tweets
The Most Dangerous Woman in Videogames - Anita Sarkeesian
The Most Depressing Discovery About the Brain, Ever
The most humorous table-tennis match ever
The Most Important Image Ever Taken - "10,000 Galaxies in a spot of nothing"
The most impressive thing about Google's self-driving car
Most Information About Disinformation Is Misinformation
Most laws ignore ‘human-wildlife conflict’. This makes us vulnerable to pandemics
‘Most of Australia’s literary heritage is out of print’: the fight to rescue a nation’s lost books
Most of us are wrong about how the world has changed (especially those who are pessimistic about the future)
Most plastic recycling produces low-value materials – but we’ve found a way to turn a common plastic into high-value molecules
most relaxing tune ever....
The most terrifying graph on democracy is a flat line
‘The most terrifying moments’: India counts down to risky Moon landing
The Most Wanted Man in the World
Most Wonderful Time (of the year) - Christmas Film - VivziePop
Mostly Screwed (part 2: power)
The Motions of Kayaking and Canoeing Recorded through Light Painting on Canadian Waterways
Mould and damp health costs are about 3 times those of sugary drinks. We need a healthy housing agenda
Mount Kosciuszko: how Australia’s highest peak came to be named for a freedom fighter against Russian aggression
Mount Saint Helens
‘Mountain’ of electronic waste from this year alone will weigh as much as Great Wall of China, experts warn
Mourning the Loss of the Tiger
MouseCraft - The Cheesiest Game Ever
Move over Brian Froud
Move over, Merlion
The move to digital movies
The Movement to Give ‘Personhood’ Rights to Animals
Movie Award Leftovers
Movie Release: Journey to Planet X
Movie Title...Academy Award Winning Trailer
Movie trailers
Movies | SBS On Demand
MOVIES: Talking 'Muppet Guys Talking' with Frank Oz & Victoria Labalme
Moving mirrors make light from nothing
Mower at Wired NextFest 2008
MP3s of 78 RPM records
MPAA Report Shows How The Internet Is Saving The Film Industry, Not Destroying It
Mr Bean at 25: animating the legacy
Mr Bean in Cyberpunk 2077
Mr Chickpea and Friends
MR-808 - mechanic drum robot
Mr. Blue Sky | Electric Light Orchestra | Pomplamoose
"Mr. Cat"
Mr. Lee CatCam
Mr. Maezawa, Would you like to go to the Moon with me? / Dearmoon / Spacex
Mr. Rogers Introduces Kids to Experimental Electronic Music by Bruce Haack & Esther Nelson (1968)
Ms. Darcy's Knitted Cupcakes
MTV Music Videos online
Mucca Pazza: Boss Taurus (official music video)
Muddy Paws - Simon's Cat
Multibillion-dollar strategy with no end in sight: Australia’s ‘enduring’ offshore processing deal with Nauru
Multicolored Paper Art of the Human Microbiome Mimics Textures Found in Coral Reefs
Multinational CEOs petition world leaders to 'supercharge' climate action
Multiplayer online birdwatching
Multiple WA teriyaki shops deluged with hate after sheriff wrongly accuses one of banning cops
‘Multipolarity’, A New Synchronized Robotic Dance Music Video by World Order
'Mummy, I could have done that' - new book pokes fun at modern art
MUNGO MacCALLUM. Captain Cook.
Munsell Hue test
"Muppet Guys Talking" explores Jim Henson’s tech, genius, generosity
Muppet Mash by Pogo
Muppet Movie 1979 camera test: The banter is so hilariously improvised.
Muppet Movie Frog-E-Oke: Can You Picture That?
The Muppet Show cake
The Muppet Show in: (The Battle of) "Ham's Deep"
Muppets rated Britain's favourite TV scientists
The Muppets Take the Smithsonian
The Muppets' Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem Outside Lands 2016
The Muppets: Pöpcørn
Murdoch Free World
Murdoch Seeks Takeover of Australia’s Online Market
Murphy's Law calculator
Murray Gell-Mann, The Physicist Who Came Up With Quarks, Has Died
Murray-Darling Basin Royal Commission slams authority for 'maladministration'
The Murrumbidgee River’s wet season height has dropped by 30% since the 1990s — and the outlook is bleak
Museletter 258: The Climate-PR Puzzle
Museum of Animal Perspectives
The Museum of Endangered Sounds
The Museum of Obsolete Media
The Museum of Scientifically Accurate Fabric Brain Art
Mushrooms, Fossils, And A Pen To Draw Them With: Beatrix Potter, Naturalist
Music and The Brain
Music Box & Modulin - 2 new music instruments ("All Was Well" by Wintergatan)
Music Distributor Claims Right to Monetize JFK Speech
Music for one apartment and six drummers
Music for sleeping children
The music industry’s sense of entitlement. How to get the money rolling again.
Music Making Otter
Music Mouse on the web
Music of the day
Music Publishers Sue Roblox In Full Frontal Assault On The DMCA
Music Really is a Universal Language
Music video with simulated special effects
The Musical Ghost - Potato Chips [Electro Swing] [CC BY]
Musical gutters in Neustadt
Musical links
musical prodigy
Musical Puns
Musical Stairs
Musical Theatre: changing the world one song at a time
Musicians dedicated to saving electronic instruments for the future
Musicians only got 12% of the $43 billion the music industry generated in 2017, and it mostly came from touring
Muslim Lolita Fashion Is A New Trend Inspired By Japan
Muslim-owned restaurant offers elderly and homeless free meals on Christmas Day so ‘no one eats alone’
Fwd: Must see - imaginative way to quit a job
must see this artwork...ah, the Japanese mind!
[MUST VIEW and THINK ABOUT]: TED Talks Jonathan Drori: Why we don't understand as much as we think we do
Fwd: [MUST VIEW/LISTEN!] TED TALK: Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity
MUST watch this...diversion
My '70s TV!
My Adopted Cat Is The Best Climbing Partner Ever
Fwd: My Blackberry is not working!
My cat does it better than you!
My Dentist Was Made To Believe I Was Dead And It Made Me Realize Why I Shouldn't Kill Myself And You Shouldn't Either
My Depression Is A Gift
My disabled son’s amazing gaming life in the World of Warcraft
My End of Life Document: What Covid Means for the Chronically Ill
My experience applying to work at Sega, as an average-looking foreign woman in Japan
My experience as a nurse on Christmas Island changed the core of my being
My Family’s Slave
My Favorite Teacher
My first electric flight, and why electric planes will follow same path as EVs
My friend, the robot
My Grandmother Ironed the King's Shirts
My Happy American Multicultural Family Is Frightened
My Heart Is For You | Pomplamoose Christmas Original
My Instagram account was hacked and two-factor authentication didn't help
My Life in the New American Minimum Wage Economy
My Little Pony Feminism is Magic
My Little Pony meets Dungeons & Dragons
My Little Pony Resume
My Little Pony: A New Generation | Official Trailer | Netflix
My Little Pony: The Movie - Official 'Rainbow' 🌈 Lyric Music Video by Sia
My Mannequin Family: Living the American Dream
My Modern Met
My name is Mike Prysner
My name is Wil Wheaton. I live with chronic Depression, and I am not ashamed.
My Neighbor Doctoro Who Cake
My OCD (Song)
My parents give me $28,000 a year
My Position
My Religion and My Banned Books
My secret debate with Sam Harris: A revealing 4-hour dialogue on Islam, racism & free-speech hypocrisy
My Shattered Istanbul
My So-Called (Millennial) Entitlement
My Son Wears Dresses; Get Over It
My Summer Vacation: Three Weeks with Elephants
My White Boss Talked About Race in America and This is What Happened
My wife had long Covid and killed herself. We must help others who are suffering
My wife surprised her coworkers when she came out as trans. Then they surprised her.
Myanmar camera trap survey reveals endangered tigers, elephants and leopards – in pictures
Myanmar’s military coup is a blow to democracy, and the nation’s stunning biodiversity
Myspace lost all the music its users uploaded between 2003 and 2015
MySpace Tries To Play Dead To Avoid Lawsuits
Myst uses emptiness to calm you; its sequel uses emptiness to provoke you
The Mysterious Floating Orb
The Mysterious Life (and Death) of Africa’s Oldest Trees
The mysterious origins of an uncrackable video game
Mysterious paper sculptures
Mystery of Australia’s five-legged animals cracked
The mystery of Ireland's worst driver VERY AMUSING! --bill
The mystery of the blue flower: nature’s rare colour owes its existence to bee vision
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Definitive Oral History of a TV Masterpiece
Myth Busted: Electric Vehicles Particulate Pollution Higher Than ICE Vehicles
The Myth of America’s Mayor: Will the Real Rudy Giuliani Please Stand Up?
The Myth of Creative Success
The myth of low-hanging fruit
The myth of the visionary leader
The Myth of Welfare’s Corrupting Influence on the Poor
Myth-busting study of teenage brains wins Royal Society prize
MythBusters' Kari Byron Explains How to Safely Blow Stuff Up When You're Pregnant


N.I.H. Head Calls for End to All-Male Panels of Scientists
Nala From The Lion King Should Be a Disney Princess
“Name Ten”: The journalism of Andrew Bolt
Namespaces, Intellectual Property, Dependencies And A Big Giant Mess
The Nand Game
The Nannies Are Okay
NaNoWriMo: Punctuation Tips
Naomi Klein: 'We are seeing the beginnings of the era of climate barbarism'
Naomi Klein: “We Have to Rebuild From the Wreckage of Neoliberalism”
Naomi Oreskes, a Lightning Rod in a Changing Climate
Narlugas Are Real
NASA 3D Models
NASA Adviser Resigns Over Giant Homophobic Telescope
NASA Astronaut Is Sharing Amazing Photos From His Spacecraft Window Seat
NASA congratulates Tidbinbilla with space message
NASA game: "Moonbase Alpha"
NASA has done this with a number of missions! - Mars Science Laboratory: Send Your Name to Mars
NASA images
NASA Is Developing an All-Electric X-57 X-Plane: A Cleaner Way to Fly
NASA Just Opened Up Access To 2.95 Million Images Of Earth
Nasa leads push for electric planes in next frontier of cutting emissions
NASA Mathematician Katherine Johnson Is Honored With a New Spacecraft Named After Her
NASA misses a chance to promote the best-ever ad for the space station
NASA Picture of the Day
NASA pulls out incredibly high-res global map of asteroid Bennu
NASA scientist fights climate change with comedy
NASA Space Educators' Handbook
NASA to launch 3 rockets from Northern Territory in boost for Australian space efforts
NASA turns 55: An Ars Technica tribute to space flight
NASA's Deep Impact Films Earth as an Alien World
NASA's ISS Star Trails Photos
NASA's LEAPTech X-plane Will Fly with 18 Electric Motors and Tiny Wings
Nasa's Messenger Sends First Full Fly-By Image of Mercury
Nasa's secret art studio: how to make rocket science beautiful
Nasa-funded study: industrial civilisation headed for 'irreversible collapse'?
NASA’s best-yet photo of asteroid Bennu nails the dramatic lighting
NASA’s Curiosity rover has captured amazing images of clouds on Mars
NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has reached its destination, 1.5 million km from Earth. Here’s what happens next
NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter just hit an absolutely crazy milestone
NASA’s New Hubble Focus E-Book Provides a Front Row Seat to a Sky Full of Stars
NatGeo Traveler Photo Contest 2012
Nathan J. Robinson Wants You to Be a Socialist
National Bad Poetry Day
National Film Board of Canada Archives
National Gallery of Victoria displays 3D-printed artificial reefs, showcasing fusion of art and science
National Geographic 2012 photo contest
National parks are not enough – we need landholders to protect threatened species on their property
‘National security’ once meant more than just conjuring up threats beyond our borders
National Sorry Day is a day to commemorate those taken. But ‘sorry’ is not enough – we need action
National Space Society Space Settlement Art contests
National summits have their place — but what will it really take to achieve equality for Australian women?
National Theatre at Home: Frankenstein
National Threatened Species Day
Nations agree 'significant' plastic cuts
Native birds have vanished across the continent since colonisation. Now we know just how much we’ve lost
Native tribes celebrate Montana land ownership and bison range restoration
Native Tribes Could Lose Federal Recognition of Tribal Sovereignty Under Trump
NATO is no longer bound by commitments to Russia and will beef up Eastern Europe presence, says deputy secretary general
Natural disasters cost the nation: we’ve calculated the income tax revenue lost in their wake
Natural history: Restore our sense of species
Natural landscapes? Scientists call for a paradigm shift in restoration projects
The natural world can help save us from climate catastrophe
Nature Conservancy’s global photo contest winners 2019
Fwd: Nature film satire--psa
‘Nature has priority’: Rewilding map showcases nature-led restoration
Nature Is Healing: A Seal Now Lives on My Lawn
Nature is not healing
Nature Photographer of The Year 2019 results
Nature-based solutions can help cool the planet — if we act now
The Nauru files: cache of 2,000 leaked reports reveal scale of abuse of children in Australian offshore detention
Navigating online geo-blocking
NBN protester's problem solved by police called to remove him from Telstra store
Neal Stephenson Thinks Greed Might Be the Thing That Saves Us
The near and far future of libraries
Nearly all countries agree to stem flow of plastic waste into poor nations
Nearly third of Earth’s surface must be protected to prevent mass extinction, warn leading scientists
Neat Experiment Suggests Crows Are Even Better Toolmakers Than We Thought
Nebula Award-winning author Rebecca Roanhorse is indigenizing the future of science fiction and fantasy
The Necessity of Kindness
The need to house everyone has never been clearer. Here’s a 2-step strategy to get it done
Neglecting our nukes
Neil Gaiman - 'Bad Gaiman Challenge' - Wits
Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddell on why we need libraries – an essay in pictures
Neil Gaiman on the meaning of fairy tales
Neil Gaiman Speech as Comic
Neil Gaiman Speech London Book Fair Full Transcription
Neil Gaiman: "My friend told me a story he hadn’t told anyone for years"
Neil Gaiman: 'my parents didn’t have any kind of rules about what I couldn’t read'
Neil Gaiman: Why our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreaming
Neil Gaiman: ‘Terry Pratchett isn’t jolly. He’s angry’
Neil Innes obituary
Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography
Neligh never forgot: 140 years after White Buffalo Girl's death, town still tends to her grave
The Neo-Classical Interactive Fiction of 1995
Neoliberalism creates appetite for inequality
Neoliberalism Drives Climate Breakdown, Not Human Nature
Neoliberalism has led to a society impervious to climate reality, argues a psychologist
Neoliberalism’s Bailout Problem
Neon Pegasus
Neospace - Flying to the Stars, Album Promomix
Nepal’s first bird sanctuary takes flight, raising hope for conservation
Nerd Glass
Nerd Love
Nerdy Love Song with Added Kitten Bonus!
Nestlé Is Sucking the World’s Aquifers Dry
Net zero by 2050 will hit a major timing problem technology can’t solve. We need to talk about cutting consumption
Net zero by 2050? Even if Scott Morrison gets the Nationals on board, hold the applause
The Net Zero Challenge
Net zero: what if Australia misses the moment on climate action?
Netflix’s big bet on foreign content and international viewers could upend the global mediascape – and change how people see the world
Netherlands to Australia-Overland | Fully Charged
Neuromancer today
neurowear "shippo / brain controlled tail" concept movie(脳波で動くしっぽ)
Neutrinos Lead to Unexpected Discovery in Basic Math
Never Give a Mad Scientist Nitric Acid
Never Gonna Give You Up (Medieval Cover)
Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley - not FUNK cover feat Reeve Carney!!
'Never seen anything like it': locals watch helplessly as floodwaters rise across New South Wales
NEVER Shake a Baby
New "James Burke's Connections"
New "Where the Heck is Matt?"
New 15 minute Spinal Tap video
New album of Muppet covers: "The Green Album"
New analysis reveals global distribution of toxic pollution and climate change
New and improved Australian citizenship test
New animation of original Star Trek opening
New Aquatic Nature Reserve Protects Critically Endangered River Dolphins in Borneo
New Australian Book Review Site
New Australian climate developing
New Birthday Song!
New Bond Movie, Loads of Bond Sendups!
New climate change report underscores the need to manage land for the short and long term
New Clues
New Coastal Books for Curious Kids
New Coke Didn’t Fail. It Was Murdered.
New concept to see older women living together to avoid homelessness, loneliness
New COVID variants have changed the game, and vaccines will not be enough. We need global ‘maximum suppression’
The New Deal and the Green New Deal
New decisions by global conservation group bolster efforts to save Africa’s elephants
The New DOCTOR WHO (via BadSignal)
New Documents Reveal Oil And Tobacco Industries’ Dirty History Of Working Together
New DOJ Boss Says He Hasn't Read DOJ Investigations Into Abusive Policing, Calls Them 'Anecdotal'
New elements to the VW story shed interesting light
The new elite’s phoney crusade to save the world – without changing anything
New EU ‘right to repair’ laws require technology to last for a decade
New evidence suggests octupuses aren't loners
New evidence that sperm whales form clans with diverse cultures and languages
New Eyemaze game: "Grow Tower"
New Eyezmaze game: Grow Valley
New Female Village Chief Annuls 850 Child Marriages And Puts Girls Back In School
New fence for Stella
The new Firefox lets you stop websites from asking to send you notifications
New Flexible Plastic Solar Panels Are Inexpensive And Easy To Make
New flying reptile species was one of largest ever flying animals
New from ThinkGeek
New German leader proposes a ‘climate club’ of leading economies that would punish free riders like Australia
New Groo
New Hampshire Farm Offers Yoga Classes With Baby Goats Who Are Happy to Help Stabilize Cores
New Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Broadcast!
New Indiana Jones Bar at Disney Springs: Photo Tour!
New IPCC report shows Australia is at real risk from climate change, with impacts worsening, future risks high, and wide-ranging adaptation needed
New IPCC Report Shows We Can Still Ensure a 'Livable Future' if We Act Now
‘New jobs, new industries, new wealth’: Kevin Rudd’s vision for a green recovery out of the pandemic
New laws will allow the use of military to break protests
New Lego Master Builders chosen
New Life for Old Classics, as Their Copyrights Run Out
New Marine Protected Area Isla Ají Safeguards Important Coastal Ecosystems
New Methods of Animation
New Muppety Movie!
New NOAA app brings earth and space animations to your phone
New oilfield in African wilderness threatens lives of 130,000 elephants
New Orchestral Manoevres in the Dark album!
New Order Unveil New Song “Be a Rebel”: Stream
New Order, olden style: A unique take on Blue Monday
New PACC program pairs orphaned kittens with elderly
New Paper Says It's Time To Reasonably Decrease Copyright Term And Rethink Putting Copyright In Treaties
The new Patreon fee structure
New PC feature: Aromatherapy!
New photos: Hahndorf
New Pixar short: "Burn-E"
New planetary dashboard shows 'Great Acceleration' in human activity since 1950
New Pogo Remix
New Police Strategy in New York – Sexual Assault Against Peaceful Protestors
New report a ‘stark indictment’ of rich nations’ climate failure
New report calls for “deep decarbonization” to stay within 2°C limit
New Report Challenges The Whole 'IP Intensive Industries Are Doing Well Because Of Strong IP' Myth
New Report Points to Sharing as Unifying Force for Global Change
New research reveals how Australia and other nations play politics with World Heritage sites
New research shows planting trees and shrubs brings woodland birds back to farms, from superb fairy wrens to spotted pardalotes
New Research Shows Social Media Doesn't Turn People Into Assholes (They Already Were), And Everyone's Wrong About Echo Chambers
New research shows South Africa’s levy on sugar-sweetened drinks is having an impact
New Research Shows That Copycats Lead To More Innovation
New Research Shows the Major Benefits of Giving Money to People Experiencing Homelessness
New research shows trolls don’t just enjoy hurting others, they also feel good about themselves
New research to help preserve the benefits people receive from nature
New research: nitrous oxide emissions 300 times more powerful than CO₂ are jeopardising Earth’s future
New robot designs for 11th annual Robocup
New Robots Walk Like Humans
New Rules of Fantasy #1: Evil is a Choice
The new science of cute
New Scientist 50th: Weird and Wonderful
New Simon's Cat
New spacesuit design
New Steam Powered Giraffe songs
New studies highlight challenge of meeting Paris Agreement climate goals
New studies show how to save parasites and why it's important
New study casts doubt on ethanol's climate benefits
New study highlights 'hidden figure' of sun-watchers
New study pinpoints the places most at risk on a warming planet
The new threat: 'Racism without racists'
The New Trailer For Mary Poppins Returns Reveals A Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Emily Blunt
New Type of Optical Disk Can Store Data for More Than 600 Years
New type of speed dating matches refugees with jobs
New UN report finds almost no industry profitable if environmental costs were included
New Uses for Old Digs: Excavating & Adapting Underground Architecture
New vaccine (for cats) nixes allergic reactions for humans
New video game: Okami
New Video! “The Tap Awakens” – ‘Star Wars’ Medley feat. Sarah Reich
New Virtual Library Offers over 250 Art Books for Free Download
New Whistleblowers Highlight How Russia's Information War On U.S. Was Larger Than Initially Reported
New World Atlas of Desertification shows unprecedented pressure on planet's resources
New Year's Eve
New Year's Eve Party
New year, new rant: Linus Torvalds rails at Intel for 'killing' the ECC industry
The New York Fabric Convenience Store-An Art Installation
New York Museum Unearths 9,000-Pound Amethyst Geode
New York Public Library Puts 20,000 Hi-Res Maps Online & Makes Them Free to Download and Use
New York Public Library turns subway cars into mobile ebook libraries
New York Times Public Editor Scolded For Suggesting Websites Should Treat News Commenters Like Actual Human Beings
The New Yorker: The Climate Crisis
New York’s Own “Pizza Rat” on Making Performance Art Accessible
New Zealand bans all new offshore oil exploration as part of 'carbon-neutral future'
New Zealand former sex worker becomes a dame in Queen's birthday honours
New Zealand halves public transport fares as petrol prices soar amid Russia-Ukraine war
New Zealand has lost thousands of hectares of wetlands in past decades, study shows
New Zealand is about to commit copyright theft – the real kind
New Zealand Parliament passes gay marriage bill -- and a love song
New Zealand Police like a good yarn
New Zealand unveils plan to tackle climate crisis by adapting cities to survive rising seas
New Zealand will make big banks, insurers and firms disclose their climate risk. It’s time other countries did too
New Zealand's crowdfunded beach becomes public park
New ‘Oregon Trail’ Game Revisits Westward Expansion From Native Perspective
The (New) Adventures of Spot (Superdog): Spot and the Cost of Business
Newcastle Might Win The S**** B*** Ad Championship With An Ad It Didn't Make And Can't Afford To Buy
newest fitness craze
Newly Found Tapes Capture John Cleese and Graham Chapman, Pre-Python
News Corp's CEO Bizarre Obsession With Made Up Lies About Google
The next big financial crisis could be triggered by climate change – but central banks can prevent it
The Next Big Thing You Missed: Why the Most Ambitious of Tech Startups Should Fail Slowly
The Next Big Thing: Responsive Icons
Next big thing: Selling solar power to the neighbours
The next generation of Python programmers
Next month’s federal budget is the time to stop talking about aged care and start fixing it
Next Muppets film will be "Wizard of Oz" remake
The Next Reckoning: Capitalism and Climate Change
Next time you see a butterfly, treasure the memory: scientists raise alarm on these 26 species
The Next Trend In Travel Is… Don’t.
NFTs Aren’t As Stupid As You Think
NFTs: crypto grifters try to scam artists, again
Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
Nice Guys Finish First
the nicest place on the internet
Niche - a genetics survival game
Nickelodeon Is Opposing A 12 Year Old New Zealand Girl's 'Slime' Trademark For Some Reason
Nicolas Bourbaki: The greatest mathematician who never was
Nicolas Dominique - Expedition (Full Album)
Nicolas Dominique - On the Move
Nifty typography tools for websites
Night Light by Qing Han
Night of the Cleaning Lady
The Night Watch
Nightmare at PDX
Nikon UP like dragon ball
Nine activists defending the Earth from violent assault
Nine out of 10 people found to be biased against women
Nintendo Hates You: Company DMCAs Over 100 Videos Celebrating Nintendo Game Music
Nintendo Hates You: More DMCA Takedowns Of YouTube Videos Of Game Music Despite No Legit Alternative
Nintendo Hates You: Scans Of ‘Super Mario 64’ Manual Taken Down Via Copyright Claim
Nintendo Opens Up New Front In War On Fans: ROM Mods
Nintendo Using Copyright To Erase Video Game History
Nissan Commercial Highlights Some Japanese Craftspeople Being Incredibly Good at Their Jobs
The Nissan Pivo
Nissan's Autonomous Car Is Road Legal in Japan
Nixie Tubes in Australia
The Nixie Watch
No Australian city has a long-term vision for living sustainably. We can't go on like this
No Copyright Lives Forever: How The Apathy Of IP Rights Holders About Their Copyrights Killed A Game Re-Release
'No downside': New Zealand firm adopts four-day week after successful trial
No evidence that increased unemployment benefits act as disincentive for job seekers, economists say
No girl wins: three ways women unlearn their love of video games
No hate, no fear
No less comfortable than regular high heels
No Longer at the Kids Table: Bisexuality A Useful Fiction, a Response
'No Man's Sky' Was All Of Our Mistake
‘No Man’s Sky,’ Don Draper, and Why My Optimism Has Fists
No more acting like ‘stunned mullets’ — bigger, better, faster responses needed to meet future bio-threats
No More Tuna for Japan’s Sushi?
No need to ‘iel’: why France is so angry about a gender-neutral pronoun
'No one should die penniless and alone': the victims of Britain's harsh welfare sanctions
‘No one wanted to read’ his book on pandemic psychology – then Covid hit
No Parking Here
No Picnic Safe: Smart Bears Use Tools
No plastic bottles, utensils or cups? That’s what some lawmakers are proposing
No pubs, no kissing, no flying: how Covid-19 is forcing authors to change their novels
No Russian
No sex in the bunkbeds! Tales from the most intimate sharing economy startup yet
No Smoking — Ever? New Zealand’s Plan to Stub Out Cigarettes
No spare change: how charities, buskers and beggars aren’t feeling so festive in our cashless society
No teacher lets them suffer: inside the German schools taking in refugees
No Way But Nauru
No, Aussie bats won’t give you COVID-19. We rely on them more than you think
No, Australia is not the US. Our shocking racial injustice is all our own
No, Barnaby. The UK energy crisis has nothing to do with its net-zero target, and to suggest otherwise is outrageous
No, but in all seriousness…
No, Getting Rid Of Anonymity Will Not Fix Social Media; It Will Cause More Problems
No, Growing Inequality Won’t Solve Itself
No, I Am Not Crowdfunding This Baby (an open letter to a worried fan)
No, I Won’t Be Just Fine
No, It's Not OK to 'Steal Kisses' -- Here's Why
No, people aren’t unemployed because they’re lazy. We should stop teaching children myths about work
No, RIAA, It's Not The End Of The World For Musicians
No, Science Clearly Shows That COVID-19 Wasn’t Leaked From A Wuhan Lab
No, sunscreen chemicals are not bleaching the Great Barrier Reef
No, Tech Adoption Is Not Speeding Up
No, that’s not the law: the danger of using pseudolegal arguments against COVID-19 rules
No, the federal government didn’t spend $4 billion on COVID support for culture and the arts
No, The Internet Hasn't Destroyed Quality Music Either
No, the Kids Aren’t Reading the Classics and Why Would They
No, The Public Standing Up For An Open Internet Is Not A Criminal Google Conspiracy
No, Trump isn’t the worst president ever
No, Ukraine did not just introduce Universal Basic Income. Here is what it did do.
No, we can’t treat COVID-19 like the flu. We have to consider the lasting health problems it causes
No, you cannot ‘devaccinate’ yourself with snake venom kits, bleach or cupping
No, You Shouldn’t Fear GMO Corn
No, you’re not entitled to your opinion
No-one is talking about ABC funding in this election campaign. Here’s why they should be
Noahpinion: My sci-fi novel recommendations
Noam Chomsky Talks Climate and Racial Justice
Noam Chomsky: America Is a Terrified Country
The Nobel Prize for Climate Catastrophe
Nobel Prize for groundbreaking way of building molecules that made chemistry greener
Nobel prize: why climate modellers deserved the physics award – they’ve been proved right again and again
Nobody beats a bacterial or viral infection by arguing it to death
NoDAPL: Standing Rock and the 'Deep North'
Nodosaur Dinosaur ‘Mummy’ Unveiled With Skin And Guts Intact
NOMAD SQUADRON 🚀 ᴀ NO MAN'S SKY ᴀᴅᴠᴇɴᴛᴜʀᴇ (ft. Austin Creed & Greg Miller)
Nomads no more: why Mongolian herders are moving to the city
Non-Luddite Alternative To The Authors Guild Launching
Non-photorealistic Camera - Multi-Flash Imaging
Nonagenarian model citizen wants secret surveillance data on him deleted
None of the world’s top industries would be profitable if they paid for the natural capital they use
The (nonexistent) Centrists
Nonnas of the World
Noor Inayat Khan: The forgotten Muslim princess who fought Nazis
Nor a Lender Be
Nora, the piano-playing cat
Nordic cuddly capitalism: Utopia, no. But a global model for equity
'Normal' Barbie
The Normalization of Hate
North American Scum | LCD Soundsystem | Pomplamoose
North Carolina Judge Sentences Fellow Veteran to Jail – Then Goes Behind Bars With Him: 'We're in the Foxhole Together'
North Island brown kiwi 'no longer threatened' as population swells to 20,000
Northern California Esselen tribe regains ancestral land after 250 years
Northern Lights
Norway Became The World's First Country To Ban Deforestation
Norway Is Entering a New Era of Climate-Conscious Architecture
Norway Offers Migrants a Lesson in How to Treat Women
Norway To Digitize All Norwegian Books
Norway's Insanely Efficient Scheme Recycles 97% of All Plastic Bottles They Use
Norway's prison without bars: 'It's a trust thing'
Norway’s Electric Car Triumph Started With an ’80s Pop Star
Norway’s left-wing opposition wins election in a landslide
Norwegian black metal musician unexpectedly elected to town council
Norwegian Pearl cruise ship photos
Norwegian scientists discuss Santa Claus
Norwegians campaign to give Finland a mountain
The Nostalgia Nerds Who Rescue Old Games From Oblivion
Nostalgia vs. narrative: A series of adventure game letters
Not a Deer, Wolf or Fox, the Maned Wolf is Fascinating
'Not a suitable candidate': climate groups urge OECD not to appoint Mathias Cormann as next head
Not a Tea Party, a Confederate Party
Not All the Knights of the Round Table Were White
Not asking for it
Not convinced on the need for urgent climate action? Here’s what happens to our planet between 1.5°C and 2°C of global warming
Not Dead Yet: How Some Video Stores Are Thriving in the Age of Netflix
Not declaring the Great Barrier Reef as ‘in danger’ only postpones the inevitable
‘Not defensible, not debatable’: Charlotte Wood makes impassioned plea for Australian writers
Not Doctor Livingstone, They Presume
Not Everything Needs Copyright: Lawyers Flip Out That Photos Taken By AI May Be Public Domain
Not Fit For Purpose: Libraries Explain How Copyright Failed Libraries During The Pandemic
Not for Wusses
Not just a girl…..
Not Just Academics Fed Up With Elsevier: Entire Editorial Staff Resigns En Masse To Start Open Access Journal
Not just Greta: These are the other times teenagers have influenced world politics
NOT SHINY, NOT NORMAL: Chevron Allowed To Literally Prosecute Lawyer For Winning Judgment Against It
Not so cheap: Australia needs to acknowledge the real cost of coal
Not So Humble Pie: Science Cookies
Not so random acts: Science finds that being kind pays off
Not the affirmative action you meant, not the history you’re making
Not your father's Soap Box Racing
Not Your Usual Magic Trick
Not ‘if’, but ‘when’: city planners need to design for flooding. These examples show the way
Notes on bookmarks from 1997
Notes on Excessive Wealth Disorder
Nothing Is Inescapable
Nothing personal: The questionable Myers-Briggs test
Nothing succeeds like success
NOTHING TO HIDE - The Documentary
Nothing To Hide Is A Very Smart Anti-Stealth Game
Nothing to Prove - Geek Girls & The Doubleclicks
Novak Djokovic was detained for five days – refugees in the same hotel have been there for years
The Novel Solutions of Utopian Fiction
Novel technologies could reduce agriculture emissions by 70%
November 16, 2009: The Murder of Sergei Magnitsky
Now that Ikea has colonized Earth, it’s going after Mars
Now we know the flaws of carbon offsets, it’s time to get real about climate change
Now You, Too, Can Be a Comedian
NSA and GCHQ: the flawed psychology of government mass surveillance
NSA Screws Up Another Thing: EU Court Of Justice Throws The Internet For A Loop In Ending Safe Harbor
The NSA’s SKYNET program may be killing thousands of innocent people
NSW and Queensland flooded the same week a major climate report was released. We need to talk about it
NTP's Fate Hinges On 'Father Time'
Nuclear Crocodiles Invade Florida — in a Good Way
nuclear plant fukushima: Tokyo and nothern Japan in danger
Nuclear Water Wonderland
Numato Opsis: FPGA-based open video platform
Numbats at brink of extinction, not seen in NSW wild for more than 100 years, hang on with pest fence
Number of Pixels Used in These Photos Is the Number of Animals Left of Each Species Featured
Nuns Having Fun
Nurdles: the worst toxic waste you’ve probably never heard of
The Nursery of the FUTURE-TURE-ture!
Nuzzles: Giant Koosh Balls of Warmth
NY Jedi Academy
The NY Police vs. the Mayor
NY Public Library Embraces The Public Domain Big Time: Releases 180,000 High Resolution Images
nyango star drum perfomance
The NZ anti-vax movement’s exploitation of Holocaust imagery is part of a long and sorry history


O RLY owl soft toy!
'Oak Flat' Tells The Story Of An Apache Tribe Fighting To Save Its Land From Mining
Obama like you have never seen him before, as Ash from Army of Darkness!
Obama uses 1953 law to block Arctic drilling under Trump
Obduction marks a comeback for the makers of Myst
The obesity era
Obituary for Marlene June Mallicoat (1944-2015)
Obituary: Kumantjai L Namatjira Lankin
Obligations to the world’s children in the climate emergency
The Obscure Egyptian God Medjed and His Bizarre Afterlife on the Japanese Internet
Observations of an Internet Middleman
Observations on MLP: Embracing Girliness
The Observer view on Boris Johnson undermining British politics
Obsession, A Mesmerizing Music Video by OK Go Featuring Colorful Paper Coming Out 567 Printers
Obsessives could be an asset to society
Obsolescence Guaranteed: PiDP-8/I
Obvious Plant: I gave these adoptable cats some interesting likes
Ocasio-Cortez Blasts Moderate “Meh” Policies: “We View Cynicism as an Intellectually Superior Attitude”
Ocasio-Cortez destroys Republicans with her BEST speech yet
Occupy was right: capitalism has failed the world
The Ocean Cleanup project sails out to sweep Pacific plastic
Ocean conservation: 6 reasons you can be optimistic about the future of our planet
Ocean data need a sea change to help navigate the warming world
The ocean is essential to tackling climate change. So why has it been neglected in global climate talks?
The ocean is our greatest climate regulator. It must be a stronger part of climate policy and action
Ocean Piglets, Shield Toads and Naked Snails
Ocean Plastic Is Bad, but Soil Plastic Pollution May Be Worse
Ocean Sculptures
Ocean Voyages Institute Sets Record with Largest Open Ocean Clean-up in History
Ocean weather
Oceana Finds Hundreds of Vessels Vanishing Along Argentina’s Waters
Oceana’s first North Sea expedition - in pictures
Oceans can be restored to former glory within 30 years, say scientists
Oceans conference comes up with $16b in pledges to safeguard marine health
Oceans under greatest threat in history, warns Sir David Attenborough
Ocelot ATTACK!
Octacube: 3D sculpture of 4D shape
octo-pied building
October’s Very Bad, No Good, Totally Stupid Patent of the Month: Filming A Yoga Class
Octopus And Squid Evolution Is Officially Stranger Than We Could Have Ever Imagined
octopus steals my video camera and swims off with it (while it's Recording)
Octopuses are taking over the oceans, and no one knows why
Odd Art Fabricators
‘Odds are against you’: the problem with the music streaming boom
Odyssey - Creperie - Paris
OEDILF The Omnificent English Dictionary In Limerick Form
Of Course Australia Has Drop-Off Centers for Deadly Spiders
Of course rich people think inequality doesn’t matter. They don’t see it
Of Course Tesla Wasn't Just Being Altruistic In Opening Up Its Patents: That's The Whole Point!
Of Fair (And Balanced) Reporting
Of mice and mines: trained rats search for explosives, tuberculosis
Office 365 alternative: Consider LibreOffice for your next PC office suite
Offices For All! Why Open-Office Layouts Are Bad For Employees, Bosses, And Productivity
The Official Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Coloring Book (1979)
[OFFICIAL VIDEO] Bohemian Rhapsody – Pentatonix
[OFFICIAL VIDEO] Imagine - Pentatonix
Official World Record! Fantastic Classical Music Medley played by a Train
‘Offscreen Colonies’, A 64-Kilobyte Real-Time Computer Art and Music Demo Featuring Futuristic Sights and Sounds
Offshore wind will come to Australian waters – as long as we pave the way for this new industry
Oh and I love this too...
Oh gosh, some t-shirts!
oh my
oh my - children
Oh My Dog, A Clever Animation About a Competitive Dog Show With One Very Passionate Human
Oh My God, Scott; Watch Out!
Oh My Gosh, Japan's Animal Donuts Are Too Cute
Ohmie Go! Car sharing EVs about to “ruin” working week, as well as weekend
OhPonyBoy - Turbulences [Piano/Dubstep at Dijon's train station, France]
Oil and gas firms 'have had far worse climate impact than thought'
Oil Fail
Oil firms knew decades ago fossil fuels posed grave health risks, files reveal
Oil's slick rebranding is more like disinformation
‘OK Boomer’ Marks the End of Friendly Generational Relations
‘OK Boomer’: how a TikTok meme traces the rise of Gen Z political consciousness
“OK boomer” isn’t just about the past. It’s about our apocalyptic future.
OK Go - All Together Now (Official Video)
OK Go - I Won't Let You Down
OK Go - The Writing's On the Wall - Official Video
OK Go - Upside Down & Inside Out
OK Go Creates Madcap Music Video Commercial for Chinese Furniture Store Red Star Macalline
OK Go Video about doggies!
OK, I've had my fun for the day...
Okay, I Found It Funny
Okay, I Thought It Was Funny
Okay, My Last Ananova Article
Oktavists Can Sing a Full Octave Below the Bass and It Sounds Awesome
Olaf Falafel wins Dave's Joke of the Fringe
The old news business model is broken: making Google and Facebook pay won’t save journalism
Old news goes viral
Old School Sweets: Retro Video Game Cakes!
Old, Online, And Fed On Lies: How An Aging Population Will Reshape The Internet
Old-school animation
Old-school computing: when your lab PC is ancient
Older women often rent in poverty – shared home equity could help some escape
The Oldest Company in Almost Every Country (That is Still in Business)
Oldest Southern Resident killer whale considered dead
Oluwaseyi Sosanya invents 3D-weaving machine
The Olympic movement claims political neutrality. In reality, that ideal is often selectively applied
The Olympics are profitable for every host city (that lies about the numbers)
Omar Musa blends words and the wood carving of Borneo to explore beauty, rage and history
OMNI Magazine Collection
Omniglot: A guide to Written Language
On "Adiemus" and the world's music
On Bullshit
On Complexity and Collapse
On Designing Better Women in Games
On ecryption and privacy
On Elon Musk And Free Speech
On Human Rights and the Environment
On Max Headroom: The Most Misunderstood Joke on TV
On Moderation
On my second birthday we landed on the moon.
On Nerd Entitlement
On Persistence, And The Long Con Of Being A Successful Writer
On Policing Disability
On Postmodern Literary Criticism
On race, discrimination and white men’s privilege
On Shaming People Online “For Their Own Good”
On Systemic Debt
On the 3rd anniversary of the Christchurch attack, the Ukraine crisis asks the West to rethink its definitions of terrorism
On the Battle of Seattle’s 20th anniversary, let’s remember the Aussie coders who created live sharing
On the history of concentration camps, and what Trump's doing on the border
On the importance of Magical Girl Heroines & Weaponized Femininity
On The Internet, Everyone Is A Creator
On the Loss and Preservation of Knowledge
On the Milo Bus With the Lost Boys of America’s New Right
On the Perch Aviaries Kalaru NSW
On the Rise of the Feminist Internet
On the trail of a missing elephant with latest surveillance tech
On top of drastic emissions cuts, IPCC finds large-scale CO₂ removal from air will be “essential” to meeting targets
On “Geek” Versus “Nerd”
Once Again: The Sky Is Rising When It Comes To Creative Output
Once More, With Feeling: Sherlock Holmes Is In The Public Domain
Once unthinkable, more British jews seek German citizenship
Once Upon a Time in Taiwan…
Once You Have Made Pornography
Ondophone - A New Music Instrument | Marble Machine X 111
One Ad to Rule Them All
ONE BIG FAMILY - 49 children from all over the word get together l ZIPPY
One Book, Many Readings
One California City Ran A Universal Basic Income Experiment. Employment Rates Went Up | Katy Tur
"The One Called Wander"
One Chinese company now controls most of the metal needed to make the world’s advanced batteries
One climate crisis disaster happening every week, UN warns
One Day Old Goat Kids On First Adventure
"One Day" animated short film
One Fish Two Fish, We Will Sue Fish: Seuss Lawyers Hop On Pop Art
One Hundred Percent EDIBLE Googly Eyes!
One in Eight Bird Species Threatened With Extinction, Study Finds
one last PURE glass-wings item for my TENTY O Nine
One Liners from Edinburgh Fringe
One Love: Why We Need a Political System Driven by Compassion
One Man Single-Handedly Repopulates Rare Butterfly Species In His Own Backyard
One Man. One Cat. Multiplied
One More Time With Feeling: No, The Internet Is Not Making Us Dumber
One of Africa’s Biggest Dams Is Falling Apart
One of Australia’s tiniest mammals is heading for extinction – but you can help
One of the greatest science fiction magazines is now available for free online
One of the most British things you'll ever see
one of the most wonderful inspirational "sings" - start your day by watching this whole 7 minutes
One of the New Paintings
One of these things is not like the others: why Facebook is beyond our control
One of Us
One Page Dungeon by watabou
One Professional Russian Troll Tells All
One Red Paperclip
‘One sip can kill’: why a highly toxic herbicide should be banned in Australia
One Small Sketch for Man
One way to combat Russia? Move faster on clean energy
One Way to Tackle Extreme Poverty: Replace Dirt Floors
One Wealthy Family’s Immigration Story Told Three Ways
One woman's mission to photograph every Native American tribe in the US
One woman’s race to defuse the genetic time bomb in her genes
One Year After Declaring Climate Emergency, Scientists Say 'Massive-Scale Mobilization' Necessary
One-Fingered Dinosaur
One-of-a-kind Tron light cycle board game
One-third of the world’s tree species are threatened with extinction – here are five of them
OneLook Reverse Dictionary
The Onion
ONIONS (animated short film)
Online abuse against women is rife, but some women suffer more – and we need to step up for them
Fwd: Online Performance
Online Python Tutor
Online Trolls Actually Just Assholes All the Time, Study Finds
Online university offers Syrian refugees an opportunity to study for free (+video)
Only 12% Of Music Revenue Goes To Actual Artists
The Only Harry Potter Fanfic I Will Ever Write (Probably)
Only Mass Deportation Can Save America
The Only One In Here
Only rebellion will prevent an ecological apocalypse
Only The Copyright Office Would 'Fix' The Problem Of Orphan Works By Doubling Down On The Problem Itself
OnlyFans has a split identity – it needs to declare its support for adult content creators
Ontario pilot project puts universal basic income to the test
Op-Ed: On the climate crisis, delay has become the new form of denial
Op-ed: Why my first novel will only cost you $0.99
Open Access As The Antidote To Privatizing Knowledge And Learning
Open access image libraries – a handy list
Open access journals get a boost from librarians—much to Elsevier’s dismay
Open access: All human knowledge is there—so why can’t everybody access it?
Open Canvas - art with heart
Open Cooperativism
Open Data Day: Access Info calls on governments to collect and publish all SDG data
Open for Business
Open Future Foundation - a new think tank for the Open Movement launched with support from the Arcadia Fund
"Open Life: The Philosophy of Open Source"
The Open Polar Sea: a creative call for climate action and musical tribute to the late Professor Tony McMichael
Open Source Could Be a Casualty of the Trade War
Open source DIY electric car can be built in less than an hour
Open source hardware 2008
Open source POWER ISA takes aim at Intel and Arm for accelerator-driven computing
The open source revolution is coming and it will conquer the 1% - ex CIA spy
Open source sustainability
Open source typeface “Hack” brings design to source code
Open sourcing our Android and iOS apps!
Open Systems and Glass Ceilings
Open tools: Booktype and PlayFic
Open world paint 'em up Eastshade arrives February 13th
Open-source camera could revolutionize digital photography
Open-source drug discovery
Open-source games and cloning
Open-source software starts with developers, but there are other important contributors, too. Who exactly? Good question
OPENSCORE: Join the sheet music revolution!
Operation Fox Hunt: How China Exports Repression Using a Network of Spies Hidden in Plain Sight
Opinion: Big Oil should help pay for the climate mess it created
Opinion: Russia just took a big step back toward the Soviet Union
Opinion: To Fight Anti-Semitism, German Tabloid Prints Cutout Kippah
The Opposite of Rape Culture is Nurturance Culture
Opposition to Breast-Feeding Resolution by U.S. Stuns World Health Officials
Optical Illusions
Optical Illusions - the top 20
Optical Illusions Magically Appear When You Fill These Soy Sauce Dishes
Optical storage on human fingernails
Optimistic Scenarios for Our Future World
Optimized Origami
Optus demonstrates public relations skills
Oracle's Projection: As It Accuses Google Of Snooping On You, It Has Built A Huge Data Operation That It Doesn't Want Regulated
Oracle, how do I live forever? - The Oatmeal
Oracle, Which Promised To Protect TikTok User Data From China, Helps Chinese Law Enforcement Snarf Through Lots Of Private Data
The oral history of the Hampsterdance: The twisted true story of one of the world's first memes
Orangutans can play the kazoo – here’s what this tells us about speech evolution
Orangutans in Melbourne Zoo playing interactive videogames using Xbox technology
The Orc Renaissance: Race, Tolerance and Post-9/11 Western Fantasy
Orcas Are Swimming Towards Extinction
The Orchestral Sample: Stravinksy Does Hip-Hop
Ordinary Americans carried out inhumane acts for Trump
Ordinary people, extraordinary change: addressing the climate emergency through ‘quiet activism’
Ordinary people, lending a hand
The Oregon militia revolt recipe: timber, despair and a crippling political isolation
Organizers Offer Zoom Video Conferences With Elephants in Northern Thailand
Origami & Lego
Origami by Brian Chan
Origin Energy to shut Australia's largest coal-fired power plant, Eraring Power Station, by 2025
The original indie dev: How one man made 22 games in 22 years, mostly from his basement
-Original- when she is Lylah Ninja Warrior in the City Finals!!
Orkestra Obsolete play Blue Monday using 1930s instruments - BBC Arts
Ornithologists, Birdwatchers Uncover Staggering Magnitude of Bird Population Decline
The Oscars Finally Find Their Rightful Winners
OSI: The Internet That Wasn’t
Ostracised and fetishised: The perils of travelling as a young black woman
OSVehicle: Modular Open Source Electric Car Platform
Otacool Worldwide Cosplayers
The Other Autistic Muppet
The other big event happening in the first week of November
The other side of paradise
Otherworldly, life-giving: award-winning photos on the theme of 'water'
otter who can not sleep without holding a kitten
The Otters That Love Sushi
otto and victoria
Our biggest enemy is no longer climate denial but climate delay
Our buildings aren’t made to keep out bushfire smoke. Here’s what you can do
Our climate projections for 2500 show an Earth that is alien to humans
‘Our community is small, but our spirit is strong’: how art forms the heart of Cobargo’s Black Summer fires recovery
Our food system isn't ready for the climate crisis
Our Generation Ships Will Sink
Our GoFundMe nation is about to collapse
Our Humanity
Our iconic giant clams face new threats from warmer waters and acidic oceans – let’s buy them time
Our leaders look climate change in the eyes, and shrug
'Our living dinosaurs'
Our Living World Constitution: Charter for Human and Environmental Rights
Our Lost Culture: What We Lose From Having Killed The Public Domain
Our Murrow Moment
Our national water policy is outdated, unfair and not fit for climate challenges: major new report
Our obsession with GDP will lead to madness—but there are alternatives
Our Oceans Have Gotten Much More Stable, Which Sounds Great. It Isn't.
Our Online Behavior is a Design Problem
Our regulators fail to protect the vulnerable from the greedy. Let's find out why
Our research shows COVID has made Australians more conservative and care less about others
Our Road to Self Driving Victory
Our secret shame: Mothers, grandmothers living rough on Queensland's streets
Our Self-Flying Car Future
'Our souls are dead': how I survived a Chinese 're-education' camp for Uighurs
Our Toyota Was Fantastic
Our United States of Fear: Meet the right’s ridiculous new bogeyman
Our way of life is fragile. Only trust can preserve it
Our Wonderful Nature - The Common Chameleon
Out from behind the razor wire.
Out of the Blue? How Aviation Accidents Shaped Safer Skies
Out of touch
Outcry as more than 20 babies and children deported by US to Haiti
The outlook for coral reefs remains grim unless we cut emissions fast — new research
The outlook for older women in Australia is dire – but no one seems to care
'Outrage is justified': David Attenborough backs school climate strikers
'Outrageous': Coal mine gets expansion nod despite secret, incomplete studies
‘Outsider’ Glenn Greenwald discusses surveillance, journalism and partisan politics
Ovejas Telefónicas
Over 1,000 scientists from around the world take to the streets in week-long climate protests
Over 100,000 Vinyl Records Are Being Digitized for Anyone to Listen to Online
Over 4,500 manuscripts now online
Over the Top Cakes - St. Albert
Over-the-top Hackerspace Donation box Brings out the Brony in you
Overcoming bias in the next generation: 5 unmissable Australian queer picture books
The Overdose: Harm in a Wired Hospital
Overfishing and modern-day slavery
Overland Partners designs binational park "as a prototype for border cities"
The Overlooked Curiosity That Is the Air Traffic Tower
Overthinking games: designing natural beauty in Eastshade
Overview: Stories in the Stratosphere
The Overwhelming Racism Of COVID Coverage
Owl boards helicopter fighting California wildfire
Owning the Sun: A People’s History of Monopoly Medicine from Aspirin to Covid-19 Vaccines | Alexander Zaitchik
Oxford University Is Older Than the Aztecs
Oxford vaccine professor: rich countries have a moral duty to share their COVID-19 shots
Ozzy the Weasel Adorably Interrupts His Human’s Video Games by Playing With His Thumb


P Is for Pterodactyl, A Hilarious Alphabet Book That Highlights the Bizarre Rules of the English Language
P!nk Accepts the 'Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award' | 2017 VMAs | MTV
Pac-Man Dungeons, PDP-11
Pac-Man Illusion and Other 3-D Perspective Tricks
Pac-Man, A Previously Unreleased ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Parody of ‘Taxman’ by The Beatles
Pacific Island bats are utterly fascinating, yet under threat and overlooked. Meet 4 species
Pacific nations grapple with COVID’s terrible toll and the desperate need for vaccines
PacMan & Ms. PacMan on the iPod Nano
Paddy Compass Namadbara: for the first time, we can name an artist who created bark paintings in Arnhem Land in the 1910s
Paichit – the baby elephant saved from a palm oil plantation in Indonesia
Painted Silos Are Turning the Outback Into an Alfresco Art Gallery
Painted Wolves: The Colorful Carnivores of the African Wild
Painting Creature Fur
Pakistani Musicians Play a Delightful Version of Dave Brubeck’s Jazz Classic, “Take Five”
Pakistan’s rising feminist movement
Pakito - Living on Video - Piotr Zylbert Extended Remix 2020 - Shuffle Dance Video Music
Palaces of Self-Discovery: Amazing Libraries Across Europe by Thibaud Poirier
Palau's world-first 'good traveller' incentive
Pallas Cat Kittens Halloween Fun
Palm oil firms depriving tribes of millions of dollars
Palm Oil Is the Worst. Could This Replace It?
Palm Oil Was Supposed to Help Save the Planet. Instead It Unleashed a Catastrophe.
Panama Enacts a Rights of Nature Law, Guaranteeing the Natural World’s ‘Right to Exist, Persist and Regenerate’
Pancakes on a stick are Japan’s hottest new food trend
Pandemic Crash Shows Worker Co-ops Are More Resilient Than Traditional Business
The Pandemic Is Turning the Natural World Upside Down
Pandemic pain remains as Australia’s economic recovery leaves the poor behind
Pandemic policing in ‘multicultural’ Australia
The Pandemic to Come
The Pandemic Will Be Livestreamed
‘Pandemics Come in Predictable Cycles. If I’m the Smartest Guy in the Room, We’re in Big Trouble’
The pandemic’s disproportionate impact on women is derailing decades of progress on gender equality
Pando, One of the World’s Largest Organisms, Is Dying
Pangolins thrown a lifeline at global wildlife summit with total trade ban
Panhandler Party
Panic, horror and chaos: what went wrong at the Champions League final – and what needs to be done to make football safer
Pantheism and how it could offer a new approach to preserving the planet
Pantheon: Mapping historical cultural production
Paper Birds
Paper chase: why Kevin Rudd’s call for a royal commission into News Corp may lead nowhere
Paperback Art
Papers & Paychecks
Parable of the Polygons
Parachute use to prevent death and major trauma when jumping from aircraft: randomized controlled trial
Paradis - Wintergatan LIVE
Paradise Foundation Honors African Rangers Protecting Wildlife
Paradox Fully Embraces Fan-Games With Developer Affiliate Program
The Paradox of Universal Basic Income
Paragliding Circus
The Parallel Universe of Peace
Pared-down electric experience: Driving one of the first Model 3s off the line
Parent/Child Halloween Costumes
Parents have been spanking children for millennia. 50 years of scientific evidence says they were wrong.
The Paris Agreement is working as intended, but we’ve still got a long way to go
Paris Musées Releases 100,000+ Works Into the Public Domain
Parken Überall — The Very German Culture War No One Likes To Talk About
Parking ticket chat bot now helps refugees claim asylum
The parlance of pilots
Parliamentarians deserve our wrath for 30 years of inaction, not climate protesters
Parody songs: five of the best
Parov Stelar - Catgroove (TSC - Forsythe)
Parov Stelar Trio - Doctor Foo (Smooth Version)
Parrot listens to Scissor Sisters' music
Parrots Are Only The Second Kind of Animal We've Found That Can Grasp Probabilities
Parrots find ‘laughter’ contagious and high-five in mid air
The Particle Adventure
Party All Right!
Party Dresses as Art
The Party Princess for Hire!
Pass the Ball
Passed the Brush
Passion of the Spaghetti Monster
Passover Pesach 2015 Seder Rube Goldberg Machine from Technion in Israel
Past policies have created barriers to voting in remote First Nations communities
The Past Re: [OzFurry] Fox on a trampoline!
Patema Inverted
Patent Litigation Cost US Business About A Trillion Dollars In A Quarter Century, Outweighing Benefits
Patent Troll Sable Networks Apparently Needs To Learn A Lesson: Cloudflare Wants To Destroy Another Troll
Patent Troll Uses Ridiculous “People Finder” Patent To Sue Small Dating Companies
Patreon Moves To Give Users A Chance To Respond To DMCA Notices *Before* Taking Down Content
Patreon: crowdfunding for ongoing art projects
Patricia Renick's dinosaur sculptures
Patrick Stewart Gives Passionate Response to Question At Comicpalooza 2013
Patterned by Nature
Paul Friedlander's kinetic light sculpture
Paul Friedlander, Kinetic light sculptor: scientific artist
Paul Graham is Still Asking to be Eaten
Paul Mason: ‘Post-capitalism will set you free’
Paving roads in plastic can help with pollution problem
Paweł Zadrożniak: The Floppotron
Paws, Pee and Mice: Cats among Medieval Manuscripts
Pay what you like for DRM-free, award-winning Canadian sf
Pay what you want for 5 great computer games
"Pay what you want" bundle at
Pay ‘with a smile or a wave’: why Mastercard’s new face recognition payment system raises concerns
PayPal freezes Canadian media company's account over story about Syrian family
The Paywall Conundrum: Even Those Who Like Paying For News Don't Pay For Much News
‘PBS Idea Channel’ Explores Whether ‘The LEGO Movie’ Makes a Case Against Copyright
PC Building Simulator is (most of) the fun of building a PC—without pricey GPUs
PC Comedy and Paul Revere
Peace Day 2018!
Peace Like A River
Peace One(sie) Day
Peace Party
Peace symbol-wearing Muslim girl to Trump: I heard you wanted us to wear badges so I chose one for myself
Peak Phosphorus May Be More Alarming Than Climate Change
Peatlands worldwide are drying out, threatening to release 860 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year
Pedal-Powered Roller Coaster Will Send Your Heart Racing
Pedro Macedo Camacho - Awakening City
Pee-wee’s Big Comeback
Peep Dioramas
PeerTube, a free and federated video platform
PeerTube: A ‘Censorship’ Resistent YouTube Alternative
Pence, Mulan, and Women in Military: An Argument Graph
Pencil Shavings
The Pencilsword: What about the renters?
Penguin Random House Demands Removal Of Maus From Digital Library Because The Book Is Popular Again
Penguin swims 5,000 miles every year for reunion with the man who saved his life
Penguins show us the Pipeline of Dreamworks Animation Studios
Penguins starving to death is a sign that something’s very wrong in the Antarctic
Penn Jillette: With game design, “the challenge is precisely the same as magic”
Pennies from heaven
Penny Floor
The Pentagon’s Twisted Potlatch
Pentatonix & Dolly Parton - Jolene
‘People are dying': Ocasio-Cortez delivers fiery speech on climate inaction – video
People are embracing a buy-nothing, fix-everything attitude to end throwaway culture
People Are Knitting Giant Sweaters To Keep Rescued Elephants Cozy
People Are People
People doing amazing things for animals (28 Pictures)
People Don't Like Google Glass Because It Makes Them Seem Weak
People don’t actually like creativity.
People From 14 Countries Reveal the Most Annoying Things Foreigners Do When They Visit
People hate flight shame – but not enough to quit flying
'People hope my book will be China's Star Wars': Liu Cixin on China's exploding sci-fi scene
The People in Charge See an Opportunity
People kept working, became healthier while on basic income: report
The People of the World Need a Much Better Way to Curtail the Power of Multi-National Corporations
People or profit: How does the Greens' corporation plan stack up?
People Over 40 Should Only Work Three Days a Week, Study Concludes
The People Own Ideas!
The people versus the political class
People who feel out of control of their lives are more likely to believe in conspiracies
People Who Have Never Lived In Poverty Should Stop Telling Poor People What To Do
The people ‘possessed’ by computers
Pepper & Carrot (MOTION COMIC) Episode 6: The Potion Contest
Pepper & Carrot Episode 24: The Unity Tree
Pepper & Carrot Episode 26: Books Are Great
Pepper&Carrot Board Game on Kickstarter by Loyalist Games
Percussion Table Makes for Musical Chairs
performance in au
The perils of flying while brown
Perils of the Lady Gamer
The Perils, Challenges, and Uncertainty of Collecting and Preserving Video Games
Periodic Charts Can Be Cool
The Periodic Table of Periodic Tables
The Periodic Table of Storytelling
The Persecution of Daniel Lee
Persepolis Reimagined
Persistent Five-Year-Old Girl Performs Incredible Trick Shots With Household Items and Foods
The personal blimp
Personal Chemistry and the Healthy Body
Personal computer CPU pioneer Chuck Peddle dies at 82
Personal names around the world
Perspective Makes All the Difference
Pest plants and animals cost Australia around $25 billion a year – and it will get worse
Pet Capybaras
Pete Seeger and the NSA
Peter Dutton’s revisionist rhetoric is dangerous
Peter the Elephant Plays the Red Clarinet
Petra Hadens' stunning a capella cover of the Blade Runner theme
The Petrie Multiplier: Why an Attack on Sexism in Tech is NOT an Attack on Men
Petrol Station Gets A Facelift
Pets of the Homeless Australia
The Phantom Tollbooth: Beyond Expectations
Pharrell Williams - Happy - Alex Boye' (Africanized Tribal Cover) Ft. One Voice Childrens Choir
Philip K. Dick android lost its head
Philip Pullman: 'Loosening the chains of the imagination'
Philippines prison an unlikely place for one of YouTube's biggest hits
Philips Lumalive light emitting textiles
Philosophy Referee Signals
Philosophy with children
Phoebe and Her Unicorn launches in newspaper syndication!
Phoebe and Her Unicorn on play
"Phoebe and Her Unicorn" Is Funny, Fantastical and - for Creator Dana Simpson - Personal
'Phoebe and Her Unicorn' cartoonist makes magic
Phoebe and Her Unicorn: A Heavenly Nostrils Chronicle
The phony in American politics: how voters turn into suckers
Photo art doors
Photo Essay: Urban Farming Around the World
Photo Essay: “I want to live in peace”
photo shopped magical images ( i send WRONG URL)
Photo tool could fix bad images
PHOTO TOUR: Atlanta's Jaw-Dropping New Labyrinth Exhibit
PHOTO TOUR: Orlando's New Steampunk Chocolate Factory!
Photo-Overray of The aftermath in Japan from New York Times.
Photograph confirms a far-flung planet
Photograph of a Leopard With a Black Panther Shadow Is a Once-in-a-Lifetime Shot
Photographer Breaks "Crazy Cat Lady" Stereotype by Featuring Grown Men with Their Adorable Cats
Photographer Captures The Soul Of The Forest With His Unbelievably Intimate Animal Shots
Photographer follows red squirrels daily for six years: here are 30 of his best and cutest shots
Photographer Shoots Anti-War Squirrel Photos as a Message of Peace
Photographer Spends Almost 10 Years Photographing the Most Beautiful Libraries Around the World
Photographer Tracks Down People He Snapped In His Hometown Almost 40 Years Ago To Recreate The Remarkable Images
Photographer Uses LED Lights To Capture The Movement Of String Musicians
Photographers And Filmmakers Call For Encryption To Be Built Into Cameras As Standard
Photographers and Patient Pets
Photographers Create the Tiniest of Dramas
Photographers Make Kids' Wildest Dreams Come To Life
Photographing one of the world’s tallest trees
Photographing the Microscopic: Winners of Nikon Small World 2021
Photos from OSDC 2009 in Bardon, QLD
Photos from the field: the stunning crystals revealing deep secrets about Australian volcanoes
Photos from the field: why losing these tiny, loyal fish to climate change spells disaster for coral
Photos from TIME on Animals that Can Think
Photos Tour Downunder
Photos: Rice paddy crop art (2009)
Photos: The Culture Of Whales
Photos: Time Capsule Mansion Opened After 100 Years
Photoshop disasters of the year
PhotoSketch picture software
Phrase Finder
Fwd: Physicists uncover Eurovision biases
Pia Andrews (Waugh) – To do something so well that you transcend the act itself
Pianist emerges from TARDIS to play 'Doctor Who' theme song cover
Pianist Plays a Moving Version of Debussy ‘Clair de Lune’ for a Beautiful Eighty Year Old Elephant
The Piano Guys
Picked up our electric car today
Picking Locks with Audio Technology
Picking up the pieces after the @N Twitter account theft
Picopico’s Monster Suit Paradise!
Pictures: An Elite Viking’s Prized Possessions
Picturing Dragons
Pie Net Zero
'Piecing together a broken heart': Native Americans rebuild territories they lost
The Pig and the Box
Pigeon Enabled Internet
Pigeon: Impossible
Piip Show...not Peep Show
Piketty challenges us to consider if we need to rein in wealth inequality
The Pile On Blaming Video Games For Texas Shooting Begins
Pillar of Shame: Hong Kong's Tiananmen Square statue removed
Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Backer Update 45 - Sailing the Deadfire Archipelago
Pillow Fighting As A Sport
Pilot Zac Cox explains how he kept calm during emergency landing at Archerfield Airport
Pimp My Book Cart 2007 Winners
Pink Glove Dance
?: Pink Tentacle: News from Japan
Pink Tentacle: News from Japan
Pink Trombone
The Pinkertons' plan for climate change: a mercenary army that guards one-percenters as the seas rise
Pinkie and the Brain
Pinky And The Brain Theme - Postmodern Jukebox (ft. Emily Goglia, Rob Paulsen, Maurice LaMarche)
Pipe Band (Rock mix , joke)
The Pipe Organ Desk
Piracy crackdown misses the real crime
Piracy gave me a future
'Piracy' That Creates Amazing New Music
“Pirate Bay Bundle” shares 101 little-known indie games via BitTorrent
Pirate Care, a syllabus
Pirate Cats (and a rover)
The Pirate Parrrty
Pirate Site Blocking Is Making Its Way Into Free Trade Agreements
Piratebox 1.0: anonymous, go-anywhere wireless file-sharing
Pirates vs Ninjas Day!
Pismo Beach butterfly grove sees 3,500% increase in monarch count. ‘We’re thrilled’
The Pitchforks Are Coming… For Us Plutocrats
Pixar before Pixar (two historic CG videos)
Pixar short 'Out' makes history with gay protagonist.
Pixar story rules (one version)
Pixel Art
Pixel: A Mesmerizing Dance Performance Incorporating Interactive Digital Projection
Pizza Cats
Pizzicato Five
The Places You’ll Go
Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959) free download
Plan emerges to rebuild collapsed Arecibo telescope, with early $8 million pledge from Puerto Rico
Plane, Motorcycle, Wire Walker in Crazy Triple Stunt
Planet Earth II is “need a new TV” propaganda—if you get the right version
Planet is entering ‘new climate regime’ with ‘extraordinary’ heat waves intensified by global warming, study says
The Planet Is Undergoing an Ecological Transformation, Imperiling Biodiversity Everywhere
Planet Plastic
Plant-based patties, lab-grown meat and insects: how the protein industry is innovating to meet demand
Planting crops with trees drives ‘magical’ reforestation in Costa Rica
Plants vs. Zombies
The plastic backlash: what's behind our sudden rage – and will it make a difference?
Plastic in the ocean kills more threatened albatrosses than we thought
‘Plastic Is Lethal’: Groundbreaking Report Reveals Health Risks at Every Stage in Plastics Life Cycle
'Plastic is literally everywhere': the epidemic attacking Australia's oceans
Plastic Musik
Plastic Pollution
Plastic pollution is a global problem – here’s how to design an effective treaty to curb it
Plastic production is the problem, and not plastic waste
Plastic Trash in the Ocean is a Global Problem, and the US is the Top Source
Plastic trash in the ocean is a global problem, and the US is the top source – a new report urges action
Plastic-Free Shopping Is Going Mainstream
Platform Cooperatives Like Stocksy Have A Purpose Uber And Airbnb Never Will
Platforms, Speech And Truth: Policy, Policing And Impossible Choices
Play CLASSIC games,online, in a web browser!
Play classic video games in your browser
Play Dates
The play deficit
Play Emulator Online
Play Rabbits
Play Robot Odyssey – a 1984 Computer Game
The Play that Goes Wrong performing at The Royal Variety Performance 2015
Play With Spider (Flash)
playdate is a retro handheld game system with new games weekly
Playing It Again
Playing with privilege: the invisible benefits of gaming while male
Please Donate 78rpm Records to the Internet Archive’s Great 78 Project
Please Enjoy - the work of Ji Lee
Please Enjoy These Really Clever Jokes
Please Let "The Lost City" Be as Much Fun as Its Trailer Suggests
: PLEASE SCROLL BELOW and click on the link to YOU TUBE
Please shut up: Why self-promotion as an author doesn't work.
Please Stop Calling Everything a "Hack"
Please Stop Saying 108 to Siri
Please switch off bench when leaving
Please, no more questions about how we are going to pay off the COVID debt
Plen the Robot
The plight of Australia’s casuals
The plight of the bitter nerd: Why so many awkward, shy guys end up hating feminism
Plugging a 1986 Mac Plus into the modern Web
Plummeting insect numbers 'threaten collapse of nature'
Poachers Are Using Cyanide to Slaughter Entire Elephant Herds
Poaching behind worst African elephant losses in 25 years
Poaching drives 80 percent decline in elephants in key preserve
Pockit: A tiny, powerful, modular computer (2022 demo)
Poetic Insanity
Poetic Kinetics
Pointless Waste of Time
Pokemon Battle Royale
Pokemon Go: There's a level 200 Squirtle in this think piece
‘Pokémon Go with a social conscience’ to fight homelessness
Poland’s border wall to cut through Europe’s last old-growth forest
Poland’s border wall will cut Europe’s oldest forest in half
Polar Bear Flip-Flop: People Hated, Then Loved These Photos. What Changed?
Polar Bears and Spy Cameras
Polar bears frolic in flowers in Churchill, Man.
Polar ice caps melting six times faster than in 1990s
Police Chief's Perfect Response: Respect Protestors, Keep an Open Mind
Police Chief: Not Wanting To Talk To Police Officers Is 'Odd'
Police Killing of Unarmed Native American Continues To Receive Little Media Attention
Police killings of Black Americans amount to crimes against humanity, international inquiry finds
Police-speak: An appreciation
Policies of China, Russia and Canada threaten 5C climate change, study finds
Policing is a Dirty Job, But Nobody's Gotta Do It: 6 Ideas for a Cop-Free World
Policing Isn’t Working for Cops Either
The policing of Australian satire: why defamation is still no joke, despite recent law changes
Political affiliation can predict how people will react to false information about threats
Political failure modes and the beige dictatorship
Political interference: when politicians try and steal the show
Politicians are failing to deliver climate justice. Lawyers and scientists could do it in court
Politicians criticising women for ‘outsourcing’ parenting need a reality check. Here it is
Politicians in high-vis say they love manufacturing. But if we want more Australian-made jobs, here’s what we need
Politicisation of research grants ‘beggars belief’
The Politics of Fake Documentaries
The Politics of Going to the Bathroom
The Politics of Love - Speech
The Politics of Optimism
The Politics of the Sharing Economy
Politics, flashmobs, Yolngu dancers: the Australian story of Mikis Theodorakis’ legendary song Zorba
Pollutionwatch: wood fires are bad for planet, more evidence shows
The Polyphonic Spree - "Raise Your Head" (feat. The Umbilical Brothers)
Pommel Horse Routine
Pomplamoose - The Internet Is Awesome
The Pomplamoose Problem: Artists Can't Survive as Saints and Martyrs
Ponies Playing Poker
Pony Wings: An Open Source HTML5 game
Ponying up radical inclusion at BronyCon
Poor People Deserve To Taste Something Other Than Shame
Poor people don’t plan long-term. We’ll just get our hearts broken
The Poor People's Campaign
Poor teeth
Pop culture characters organized by color
Pop goes the science song
Pop Mashup: Happy Birthday Doctor!
Pop Middle Ages
Pop Sonnets
Pop Stars Made Millions From Russian Oligarchs. Now Some Have Regrets
Pop Up Paper
Pop-Culture Recreations of Classic Hellenistic Sculptures
Popcorn as Kinetic Sculpture
Popcorn Remix [4K] - Piotr Zylbert - Poland
Pope Francis calls for civil union laws for same-sex couples
Pope Francis calls Trump’s family separation border policy ‘cruelty of the highest form’
Popular entertainment is violent, so why aren’t we allowed to talk about it?
The Population Bust: Demographic Decline and the End of Capitalism as We Know It
Porn blocking - a survivor's perspective
Portal available for free today
The Portal Bedroom
‘Portal: Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game’, A Board Game Based on Hit Video Game Franchise ‘Portal’
Portland proposes a special tax on companies where CEOs make 100X more than median employee
Portrait of a Pinball Wizard
Portrait of a planet on the verge of climate catastrophe
Portraits of Matriarchy: Where Grandmothers Are Still in Charge
Portraits of One Person as Two Genders
Portugal. The Man - Who’s Gonna Stop Me (feat. “Weird Al” Yankovic) [Official Music Video]
Portugal’s radical drugs policy is working. Why hasn’t the world copied it?
Poseur Pastor Pouts, Pursues Preposterous Proceeding, Procures Painful Penalty
“Positive thinking” has turned happiness into a duty and a burden, says a Danish psychologist
Post-It Note Deadline
Post-pandemic future; epidemics and social inequality; older means kinder; ancient rain forest in antarctica; elijah and the research on conformity
The Post-Snowden Surveillance World: Network Effects, Low Marginal Costs, And Technical Lock-in
Postcapitalism and the city
Postcards From a World on Fire
Postcards from the frontlines of climate change
Poster of recommended and forbidden words for Chinese store clerks
Poster Time
Postmodern Jukebox
Potentially Big News: Top CEOs Realizing That 'Maximizing Shareholder Value' Isn't A Great Idea
Potter Party Pajamas: Come See What All Our Friends Wore!
Poverty and the “Just World hypothesis”
Poverty isn’t a temporary experience in Australia. We need urgent policy tackling persistent disadvantage
Power Broken
Power makes people 'more likely to lie, to cheat, to swear' at work, experts say
The Power of Compassion
The Power of Fear in Networked Publics
The Power of Kawaii: Viewing Cute Images Promotes a Careful Behavior and Narrows Attentional Focus
The Powerball lottery: is it really a stupidity tax?
The Powerful New Financial Argument for Fossil-Fuel Divestment
'Powerful signal': In a single day, Big Oil suffers historic blows on climate
POWERHOUSE AUSTRALIA? Oz's global opportunity in clean energy & electric vehicles | FULLY CHARGED
Powering communities with clean energy
Practical Applications For Massive Surveillance Databases: Timely Birthday Cards, Travel Diaries
Practicing Empathy
Prairie Dogs Kinetic LEGO Sculpture
Prank Greeting Cards that don't stop playing music
Fwd: Prank Mike
Pranks Destroy Scam Callers- GlitterBomb Payback
Pratham Books
Precambrian plushies
The predator survives – but the ecosystem crashes
Predators Need A Lot Of Luck To Survive — And We’re Rigging the Game Against Them
Fwd: Predicting Where You'll Go and What You'll Like (NYT)
Prejudice, “Political Correctness,” and the Normalization of Donald Trump
Premières images de Marnie, le nouveau film de Ghibli
Preprint ban in grant applications deemed ‘plain ludicrous’
The Present
Preserving community character is impossible
Press Release from Malcolm Fraser on the HRC Enquiry into children in detention
The Press should not give publicity to terrorists
Pretend Big Photos
Pretend you're not in quarantine with these 7 beach livestreams from around the world
Pretty girls, pockets, and possibilities: how fashion traps girls
Pretty Snowflakes
Pretty Timelapse
Preventing Ukraine From Spiraling Out of Control
Preview of This Year's SciFi-Fantasy Films
Previews of the amazing CGI and audio tech coming at SIGGRAPH
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's statement to the United Nations General Assembly
The Prince of Evolution: Lee Alan Dugatkin on Peter Kropotkin, Anarchism, and Cooperation in Nature
The Princess and the Pony, from Kate "Hark a Vagrant" Beaton
The Princess Bride Roleplaying Game
Princess Bride Themed Restaurant
Princess Princess by Strangely Katie
Princesses and action heroes are for boys and girls
The Prison Special: One Last Push for Women's Suffrage
Privacy for Tigers
Private jets: can the super-rich supercharge zero-emission aviation?
Private planes, mansions and superyachts: What gives billionaires like Musk and Abramovich such a massive carbon footprint
Privatising the sky: drone delivery promises comfort and speed, but at a cost to workers and communities
The Privilege To Shut Up
Priya’s Shakti - free comic
Prize of a lifetime: London bookshop offers free books for the rest of your life
Pro-Putin Disinformation on Ukraine Is Thriving in Online Anti-Vax Groups
Probably Still the Chosen One
The problem of mindfulness
The Problem When Sexism Just Sounds So Darn Friendly…
The Problem with 'Boys Will Be Boys'
The Problem With Common Sense: One Person’s No Brainer Is Andrew Bolt’s Latest Conspiracy
The problem with empathy games
The problem with negative comments
The problem with Oodies: hooded blankets are cosy but they are not great for oceans or our health
The Problem With Stories
The problem with the English: England doesn’t want to be just another member of a team
The problem with the populists "free thinkers" — they are just lazy
The Problem With ‘Self-Investigation’ in a Post-Truth Era
Problems Only Book Lovers Understand
The Problems with First Past the Post Voting Explained
The Procedural Animation of Gibbon: Beyond the Trees - Wolfire Games
Professional climate denial took hundreds of millions from the CO2 industries, then slipped off their leash
Professor Calls Student's Idea To Teach Class On Twitch 'Terrible,' Does It Anyway
Professor Elemental & Tom Caruana: Don't Feed The Trolls
Professor Elemental - It's Great To Be Me (nothing bad will ever happen) (dir. John Callaghan)
Professor of Fire: safety laws 'absurd'
Professor Peter Gøtzsche to deliver a powerful critique of psychiatry
Profile of Dr. Peter G Neumann
The profit motive in Vic. public housing sell-off
The “Programming for Cats” aptitude test
Programming is Forgetting: Toward a New Hacker Ethic
Programming Languages ABC++
Programming Sucks
The programming talent myth
The progressive case for replacing the welfare state with basic income
Prohibition-era murals discovered during renovations of former Louisa Hotel
Project Ara: Inside Google’s Bold Gambit to Make Smartphones Modular
Project Drawdown
Project Gooseberry
Project Hieroglyph: Fighting society's dystopian future
Project Loon update
Project Naptha
The Prom Date
Promised Land: LGBTQ Children's Book Read Aloud [FULL]
Promotion for Japan’s stationmaster cat
Prompt and accurate information is vital in a pandemic – the climate and biodiversity crises demand the same urgency
Proper Computer Messages
Prosecutor Wants to Charge 14-Year-Old Girl with Sexual Exploitation for Taking PG-13 Pictures of Herself
Protect sacred Native sites. Don't raise the Shasta Dam.
Protecting biodiversity – and making it accessible – has paid off for Costa Rica
Protecting Natural Forests, Regenerating, Mimicking Old Forests to Create New Ones
Protecting nature is vital to escape 'era of pandemics’ – report
Protecting your privacy: Our stand against ‘mandatory data retention’
Protest Slogans That Will Grow on You
Protesters disrupt US panel's fossil fuels pitch at climate talks
Protests around the world in pictures
Prototype robot teddy bear car navigation system
Proven Lands, 3D sci-fi sandbox survival game
Proving that Android’s, Java’s and Python’s sorting algorithm is broken (and showing how to fix it)
Przewalski's Ponies x Adam Sporka - Dutch Tune (For Ember) (feat. Kirya)
Prélude n°1 aux tubes musicaux (boomwhackers)
PSA: Ignore the news
PSA: Universal Music Group Has Copyrighted The Moon. That is All.
PSA: Your Default Narrative Settings Are Not Apolitical
The pseudo-science of Alcoholics Anonymous: There’s a better way to treat addiction
The psychological importance of wasting time
Psychologists have surprising advice for people who feel unmotivated
The psychology of a loss of place: when we demolish socially significant places, we demolish part of who we are
Pubic hair, nudism and the censor: the story of the photographic battle to depict the naked body
Public divide on climate change: Right wing nature or human nature?
Public Domain Day 2022
[Bulk] Re: Public domain NASA paintings by Don Davis
Public domain NASA paintings by Don Davis
Public Hearings in Menindee: ‘ground zero’ of the Darling River crisis
Public land is being sold exactly where thousands on the waiting list need housing
The Public Library: A Photographic Love Letter to Humanity’s Greatest Sanctuary of Knowledge, Freedom, and Democracy
Public Relations and news
The public should be concerned when academics must battle bureaucrats for academic freedom
Publish books using Git and Markdown
Publisher Decries Damn Libraries Entertaining The Masses Stuck At Home For Free
Publishers And Authors Misguided Freakout Over Internet Archive's Decision To Enable More Digital Book Checkouts During A Pandemic
Publishers Are Taking the Internet to Court
Publishers must let online readers pay for news anonymously
Puerto Rico’s LGBT Community is Ready to Kick the Door Down
Pugs Being Rediculousmus
Pull Yourself Up by Bootstraps? Go Ahead, Try It
pulling out the stops looking for a connection with Duncan or Catherine Roads, Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Editor NEXUS Magazine
The Pulpit of Fear: How Religious Leaders Inflame Violence in America
Pumpkins and carrots and Klingons, oh my!
Pumpkins for Halloween
Pun Hunting at the Grocery Store
Puppet Comedy Fantasy
Puppeteer Caroll Spinney Announces Retirement from Sesame Street - Sesame Workshop
Puppetry Film Archive
Puppy and Kitten Have Amazing Adventures
Purdue University Rube Goldberg Machine Contest Winners Show Off Their Contraption on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’
Pure capsicum - deadly spice!
Pure Imagination - Lindsey Stirling & Josh Groban with The Muppets
Purebred dingo pup that dropped from the air into a backyard garden turns out to be endangered breed
Puritanical Facebook Censors Parody Publication, Makes Appeal Process A Threat
Purl | Pixar SparkShorts
Purple squirrel baffles experts
The purpose of publications in a pandemic and beyond
PURR ELISE Piano Meowssage - Dream of Haburu
The Purrfect Home For A Serious Cat Lover
Purrfect match: cats and their human doubles
The purrfect prom date!
The Purring Quest
Put Down That Knife And Check Out Weird Al Yankovic’s All-Time Greatest Videos
Put the evil bastards on trial: The case for trying Bush, Cheney and more for war crimes
Put Them Back In Their Place
Putin has destroyed Russia for a generation
Putin shows us why the Queen matters
Putin’s claim to rid Ukraine of Nazis is especially absurd given its history
Putin’s fascists: the Russian state’s long history of cultivating homegrown neo-Nazis
Putin’s invasion of Ukraine attacks its distinct history and reveals his imperial instincts
Putin’s Russia: how the ex-KGB strongman has gradually turned the clock back to Soviet repression
Putting American climate denial to good use
Putting Indigenous Place-Names and Languages Back on Maps
Putting Time In Perspective
Puzzle Pirates
The Pyra Handheld Linux PC is Shipping
PythagoraSwitch and the Algorithm Exercise/March


QAnon is a Nazi Cult, Rebranded
The Quad has a strategy to counter China and Russia: be a force for global good without ideological warfare
Quadruple Take Masterclass with Sir Patrick Stewart
Qualcomm Used Patent Monopolies To Shake Down The Entire Mobile Phone Industry For Decades
Quality costs more. Very few aged care facilities deliver high quality care while also making a profit
Quantum Vibe by Scott Bieser
Quarantine + Creativity = Quarantivity
The Queen and Sir David Attenborough team up to protect forests in new documentary film
Queen launches YouTube channel
The Queen of the Hurricanes
Queensland has an important network of private conservation areas, but they’re dangerously exposed to mining
Queensland still opposes handing over Aborigines' unpaid wages
The queer subtext of Superman comics has long been suppressed. Here’s to the original justice defender coming out
The quest to save today’s gaming history from being lost forever
Quick, How Might the Alien Spacecraft Work?
Quick-change artists
Fwd: quite wonderful


R. J. Blain: A Fantasy author who could use some help.
Rabbit Cafe Offers Bunny Snuggles
Raccoons Pass Famous Intelligence Test—By Upending It
The race against time to breed a wheat to survive the climate crisis
The Race to Build the Supergreen Car
Race to save hidden treasures under threat from climate change
Race to the bottom: the disastrous, blindfolded rush to mine the deep sea
Racial diversity in RPG and sandbox games
Racial history lingers
Racism at work: a call to anti-racist action for Australian organisations
Racism is still an everyday experience for non-white Australians. Where is the plan to stop this?
Racism’s sinister word games: What a white-supremacist talking point tells us about modern politics
The Racist History Behind Facial Recognition
'Racists aren't welcome here!': how we kicked a racist passenger off the bus
Racists Take DNA Tests To Reveal True Ethnicity — The Results Bring Them To Tears
RadFatDad making MooMoo the Bobcat PURR!
Radical climate action 'critical' to Great Barrier Reef's survival, government body says
The Radical Dissent of Helen Keller
The radical idea that people have value
The Radical Plan to Save the Planet by Working Less
Radical Sandcastles
Radicalism mixed with openness: how Desmond Tutu used his gifts to help end Apartheid
Radio 4 Extra to celebrate 42 years of Hitchhiker's Guide - The Musical Time Machine
Ragtime Piano Cover of ‘Buddy Holly’ by Weezer
Rah-Bop's Rue cosplay
Rain Lamp with Actual Water
Rainbow Connection - my birthday with Save the Children
Rainbow Mountains In China's Danxia Landform Geological Park Are Very, Very Real (PHOTOS)
Rainbow Town!
Rainbow Wings Backpack
Rainforest Trust and its Partners Have Protected More Than One Million Acres to date in 2022
RainFurrest 2016 Post-Mortem
Raising a Moral Child
Raising UnAustralia: Eva Orner’s asylum seeker documentary and were released
Ralph Embarks on a New Adventure in This First Teaser Trailer For RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET: WRECK-IT RALPH 2
Randy Suess, Computer Bulletin Board Inventor, Dies at 74
The Rapid Decline Of The Natural World Is A Crisis Even Bigger Than Climate Change
Rare Color Film Of New York City In The Summer Of 1939 Is Gorgeous (VIDEO)
Rare color photos capture England at work and play, 1928
Rare Ocelot Encounter In 360!!
Rare photographs of Japanese pearl divers, 1950s
Rarely Seen Paintings by J.R.R. Tolkien Portray a Lush ‘Lord of the Rings’ Landscape
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ on sale now at $35
Raspberry Pi 400 is a $70 personal Pi computer built into a keyboard
Rat slippers!
The ratchet: even demonstrably ineffectual and unnecessary copyright laws are never repealed
The Ratchet: Even Demonstrably Ineffectual And Unnecessary Copyright Laws Are Never Repealed
Rate of species decline 'no longer within safe limit' for humans, experts warn
RatLab: Where All the Mad Scientists Go
Rats at the police station, filth on L.A. streets — scenes from the collapse of a city that’s lost control
Rats love driving tiny cars, even when they don’t get treats
Rats taught to drive tiny cars to lower their stress levels
Rats Will Avoid Actions That Hurt Others -- Even If It Earns Them A Treat
Ravens Can Plan for the Future
Raw Color's Temperature Textiles wrap wearers in climate-change data
The Raycat Solution
Raymond Scott, American genius
Raze paradise to put in a biofuel crop? No, there are far better ways to tackle climate change
Razer on Romance writers: These broads have no time for nonsense
Re FBI complains about phone encryption being too effective
Re-creating European cities China's latest housing trend
Read a bold new magazine for interactive fiction fans
Read All of Shakespeare’s Plays Free Online, Courtesy of the Folger Shakespeare Library
Read J.K. Rowling's new post for the latest Harry Potter 'gossip'
Read the letter a trans boy wrote to his neighbor, making her cry
Read the student survey responses shared by academics and you’ll see why Professor Hambling is justified in burning hers
Read this free comic about the history of climate change denial propaganda
Read tons and tons of amazing Golden/Silver age comic books for free
Read: Jeannette Ng's Campbell Award acceptance speech, in which she correctly identifies Campbell as a fascist and expresses solidarity with Hong Kong protesters
READ: Teen activist Greta Thunberg's 8-sentence testimony to Congress
The Real 'Danger' Of Snowden And Manning: The US Can't Get Away With Its Powerful Hypocrisy Anymore
'Real and imminent' extinction risk to whales
The Real Causes Of Depression Have Been Discovered, And They’re Not What You Think
real feminists don’t gaze at males.
Real Google Earth
Real Life First Person Shooter (Chatroulette version)
real moewe: opensky 2.0
Real Native history in a video game: An Indigenous take on The Oregon Trail
The Real Novelty of the ARPANET
The Real Real Genius
The Real Reason for Germany's Industrial Expansion?
The real reason some scientists downplay the risks of climate change
Real Reporting Is About Revealing Truth; Not Granting 'Equal Weight' To Bogus Arguments
Real Rukshan: the live streamer who took Melbourne’s protest to the world stage
Real Ways to Support Mothers Beyond Mother’s Day
Realistic Handmade Fantasy Creature Dolls
Realistic miniature model house with electricity is a marvel
Realistic Rocket Raccoon Costume
The Reality Stars and Russian Trolls of the Brand-New ‘Busytown’
Reality Winner profile is a beautiful portrait of a brilliant, principled patriot who messed up
'Really extreme' global weather event leaves scientists aghast
Reanimating the 1882 Transit of Venus
Reaping What They Sowed: Recording Industry Now Quite Upset About Copyright Run Amok
The reason every book about Africa has the same cover—and it’s not pretty
Reasons to be Cheerful
Rebecca Huntley on why it's time to get emotional about climate change
The ReBoot Reboot Has A Real Title And Teaser Image, Is Actually Going To Exist
Rebuilding Ukraine: The imminent risks from asbestos
The Rebuttal of Schrödinger's Cat by Sarah Donner
Recalculating the Climate Math
recipe for liquid nitrogen ice cream
‘Reckless’: G20 states subsidised fossil fuels by $3tn since 2015, says report
The Reckoning - Ben Ferencz - POV | PBS
Reckoning: creative writing on environmental justice
Reclaim Democracy
Reclaiming My Power From White Women
Recognizing the Rights of Nature and the Living Forest
Recomendo: 500 brief reviews of cool stuff
Recommendation: Video of cat vs. robot (Spoiler: cat OWNS the robot!), on DVICE
Reconsidering Revenge: How Revenge Of The Nerds‘ Misogyny Is Evident In Current Nerd Culture
Record 212 land and environment activists killed last year
Record heat for Australia in driest April for 21 years
Record-breaking temperatures mean we must change the way we talk about the climate emergency
RECORDER: The Marion Stokes Project
Recording the Sounds of Extinction
Recovering coral reefs
recreating medieval illustrations...
Recreating Van Gogh's "Starry Night" on Second Life
Recreation of the Apollo moon landing as art
Recycling computer parts
Recycling in Australia is in crisis. Can it be fixed?
Recycling to Create Art - Computer Component Bugs
Red Back School Project
Red dirt, yellow sun, green steel: how Australia could benefit from a global shift to emissions-free steel
Red Dwarf Returns]
The Red Navy Singers
Reddish Studio
Reddit investors use GameStop proceeds to help protect gorillas
Redecentralize Digest — April 2022
Redecentralize Digest — August 2020
Redecentralize Digest — May 2022
The Redemption of Rosa Bonheur
Redrawing Taylor Swift - Shake it Off Rotoscoped
'Redshirts' Author John Scalzi's Suicidal Journey Through 'No Man's Sky'
Reduce methane or face climate catastrophe, scientists warn
Reducing COVID transmission by 20% could save 2,000 Australian lives this year
Reef revival: Fiji's corals bouncing back after ruinous cyclone
Reel Anime 2012
Reflection on the Upcoming 75th Anniversary of the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Reforesting the world: the Australian farmer with 240m trees to his name
Reforming our political system is not a quick fix. Here’s a step-by-step guide to how to do it
Reframing Progress
Refuge Restrooms
Refugee camps are the "cities of tomorrow", says humanitarian-aid expert
The Refugee Crisis Is Humanity’s Crisis
Refugee deported to Nauru had arrived in Australia on cruise thinking he had valid visa
The Refugee Rethink: Part Two
Refugees breathe new life into rural town
Regenerating Australia | Official Trailer
Regional journalism is dying: advertising subsidies won’t help
Reglue: Opening Up the World to Deserving Kids, One Linux Computer at a Time
Regressive changes to Northern Territory water laws could undermine Indigenous rights
Regulators Vote To Halt All Pacific Sardine Fishing
Reincarnation in Exile
Reindeer Pavilion in Norway Naturparks Norsk Villreinsenter
Rejected Princesses
‘The relation between politics and culture is clear and real’: how Gough Whitlam centred artists in his 1972 campaign
Relax, Parents
Released Occupy Activist Cecily McMillan: "There's No Sense in Prison"
Religious Terrorism meets Religious Liberalism
Remake the Future
Remaking history: how recreating early daguerreotype photographs gave us a window to the past
Remaking universities: notes from the sidelines of catastrophe
The remarkable new hotel built above the ruins of ancient Antioch
Remember this girl when you watch the Rio Olympic Games
Remembering Dave Smith, inventor of MIDI and the Prophet-5 synthesizer
Remembering LIL BUB, an Internet Cat Sensation
Remembering Martha, the last passenger pigeon, with hope for those we might yet save
Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.: 5 things I’ve learned curating the MLK Collection at Morehouse College
Remembering the Black abolitionists of slavery in Yorkshire
Remembering the late David Bowie
Remembering the past, looking to the future: how the war in Ukraine is changing Europe
Remind me again, why is salt bad for you?
Reminder: Gold Farmers Are People, Too
Remixes by Pogo
Remote learning was even tougher for migrant parents. Here’s what they want schools to know in case lockdowns return
Renderings vs. Reality: The Improbable Rise of Tree-Covered Skyscrapers
Renewable energy stimulus can create three times as many Australian jobs as fossil fuels
Renewable interconnectors to “span the globe,” as costs fall, technology improves
Renewables roadshow: how the 'nonna effect' got Darebin's pensioners signing up to solar
Renewables ‘have won the race’ against coal and are starting to beat natural gas
Rent-a-friend in Japan
Renting Is Terrible. Owning Is Worse.
René Auberjonois, ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Boston Legal’ Actor, Dies at 79
Rep Rap disruptive technology
Repair cafes
Repair cafés' popularity on the increase, says report
Repair is as important as innovation
Repair Manifesto
Repeating mistakes: why the plan to protect the world’s wildlife falls short
RePhone Kit - World's First Open Source and Modular Phone
Replacing NSW coal plant with renewables would create thousands more jobs than gas, report says
Report Heartland Institute sent to influence US teachers on climate change earns an “F” from scientists
Report of Queen's 1947 wedding
Report on the 2005 Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
Report Shows CBP Officers Rarely Punished For Abusive Actions
Report Shows ICE Almost Never Punishes Contractors Housing Detainees No Matter How Many Violations They Rack Up
Report: Most Mental Health, Prayer Apps Have Abysmal Security And Privacy Standards
Reporter’s Diary: The Lost Art of Storytelling
Republicans Promised to Banish Jan. 6 Insurrectionists. A Year Later, They’ve Purged Jan. 6 Critics
Reputation systems work because people are mostly good
Rescuing Cats From Super Tall Trees
Rescuing the Great Barrier Reef: how much can be saved, and how can we do it?
Research brief: Protecting rare species can benefit human life
Research Confirms The Anecdotal Evidence: Internet Content Filters Are A Waste Of Money
Research reveals 45,000 marine species are at risk due to climate change
Research reveals shocking detail on how Australia’s environmental scientists are being silenced
Research Shows Mass Surveillance Fails 'Drastically' In Striking Balance Between Costs And Benefits To Society
Research shows that if you remove anonymity, you won’t hear from most of your readers
Researcher says furries, people who dress like animals, offer important support system
Researchers Again Show How Major VPNs Quietly Undermine User Security
Researchers create interactive touchscreen for dolphins
Researchers create soft, weavable LED fibers for truly flexible wearable displays
Researchers Develop Free Software That Can Create Japanese Wood Joinery
Researchers Developed a Technique to Turn Nearly a Quarter of Our Plastic Waste into Fuel
Researchers Doubt That Certain Mental Disorders Are Disorders At All
Researchers Find A Remarkable Ripple Effect When You Give Cash To Poor Families
Researchers find oddities in high-profile gender studies
Researchers hacked a robotic vacuum cleaner to record speech and music remotely
Researchers have found an 'octopus village' off Australia that reveals the creatures' social side
Researchers invent process to make sustainable rubber, plastics
Researchers Pinpoint Brain's Sarcasm Sensor
Researchers Reveal Details Of Printer Tracking Dots, Develop Free Software To Defeat It
Researchers say there’s a simple way to reduce suicides: Increase the minimum wage
Researchers solve an age-old problem: How do you animate humans putting on trousers?
Researchers Solve One of the Most Notorious Open Problems in Math
Researchers strapped video cameras on 16 cats and let them do their thing. Here’s what they found
Researchers' metallic glue may stick it to soldering and welding
Resident Visitor: Laurie Spiegel's Machine Music
Resilience Is Futile: How Well-Meaning Nonprofits Perpetuate Poverty
Resisting Reduction: Designing our Complex Future with Machines
Resisting the Urge to Pet Panasonic's Farting Robot Sock Cat Might Be Impossible
Resonance in Rainbow Bridge: Study listens to the natural bridge vibrate and sing
Respiratory infections like whooping cough and flu have plummeted amid COVID. But ‘bounce back’ is a worry
Responsible Cat Ownership Course
Responsible gambling – a bright shining lie Crown Resorts and others can no longer hide behind
The rest of the world can learn from Namibia, says Joseph Stiglitz
Restating the case against trickle down (updated)
Restaurant Cloaked in 250,000 LED Lights Offers an Out-of-This-World Dining Experience
Restaurant manager pens letter to autistic girl's mum
Restoring and conserving nature in the Anthropocene means changing our idea of success
Retailers join calls for ‘urgent’ action to restrict harmful tuna fishing methods
Rethinking Columbus
Rethinking Facebook: We Need To Make Sure That 'Good For The World' Is More Important Than 'Good For Facebook'
Rethinking recycling: could a circular economy solve the problem?
Retro Freak Lets You Rip Your Classic Video Games And Take Them Anywhere
Retro Future Space Art
Retro Muppet Concert Posters
Retronator Pixel Art Academy
Return of the bison: new American national symbol tells story of strife
Return of the Muppets!
The Return of the Platypuses
Revealed: Glencore bankrolled covert campaign to prop up coal
Revealed: How copyright law is being misused to remove material from the internet
Revealed: how the gas industry is waging war against climate action
Revealed: How To Get The IFPI To Issue Bogus DMCA Takedowns On Just About Anything, With No Questions Asked And No Review
Revealed: Nearly Half The Adults In Britain And Europe Hold Extremist Views
Revealed: The Antarctic iceberg that looks like a giant humbug
Revealed: the places humanity must not destroy to avoid climate chaos
Revealed: the ‘carbon bombs’ set to trigger catastrophic climate breakdown
"Revenge" by Elisa Chavez
Reverence For The Blue
Reversing Vandalism
Review : Utopia For Realists
Review: 'The Sakai Project: Artists Celebrate Thirty Years of Usagi Yojimbo'
Review: Blackbird Secure Desktop – a fully open source modern POWER9 workstation without any proprietary code
Review: Cards Against Humanity
Review: Juvenile felis catus
Reviews of "The Last Starfighter: The Musical"
Revisiting Open Source Social Networking Alternatives
Reviving the Hershey fonts
Revocation of Independence
Revolution in architecture opens in Curitiba, Brazil
Revolutionary changes in transportation, from electric vehicles to ride sharing, could slow global warming – if they’re done right, IPCC says
'Revolutionary' funding to support gender diverse Victorians
Revolving Door: MPAA Hires Chief USTR Negotiator Behind ACTA And TPP's IP Chapter
Rewarding Disobedience
Rewild to mitigate the climate crisis, urge leading scientists
Rewilding landscapes can help to solve more than one problem
Rewilding: conservationists want to let elephants loose in Europe – here’s what could happen
Rewiring Australian households could save them up to $6,000 a year, research finds
Rhianna Pratchett On Working From Bed, Retrofitting Story, And Rise Of The Tomb Raider
Rhino horn consumers reveal why a legal trade alone won’t save rhinos
RIAA Launches Brand New Front Group Pretending To Represent Independent Artists
Rice field art
The Rich And Powerful Are Abusing ‘Privacy’ Laws To Silence Journalists And Authors
Rich countries are hoarding COVID-19 vaccines. Elsewhere, the pandemic may keep killing for years
Rich countries are illegally exporting plastic trash to poor countries, data suggests
Rich countries only took in 16% of the world’s refugees in 2018
Rich Nations, After Driving Climate Disaster, Block All Progress at U.N. Talks
Richard Bruce - OLEV - Carpool | Fully Charged
Richard Hill – Too Big to Be (Review of Wu, The Curse of Bigness: Antitrust in the New Gilded Age)
Richard Shilling's Lovely Land Art
Richie Merzian: Net zero by 2050 is a fraud if fossil fuels flourish
Rick Astley - Keep Singing
Rick Astley - She Makes Me (Official Video)
Rick Astley with Choir! Choir! Choir! - Never Gonna Give You Up!!!
Rick Loomis Could Use Your Help
Ride London’s abandoned underground “Mail Rail”
Rideable animatronic dino toy
'Ridiculed and not taken seriously': why fan fiction deserves more credit
The right has its own version of political correctness. It’s just as stifling.
“The Right to Have Rights” and the Plight of the Stateless
The Rights And Liberties Of Our Parents
Rights Groups in Canadian Court Because 'The US Cannot Be Considered a Safe Country for Refugees'
Rihanna - Diamonds (Cover by Steam Powered Giraffe)
Rik Mayall: A video tribute
RimbaTubes: Daft Punk Medley
Rimono: A tiny two-seater car that is really easy to drive
Ringing in 2015 with 40 Linux-friendly hacker SBCs
The ‘Ringo Starr’ of birds is now endangered – here’s how we can still save our drum-playing palm cockatoos
RIP Bill Paxton
RIP Harry Harrison
RIP Kannon Phelps 2001-2021
RIP Kate Wilhelm, science fiction great and co-founder of the Clarion Workshop
RIP Marlene Mallicoat
RIP Tripitaka Phelps-Pam b.2000-08-22 d.2011-12-23
"Rippled" by All India Radio
The rise and fall of Adobe Flash
The rise and fall of Flash, the annoying plugin that shaped the modern web
The Rise and Fall of Internet Art Communities
The rise and rise of Harry Styles: how did the former boyband member become the biggest name in pop?
The rise of American authoritarianism
The rise of anti-trans “radical” feminists, explained
The rise of micro-labour
The Rise of Nintendo: A Story in 8 Bits
Rise of renewables may see off oil firms decades earlier than they think
Rise of the machines
Rising on pause; Dark Mofo ticket sales delayed. The government must insure our arts events
Rising sea levels may threaten 70% of Africa’s heritage sites by 2050
Rising sea levels pose threat to homes of 300m people – study
Risk of heart attack tripled by exercising while angry, study finds
The Risks Digest on COVID-19
The Road to Pokémon Go—and Beyond
Roadside trees stitch the ecosystems of our nation together. Here’s why they’re in danger
Roanoke Pinball Museum
Robber barons and high-speed traders dominate Australia’s water market
The Robber, the Judge, and the Case for Leniency
ROBBIE ROTTEN BEST MOMENTS | Stefán Karl Stefánsson Tribute
Robert Eklund records the purring cheetah Caine at the Dell Cheetah Centre, Parys, South Africa
Robert Llewellyn on News v Ideas
Robert Reich: How Increasing Numbers of Americans are Saying 'No Deal' to Absurd Inequality
Robert Scoble and Me
Roberta and Ken Williams are back after 25 years with 'Colossal Cave 3D Adventure'
Robo-1 Grand Championship
Robot & The Robots
Robot Dance Competition 2010
Robot Decathlon
Robot ethics
Robot Kitty
Robot lamp
Robot lecture
Robot Legs for Paul
Robot makers say World Cup will be theirs by 2050
Robot performs Nativity play
Robot Repair Shop
Robotic elephant's trunk
Robotic insects set to invade your home
Robotic Sculptures
Robotic Tortoise Helps Kids to Learn That Robot Abuse Is a Bad Thing #MakeRobotFriend
Robotic toy makes a big impression
Robotic toy makes a big impression at the DEMO convention
Robotics in Japan, Australia etc
Robots are creating images and telling jokes. 5 things to know about foundation models and the next generation of AI
Robots Get Flexible and Torqued Up With Origami Wheels
Robots take scientists into sea depths
Robots! Robots! Robots!
Robyn Williams, host of ABC RN's The Science Show, on 50 years of broadcasting and the day Norman Swan saved his life
Rock Dog 2015 Trailer
Rock painting art by Roberto Rizzo
Rock-Paper-Lizard: The evolutionary dynamics of reproductive strategies | @GrrlScientist
Rocket on two wheels
Roger Ailes' Secret Nixon-Era Blueprint for Fox News
Roll-Up Solar Panels Could Fundamentally Alter How We Power the World
Rolls-Royce completes ground-testing of technology set to power the world’s fastest all-electric plane: ACCEL
‘Roman Biro’ – complete with joke – found at London building site
Romanian City Gives Free Bus Rides To Passengers Who Read Books Inside
Ronnie Corbett
Roots of human family tree are shallow
Rosenzweig: The federation fallacy
The Ross sisters (1944)
Roundup of bento blogs
Roving bandits and looted coastlines: How the global appetite for sand is fuelling a crisis
ROWAN & MARTIN's LAUGH IN (2nd season) - Davy Jones, Robert Wagner, Greer Garson
Rowan Atkinson rode around London on top of a car to celebrate Mr. Bean’s anniversary
Royal Observatory announces the winners of its 2013 photography contest
Royal Society of Biology photography competition 2021 – in pictures
Royals 2Pac Beck Mashup - Pomplamoose
Royce Mann, Age 14, "White Boy Privilege", Slam Poem
RPG a Day: Gamer nest, Unlimited Budget Edition!
The RPG Scrollbars: A Quest For Heroes
RSA Animate - The Power of Outrospection
RSA Shorts - The Power of Empathy
RTHK: How authorities cracked down on Hong Kong's only public broadcaster
Rubber Duckies!
"Ruby" by Emma Allen (video)
Rude vs. Mean vs. Bullying: Defining the Differences
Rudy Rucker's Complete Stories online
Rules of attraction: Why white men marry Asian women and Asian men don’t marry white women
The Rules of Magic, According to the Greatest Fantasy Sagas of All Time
‘RUN and RUN’ by Lyrical School, A Clever Music Video Made Specifically for Smartphone Viewing
Run for your life!!.... A Princess is attacking Japan!!
Running a business with boobs: the things I never say
Running Out of Children, a South Korea School Enrolls Illiterate Grandmothers
Running Up That Hill: How Stranger Things and TikTok pushed Kate Bush’s 1985 pop classic back to the top of the charts
Rupert Murdoch Admits, Once Again, He Can't Make Money Online -- Begs Facebook To Just Give Him Money
Rupert Murdoch's attack on 'our ABC' like a mediaeval siege
The rush to renewable energy means a new mining boom. But first, Australia needs to make some tough choices
Ruskin and Morris: The Arts and Crafts Idealists
Russell Brand and the GQ awards: 'It's amazing how absurd it seems'
Russell Brand Improvises Shakespeare
Russia and the West are at a stalemate over Ukraine. Is Putin’s endgame now war?
Russia and Ukraine are important to the renewables transition. Here’s what that means for the climate
Russia Disconnects Itself From The Internet, Asks UN To Let It Have More Control Of Internet Usage Around The World
Russia is building its own kind of sovereign internet — with help from Apple and Google
Russia Is Censoring the Internet, With Coercion and Black Boxes
Russia vetoes UN security council resolution linking climate crisis to international peace
Russia-Ukraine tensions: power posturing or trouble on the home front for Putin?
Russia-Ukraine war: In Chinese media, the US is the villain
Russian Artist Creates Fantasy Animal Sculptures From Velvet Clay (15+ Pics)
Russian artist Tebe Interesno
Russian capture of Ukraine’s Chernobyl nuclear plant threatens future research on radioactivity and wildlife
Russian Centenarians
Russian conservationists hail rare sighting of Amur leopard with cubs
Russian Fairytale Palaces
Russian government accounts are using a Twitter loophole to spread disinformation
Russian Musical Comedy
Russian Photographer
Russian Photographer Captures The Cutest Squirrel Photo Session Ever
Russian Photographer...Forget Disney Princesses
The Russian takeover of the defunct Chernobyl site challenges the ‘peaceful, safe and sustainable’ branding of nuclear energy
Russian-Style Kleptocracy Is Infiltrating America
Russia’s blockade could cause mass famine beyond Ukraine – but it’s a crime without a name
Russia’s Crackdown on Human Rights Defenders Escalates
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has Kremlin battling for hearts and minds at home
Russia’s Muslim Reawakening
Russia’s war on Ukraine is driving up wheat prices and threatens global supplies of bread, meat and eggs
Ruth Coker Burks, the cemetery angel
Ruthie Tompson, an animator with the longest history at Disney, dies at 111
Rx for the Anthropocene?
Ryan North’s ‘How to Take Over the World’


Saber-toothed cat struts down Wilshire Blvd in L.A. and comes home to the Tar Pits!
SAC on Youtube
Sachal Studios' Take Five Official Video
Sacheen Littlefeather reads the Oscar's speech she wasn't allowed to give
Sad Baby Monsters
Sad Cat Diary
‘The sad reality is many don’t survive’: how floods affect wildlife, and how you can help them
The Sad Story of the Moriori, Who Learned to Live at the Edge of the World
Sad Vacation Guy Wins Second Vacation, Takes His Wife And Baby, Has Much Better Time
The Saga of Rex animation
The Saga of Rex Sets Course for Belgium to Become an Animated Feature Film
The Saga of Rex: The Animated Film Project
Sagebrush Rebellion Politics
Sally Cruikshank videos
Salt Lake's Dem Mayor Goes Undercover As A Homeless Man For Three Days. Pledges Vital Assistance.
Salt-Water Fish Extinction Seen By 2048
Salty Sea (prairie) Dog
Salut Salon "Wettstreit zu viert" | "Competitive Foursome"
Sam Harris and the Myth of Perfectly Rational Thought
Same-Sex Kiss Restored in Pixar’s ‘Lightyear’ Following Staff Uproar Over ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill (EXCLUSIVE)
Samoan democracy hangs in the balance as a constitutional arm wrestle plays out — with the world watching
Samoa’s first female leader has made history — now she faces a challenging future at home and abroad
Samsung is testing a new ‘Safety Truck’ that could change the way people drive
Samsung Redesigned Its TV Boxes To Be Easily Converted Into Cat Houses And Entertainment Centres
Samurai Star Wars
Samurai Versus
San Diego Comic-Con Cosplay Spotlight: Gender Bent Justice League
San Diego Fires
San Francisco 1945
San Jose high school issues student body card to campus cat
Fwd: Sand & Stone
Sand Animation
Sandbox Land Launches!
Sandbox Land: Euromania Songfest
Sandbox Land: Roaring Twenties
Sanders, Warren, Ocasio-Cortez, and Other Lawmakers Sign Pledge to End America’s “Forever Wars”
Sandra and Woo [0636] Hodge Theater
Sandra Boynton is tweaking some of her beloved children’s books. But why mess with perfection?
Sandra Boynton's C. A. T.
Sandra Boynton’s CHANSON PROFONDE with Yo-Yo Ma
Sandro Miller: Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich: Homage to photographic masters
Santa Muerte, Full of Grace
Santa Will Know Who’s Nicer Than Nice
Santastic: The Christmashes
Sanzoku no Musume Rōnya
sappy but so touching...even if you have seen it before...
Sarah Cooper: ‘Trump has bigger fish to fry than me’
Sarah Horn Shares Inspirational Story of Singing with Kristin Chenoweth at the Hollywood Bowl and Going Viral!
Sarah Rees Brennan on fanfiction
Sarah Stillman: The Use and Abuse of Civil Forfeiture
Sarantaporo Residents Create Commons in Rural Greece Through a DIY Wireless Mesh Network
Sarychev Peak eruption photos from the International Space Station
Satellite data shows entire Conger ice shelf has collapsed in Antarctica
Satellites collide
Satellites show world's glaciers melting faster than ever
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: Marine Biology
Saturday Spotlight: Top 10 Patriotic Cookies
Saudi Arabia squandered its groundwater and agriculture collapsed. California, take note.
Save lives in Puerto Rico. Fully fund disaster relief and rebuilding.
Save lives or save the economy? That's a false choice – and it's obscene
Save The Asian Elephants
Save The Elephant Day!
Save the Pangolins
Save the world like Notre-Dame, says Swedish activist Thunberg
Saving Africa's elephants: 'Can you imagine them no longer existing?'
Saving Australia's sea turtles, one at a time
Fwd: Saving Grendel: Preserving Australian Animation History
Saving the 78s
Saving the albatross: 'The war is against plastic and they are casualties on the frontline'
Saving The Day
Saving the Great Barrier Reef: these recent research breakthroughs give us renewed hope for its survival
Saving the world is cheaper than ruining it
Saving the world is cheaper than ruining it - April 15, 2022
Say Goodbye To 2020 With The Year’s Top 10 Hubble Photos
Say goodbye to the video store, hello to the non-profit foundation
Say hello to Sagittarius A*, the black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy
Say Hello To The Inspirational, Feel-Good Side Of Russian Dash Cams
say something.
The Scale of the Universe
The Scalzi Gender
The Scalzi super bundle
Scammers impersonate guest editors to get sham papers published
Scanadu: The medical Tricorder from Star Trek is here
The Scandinavian way to zero-carbon construction
Scary Poppins - Scary Pockets feat. Larry Goldings (SCARY GOLDINGS)
Scary Smash
Schadenfreude Interactive
Schlock Mercenary 2000-2020
Schneier on Security: Our Newfound Fear of Risk
The scholar whose career began in the books section of his local newsagent
School Districts Still Face Fights—and Confusion—on Integration
School ditches rules and loses bullies
Fw: School Lunches
School uniforms go unisex as Japanese schools seek better fit for LGBT students
Schooling for Myths and Powerlessness
Schwarzenegger to Sue Big Oil for ‘First Degree Murder’
Sci-Chi: Tai Chi for science fiction fans
Sci-Fi & Fantasy Books with a Powerful Message of Social Justice
Sci-Fi Doesn't Have to Be Depressing: Welcome to Solarpunk
Sci-Fi Icon Neal Stephenson Finally Takes on Global Warming
Sci-Fi Lovers Owe a Debt of Gratitude to Betty Ballantine
Sci-Fi Short Film: "Laura & Vineta" | DUST
Sci-Fi talent quest
Sci-Fi themed home theatres
Sci-Fi Writers Are Imagining a Path Back to Normality
Sci-Fi’s Hugo Awards and the Battle for Pop Culture’s Soul
Sci-Hub is providing science publishers with their Napster moment
Science as Art: Nanoscale Materials Imitate Everything From Flowers to Frost
The science behind fonts (and how they make you feel)
Science confirms it: Websites really do all look the same
Science Creative Quarterly
Science fatigue keeps us clinging to bad health habits
Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels That Take Us Beyond the Gender Binary #SciFiSunday
Science fiction builds mental resiliency in young readers
Science Fiction Terms and from Whence They Came
Science Fictions
Science has answers to why conservatives fall so easily for COVID-19 and Russian propaganda
Science news
[Fwd: [IP] The Science News Cycle]
The Science of Why Comment Trolls Suck
The Science of Why We Don't Believe Science
The Science of “Enlivenment” and the Commons
Science Says Lasting Relationships Come Down To 2 Basic Traits
Science Valentines
Science! T-shirts
(Science) Fiction and Design
Science, Cats, and Flatulence
The Science, Fiction, and Fantasy of Genre
ScienceVet explains biological sex
Scientific discoveries
The scientific genius who eschewed fame: remembering Thomas Harriot, 400 years on
The Scientific Paper Is Obsolete
Scientific publishing is a rip-off. We fund the research – it should be free
Scientist Resurrects Ancient Creatures by 3D-Printing Them in Metal
Scientist ‘Photographs’ Sounds By Using ‘Simple’ Cymatics Technique And The Results Are Out Of This World
Scientist's theory of climate's Titanic moment the 'tip of a mathematical iceberg'
Scientists 'speechless' at Arctic fox's epic trek
Scientists are recruiting elephant seals to eavesdrop on whales
Scientists are testing a “vaccine” against climate change denial
Scientists are trying to save coral reefs. Here's what's working.
Scientists Attached Tracking Devices to Magpies. But Nobody Asked The Magpies
Scientists call for a moratorium on climate change research until governments take real action
Scientists count whales from space
Scientists decry death by 1,000 cuts for world’s insects
Scientists develop fully woven, smart display
Scientists Discover New Rainbow-Colored Fish Species in the Maldives
Scientists find visions of a benevolent future society motivate reform
Scientists get tool to mark online climate science media coverage and it's not a rusty teaspoon
Scientists hail discovery of hundreds of new species in remote New Guinea
Scientists have beaten down the best climate denial argument
Scientists Have Been Underestimating the Pace of Climate Change
Scientists Have Created Transparent Wood
Scientists Have Found There's a Crucial Change We Can Make to Better Serve Our Planet
Scientists have just told us how to solve the climate crisis – will the world listen?
Scientists investigate why crows are so playful
Scientists Just Laid Out a Detailed Plan to Replenish Marine Life by 2050
Scientists Need to Stop “Othering” the General Public
Scientists Open Their Labs to Colleagues Stranded by Trump’s Immigration Ban
Scientists propose rethinking 'endangered species' definition to save slow-breeding giants
Scientists raise alarm over ‘dangerously fast’ growth in atmospheric methane
Scientists shocked by Arctic permafrost thawing 70 years sooner than predicted
Scientists Taught Rats How To Play Hide And Seek And Found Out They Actually Really Enjoy Playing
Scientists Teach Cockatoos to Play 'Golf', Showing Off The Birds' Clever Tool Use
Scientists tell us their favourite jokes
Scientists Translate Dolphin Whistles
Scientists Unite Against Accelerated Habitat Loss in Australia
Scientists urge end to fossil fuel use as landmark IPCC report readied
Scientists vindicate 'Limits to Growth' – urge investment in 'circular economy'
Scientists Warn Multiple Overlapping Crises Could Trigger 'Global Systemic Collapse'
Scientists Warn the UN of Capitalism's Imminent Demise
The scifi fans are alright: I saw the future at the Hugo Awards — and it will never belong to the toxic right-wing trolls
Scifi Remodel: People Who Have Converted Their Homes into Imaginary Worlds
SciShow and Gendered Language
Scooby-Doo Art by Sakimi Chan
Scotland Is Poised to Become the World’s First “Rewilding Nation”
Scotland launches an ad campaign that confronts homophobes and racists
Scotland Tourism
Scotland’s Billionaires Are Turning Climate Change Into a Trophy Game
Scott McCloud on artistic frustration, optimism, and evolution in 7 comic books
Scott Morrison and the big lie about climate change: does he think we're that stupid?
Scott Morrison is hiding behind future technologies, when we should just deploy what already exists
Scott Morrison says Australia's emissions record is better than the US, NZ, Canada, Japan and many European countries. Is that correct?
Scott Morrison threatens crackdown on protesters who would 'deny liberty'
Scott Morrison's calculated cruelty is his legacy
Scott Morrison's climate change policy is being left behind by corporate action
Scott Santens: Basic Income Might Be The Answer To Society's Productivity Crisis
Scottish Castles are Rare, Huge and Very Expensive
Scottish democracy takes step towards 'gold standard' – Willie Sullivan
Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre
The Scottish pioneer whose plan for a basic income could transform Britain
Scottish Town Raises $8,000 for Statue of Stray Cat
Scratch - Imagine, Program, Share
Screenplays vs Game Scripts: 5 Differences
Sculpture around the world
Sculpture Boxing to form your lamp
SEA charges up Australian electric truck transition
Sea level rise from ice sheets track worst-case climate change scenario
“Sea of Plastic” Discovered in the Caribbean Stretches for Miles
Sea otters ahead of dolphins in using tools
The Sea Witch Sets The Record Straight
Sea-level rise 'could last twice as long as human history'
The Seafloor Is Eroding Faster Than Scientists Thought
"SEAGULLS! (Stop It Now)" -- A Bad Lip Reading of The Empire Strikes Back
Sean Williams' "The Crooked Letter" free download
The search for photos of China's past
The Search for Silverspear - Teaser trailer
The Search For Simon Official Trailer
The search for the Higgs boson – and why science will defeat stupidity
Search the Internet
Searching for Susy Thunder
The seas are coming for us in Kiribati. Will Australia rehome us?
Season's Greetings
Seasonal festive movies
Seasonal festive music
Seasteading meets the shock doctrine in Puerto Rico, where ethnic cleansing precedes Going Galt
Seattle firm raising pay of all staffers to minimum $70,000
Seattle Has Figured Out How to End the War on Drugs
Seattle’s unbelievable transportation megaproject fustercluck
Second-hand panels: Australia’s massive wasted solar opportunity
Second-Rate Democracy
Secret documents reveal the No campaign's strategy to manipulate you
The Secret Furry Patrons Keeping Indie Artists Afloat
The Secret History of the Hashtag, Slash, and Interrobang
The Secret Life of Bots
The Secret Life of Cats
The Secret Life of Passwords
The secret life of puddles: their value to nature is subtle, but hugely important
The Secret Nuclear History of Cat Videos
The secret rules of the internet
The Secret Teacher of Al-Hol
The Secret to Moonshots? Killing Our Projects
The Secret UX Issues That Will Make (Or Break) Self-Driving Cars
Secretive Seattle startup Picnic unveils pizza-making robot — here’s how it delivers 300 pies/hour
‘Secretive, adorable weirdos’: rare possum caught in the Northern Territory for first time
The Secrets of Storytelling: Why We Love a Good Yarn
Fwd: [NextNow] [STORY] The Secrets of Storytelling: Why We Love a Good Yarn
Secrets, lies and Snowden's email: why I was forced to shut down Lavabit
Securing a swift return: how a simple brick can help migratory birds
‘Securing native title gives people authority’ – the Kimberley set to be 93.5% determined
Security experts have cloned all seven TSA master keys
'Seductive names' make vegetables more appealing
See a Secret...Share a Secret
see anything wrong with this image?
See Dazzling Botanical Imagery Through the Ages
See No Evil: The Morality of Collapse
See Something, Cite Something
See the First “Drum Machine,” the Rhythmicon from 1931, and the Modern Drum Machines That Followed Decades Later
See the Winning Cakes From Melbourne’s Architectural Baking Contest
See the world’s oldest trees by starlight
Seeing 1,000 glorious fin whales back from near extinction is a rare glimmer of hope
Seesaw hula hoop acrobatics
Sega Takes Potshots At DMCA-Happy Nintendo While Being Cool About Fan Games
Sega Toys presents a new robot animal, the dream hamster
Seijin Shiki
Seismology of elephants investigated
Select Star SQL
(Self) Employment Practices in Games.
Self-drive delivery van can be 'built in four hours'
Self-Driving Cars Are Too Good at 3-Point Turns, So Google Dumbed Them Down
Selfish People Need Selfish Stories
The sell-off of Channel 4 won’t benefit anyone but Boris Johnson
Selling Off Apache Holy Land
Selling the Green New Deal With Positivity
The Selma March In Some Rare Photos, And The Obligation To Speak
Sen. McConnell the Elder and the fall of the American Republic
The Senate has voted to reject critical race theory from the national curriculum. What is it, and why does it matter?
Senate Report Says CIA Repeatedly Lied About The Fact That Its Torture Efforts Were Useless In Finding Bin Laden
Senate’s vote to ban slave-made imports shows the weakness of Australia’s Modern Slavery Act
Senator Nova Peris OAM. Maiden speech, 13 November 2013
Senators Launch Full On Nuclear War Against Encryption: Bill Will Require Broken Encryption, Putting Everyone At Risk
Send money directly to the extreme poor.
Fwd: send u tube video
SenshiStock: reference stock art of people in real poses
Sentris: Unleash Your Inner Musician
Separated by travel ban, Iranian families reunite at border library
September 87 & Dream Fiend - Light Years (Official Video)
Sequencer 64
Ser Brony: PARÓDIA Trem Bala - Casal BRony
The Serengeti Lion
The Serenity Of Hayao Miyazaki's Films Is Perfectly Captured In These Posters
"Serenity" Lego model
The Serial Golf Cheat in the White House
Serious Cat House
The Serious Make-Believe of E. Nesbit
Seriously Fun House
Seriously ugly: here’s how Australia will look if the world heats by 3°C this century
Fwd: Fw: Service Outage Over
The Servitude Bubble
Sesame Street has been trolling Trump for three decades
‘Sesame Street’ Celebrates Numeric Con, A Convention for Number Lovers
‘Sesame Street’ hilariously parodies Oscar Best Picture favorite ‘Birdman’
‘Sesame Street’ Is Highlighting a Forgotten Skill: Failing
Sesame Street’s Number 3 Ball Film
Set Phasers to Silly!
Set the elephants free
The seven megatrends that could beat global warming: 'There is reason for hope'
Seven top oil firms downgrade assets by $87bn in nine months
Seven Ways to Build the Solidarity Economy
Seven Worlds, One Planet: Extended Trailer (ft Sia and Hans Zimmer) | New David Attenborough Series
Seven Years Ago, CERN Gave Open Access A Huge Boost; Now It's Doing The Same For Open Data
Seventy years after Hiroshima, who was Australian war correspondent Wilfred Burchett?
‘Severely threatened and deteriorating’: global authority on nature lists the Great Barrier Reef as critical
sew desu ne? - Free Patterns
Sew Nerdy
Sex and sexuality: The Jane Austen game breaking the MMO rules
Sex on the beach might be fun for people – but it’s bad for dunes and wildlife
Sex redefined
'Sexism stands at the door': 11 female film-makers written out of mainstream Hollywood history
The Sexist Legacy in Star Trek’s Progressive Universe
seycara | illusions of the heart [full album]
Seycara | It's A Winter Wonderland! (ft. @Samantha Rossi) | ✨ Season Finale 2021 ✨
SF illustrations and an optical illusion
SF quotes of the year 2012
Shadow puppetry
Shadow Regulation: the Back-Room Threat to Digital Rights
Shadowrun: Hong Kong
Shake It Off-Taylor Swift / Cover by TEAM KOZAN(光山組)
Shakespeare's Hokey Pokey
Shameful: Perfectly Reasonable Academic Book On Gene Kelly Killed By Bogus Copyright Claims
“Shameful”: Victoria follows South Australia and imposes electric car road tax
Shaming actors for their day jobs is classism disguised as entertainment
Shanthi the musical elephant
The Shanzhai of China
Shape Shifters
Share This With All the Schools, Please
Share: Love is the Sun
The ‘Shared Psychosis’ of Donald Trump and His Loyalists
The Shareware Scene, Part 1: The Pioneers
Sharing Cities: Why Ownership, Governance and The Commons Matter More Than Ever
The "Sharing Economy" is the Problem
Sharing is a cultural right, not a market failure
Sharing Vouchers Offer a Simple Way to Share Anything
Shark bites are rare. Here are 8 things to avoid to make them even rarer
Shark ignores human
Shark, ray populations have declined by 'alarming' 70 per cent since 1970s, study finds
#SharkCat Entertains #SharkBaby!
Sharks longer in the tooth than we thought
Sharon & Stan Sakai fundraising & call for submissions: hardcover to be published by Dark Horse Comics
Sharpest ever view of the Andromeda Galaxy
Fwd: Shaun (the Sheep)
Shaun the Sheep completes astronaut training with ESA
Shaun the Sheep Movie 2: Farmageddon – Teaser Trailer
She flew from Australia to England for a first date
'She just started blooming': the trans kids helped by a pioneering project
She Outsmarted Jamie Oliver — And Figured Out The Future Of School Lunch
She was sterilized without her consent at 14. Now she wants the practice made a crime
[Fwd: Sheep are RAD!]
Shell carbon-capture facility found to be generating more emissions than it prevents
Shell to go ahead with seismic tests in whale breeding grounds after court win
Shell: leave the whales alone!
Shelter - a badger simulation
Shelter 2 game
Shelter Pet Project Ad
Shenzhen: The Silicon Valley of Hardware (Part 1) | Future Cities | WIRED
Sherlock Holmes Is Now A Housewife In Latest Korean Export, Mystery Queen
She’s Supposed to Protect Americans From Toxic Chemicals. First, She Just Has to Fix Trump’s Mess and Decades of Neglect.
Shiba Inu Puppy Cam
Shift to renewable energy eases key environmental burdens, EU says
Shifting seasons: using Indigenous knowledge and western science to help address climate change impacts
Shigeru Miyamoto Wants to Create a Kinder World
Shining a light on the entertainment industry’s mental health crisis
The Ship That Became a Bomb
Shipping emissions must fall by a third by 2030 and reach zero before 2050 – new research
Ships Are Dumping So Much Human Waste in Seas It Can Be Seen From Space
Ships moved more than 11 billion tonnes of our stuff around the globe last year, and it’s killing the climate. This week is a chance to change
The Shirley Exception
Shirts And Shirtiness
Shit I've learned since coming to Holland
Shock and Care
Shock Pop Comic Con, 2015
Shoe kick-starts active lifestyle
Shoeshops, tailors, TV repairs: a photographic homage to Melbourne’s vanishing small businesses is a form of time travel
Shoot two exposures at once with Magic Lantern
Shooter Boys and At-Risk Girls
Shopping Cart Hero
Shorewood Lip Dub
Short Trip
Short-term thinking keeps Australia stuck in crisis
Should Australia make electric vehicles?
Should internet firms pay for the data users currently give away?
Should public health measures like masking continue beyond the pandemic? Data on viral infections shows their benefits
Should The Punishment For Falsely Accusing People Of A Crime Match The Punishment For The Crime Itself?
Should we protect nature for its own sake? For its economic value? Because it makes us happy? Yes
Should We Provide Emergency Universal Basic Income to Everyone or Just Those Who Need It?
Should Whales and Dolphins Have ‘Human Rights’?
Show me a 10ft paywall, I’ll show you a 12ft ladder.
Shut down fossil fuel production sites early to avoid climate chaos, says study
Siberia Feels the Brunt of Climate Change as Wildfires Rage
Sick of this market-driven world? You should be
Sierpinski Hamantaschen: Sierpinskitaschen (First in the world?!)
SIGGRAPH 2012 technical papers preview trailer
SIGGRAPH 2013 : Technical Papers Preview Trailer
SIGGRAPH 2014 : Technical Papers Preview Trailer
SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 Technical Papers Trailer
The significance of plot without conflict
Signs on a Train
The silenced: meet the climate whistleblowers muzzled by Trump
Silhouette (Owl City) - Fan Animated - VivziePop
Silicon Valley Isn’t a Meritocracy. And It’s Dangerous to Hero-Worship Entrepreneurs
Silicon Valley makes everything worse: Four industries that Big Tech has ruined
Silly Versions of Star Trek
Silly walks: Python fans get into their stride in Budapest
Silos, Centralization And Censorship: Losing The Promise Of The Internet
Silverbacks and greenbacks: the catch-22 at the heart of gorilla conservation
The Silverfish Aquarium
[Retro] Sim Gretina - Wanderlust
Simon Hackett's blog on driving the Tesla Roadster in the Global Green Challenge
Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's Star Wars
Simon's Cat Strikes Again!
Simple FOSS versus Complex Enterprise Software
Simpsons Animator Illustrates Awkward Everyday Lives Of Lovable Animals, Amasses 619k Instagram Followers
Sincerely Deeply Weird
Singapore's dengue 'emergency' is a climate change omen for the world
Singapore's first inter-generational playground, childcare centre in a nursing home launched
Singing Christmas Hedgehogs
Singing Japanese plants
Singing Tesla Coils
Singing the dictionary
Single-molecule motor
Singular "they"
Singularity & Co. - Save the SciFI!
Sino-English neologisms
Sion solar car prototype shows how it can charge other electric vehicles
THE SIOUX CHEF: A Native American Restaurant
Siphonophore: Deep-sea superorganism (video)
Sir David Attenborough narrates Adele's Hello
Sir David Attenborough slams PM Scott Morrison’s climate change track record
Sir David Attenborough | A message to world leaders
SIR JARLSBERG - Teach Thee How to Curtsy
Sir Patrick Stewart Reads Negative One Star Reviews of Iconic Monuments From Around the World
“Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Marcus. Do bots really need a gender?”
Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure
'Sisters With Transistors': Pioneers Of Electronic Music
Sisyphus: Mesmerizing Kinetic Sand Drawing Tables By Bruce Shapiro
Sita Sings the Blues!
Site-Blocking In Australia Expanded Again To Include 105 More Sites, Including A Search Engine
Sites certified as secure often more vulnerable to hacking, scientists find
The situation in Afghanistan is beyond horrifying: this is what you can do to help
Six Australians share their bully stories: 'I lost faith'
Six Cats Under by Team Bean Loop
Six Clicks: More Linux single-board computers
Six Free Natural History Programs Streaming in January
Six game-changing EVs we hope will come to Australia
Six new species of miniature frog have been discovered in Mexico
Six Politicians Walk Into A Bar
Six Studies That Show Everything Republicans Believe is Wrong
Six Ways to Think Long-term
Six-word memoirs by writers famous and obscure
The Sixsmiths
Sixteen EU countries denounce Hungary's new anti-LGBT law
Sixth form of matter created
Sixty years of climate change warnings: the signs that were missed (and ignored)
Size comparison chart of Science Fiction Spaceships
Size Matters
SKA! (Nov 8, 2019)
Sketch furniture
Sketch up free 3D sketching /modeling tool
Skinny's brother Fatty makes his piano debut
Skullgirls Creator Combats Piracy With Humor And By Being Awesome
Sky Blue and Grass Green
The Sky is Rising
The Sky Is Rising: The Entertainment Industry Is Thriving, Almost Entirely Because Of The Internet
Sky News Australia is increasingly pushing conspiracy theories to a global audience online
Skylifter: Australian Flying Saucers
Slamazon: 7 Kitten T-Shirt
Slavery by Another Name
Slaves to speed, we’d all benefit from ‘slow cities’
Slayer, Striker, Shooter and the Rise of the Extreme Baby Boy Name
Sleep in a bookshelf at the new bookstore-themed hostel in Kyoto
Sleeping with a Gentrifier
Sleigh Ride | Pomplamoose Christmas
The Slime Machine Targeting Dozens of Biden Nominees
The Slow Death of the University
Slow Mo 4K Kittens
Slow Motion Lightning
Slow Poison
Slow Tuesday Night by R. A. Lafferty
The Slow Winter
Small business ombudsman says banks are ‘discriminating’ against the legal sex industry
Small Green Penguin
The Small Island Where 500 People Speak Nine Different Languages
The small Melbourne company doing incredibly unique electric car conversions
Small step for Nature, giant leap across the gender gap: leading journal will make sex and gender reporting mandatory in research
Smart Asian women are the new targets of CCP global online repression
Smart Birds Open Doors
Smart lifts, lonely workers, no towers or tourists: architecture after coronavirus
Smart Parking Solution
Smart Transformers Will Make the Grid Cleaner and More Flexible
Smart TVs, smart fridges, smart washing machines? Disaster waiting to happen
'Smart' Stuffed Animal Company Leaves Voice, Other Data Of Millions Publicly Exposed
Smartphones with wheels: how modern transportation brings new privacy problems
Smash and Grab | Pixar SparkShorts
Smile Happy 4th weekend to all
Smile or Die: How Positive Thinking Fooled America and the World by Barbara Ehrenreich
Smith College 2012 Commencement Speaker Jane Lynch
Smithsonian Digitizes & Lets You Download 40,000 Works of Asian and American Art
Smithsonian National Zoo animal webcams
Smithsonian Releases 2.8 Million Images Into Public Domain
The Smokestacks Come Tumbling Down
Smoking Gun: MPAA Emails Reveal Plan To Run Anti-Google Smear Campaign Via Today Show And WSJ
Snail's House - Imaginary Express (Official MV)
Snail's House - Magical Holiday (Official MV)
Snail's House - Snailchan Adventure (Official MV)
Snail's House - Twinklestar (Official MV)
Snail's House - ラ・ム・ネ (ra-mu-ne)
Snail's House × In Love With a Ghost - "Journey" Official Music Video
Snake Charmer - Viola Smith Drums with Frances Carroll & Her Coquettes
Snarky Puppy - Lingus (We Like It Here)
Sneak a Peek at the Year's Best Wildlife Photography
Sneaky Cards
Sneaky cat can’t get enough of Pets at Home
Snippet Taxes Not Only Violate The Berne Convention, But Also Betray The Deepest Roots Of Newspaper Culture
Snoqualmie Tribe Acquires 12,000 Acres of Ancestral Forestland in King County
Snoring Fox Emits Adorable Trilling Sounds While Sleeping Upside Down on a Cabinet Shelf
snortly laughing
Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal TRAILER (2015) Li Bingbing Fantasy Movie
The Snow Job
Snow Leopard hunt by Adam Riley
Snowball Fights in Art (1400–1946)
Snowden And Schneier Point Out Another Reason Not To Undermine Internet Security: Information Asymmetry
The “Snowden is Ready to Come Home!” Story: a Case Study in Typical Media Deceit
The Snowden leaks; a meta-narrative
Snowden made cyber-geek nightmares true. Can 'private' be normal again? Funding for free projects
Snowmachiner says he and buddies dug moose out of avalanche in Hatcher Pass
The Snows of Churyumov-Gerasimenko
So a helicopter flew on Mars for the first time. A space physicist explains why that’s such a big deal
So A Seagull Walks Into A Shop
So Cute Illustrations
so futuristic! looks like something from a SCIFI movie
So Let's Talk About Patreon...
So Proud to be a Jew Today
So the west is winning, is it? Only if you’re a delusional Trump toady, Mr Pompeo
So what do you have to do to find happiness?
So what do you have to do to find happiness? WITH LINK
'So What? Maybe It Is a Concentration Camp'
So you want to cat-proof a bettong: how living with predators could help native species survive
So You've Been Threatened With A Defamation Suit
So your teenager tells you they want to 'make video games' for a living...
So, about this Googler’s manifesto.
So, an update on Finland's journey toward NATO
So, this happened earlier today
The So-Called War on Terror Has Killed Over 801,000 People and Cost $6.4 Trillion: New Analysis
Social determinants – how class and wealth affect our health
The Social Dilemma Manipulates You With Misinformation As It Tries To Warn You Of Manipulation By Misinformation
Social Justice Warriors and the New Culture War
Social Media (An Apology)
Social media spreads rumours about COVID vaccine harms … but it doesn’t always start them
Socialism with a spine: the only 21st century alternative
Sociology of Gender Bias in Science
Soft Baby Goat Love Pile
Software Engineering Made a Woman Outta Me
Software Freedom Day
Software Freedom Day 2010
Software platforms for open-source projects and foundations
Soho House corners
Soil is our best ally in the fight against climate change – but we’re fast running out of it
Solar chargers for electric cars
Solar Death Ray
Fwd: Solar Eclipse (amazing imagery and I mean amazing!)
Solar energy from discarded car batteries
Solar handbag lights up contents
Solar micro-grid helping public-housing residents save money
Solar panels cast shade on agriculture in a good way
Solar panels set to be mandatory on all new buildings under EU plan
Solar Power Helps Raise Income Levels In Kenya
Solar Tuk Tuk
Solar-powered Farm From a Box is a compact farm kit that feeds 150 people